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SPOTLIGHT: Crucial Response

This week we are taking a look at Crucial Response. The new MAN LIFTING BANNER - Red Fury LP is amazing. I saw Man Lifting Banner play in Amsterdam in 1992 on the Downcast tour and they were amazing live. This new LP is just as good as anything they have ever done.

Plus there are a lot of releases on Crucial Response that are now quite heavily discounted... just trying to clear space for newer stuff... so a good chance to pick up some old classics for a very good price.

CRUCIAL RESPONSE (new releases)
SEX DRIVE - s/t LP $10.50

CRUCIAL RESPONSE (back catalog)
ABUSIVE ACTION - CD $0.50 (2 copies left)
ABUSIVE ACTION - LP $1.00 (6 copies left)
AFTERLIFE - Enter The Dragon CDep $0.50
ANOTHER REASON - Take Control 7" $0.50
ANOTHER REASON - Take Control CDep $0.50 (3 copies left)
ANOTHER REASON - Take Control shirt (M/L) $1.00
BITE DOWN - Doomsday Machine 7" $0.50
BLACK FRIDAY '29 - Blackout 7" $0.50
BLACK FRIDAY '29 - Blackout CD (10 songs) $0.50 (3 copies left)
COLT TURKEY - Christmas Sucks 7" $3.00
COMMITMENT CREW - Hisingen 7" $0.50
COMMITMENT CREW - What Are You? LP $7.50
DAMAGE CONTROL - Can't Keep Us Down CDep $0.50 (4 copies left)
DEAD STOOL PIGEON - Strike Anthem CD $0.50 (7 copies left)
DEATH OR GLORY - Your Choice 7" $0.50
DEATH OR GLORY - Your Choice CD $0.50
DEFENCE - Common Sense 7" $0.50
DEFENCE - Statement 7" $0.50
DEFENSE - From The Start CD $0.50 (8 copies left)
ENFORCER - Redefining The Goal CD $0.50
ENFORCER - Redefining The Goal LP $1.00 (1 copies left)
ENFORCER - Trail of Darkness CDep $0.50
GET THE MOST - Common Goals 7" (5 tracks) $3.00
GET THE MOST - Common Goals CD (11 tracks) $3.00 (3 copies left)
GET THE MOST - Moment In Time 7" $3.00
KNOW YOUR ENEMY - 7" $0.50
KNOW YOUR ENEMY - CDep $0.50 (7 copies left)
MAINSTRIKE - A Quest For The Answers CD $0.50 (7 copies left)
MAINSTRIKE - A Quest For The Answers LP $10.35
MAINSTRIKE - Commitment CD $0.50 (3 copies left)
MAINSTRIKE - Farewell 7" $1.00
MAINSTRIKE - Impression DVD $1.00 (6 copies left)
MAINSTRIKE - No Passing Phase CD $0.50 (3 copies left)
MAINSTRIKE - No Passing Phase LP $5.00 (13 copies left)
MAINSTRIKE - Times Still Here 7" $1.00
MAN LIFTING BANNER - Revolution Continues LPx2 $15.75
NO DENIAL - Crossing Beyond Illusions... CDep $0.50
NO DENIAL - Soundtrack of Decline CD $0.50
NO DENIAL - Soundtrack of Decline LP $1.00 (3 copies left)
ONE VOICE - Break Free 7" $0.50
ONE VOICE - Break Free LP $1.00
OVER THE LINE - The Demo 7" $0.50
PROFOUND - Integrity 7" $0.50
RECTIFY - By Your Side 7" $0.50
RECTIFY - How We Feel 7" $0.50
SEX DRIVE - s/t LP $10.50
SHIPWRECKED - The Last Pagans LP $12.75
STRIKE FIRST - Chant Down Babylon CDep $0.50
STRIKE FIRST - Requiem of The Aftermath CD $0.50 (9 copies left)
STRIKE FIRST - Requiem of The Aftermath LP $1.00 (7 copies left)
TIEBREAK - Stand Hard 1998 7" $0.50
TIEBREAK - Stand Hard: 1996 to 1998 CD $0.50 (3 copies left)
TRUE BLUE - The Ice CD $0.50 (7 copies left)
FOR THE SAKE OF DEDICATION - comp LP with Ten Yard Fight, Halfmast, Onward, Floorpunch, Sportswear, Rectify, Onward, Spawn, etc... $1.00
ONE TRACK MIND - comp LP with Damage Control, Afterlife, Know Your Enemy, Enforcer, No Denial, Dead Stop, Between Us, The Change, and more... $1.00
SHARE COMMON GROUND - comp LP with Man Lifting Banner, Onward, Think Twice, Betray, Profax, and Otherwise $1.00
STARTING FROM ZERO- comp LP with Seein' Red, Become, Vitamin X, Right Idea, Sex Drive, Reproach, Dogends, Zero Progress, Salad Days, and more! $2.00

