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This is our new clearance sale list. All of the items listed here are very cheap. Once they are sold out we will never get them again. We have descriptions for some of these releases listed at the end. So if you scroll down past the list you will find the text descriptions.
ACME RECORDS (discounted price)
ZOOPARTY - You Are Here CD $1.00
GIUDA - Decadenza CD $4.50
ANTI SOCIETY RECORDS (discounted price)
GRAND COLLAPSE - s/t 7" $2.50
THISCLOSE - Dis Brains 2012 10" $4.00
APE MUST NOT KILL APE (discounted price)
RAEIN - Nati Da Altri Padri/Ogni Nuovo Inizio CD $2.00
BALDY LONGHAIR RECORDS (discounted price)
CRAZY & THE BRAINS - Brain Freeze 7" $0.50
BARFBAG RECORDS (discounted price)
VCR - R.I.P. Sportsboy LP $2.00
BLIND DATE RECORDS (discounted price)
BROKEN LIMB RECORDS (discounted price)
ABSOLUTIST - Traverse 7" $2.00
CAINA - Setter of Unseen Snares LP $5.00
IMMORTAL BIRD - Empress/Abscess LP $5.00
MORTALS/REPELLERS - split 10" $5.00
CAESAR CUT RECORDS (discounted price)
SECRET TOMBS - Secret Tunes LP $3.00
URANIUM ORCHARD - Lithophane Geisha LP $3.00
CHAINSAW SAFETY (discounted price)
DISNIHIL - Parasites CD $1.00
CLARENCE THOMAS RECORDS (discounted price)
LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT - Four Song 7" $1.00
CLEAN PLATE RECORDS (discounted price)
ANTON BORDMAN - Where Did Dolls Originate? 7" $0.50
CLEARVIEW RECORDS (discounted price)
NEW REGRETS - s/t 7" $1.00
COALITION RECORDS (discounted price)
LARM - Extreme Noise CD $4.00
OATH - Uber Alles collection CD $3.00
COMBAT ROCK INDUSTRY (discounted price)
ABDUKTIO - Thermidor CD $2.00
LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT - Misanthropic... 7"/DVD $2.00
SARKYNEET - s/t 7" $2.00
ST. HOOD - For The Dead CD $2.00
COMMITMENT RECORDS (discounted price)
CRITICAL POINT - Trial & Error 7" $2.50
CURRAHEE - Back On Track 7" $2.50
CURRAHEE - Why We Fight 7" $2.50
IT'S NOW - Resistir Y Existir 7" $2.50
MIRACLE - True Spirit 7" $1.50
NORTH - Perfect Body Perfect Soul 7" $1.50
WHEN SEASONS CHANGE - Time Will Tell 7" $1.50
CONTRASZT RECORDS (discounted price)
ZOSCH - Birds Don't Lie LP $5.00
COUNCIL RECORDS (discounted price)
NEW GRANADA - 7" $1.00
COWABUNGA RECORDS (discounted price)
NARCS - Long Hot Summer 7" $1.00
RATIONAL ANIMALS - Gabrielle/Eating My Words 7" $1.00
CRUCIAL RESPONSE (discounted price)
MAINSTRIKE - A Quest For The Answers LP $6.00
CUBO DE SANGRE RECORDS (discounted price)
EX CRAW - Extant Extinct LP $3.00
CUT THE CORD RECORDS (discounted price)
VALLEY BOYS - s/t LP $4.00
WRONG HOLE - 2012 LP $3.00
CV RECORDS (discounted price)
WANUY - s/t 7" $0.50
ORQUESTA EL MACABEO - La Culpa 7" $0.50
DEAD ALIVE RECORDS (discounted price)
PARADE OF THE LIFELESS - The Anatomy... CD $1.00
DEBT OFFENSIVE RECORDS (discounted price)
CANCERS - Missed 7" $1.00
KENT STATE - Samsara 7" $0.50
DEEP SIX RECORDS (discounted price)
HIRAX - Blasted In Bangkok 10" $3.00
LANDMINE MARATHON - s/t 7" $3.00
NEGATIVE STEP - Conquering Punk 10" $3.00
PHANTASM - Wreck Age LP $3.00
REPROACH - s/t LP $3.00
DERANGED RECORDS (discounted price)
AC4 - s/t LP $6.50
AIRFIX KIT - Flex Time 7" $1.50
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Living By Yourself CD $3.00
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Living By Yourself LP (gatefold) $3.00
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - The Pleasure Is All Thine CD $3.00
BURIAL - Never Give Up... CD $3.00
CAREER SUICIDE - 2004 to 2005 CD $3.00
DUMBSTRUCK - If It Ain't Broke... 7" $1.25
GUILTY FACES - Domestic Bliss LP $3.00
HAMMER - Blue LP (Japense Text) $3.00
HIGHSCORE - New Fuel LP $2.00
INTENSITY - The Ruins of Our Future LP $2.00
MEN - Immaculada CD $5.50
MOTHER'S CHILDREN - That's Who! LP $1.00
NATURAL LAW - Find The Flock LP $6.50
NK 6 - Keep On Keeping On CD $2.00
OUR WAR - If You're Not Now... 10" $2.00
OUR WAR - If You're Not Now... CD $2.00
POISON CONTROL - The Violent Years 7" $1.00
REACTIONARIES - Ingenuity LP $3.00
RED DONS - Death To Idealism CD $3.00
SEDATIVES - s/t LP $3.00
SMALLTOWN - Implosion LP $3.00
SMALLTOWN - The Music CD $3.00
SMALLTOWN - The Music LP $3.00
SMALLTOWN - Years, Months 7" $1.25
STAKEOUT - On The Run CD $2.00
STATUES - New People Make Us Nervous LP $3.00
STATUES - Same Bodies Samde Faces 7" $1.25
STATUES - Terminal Bedroom CD $2.00
TEEN CRUD COMBO - Judgement Night... LP $2.00
TERMINAL STATE - Sick 7" $1.00
TERMINAL STATE - Your Rules LP $3.00
TOTAL ABUSE - s/t CD $3.00
TRANZMITORS - 2nd LP (4 songs) $3.00
TRISTESS - Hog & Lag Blues LP $3.00
VICIOUS CYCLE - Pale Blue Dot CD $2.00
VIOLENT ARREST - CD (25 tracks) $2.00
VIOLENT ARREST - s/t 7" $1.25
VIOLENT MINDS - Just Kicked In 7" $2.50
VIOLENT MINDS - s/t 7" $2.50
VIOLENT MINDS - We Are Nothing CD $2.00
VIOLENT MINDS - We Are Nothing LP $5.50
YOUNG OFFENDERS - Saints 7" $1.25
DESPOTIC RECORDS (discounted price)
DIRT CULT RECORDS (discounted price)
SHIT CREEK - Scene Cred Is Our Name 7" $1.00
DRUNKEN SAILOR RECORDS (discounted price)
A PAGE OF PUNK - Fool's Punk Line LP $2.00
FIST CITY/PISS TEST - split 7" $1.00
GOOD GRIEF/BUZZORHOWL - split 7" $1.00
NO SIR, I WON'T - The Whole Fucking World Is Shit LP $3.00
SHIT CREEK - Pissing Blood 7" $1.00
WHAT A NIGHT'S - s/t LP $2.00
EBULLITION (discounted price)
AMBER INN - All Roads Lead Home LP $4.80
AMBER INN - Serenity In Hand 7" $1.75
BLEED - True Colors Running 7" $1.75
BORN & RAZED - Holy Wars LP $3.75
DOWNCAST - 7" $1.75
ECONOCHRIST - double CD discography $4.00
ECONOCHRIST - Skewed 7" $2.00
END OF THE LINE - LP (green vinyl) $3.75
EX-IGNOTA - Lazarus Is Back... 7" $1.75
ICONOCLAST - the first 7" $1.75
IVICH - La Vie Devant Soi 10" $3.75
JARA - three song 7" $1.75
MANRAE - Pacata Hibernia 7" $1.75
MANUMISSION - Binary Lung 7" $1.75
SAWHORSE - 7" $1.75
SEEIN' RED - Marinus 7" $2.00
STRUGGLE - 12" $4.00
STRUGGLE - 7" $1.75
THIS MACHINE KILLS - Death In The... CD $4.80
THIS MACHINE KILLS - Death In The... LP (white vinyl) $4.80
AMNESIA - comp LP w/Ordination Of Aaron, Scout, Three Studies For A Crucifixion, Car Vs. Driver, In/Humanity, Failure Face, Wellington, Lybernum, Ipecac, Silence Equals, Stephen Hero, and Thumbnail $3.75
HEARTATTACK #10 - comp LP w/Amber Inn, Shotmaker, Jihad, Uranus, Loomis Slovak, Ex-Ignota, Skyskraper, The Fisticuffs Bluff, K.A.S.H., Manrae, and incurable Complaint $3.75
ILLITERATE - comp LP w/Finger Print, Kina, Gnezl Drei, Wounded Knee, Condense, Nothing Remains, Ivich, Voorhees, Ego Trip, Abolition, Blindfold, Married To A Murderer, and Hypocritical Society $3.75
ED WALTERS RECORDS (discounted price)
1859 RECORDS (discounted price)
GRAND COLLAPSE - Far From The Callous Crowd LP $5.50
NO///SE - Lower Berth LP $3.00
SIEGE FIRE - Dead Refuge LP $5.50
WRETCHED OF THE EARTH - Fire To Their Houses LP $3.00
ELECTRIC INDIAN RECORDS (discounted price)
NO - Can You Dig It? LP $2.00
ELEMENT RECORDS (discounted price)
ONCE AGAIN - As The Fire Went Out... 7" $0.50
ELGRITO RECORDS (discounted price)
KONTRAATTAQUE - Luchas, Tragedias... 7" $1.00
THIS MACHINE KILLS - On The Move 7" $1.00
EMANCY PUNX (discounted price)
LANDVERRAAD - No Love For A Nation 7" $1.00
RAZORBURNS - Ouch CD $2.00
EXOTIC FEVER RECORDS (discounted price)