Abusive Action has put together ten superior hardcore tunes. We're talking hardcore that neither emulates recent trends nor suits someone's idea of what hardcore "really is". Brilliant songwriting and heartfelt honesty makes Abusive Action's music really something original and unique. This record will influence the next generation of hardcore bands, truth be told. Essential listening for 2005 and beyond. Description from Peter of Crucial Response. (Crucial Response #63 CD)

AFTERLIFE - Enter The Dragon CD
An amazingly mature release from this spanish hardcore band. Sometimes melodic and "poppy" and other times fast and furious, but Enter The Dragon is a hardcore record from start to finish. Afterlife will quickly become an essential band for fans of energetic hardcore with strong melodic leanings. (Crucial Response #54)

ANOTHER REASON - Take Control 7"/CD
Nine songs of solid straight edge hardcore that is influenced by classic late '80s bands. The CD has three more songs than the 7", one of them being a cover of SSD's "Glue." The sound is well done and the singing is powerful with a great recording. Energetic sounding '80s youth crew hardcore without all the metal influences of the '90s. A definite crowd pleaser for anyone that follows the Crucial Response releases. Straight edge and proud of it. (Crucial Response #46)

This is the re-release of the 7" which came along with the first issue of Voice Of A Generation zine and is now available with two extra songs. The music is hardhitting straight edge hardcore with some melody thrown in. Lyricwise the topics deal with reclaiming a free will and keeping the mind clear. Has three members of Mainstrike, Marc from (x-Betray / x-Revelation Europe) and JP from Value Of Strength fanzine. (Crucial Response #68 CD)

BITE DOWN - Doomsday Machine 7"
Fast, ripping in your face hardcore from Belgium that is reminiscent to early 80's US hardcore. 9 furious tracks that will smack you down. Recorded at the infamous Studio 195. Ace! (Crucial Response #76)

BLACK FRIDAY '29 - Blackout 7"/CD
A band intend on pushing hardcore over it's limit. Black Friday '29 captures the raw, explosive anger of hardcore which got so popular in the early eighties but sounding totally unique. The vocalist expresses his rage and ferocity on songs as "Blackout" or "Black Friday" backed up by heavy pounding riffage. Black Friday '29 reaches a new level of sheer intensity and total fury. Description by Peter Response. (Crucial Response #52 CD)

BROTHERHOOD - As Thick As Blood CD
What can be witnessed on this record was beyond imagination when the band came out. In the vein of the mid- to late 80´s straight edge bands of the east coast They added some melody and catchyness to the songs which make them outstanding. The lyrical contents seems to be on an average tip but comes across in a very youthful and charming way that you can´t help but sing along to these anthems. With this record they paved the way for a lot of young bands from the west coast. (Crucial Response Records #7)

COLT TURKEY - Christmas Sucks 7"
After profound changed their name and added a second guitarist they went into the studio to record songs of their incognito project. One of those songs is called "the hammer hits hard" and this could really be the claim for the whole record. They set standards through excellent song writing, smart and funny lyrics on a highly communist tip, a good recording and an awesome packaging. What else could you ask for? (Crucial Response Records #11)

Hardcore became somewhat a synonym of no-soul, lackluster, over commercialization. But then there comes a band like Commitment Crew who is going back to basic. This band is in its purest form the essence of hardcore: simple and aggressive and in addition with some raw oi influences. A great mixture for sure! (Crucial Response #72)

Great hardcore from Gothenborg which sounds a lot like early Boston hardcore but with a distinct empowering on its own. Raw, aggressive vocals and strong musicianship. A steamroller for sure, cool artwork to boot. (Crucial Response Records #78)

DAMAGE CONTROL - Can't Keep Us Down 7"/CD
Damage Control continues where Onward and Sportswear left off. Bringing back the spirit of Oslo City hardcore pride, Damage Control plays straight ahead Dag Nasty/Chain of Strength style hardcore with a healthy dose of hard, danceable mosh parts. There's enough emotional and melodic tunes thrown in to make this record so unique and exciting. X up your hands and get ready for sing-a-longs and stage dives. (Crucial Response #49 CD)