COOL MOON - Postparty Depression LP $1.00
FINE MOTOR - s/t LP $1.00
GHASTLY CITY SLEEP - Lulling Skulls LPx2 $2.00
SHONDES - Brighton LP $1.00
SINISTER QUARTER - Pink Guillotine CD $1.00
SINKS - I Drove The Sinks 7" $0.50
FERAL WARD RECORDS (discounted price)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Modern Plague 7" $1.50
CALL THE POLICE - 1984 in 2003 CD $2.50
LEBENDEN TOTEN - Near Dark CD $6.00
MEANWHILE - Reality or Nothing CD $4.00
FLAT EARTH RECORDS (discounted price)
JOHN HOLMES - El Louso Suavo CD $1.00
FORCEFIELD RECORDS (discounted price)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS - The Attic LP $5.00
BRICK ASSASSIN - Bite The Hand That Feeds LP $4.50
PUBLIC ASSAULT - No Way Out 7" $1.60
SNAKE HANDLER - Enjoy The View 7" $1.25
URBAN SAVAGE - s/t 7" $1.75
I'VE GOT THE BIBLE AROUND MY THROAT - LP compilation with Green Beret, Ether Dogs, GNP, Accelerators, Ducky Boys, Dead Pigeons, Coup D'Etat, Vomit Spots, Thik Chicken, Crucial Change, Random Conflict and more... $7.00
FRAMEWORK RECORDS (discounted price)
ETHNIC - CD $1.00
GASPING FOR BREATH (discounted price)
GANGLY YOUTH - We Wanna 7" $1.00
GIVE PRAISE RECORDS (discounted price)
BURIED AT BIRTH - s/t 7" $2.00
FAILURE FACE - Discography '93 to '96 LP $5.00
I HATE THIS - Trimming The Fat 7" $1.25
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - s/t 10" $5.00
NO QUALMS - Hyenas 7" $2.00
RUN RIOT - Break Mirrors 7" $1.25
SPG - Special Patrol Group 7" $1.25
THINK TWICE - National Sacrifice Zone 7" $1.25
WAKE/REHASHED - split 7" $2.00
GLOOM RECORDS (discounted price)
OATH - Uber Alles collection CD $3.00
GOLDEN BROWN RECORDS (discounted price)
AMATEUR PARTY - Sounds And Halls... CD $0.50
HALO OF FLIES RECORDS (discounted price)
ARCHIVIST - Contruct LPx2 $8.00
CENTURIES - Broken Hymns LP $3.00
KHMER - Larga Sombra LP $4.00
KHMER/LIVSTID - split 10" $3.00
MAKAI - Embracing The Shroud of... LP $3.00
NORTHLESS - Cold Migration LP $7.00
NORTHLESS - Last Bastion of Cowardice LPx2 $10.00
PROTESTANT - Reclamation LP $4.00
PROTESTANT - Stalemate 10" $4.00
RUINS - Within LP $4.00
SNIGMORD - 2012 Demo Tape Cassette $2.00
SVALBARD - 2012 to 2014 Discography LP $8.00
HAND HELD HEART (discounted price)
HAIL MARY - Thank You... 7" $1.00
VOLUME ELEVEN - Kotadelic Cytex LP $1.00
HANDSTAND RECORDS (discounted price)
FLESH EATING CREEPS - The Book About... tape cassette $0.50
HARD ART RECORDS (discounted price)
HUMAN ERROR - Die LP $2.00
XEROX - s/t LP $2.00
HARLAN RECORDS (discounted price)
STRANGER STEALS - The Goals... CD $1.00
HARSH CRUST RECORDS (discounted price)
FORUM - s/t 7" $1.00
AT WAR WITH SHADOWS - Healing Is Not... CDep $1.00
HELL CHILD/WORD SALAD - split 10" $2.50
KARST - Receive the Void CD $1.50
TO HELL AND BACK - s/t CD $1.00
DEADLY SINS - box set with 7"x4 with The Black Hand, Catharsis, Damad, Kill The Man Who Questions, MK-Ultra, and Unruh $5.00
HAUNTED HOTEL RECORDS (discounted price)
HYPOCHRISTIANS - Terror During Prayer LP $4.50
HAVOC RECORDS (discounted price)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE - Power Hazard CD $2.00
HEADBONES RECORDS (discounted price)
DIRTY PROTEST/RAID! - split LP (old members of Septic Death) $3.00
AEVANGELIST - Writhes In The Murky CD $4.90
BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY - Crucible of the Infernum CD $4.25
BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY - Crucible of the Infernum LP $8.15
CEREKLOTH - In The Midst of Life We Are In Death CD $4.75
CEREKLOTH - In The Midst of Life We Are In Death LP $8.50
DEMONA - 2015 7" $3.90
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE - Black Sun Unbound LP $9.50
DIAVOLOS - You Lived Now Die CD $4.90
DWELL - Vermin And Ashes CD $4.10
DWELL - Vermin And Ashese LP $7.25
FROM THE DEPTHS - s/t LP $7.65
GRAVEWURM - Doomed To Eternity CD $4.30
HADES ARCHER - Temple Of The Impure CD $4.90
HIGH SPIRITS - You Are Here CD $4.90
INVOCATION SPELLS - Descendent The Black Throne LP $8.25
KROSSFYRE - Burning Torches CD $4.90
OCTOBER 31 - Bury The Hatchet CD $4.90
POWER FROM HELL - Devil's Whorehouse CD $4.90
SANGUIS IMPEREM - In Glory We March... CD $4.65
SHED THE SKIN (INCANTATION) - Harrowing Faith CD $4.90
SLAUGHTBBATH - Contempt, War And Damnation CD $4.90
SUPERCHRIST - Holy Shit CD $4.65
ZEMIAL - Nykta CD $4.90
MARY CHRIST - s/t 7" $0.50
HS!BF RECORDS (discounted price)
HOLY SHIT! - Old Hat 7" $1.00
UH OH - s/t LP $3.00
HYPERREALIST RECORDS (discounted price)
GET RAD - I Can Always Live CD $2.00
GET RAD - Say Fuck No To Rules, Man CD $2.00
NEWGENICS - Eraser/Szymbionista 7" $0.50
INIMICAL RECORDS (discounted price)
CRIMINAL CODE - Collected Thoughts CD $2.00
NEGATIVE PRESS - Long Haul LP $2.00
PREYING HANDS - Through The Dark LP $3.00
SLIGHTLY LESS THAN NOTHING - Northwest... 7" $1.00
KATORGA WORKS (discounted price)
BAD NOIDS - Everything From Soup To Dessert LP $3.00
RATIONAL ANIMALS - Cross Eyed Delights 7" $1.00
KING OF THE MONSTERS (discounted price)
ABSINTHE - 10" $3.00
ALTARS - Live On Pure Hate LP $3.00
BLOOD BRIGHT STAR - Silver Head LP $3.00
CHULA - CDep $1.00
COLD SORE/THE LIGHT - split 7" $1.00
ELDERS - Blind Rage LP $3.00
ENEWETAK - Easy Rider Session's Volume III 7" $2.00
GOG - In Our Architecture... LPx2 $5.00
HORDES - Abargnosis 7" $2.00
LUSITANIA - s/t LP $3.00
ROYAL MONSTERS - Blackwater 7" $1.00
SERVILE SECT - Glowing 10" $3.00
SERVILE SECT - Svrrender LP $3.00
TRI-CITY THUNDERCATS - The Early Recordings CD $2.00
VENOWL - No Honour 7" $2.00
LIFE IS ABUSE RECORDS (discounted price)
DIMLAIA - CD $2.00
FLESHIES - Gung Ho! CD $2.00
LUDICRA - s/t CDep $2.00
MEDICATION TIME - One Free Miracle CD $2.00
SKEW WHIFF - Taedium Vitae CD $2.00
TOTAL SHUTDOWN - Broadcast Performances 7" $1.00
UNPERSONS - IV Self Portrait CD $2.00
LENGUA ARMADA RECORDS (discounted price)
ILEGAL - Callejon Sin Salida (3rd) 7" $1.75
KONTAMINAT - s/t 7" $1.00
RAKOSI - Olasyliszka 7" $1.75
LEVEL PLANE RECORDS (discounted price)
LIMITED APPEAL RECORDS (discounted price)
BIPOLAR BEAR - Tough Boat LP $2.00
FAR CORNERS - Ruling The Roost... 7" $1.00
LONG LEGS LONG ARMS RECORDS (discounted price)
SL'S3 - Con La Venda Hacia La Pared CD $4.00
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH (discounted price)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - State Of Illusion CD $2.00
MANNEQUIN REIN RECORDS (discounted price)
MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL (discounted price)
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #373 (June 2014 - features Anti You, Damn Broads, Pesadilla Distopika, Cottaging, Rat Damage,and more ...) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #379 (December 2014 - features Poison Girls, Autistic Behavior, Brooks Headley (Born against UOA), Rakta, Protester and lots more ...) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #380 (January 2015 - features Frau, Red Scare, Raw Power, Orden Mundia. The Instigation, Don Giovanni, Tzn Xenna, and lots more ...) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #381 (February 2015 - features Broken Prayer, Wiccans, Dark Times, Hysterics, Accidente, Quango, and lots more ...) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #382 (March 2015 - annual top 10 issues... plus Pig DNA, In School, Spot from SST, and lots more ...) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #383 (April 2015 - annual comics and popular art issue with over 30 underground artists...) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #384 (May 2015 - features G.L.O.S.S.,Trance, Violence Creeps, Fat Creeps, and ViviIsektio, plus more! ) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #385 (June 2015 - features Downtown Boys, Part 1, Hysterese, Column of Heaven's views on the Tornto scene, plus more! ) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #386 (July 2015 - features Flesh World, Piss Test Wrecks, Bitch School, plus more! ) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #387 (August 2015 - features Sheer Mag, Victims Party, Cadaver Em Transe, Data Control, Juanita Y Los Feos, Giorgio Murderer, Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, and more ! ) $0.25
MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #388 (September 2015 - features Mystic Inanae, Video, Pure Disgust, Hired Goons, Gutte, Permanent Rui, and more ! ) $0.25
MOUNTAIN RECORDS (discounted prices)
KITES - Superior Moon 3" CD $1.00
NERVOUS HABIT RECORDS (discounted price)
ANGRY GODS - Greyed Delay 7" $0.50
BAD SIDE - Everybody Wants Something From Me 7" $0.50
NIKT NIC NIE WIE RECORDS (discounted price)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Are You Sorry Now? CD $3.50
KNIFE IN THE LEG - The First Two Stabs CD $3.50
NO ANSWERS 'ZINE (discounted price)
NO ANSWERS #10 featuring interviews with Born Against, Amenity, and local scenesters... $0.50
NO OPTIONS RECORDS (discounted price)
TARRAKIAN - The Swarm LP $1.00
NO PATIENCE RECORDS (discounted price)
LAKES - Carved Remains 7" $1.00
NO PROFIT RECORDS (discounted price)
BLOOD RED BABY BLUE - The Colors of Chaos LP $2.00
NOT LIKE YOU RECORDS (discounted price)
FUCK IT...I QUIT - Demo 7" $2.65
IMPACT NYHC - Worlds Apart 7" $2.65
PSO - My Way Out LP $7.00
PSO - My Way Out CD $4.00
SEX POWERS - Dive Bombs 7" $2.65
SLAM - Wild Riders of Boards 7" $2.65
SPIT IT OUT - 2016 Demo 7" $2.65
STALE PHISH - Pole Jams CD $4.00
STALE PHISH - Pole Jams LP $7.00
STALE PHISH - Rock N Roll Revert LP $5.75
VINNY HOOLIGANZ - Late Nights 7" $2.65
NO WAY RECORDS (discounted price)
ACID REFLUX - Moves 7" $1.50
ACID REFLUX - Secret Power 7" $1.50
CARDIAC ARREST - Life's A Dead End 7" $0.50
CIVIC PROGRESS - Petroleum Man 7" $0.50
HUMAN MESS - Uncaged Animal 7" $0.50
LIFE TRAP - Solitary Confinement 7" $0.50
NITAD - Ge Oss Mer 7" $1.50
NO SYSTEM - Dead Bands Tell No Tales 7" $0.50
REPROBATES - Stress 7" $0.50
OVERGROUND RECORDS (discounted price)
RUBELLA BALLET - Never Mind The Day Glo CD $5.25
RUBELLA BALLET - Planet Punk CD $5.25
PARALOGY RECORDS (discounted price)
DEVOID OF FAITH - Denial By Machinery 7" $1.00
LUX VANITAS - The Mysterious... 7" $0.25
PARTNERS IN CRIME RECORDS (discounted price)
ASSAULT - Martyrdom 7" $0.50
SLEEPER CELL - s/t CD $1.00
PARTS UNKNOWN RECORDS (discounted price)
HOMOSTUPIDS - The Intern CD $1.00
OMEGAS - Blasts of Lunacy LP $3.00
YOUNG OFFENDERS - s/t 7" $0.50
PHYTE RECORDS (discounted price)
DALTONIC - Radio On CD $1.00
ENDEAVOR - ...Of Equality 7" $0.50
GOOD CLEAN FUN - On The Streets... CD $3.00
GOOD CLEAN FUN - Straight Outta Hardcore CD $3.00
KILL THE MESSENGER - Five on Seven 7" $0.25
SOMMERSET - Fast Cars, Slow Guitars CD $1.00
PILLOWSCAR RECORDS (discounted price)
TELLUSIAN - Collision LP (ex-Crowpath) $3.00
PUNKS BEFORE PROFITS (discounted price)
NO JONS - s/t 7" $1.00
STATE - Sanctimony 7" $1.00
SWEET NOTHINGS - When You're Around 7" $1.00
PROTAGONIST RECORDS (discounted price)
ACID FAST - Weird Date 7" $1.00
AMBER - Lovesaken LP $5.00
CAPACITIES - The Unexamined Life LP $5.00
CHILD MEADOW - Crispy BBQ Tofu Burger LP $5.00
LIFES/DOUBLE ME - split 7" $1.00
NO OMEGA - Occupants LP $5.00
SECRET SMOKER - Terminal Architecture LP $5.00
USER ERROR - Hey Fuckers cassette tape $1.00
WAR EMBLEM - Constant Defeat LP $5.00
QUALITY CONTROL RECORDS (discounted price)
STAB - Blindness And Lies 7" $1.00
REALITY IS A CULT RECORDS (discounted price)
KATA SARKA/BODDICKER - split 7" $1.00
NOTHING OF MERIT - American Blast 7" $0.50
NOTHING OF MERIT - Monolith 7" $0.50
NOTHING OF MERIT - Well Oiled Machine 10" $2.00
REFUSE RECORDS (discounted price)
BETWEEN EARTH & SKY - Of Roots And Wings CD $2.00
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - The Past The Present CD $2.00
LET'S GROW - Disease of Modern Times CD $2.00
LET'S GROW - Disease of Modern Times LP $3.00
MIND TRAP - Life Among Liars And Thieves 7" $1.50
NAMES FOR GRAVES - Version 2.1 7" $1.00
NOTHING - Double Dose Of Negativity LP $3.00
RIGHT IDEA - s/t 7" $1.00
SPES EREPTA - Minutova Terapie CD $2.00
THESE HANDS ARE FISTS - Peace Is Bad... CD $2.00
BACK FROM THE DEAD- 4 way split CD with The Age, Insurrection, Crush All Fakes, and X's Always Win $2.00
RESIDUE RECORDS (discounted price)
CANADIAN RIFLE - Facts 7" $2.00
NERVOUS TREND - Shattered 7" $1.00
PEDESTRIANS - Ideal Divide LP $4.00
PILLAGE - s/t 7 $1.00
RITUAL CONTROL - No Affinity 7" $1.00
RESIST RECORDS (discounted price)
TOWN SHIP - Future Confusion 7" $1.00
ROOM 101 RECORDS (discounted price)
NO STAYER - First 7" $1.00
RORSCHACH RECORDS (discounted price)
RUIN NATION RECORDS (discounted price)
DETRITUS - s/t LP $6.00
IN RATUS - Fallen Lassen CD $5.00
625 PRODUCTIONS (discounted price)
ATHRENODY - Crazed Development CD $2.50
B.U.S.H. - New American Century CD $2.00
CRUCIAL SECTION - Catch The Future LP $4.00
DISCARGA - Musica Pra Guerra CD $2.50
FLIPOUT A.A - Flipout Song 7" (tour edition) $1.25
FLIPOUT A.A - Flipout Song CD $2.50
FLIPOUT A.A - Non Fiction 7" $1.25
GRAND INVINCIBLE - The Thrilling Sounds... 7" $0.75
HE WHO CORRUPTS - Ten Steps To Success CD $2.50
INFECT - discography CD $4.00
LET'S GROW - Years Between Gatherings 7" $1.00
MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS - Everything So Far CD $2.50
NO TIME LEFT - 10" $2.00
PROCESS - The Kennedy Sessions CD $2.50
QUILL/I DON't CARE - split CD $2.50
SECOND OPINION - Youth Revolt 7" $1.00
SECOND OPINION - Youth Revolt CD $2.50
SEEIN' RED/F.P.O. - split CD $2.50
SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Ashita Hi Wa Mata... LP $4.00
SOCIETY OF FRIENDS - discography CD $2.50
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME - One Way Out 7" $2.45
THREATENER - The Hammering... CD $2.50
UG MAN/CHARM - split LP $2.00
BAY AREA THRASH III BALLISTC THRASH DETONATION- CD comp with In Disgust (6 tracks), Brutal Death (5 tracks), Rosenbombs (5 tracks), Suburban Death Camp (5 tracks), Beforeafter (4 tracks), Second Opinion (4 tracks), and No Dice (4 tracks) $2.50
CALIFORNIA THRASH DEMOLITION - CD comp with 67 songs... bands include Scholastic Deth, Look Back And Laugh, Funeral Shock, Uzi Suicide, Voetsek, Find Him And Kill Him, Destruction's End, Youth Riot, and tons more!! $2.50
EURO THRASH RETRIBUTION- CD comp with 25 bands and 48 tracks. Knifed, Let's Grow, Mihoen, See You In Hell, Pointing Finger, Mustang Project, Cinder, Burn All Flags, Disyouth Army, etc... $2.50
SACRED PLAGUE RECORDS (discounted price)
JESUS OR GENOME - The Veil is Lifting 7" $0.50