Another farewell call from an awesome band. On the same tip as with their Crucial debut they added more hooklines and newly improved vocals. This is the bomb. Those guys have become one of the trademarks of outstanding and innovative european HC. Its a shame that all the good bands leave us and the bad ones cant get off the dick! This output is a must-have for every HC kid! (Crucial Response Records #34)

After ManLiftingBanner have been put to ashes Michiel and Burt team up with 2 dudes from Amsterdams infamous Cali-Punk band NRA. I guess most of you havnt even heard of that band but those who have might wonder what has brought those four cats together. The revolutionary mission one could say. The contents are handled with the same passion and intelligence as with MLB in the early days. Food for thought for all you non-believers. As for the music it can be caught somewhere between the vibes of Underdog and an traditional HC edge. Its all pretty raw and unleashed but always catchy and unique. Once again the man at the soundboard was none other than Menno Bakker of Bunts studio. That should speak for itself. Buy. (Crucial Response Records #29)

DEATH OR GLORY - Your Choice 7"/CD
Eight fast ripping hardcore thrash tracks of pure adrenalinized mayhem similar to Agnostic Front's United Blood 7". There are enough danceable mosh parts thrown in that fans of early NYHC should dig this one!! Description by Peter Response. (Crucial Response #51)

THE DEFENCE - Common Sense 7"
Imagine 5 tracks (plus an intro) of hardcore / punk that musically echoes the anger and melody of classic hardcore acts such as Chain Of Strength, In My Eyes and a harder version of Good Riddance. And with intelligent and heartful lyrcis, The Defense are also the furthest thing from "generic," along with catchy sing-alongs this spanish quartet plays hardcore you would want listen to it. (Crucial Response #74)

THE DEFENSE - Statement 7"
An impressive 7" showcasing more musical diversity and complexity than their previous. From the opener "Answers" The Defense surges with melodic guitars and a diverse approach that scores over most of hardcore / punk records these days. Once again, tight rhythms dominate as David's vocals. The lyrics remain personal, complementing the music eclectic structures. (Crucial Response Records #79)

THE DEFENSE - From The Start CD
Ten songs of fast old style straight edge hardcore with some melodies thrown in with the riffs. The lyrics touch on various reflections on the scene and personal topics. (Crucial Response #62 CD)

Dutch hardcore loaded with explosive power and aggression! Downslide and Know Your Enemy deliver 2 songs each that will leave their mark. 1, 2, 3 ... Go! (Crucial Response #58)

ENFORCER - Trail of Darkness CD
This Norwegian hardcore band includes members of Damage Control and Onward... Crucial hardcore from Crucial Response. Now available on CD and 7". (Crucial Response #55)

EYEBALL - More Days to Come LP
Setting the pace with this masterpiece of hc the way it was a decade ago. Picking up where the seven inch has left off, they take it to the limits. Excellent songs, cool lyrics and a fresh artwork make this one another winner. A fat sound is doing the rest for this to become a classic. (Crucial Response Records #40)

GET THE MOST - Common Goals 7"/CD
Get The Most plays fast-paced hardcore with a sincere and passionate message. There is a healty dose of melody in the songs reminiscence of Chain and Insted with some East Coast elements thrown in. The superb songwriting and powerful sound makes them special and truly unique. If you look for a straight edge band which has something to say look no further! The CD contains the entire Core Values demo! Eleven tracks on CD, and 5 tracks on 7". (Crucial Response #69)

GET THE MOST - Moment In Time 7"
Somewhere beyond the formalized spectrum there comes a band like Get The Most who strives for more than the usual. Blistering "youth crewish" hardcore, mosh parts in between, passionate lyrics and a slick layout. What more can you ask for?! The future is now; get on it. (Crucial Response #70)

Know Your Enemy is part of the new wave of hardcore bands along with Damage Control, Afterlife, Black Friday '29 and No Denial that are starting to re-emerge in Europe. This recording rips from start to finish and with songs that are less than a minute long. You know what to expect: raw, angry and high energy hardcore! Know Your Enemy will make their mark on hardcore. (Crucial Response #53)

MAINSTRIKE - A Quest For The Answers LP/ CD
Super aggressive vocals and songs that make you mad. Everyone who thought they wouldn´t be able to top their seven inch are gonna be proven wrong by this one. Highly improved and better than ever before. They show how to build up songs you wont forget. Intensity is all that needs to be said about this record.word. (Crucial Response Records #32)