KRANG - Bad Moon LP $5.00
MYMANMIKE - Will You Marry Me? 10" $2.00
SCHIZOPHRENIC RECORDS (discounted price)
ASPIRIN - We Do Painkilling To Your Anger 7" $1.50
DEATHCAGE - Chaos Nightrider 7" $1.50
DISCO ASSAULT - Saturday Night Bleeder 7" $1.50
FREEZE - Live From Cape Cod 1980 LP $4.00
GUNNAR HANSEN/U.T.I. - split LP $5.00
MUDLARK - s/t LP with 7" $3.50
RIDE AT DAWN - Chrome Pillars 7" $2.00
SLANG - The Immortal Sin CD $2.00
UNRULED - Butchers of Warfare CD $2.00
SCORCHED EARTH POLICY (discounted price)
HYBRIS - To Remember Why 7" $1.00
SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM (discounted price)
DANGUR - Kick The Bucket 7" $0.50
SHOCK VALUE RECORDS (discounted price)
AMBITION - A Legacy of Ruin CD $1.00
SHOGUN RECORDS (discounted price)
BAD AMERICAN - American Dream LP $3.00
HAUTE COUTRE - demo 7" $1.00
STRONG AS TEN - Test Pressing 7" $1.00
THAWED OUT - s/t LP $3.00
SILVER SPROKET RECORDS (discounted price)
SHANG A LANG - Collection CD $2.00
SKULD RECORDS (discounted price)
CWILL - Trotz Allem LP $6.50
LUNAR MUSIK - Mixes For Eclipses LPx2 $7.00
PROTESTERA - Rock N Riot LP $6.00
SLAP A HAM RECORDS (discounted price)
FUCK ON THE BEACH - Endless Summer... CD $2.00
OTOPHOBIA - Malignant CD $1.00
FIESTA COMES ALIVE - CD comp with Locust, His Hero Is Gone, No Comment, Spazz, Stapled Shut, M.D.C., Phobia, Lack Of Interest, and many more... $1.00
SOLAR FUNERAL RECORDS (discounted price)
URBANOIA - Psykisk Terror 7" $1.00
SOUND POLLUTION RECORDS (discounted price)
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Paying Ohmage CD $2.00
ALLERGIC TO WHORES - Shadows In The Killing... CD $1.00
ALLERGIC TO WHORES - The Lipstick... CD $1.00
BEHEAD THE PROPHET N.L.S.L. - Making... 7" $1.25
BRODY'S MILITIA - Appalacian Twelve Gauge CD $2.00
CYNESS - Our Funeral Oration... CD $3.00
DANMUSH - From Here... CD $2.00
DUDOOS - Kogidaso! Shura Shu Shun! CD $2.00
DUDOOS - Specium Sommer CD $2.00
FASTS - Fasts CD $3.00
FASTS - Fasts LP $2.00
I ACCUSE - 7" $0.50
MASSGRAV - This War Will Be Won by Meat... CD $2.00
MEANWHILE - Lawless Solidarity CD $3.00
MEANWHILE - Same Shit New Millenium CD $3.00
MUKEKA DI RATO - Acabar Com Voce CD $2.00
NEMA - Bring Our Curses... CD $3.00
NEMA - Bring Our Curses... LP $4.00
PAINDRIVER - The Truth... 7" $0.50
SAYYADINA - Mourning The Unknown CD $2.00
SCALPLOCK - On Whose Terms CD $2.00
SCALPLOCK - On Whose Terms LP $2.00
UNCURBED - Chords For Freedom CD $2.00
UNCURBED - Welcome To Anarcho City CD $2.00
UNDER PRESSURE - Still No Future CD $2.00
UNDER PRESSURE - Still No Future LP $3.00
Y - Global Player CD $3.00
Y - Pseudo Youth CD $3.00
TOMORROW WILL BE WORSE PT. 2 - comp CD with MK-Ultra, 9 Shocks Terror, Ruido, Scalplock, Real Raggae, and more... $2.00
TOMORROW WILL BE WORSE PT. 2 - comp LP with MK-Ultra, 9 Shocks Terror, Ruido, Scalplock, Real Raggae, and more... $2.00
TOMORROW WILL BE WORSE PT. 3 - CD comp with The Fartz, Flag of Democracy, Idol Punch, Struck, Brody's Militia, and Vivisick $3.00
TOMORROW WILL BE WORSE PT. 4- CD comp with Voetsek, No Value, Sprouts, Runnamucks, Threatener, and Fasts $2.00
FM BATS - Bats Are Out To Harm LP $1.00
LIARS - We No Longer Knew Who We Were CD $1.00
PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES - Sad Girls... 7" $1.00
SAKE - Desert/Bastards 7" $1.00
STATEMENT RECORDS (discounted price)
STATE - Verboten German 7" $1.00
STRATEGEM RECORDS (discounted price)
STRATEGEM #2 'zine and CD comp with Braid, Hellbender, Stratego, Cerberus Shoal, Rusty James, A Sometimes Promise, etc... $2.00
SUNMASK RECORDS (discounted price)
301 COLLECTIVE RECORDS (discounted price)
KNOW SECRETS - At Rise LP (members of Punch) $3.00
TANK CRIMES (discounted price)
KICKING SPIT - Psychrockbullshit CD $1.00
KICKING SPIT - Psychrockbullshit LP $2.00
KICKING SPIT - Reality Dropout cassette tape $1.00
TOR JOHNSON RECORDS (discounted price)
DEATH TO TYRANTS - Untitled 7" $0.50
ORDINARY LIVES - s/t 7" $0.50
SEA OF STORMS - Dead Weight LP $1.50
TWIN FOXES - Sleeping On The Attic Floor LP $1.50
TOXIC POP RECORDS (discounted price)
IN BETWEEN - So Steady 7" $0.50
TRANSITION VIDEO DVD zine #1 with Engine Down, Against Me, Blood Brothers, Blonde Redhead, Planes Mistaken For Cars, and lots more... (region code 0) $2.00
TRIBAL WAR RECORDS (discounted price)
ANTI PRODUCT - The E.P.s of Anti Product CD $4.00
CIVILISED SOCIETY - Scrap Metal cassette $1.00
KRAYS - Inside Warfare LP $3.00
THOUGHT CRIME - It's All In Your Head CD $2.00
CRUST NIGHT 2002 - CD comp with Power Of Idea, Battle Of Disarm, Revolt, Final Blood Bath, Asbestos, Answer Crying, Voco Protesta... $2.00
TRUJACA FALA RECORDS (discounted price)
SLOWA WE KRWI - Przebudzenie CD $1.00
NO TIME LEFT - Zero Effort Solution 7" $0.50
STATE - All Wrong CD $1.00
VINYL ADDICT RECORDS (discounted price)
BORN BAD - Tie One On 7" $0.25
FIX MY HEAD - s/t 7" $0.25
VICIOUS CYCLE - I'm Waiting For You 7" $0.25
VIDEO DISEASE RECORDS (discounted price)
CONSTANT FEAR - Dronekill LP $2.00
NO - Can You Dig It? LP $4.00
PRETTY P - Soft Love/In A Well cassette tape $1.00
STERILIZED - Chemical Dust 7" $1.00
STUPID LIFE - s/t 7" $1.00
UMBILICAL CORD - Winter 7" $1.00
VINYL WARNING RECORDS (discounted price)
OBSERVERS - So What's Left Now CD $1.00
WAKING RECORDS (discounted price)
FAERIES - Riot In The Hive Mind CD $0.25
WALLRIDE RECORDS (discounted price)
RED MASS - Too Many Parties 7" $0.50
SWIMS - Itemlord CD $0.50
WARDANCE RECORDS (discounted price)
JOHATSU - Demolition cassette $0.75
MY RIFLE - s/t 7" $0.75
WE WANT ACTION RECORDS (discounted price)
EASE THE MEDIC - s/t LP $2.00
GARRISON - Joystealer CD $1.00
GARRISON/EASE THE MEDIC - split 7" $1.00
WHARF CAT RECORDS (discounted price)
AMERICAN SNAKESKIN - Turquoise for Hello LP $1.00
DADS - Invisibile Blouse 7" $0.50
HOROSCOPE - El Espejo Y El Mar LP $1.00
BLEEDERS - Gash tape cassette $0.50
FUZZLERS - Cyber tape cassette $0.50
WET NURSE/THE MELTAWAYS - split 7" flexi $0.50
PURITY CONTROL - compilation 7" with James Dean Death Cult, Lieutenant Dance, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, White Coke, and Adrienne Dodt... $0.50
YOUTH ATTACK RECORDS (discounted price)
RAW NERVE - Midnight 7" $4.50
REPOS - Live Munitions LP $7.00
TAYLOR BOW - Thin Air LP $4.00
VMW - second 7" $1.00
OTHER VARIOUS STUFF... (discounted price)
12 AULLIDOS - Discography LP $2.00
ANNOYANCE - You Pave The Way 7" $0.50
BILL BONDSMEN/SBLC - split 7" $1.00
BROOD - Defective 7" $0.50
CRIMSON SWEET - Blood Transfusion 7" $1.00
ELECTRO INSIDES - s/t 7" $0.50
GRAND HEAD - s/t LP $1.00
HYBRIDE - 10" $1.00
KINJITE - 7" $1.00
MINE - In Vacuo 7" $1.00
ORGNZ - Guts Guts Guts 7" $1.00
PEASANT - Go to Hell LP $2.00
PINPRICK PUNISHMENT - Join My Army 7" $0.50
RISIDUALS - Atom Bomb 7" $1.00
SAWCHUK - How Can You Live Like This? 7" $0.50
SOUL STRUCTURE - The Body of Man LP $2.00
STUPORHERO - Clams? LP $1.00
SUCKERPUNCH - 10" $2.00
SWAMPLAND - The Stranded West LP $1.00
TOWERING INFERNO - 4 song 7" $1.00
TREASON - Moral Authority 7" $0.50
EXPOSING THE WORLD TO - Brazil & Australia CD comp w/ Mukeka Di Rato!, Jazzus, Cheapshot & Deadstare $2.00
TOYAMA CITY HARDCORE - CD comp w/ Furan, Nose Error, F.T.D., and Unusual $2.00

357 JUSTICE - Alone, Cold And Blue CD
Head banging madness from the streets of Troy, New York comes 357 Justice. As the name implies, they shoot to kill with a two guitar assault and then pick up the pieces once the damage is done. Hard hitting metal hardcore with a definite grind and mosh thing going on. (Hater of God #12)

A Day In Black And White had a LP/CD on Level Plane. Both bands have a growing cult fallowing due to their past 7"s and demos. Black Castle throws down four tracks of intense electro-thrash. A Day In Black And White have 3 hard hitting genius and totally chaotic tracks.. (State of Mind #5)

From Providence, Rhode Island, A Trillion Barnacle Lapse returns with an 8 song release which is a follow up to their full length that was released last year on Level Plane Records. Black Lava delivers a mixture that brings together sounds of bands like Tristeza, The Cure and even moments of early PIL, creating a soundtrack that is truly unlike anything else coming out these days. You can see the progression in their music, as it still holds onto its hardcore roots but now adds an even more synth sound. Thus at times making their music seem layered with an almost spacey feel, giving you an idea what The Cure might have sounded like if they were just starting out as a band today. (Sound Virus #14)

Clocking in at 40 minutes, this CD intermingles dense guitar work with suave keys and drumming that is both live and programmed. With vocals parallel to Robert Smith's of the Cure, and the musical ability to both soothe and storm, fans of Echo And The Bunnymen, Love And Rockets, and New Order will all find reasons to enduldge in A Trillion Barnacle Lapse's latest work. Keep in mind though that A Trillion Barnacle Lapse are not rehashing any stlye of '80s pop, but instead they are reconstructing it with punk rock motivations. Like the Faint, Radiohead, and the Birthday Party merging into one entity at some nocturnal gala. (Electric Human Project #28)