MAINSTRIKE - Commitment CD
This new CD includes Times Still Here 7", their self titled 7", and three demo bonus songs that were recorded right before the band recorded the songs for the Times Still Here 7". (Crucial Response #50)

MAINSTRIKE - Farewell 7"
During the last decade Mainstrike was one of Europe's most active straight edge bands. They released several 7"s, two 12"s, as well as a host of songs on compilations. These four tracks are the band's farewell to five years of playing songs, singing along, and touring the world. The sound is a powerful assault of guitar with lots of sing-a-longs and energy. The record is well done both musically and aesthetically, and Mainstrike fans will be happy to have one last recording from this powerful Dutch straight edge band. One of their guitarists runs Coalition Records and he now plays in The Oath. (Crucial Response Records #45)

The DVD includes the final show, the Ieper show from '99, an interview with Bigma and lots of extras! Almost two and a half hours of good memories. For fans of Mainstrike! (Crucial Response #64 DVD)

MAINSTRIKE - No Passing Phase LP/ CD
Already a classic before it came out. Over the years they became the veterans of the euro-old-skool-scene which gave them a status that all other bands were looking for. The songs and the sound quality speak for themselves and so does the layout. Again another record that doesnt need a description except: buy this! (Crucial Response Records #39)

MAINSTRIKE - Times Still Here 7"
Apart from bands like Civ or Floorpunch these dudes were bringing it back big time. Even before this record saw the light of day people were going crazy over this band. Holding up the mirror of the 88-style they put their own little bits to it which makes this first record an example of how it should be done. Aggressive voice parted ways with high-pitched guitars and an awesome rythm section. Sing-alongs here and there and you get the picture. on the live pics in the layout you can see what they want you to do. (Crucial Response Records #26)

MAN LIFTING BANNER - The Revolution Continues LPx2
While so many on the left cried defeat and dropped their so-called 'old-fashioned' principles, ManLiftingBanner felt an urge to go against the grain. On the record are the songs from the "Myth Of Freedom " 7", "Ten Inch That Shook The World" 10", one compilation track and eight new recorded songs which are in the traditional hardcore punk style only ManLiftingBanner can pull off. 29 songs for a new generation, but also for those who where with the band back in the days and for those who kept the revolutionary fire in and outside of hardcore strong. Last but not least after almost 20 years the ManLiftingBanner songs are finally available on vinyl again. Moreover the record comes with a huge booklet with informations, pictures and lyrics and a huge A2 Poster. Come with a digital download coupon code. (Crucial Response Records #82)

MAN LIFTING BANNER's new album "RED FURY" is out now! The record has 13 fresh tracks, plus a special new version of Sister (which came out on the Give Me Back LP compilation in the early 1990s). The LP comes with a foldout sleeve, poster and stickers to spread the revolution in 2014! Amazing new LP from this veteran hardcore band that has been kicking out amazing hardcore songs for over 20 years! (Crucial Response Records #86)

NO DENIAL - Crossing Beyond Illusions Currents CDep
No Denial return with a new record. From the first note to the last you can hear and feel anger, emotion, aggression packed with power, heaviness and beats that defy gravity. Crossing Beyond Illusions Currents is a record for the next generation's soundtracks that may accompany the end of the world in a more positive setting. (Crucial Response #59 CD)

NO DENIAL - Soundtrack Of Decline LP/CD
No available on LP as well as CD. No Denial, one of the heaviest bands ever on Crucial Response, has entered the studio to record for a 12" and CD at Bunt Studios. No Denial consists of Big and Pepijn (x-Mainstrike) with the addition of Jigs. Planned as a project No Denial is a real band now. The band is still looking for two permanent guitar player to complete the line up. The music is new and refreshing and is nothing you can compare to past efforts of some band members. The songwriting is way more heavy and powerful. Don't expect anything like youth crew or old school - this is just hardcore!!! Description by Peter of Crucial Response. (Cruicial Response #48)

ONE VOICE - Break Free 7"
Listen to One Voice is an experience. The band is getting in a new territory of sheer power and aggression. Pushing old boundaries, establishing new limits. Speed, anger and commitment seems the theme of this band and One Voice knows how to pull good hardcore songs. Essential listening for 2007. (Crucial Response #71)