AMATEUR PARY - Sounds And Halls To House Them CD
Amateur Party is a fairly new band with members of Limpwrist, Kill the Man Who Questions and Off Minor. This EP contains six new songs with an attempt at some melody and nods to a mutual love of DC hardcore, early British postpunk and Philadelphia's reggae-punk tradition. A split release with Golden Brown Records and Cheap Art Records. (Golden Brown Records #10)

AMBITION - A Legacy of Ruin CD
Long Island's THE AMBITION brings forth five new brutal tracks in twenty minutes. Fans of their previous full length should be delighted to hear a tighter, more focused, more aggressive, and ultimately better Ambition than they once knew. With this release they break away from the leagues of mosh metal bands while still remaining fucking heavy as shit. Anyone who is into metal/metalcore along the lines of Prayer for Cleansing, Unearth, or Between the Buried and Me will dig this CD for sure. (Shock Value #9)

ANODYNE - Salo 10"
After the releases of several demos and EPs and an album for Escape Artist Records, Anodyne now serve up their newest work entitled Salo. Anodyne have been constructing with Salo some of their most hard-hitting material to date. Still pummeling and technical, the songs are even more chaotic with a rawer, unpolished feel. Produced by Mike Hill (Lickgoldensky, Premonitions of War, Isis). (Insolito #10)

APEFACE - s/t 12"
The follow up to their split 12" with Zero Hour, this Bay Area band played hardcore in the vein of Finger Print and Econochrist with cynical lyrics about life on planet earth. The cover folds out into a poster. (Hopscotch #4)

The Assailant bring the highly frenetic song structures of Crom Tech, The Assistant, the Dillinger Escape Plan and the full-on cacophonous pounding of The Locust, while never losing what unique character and energy is built early on in the listen. Our hands are left full; never with the instinct to shake loose what random, cold technicality is strewn around one in cases where bands are more concerned with the analytical and less with the urgency (needed at the foundation, on which to build something this erratic- albeit strong and energizing). (Black Matter #2 CD)

ASSAULT - Martyrdom 7"
Three tracks of slightly metallic hardcore from Japan. The sound is relentless and vicious with a catchy underbelly slightly hidden under the destruction; very well suited for Partners In Crime. Assault recently released a CD on HG:Fact Records in Japan. (Partners In Crime #6)

AT WAR WITH SHADOWS - Healing Is Not An Option 7" or CDep
At War With Shadows are a depressing journey into the deep void of human existence. Their lyrics are dark and negative while their music is a swirl of hardcore, grind and metal influences. It is well done, well produced, and very strong sounding. The 7" version is limited to 550 copies. (Hater of God Records #16)

AT WAR WITH SHADOWS - The Truckstop Tapes CD
Once upon a time there was no room in metal for soccer moms in rhinestone Iron Maiden shirts. In those days, metal was about being beaten down and terminally depressed. In those times, the horned hand was an invincible signal that burned posers. At War With Shadows still lives in that place and time. Nine long-awaited tracks of no-frills, cold and harsh metal from the frozen lakes of upstate New York. Drop out of school and bang your head. (Hater of God Records #25 CD)

Rising from the ashes of Index For Potential Suicide, The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul come forth with a whirling and devastating onslaught of electronic noise, bludgeoning hardcore, angry screaming, meandering ambient sounds, and chaotic craziness. Surreal and post-modern hardcore that utilizes the traditional instruments as well as xylophone, trumpet, and electronic gadgetry. (Insolito Records #9)

Straight to Hell are from Rhode Island, while Balance of Terror are from New York. Together they create a vicious and great sounding split 7" that will certainly appeal to all those folks that are into the Talk Is Poison, Deathreat, From Ashes Rise, No Parade camp of hardcore. Well done musically, and packaged in a black and white cover of course. (Partners In Crime #11)

BELCHING PENGUIN - 1985/1988 Demos 7"
Cult-classic Florida hardcore best known for their ultra-rare 1986 album, "Draft Beer... Not Me." This release has four early versions of songs from the LP and four unreleased songs from 1988, perviously heard by only a few of the band's closest friends. Comes with an 8 page booklet, full of photos and old-show flyers PLUS a double-sided 11 by 17 inch poster. Colored vinyl, too. Discover why BP is considered by many to be the best-kept secret in hardcore. (Sound Idea Records #26)

Two Pennsylvania bands fill 41 minutes of space with three instru-metal exorcisms. Pittsburgh's THE SEA, LIKE LEAD are three men armed with ambience and warmth whose guitar driven sounds are backed with delicate layers of reverb and unwavering drums. Their songs are built up in an almost GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR fashion, persistently pushing and pushing sounds. Philadelphia's BELEGOST (ex-IO, VIRGINIA BLACK LUNG, etc.) end the record with one track topping 22 minutes. A spine-shivering debut from this five piece outfit, featuring three guitarists. Their unique sound intermixes elements of MONO, THE POLYPHONIC SPREE, PELICAN, and a love for the nerdiest literature of the land. This is the soundtrack to a decaying landscape and the hope for a change. CDs come packaged in 100% recycled arrigato paks. (Electric Human Project #39)

BG - The Congratulations 7"
Fast, raw metallic hardcore (of the German style) from ex members of Burned Up Bled Dry and Rash of Beatings. They crushed What Happens Next? and Life's Hault when we played with them, and this 7" follows that up with five more fierce songs and a Dicks cover! Watch for them on tour! 500 pressed. Description by Max 625. (625 Productions #83)

Summoning forth their mode of pounding tribal psychedelic hardcore, Osaka, Japan's Birushanah captivate your ears in mixing traditional Japanese music stylings with sludgy, deliberate riffage, grating and downright unruly vocals all pushed forth by heavy as hell drumming that will envelop you in their monstrous wall of sound. Epic, irate and refreshingly original, Birushanah possesses the ability to create an atmosphere that will utterly consume you. Prepare yourself for an ethereal journey of crushing proportions. They recently completed a west coast tour with Drain the Sky and decimated all in their path. Features ex-Corrupted and Tetsuo members. (Level Plane Records #118)

BLACK HELL - Deformers of the Universe CD/LP
Arizona's awful dry heat must have really done a number on Black Hell. Their debut full length "Deformers of the Universe" is seven tracks of bleak doom with enough apathy and bitterness to keep even the most jaded listeners interested. No strangers to abrasive music, the members that comprise Black Hell put in hard time in some of Arizona's truly infamous bands (UNRUH, WELLINGTON, CAROL ANN). They show no signs of slowing down on the trail of aural destruction that they've been blazing for years. Black Hell is a crushing funeral dirge topped with molten leads and ghastly vocals. Heavy, unforgiving and dark from beginning to end. You'll be left with a feeling of hopelessness similar to being stranded in the desert at sundown. This release is rounded off with the kind of superior, unique packaging you expect from the good people at Hater Of God and more stunning art from Mike Sutfin (SKINLESS, MONSTER X, 9 SHOCKS TERROR). The Mad Hatters of Black Matter aren't only going to pound you into dust, but they're going to do it in style! For fans of Black Sabbath, Eyehategod and High On Fire. The LP version is limited to 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl! (Hater of God #27)

Reason of Insanity Play fast aggressive hardcore without losing that toe tapping quality. The vocals are brutal and harsh, and their artwork is classic cut and paste punk. Bread And Water have political lyrics and they play straight forward hardcore with a bit of melody. Their main vocalist is a woman, and her voice is supplemented by the occasional burst of distorted growling. (Burrito Records #14)

Debut release from Keith Vogalsong, AKA The Blue Hour. These two tracks were recorded by Keith in his bedroom, and borrow elements from Bright Eyes, Mogwai, and the likes, to produce dynamic and emotional results. The Blue Hour is a one man operation, but you will find soft vocals, spacey keyboards, reverberating guitars, drums, noise, and bass on both sides of this seven inch. 600 copies pressed, all on clear vinyl. (Electric Human Project #7)

CHARM - Shikami 7"
After a few years on hiatus, one of the most manic Tokyo distort-bands have returned. This picks up where their Hito 7" left off, blistering fast, cranked guitars, fucking 100% ballistic Tokyo thrash. Their live shows are infamous, and one of the few bands that can reproduce that energy on record as well. Ten songs in all from two different sessions, with a COC cover to boot. (625 Productions #137)

CHRIS AND STEPHANIE - Predicted the Whole Civil War CD
This duo offers simple, rustic folk rooted in Appalachian traditions. Their arrangements on mostly acoustic guitars feature Chris and/or Stephanie (who also play in Company) on vocals, which vary the material. Their harmonies are quaint and honest. Stephanie also plays violin answering the vocals or stating the melody line in interspersed passages. Basic and somewhat melancholy, there is an intimacy of form to the rugged and uncomplicated presentation. At a time when Americana styles are being reinvented with contemporary infusions, Chris and Stephanie go beyond technique returning to the tried and true with this mountain music romance. This album includes a version of "My Favorite Housing Project" by Born Against. Haunting and beautiful. (Mountain Records #26)

THE CINEMA EYE - A Complete Arsenal LP/CD
This Columbus, Ohio quartet takes the best of '80s new wave and combines it with hints of classic hair-metal to create the dynamic tempo fluctuations, irresistibly danceable harmonies, and crunching guitar bends that characterize this record. Synth-based, melody driven bass lines and catchy modulated keyboards swarm beneath the surface of fierce, grating guitars and drums, brought together by the powerfully evocative female vocals. This is The Cinema Eye's follow up to their split 10"/cd with Audion. This recording is still filled with hooks but makes more of an attempt to possibly merging the worlds of such bands like Sleater Kinney with Milemarker or Camera Obscura, making The Cinema Eye's sound relentless rock and roll as told by Missing Persons. (Sound Viruse #15)