ONE VOICE - Break Free LP
The One Voice "Break Free" 7" was originally released by Crucial Response in 2007. The plan was to put out the 7" with the demo tracks on CD. But after splitting up in 2008 the label and band decided to put it out on vinyl insted. Completely remastered with new artwork and photos. Features the "Break Free" 7", the entire demo plus Human Demise which was recorded shortly before the band broke up. (Crucial Response #75)

OVER THE LINE - The Demo 7"
The defunct Over The Line was one of the new breed of "old style" sounding bands from around '97. The band got popular though they never put anything out besides their classic demo. One of the demo songs got released on the "For The Sake Of Dedication" compilation, released in '97. Over The Line play raw, fast paced hardcore and is full of golden moments. This is hardcore the way it was meant to be. Features x-members of the defunct, American band Rancor. (review by Crucial Response) (Crucial Response #44)

PROFOUND - Integrity 7"
A very significant piece of vinyl. One of the landmarks to put european straight edge on the map. Coming up with a cleaner version of hc at that time they were among the originals of what people now call old school hardcore. The recording is pretty energetic if you put it in the historical context. Back in the day these songs were moving the youth of today crowd and still today they havn't lost their power. (Crucial Response Records #5)

RECTIFY - By Your Side 7"
It did not take them long to come out with their second release. This time around they hit it a little harder. Some might say they've joined the trend-team but what do you think of maturing? They style they have maintained on their first seven inch has been perfected here. The same elements are still there but the energy has increased. Good live shots of these dudes in the layout. Good sound, too! (Crucial Response Records #30)

RECTIFY - How We Feel 7"
Another winner hailing from Scandinavia. Riding the train of the old skool they come forth with quality. Good song writing and lyrics that fit the whole picture. Its cool to hear bands that carry the heritage of the 80s further than becoming simple copy-cats. The layout is fat and beyond any clichs. Get this. (Crucial Response Records #27)

Named after the classic Necros song, Sex Drive from Holland plays raw and primitive hardcore inspired by bands like The Kreuzen, SSD, Void and Flipper. Not interested in creating a carbon copy of any of these bands they''ve been labeled crazy man hardcore by MRR in their search for a fresh sound. Expect no nonsense, no gimmicks, no posturing. Just fist pumping riffs, ferocious drumming and snarling, demented vocals. 10 Songs that clocks in a mere thirteen minutes. In addition you get the Downslide - Nowhere To Hide MCD, Johnny's and Daan's previous band. (Crucial Response Records #85)

SHIPWRECKED - The Last Pagans LP
Lifting weights to early Taang - XCLAIM the north with our northeast sound. These words are taken from Fast Violent Noise, the opening track on the new Shipwrecked album entitled The Last Pagans - thier only and last full-length recording. The quote says a lot about this record, the motives behind Shipwrecked, and it's aging horde. The LP, 21 songs in total, is a pure assault from start to finish. No prisoners hardcore shaped in the fires of old Boston, early England and the dark lands of heavy metal. (Crucial Response Records 61)

STRIKE FIRST - Chant Down Babylon 7"
Already left deep impression at numerous shows the debut record by the explosive Strike First is full of crunching and powerful hardcore tunes. Chantdown Babylon has an authentic sound that many today's hardcore acts striving for but Strike First managed to combine an eighties hardcore vibe with a sound of their own. Red vinyl. Description from Peter of Crucial Response. (Crucial Response #60)

STRIKE FIRST - Requiem For The Aftermath LP/CD
The material on "Requiem For The Aftermath" can be easily be compared to 'Chantdown Babylon' but its more intense and hard hitting with eleven songs to boot. Strike First quickly established a reputation as being one of the hardest-working and most agressive hardcore bands in the dutch scene. (Crucial Response #65)

TIEBREAK - Stand Hard '1998' 7"
It seems like good bands are bred like eggs in norway. '98 has been the year to spawn a lot of bands that tried to sound like 88 but never made it. Tiebreak must have listened to a couple of records from that era as well, but forgot all about it because they sound kinda different. More on the classical hc tip these dudes bring in a taste of aggression to the music which fits. Innovative songs mix with a singer that dose luckily not go along with the guitar lines. The sound supports the music and helps create a picture that lets you understand that there is more to old skool than just three chords. (Crucial Response Records #37)

TIEBREAK - Stand Hard: 1996 to 1998 CD
Fans of this now defunct Norwegian straight edge band will be more than excited when they can finally listen to 'Stand hard: 1996 - 1998' CD. It's a definitive collection of Tiebreak demos and 7". The CD comes with a nice foldout and includes live pictures and show fliers. 17 tracks. (Crucial Response #61)

TRUE BLUE - The Ice 7"
Breaking the mold and doing the do. These fuckers are coming thru with some heavy shit right there. Having learned their lessons in the 80s they bust out that shit in the 90s. Dark and heavy stuff that lives next door to the icemen and bad brains. Flexing with lyrics about life and not about fantasy they let you know what time it is. The fat production is boosting them into the major league of hc and the layout shows you the streets they came from. You better buy them shits. (Crucial Response Records #42)

V/A - For The Sake Of Dedication LP compilation
Ten Yard Fight, Halfmast, Plagued with Rage, Onward, Rectify, Mainstrike, Spawn, Floorpunch, Sportswear, Eyeball, Over Over The Line Another document of a time that was full of good bands and a spirit that was long gone in this scene. Bands like Floorpunch, Spawn, Ten Yard Fight, Eyeball, Halfmast, Onward, etc. make this thing here outstanding. The sound pretty much comes from the same school but the way it's done is so diverse that you wouldn´t believe it. Check out the artwork which makes this a hc monument. (Crucial Response Records #33)

V/A - One Track Mind comp LP
A new compilation LP from Crucial Response that includes tracks from Afterlife (Spain), Sky'z The Limit (Germany), Harsh Truth (Germany), Black Friday '29 (Germany), No Denial (Holland), Know Your Enemy (Holland), Uncontrollable (Holland), Between Us (Sweden), The Change (Sweden), Damage Control (Norway), Enforcer (Nor), The Deal (Belgium), Dead Stop (Belgium), Kingpin (Belgium). (Crucial Response #56)

V/A - Share Common Ground LP compilation
ManLiftingBanner, Think Twice, Profax, Otherwise, Betray, Onward. This comp is showing it the way it is. Actually it shows the way it was because none of the featured bands are still around. We have ManLiftingBanner, Profax, Otherwise, Think Twice and Onward who show us what's up in their own way. European hc to the max. Much diversity as far as the sound and a lot to learn as far as the lyrics and info in the booklet goes. Once again this release stands out with an excellent layout. This is a must-have for those who want to know their history. (Crucial Response Records #14)

V/A - Starting From Zero LP compilation
New compilation from Crucial Response featuring bands from all over the globe! Echoes (NL), Salad Days (GER), Seein' Red (NL), Sniffing Glue(GER), Evolve (NOR), Right Idea (USA), Commitment Crew (SWE), Injustice System (USA), Dogends (USA), Refrain (AUS), Night Prowler (USA), Times Together (UK), Burial (GER), Zero Progess (USA), Reproach (BE), The Skaggs (GER), Vitamin X (NL), Sex Drive (NL), Eye-Gouge (AUS), Crucial Section (JP), Isolation (GER), Clocked Out (UK), Citizens Patrol (NL), Become (USA), Snob Value (GER). (Crucial Response Records #84)

The third issue will be out in three weeks. It includes an interview with Rob, the singer of the defunct band Abusive Action and a piece about Jay Adams, the legendary Dogtown Skater. Arne Haabeth wrote about the Bold Show he attended in Amsterdam and his impression about Hardcore and its generation in general. You'll find book- and record-reviews as usual and tons of photos of: Marginal Man, Deathwish, Jerry's Kids, Siege, Bad Brains, COC, AOF, ManLiftingBanner, Know Your Enemy, Mainstrike, Pandemonium und Cro-Mags. 20 pages plus the remastered Abusive Action demo on 7". (Crucial Response #80)

Another issue of Voice Of A Generation after a long hiatus. This time there are interviews with Blood Red, a dutch hardcore band, and Insted which is an old interview during the time they played their reunion shows in Europe. Again tons of photos of bands like Artificial Peace, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Bad Brains, Youth Brigade (DC), Faith, Dag Nasty (with Shawn Brown), Lrm, Indigesti, Pandemonium, Heresy, B.G.K., Shipwrecked, Insurance Risk. "What's In The Matrix" - is a story about vinyl etching; the hidden messages and little jokes carved into the matrix. And again there are record reviews to round up this issue. As a bonus you will get the Blood Red demo on 7" which contains 5 short and angry hardcore tunes recorded in 2004. (Crucial Response Records #83)