After two EPs and US tours with The Red Light Sting and Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Cinema Eye finally complete their first full length album. Keeping in the vein of their previous songs, TCE continue with their new wave attack that blends Sleater Kinney with the 80's sound of Berlin. Strong female vocals with melodies and choruses that make you want to sing along. (Sound Virus #19)

The Cinema Eye and Audion are Columbus, Ohio's latest additions to the synth-punk sound as well as to the newest bands to join the Sound Virus roster. The Cinema Eye play electro-snap post punk with confidence and sass, and Audion are something like Camera Obscura meets Subtonix electro aggressiveness. The Cinema Eye are known for the extreme catchiness of their near-pop melodies, guitars dripping with gritty spunk and the occasional hint of an 80's new wave sensibility, all topped off with female vocals comparable to those of Sleater-Kinney by their relentless power and deceptively sweet harmonies. Audion represents the more dissonant side of the spectrum with an electronic onslaught that creates a densely discordant sound, much like Braniac or Satisfact. Growlingly shrill guitars coupled with speaker-rumbling sub bass and abrasive, melody-driven keyboards are at the center of Audion's core. (Sound Virus #13)

CLOWN - Livestock World LP Picture Disc
Nagoya City hardcore sensation "CLOWN"!!! This is the deluxe vinyl version of their CD album on MCR JAPAN, with ten deadly serious destructive blasts of driving metallic HARDCORE PUNK! Out of control anger with hardcore spirit for all the true hardcore fighters; deadly drive for VIOLENCE!! Picture disc features new SUGI artwork and comes packaged inside a die cut jacket with the original art plus a lyric insert is included with Japanese & English translations. 33rpm, 32:45 long player. (Hardcore Holocaust #39)

CONTROL DE ESTADO - Acto Criminal 7"
The band is from my town, Brandon, FL, so I am pretty stoked to get this one out. It is their first record and Burrito's twenty-fifth. CONTROL DE ESTADO plays fast hardcore in the style of Los crudos, etc. Most of the lyrics are in Spanish. Most of them are on pink vinyl. Real cool cover art by a local artist, too. They make Los Crudos sound like Meneudo. Hace caliente. Description by Bob Suren/Burrito Records. (Burrito Records #25)

The long awaited follow up LP from Tokyo, Japan's own Crucial Section. Crucial Section continue what they are known for, manic but melodic high energy old school thrash that sounds like "Defiance of Power" era Ripcord. Positive lyrics, tons of flannels, and high-speed thrash! (625 Productions #156)

In support of their West Coast Tour (August '06) Tokyo speedcore legends CRUCIAL SECTION and Los Angeles' thrash-n-roll veterans HIT ME BACK went into the studio to lay-down what both bands have become infamous for: high-energy, positive thrashcore. 3 songs each. (625 Production #191)

Taking parts from punk, hardcore, and good ol' American rock and roll, Daltonic put together a melodic yet powerful record with emotional singing. Straight up rock. Straight up roll. Straight up Daltonic. (Phyte Records #21)

THE DARVOCETS - ...Have Landed CD
Greetings and salutations, earthlings, the Darvocets have landed! The Darvocets in conjunction with Gloom Records present to you 13 alien abductee tested tracks of late 70's 'Killed By Death' style punk, similar to the Crucifucks and Mentally Ill (if they were from Venus). Discovered in the rotting corpse of a freshly mutilated cow, this CD compiles their extremely hard to find 7", new 12", as well as two live tracks, one being a previously unreleased track. When you're done with this you will feel as if you have been probed in... (GLOOM 039)

After putting out two 7"s (the first on Gloom, the second on Busted Head Records), these Swedish punks deliver sixteen tracks of fast, melodic, yet harsh sounding hardcore. Throw in a quirky Sonics cover song to help weirden things up a bit. This record leaves the listener wanting to hear even more from these unknown Swedish gods. This is modern hardcore at its best with no gimmicks. Great cover art to boot. Description by Nate of Gloom Records. (Gloom Records #23)

DEADLY SINS - 7"x4 box set
Now only $5. This is an amazing box set compilation. It was priced a bit expensive and didn't sell as well as we wish it would have. We are lowering the price to $5, which is an amazing deal. So if you never tried this great compilation then give it a try now! Damn, this thing looks amazing. Beautifully made with a lot of nice touches. The box set opens up to a quality booklet with individual pockets for each 7", and the booklet comes with art, text, and lyrics. Kill The Man Who Questions, Ruination, The Black Hand, Damad, Catharsis, MK-Ultra, and Unruh make the noise. Limited to 2,500 copies. Awesome. (Hater of God #13)

Blast out six tunes of raw, rough, hardcore/crust from upstate NY, mix From Ashes Rise with some Poision Idea. Political lyrics dealing with a lot of issues the band actually deals with. Rad six panal fold out cover with collage from outsider artist Vincent Brown. Includes a cover of Raw Power's "Fuck Authority" complete with cowbell and psychotic vocals. (Get The Axe #8)

DEATH FROM ABOVE - Romantic Rights CD
The follow up to Death From Above's Heads Up on Ache Records. Death From Above are a two piece from Toronto, Canada who play rocking new wave punk made up of only bass and drums (but you would never know it.) Hipster hardcore for the new wave punks. Features ex-Black Cat 13 and Femme Fatal members. (Sound Virus #16)

DEFCON 4 - File Under Fuck CD
Possible the last "Real" punk band in Boston, Defcon 4 are veterans of the Boston Hardcore scene. Combining equal parts Born Against, Black Flag, Eyehategod, booze and skateboarding, "File Under Fuck" displays a raw intensity seldom seen in these days of dudes wearing girls jeans and make-up. You may have seen them kicking the hard jams with Municipal Waste, Converge, Hirax, or possibly vandalizing the invite-only Auburn skate ramp in Brooklyn. If your bag is brutal, bad-vibe hardcore punk "File under Fuck" will deliver the goods. (Black Box Records #7 CD)

One song each from these two unique bands. Colorado's Sin Desires Marie offers "The One She Likes," a haunting, bass-driven approach to what once was pop. This western three-piece invokes an angular, jarring dissonance cultivated from equal parts Third Sex, Submission Hold and Gang of Four. Del Cielo, meanwhile, hails from Washington DC and Richmond, VA area, and takes a more up-front indie pop approach, reminiscent of Velocity Girl or Braid. Vocal harmonies and clever writing gel with Warmers-esque drumming and a kinetic bass line for "Richmond Never Forgets." (Ed Walters #013)

DIVIDER - At Twilight LP/CD
DIVIDER brings forth six tracks of tech/thrash metal insanity mixed with raging pissed off hardcore. Rarely does a band fuse hardcore and metal together (especially so early in their lifespan) and still manage to remain innovative. No ex-members, no gimmicks, no bullshit sociopolitical chaotic metal. "At Twilight" falls somewhere in the ballpark of CONVERGE, AS THE SUN SETS, and AT THE GATES. Tech/thrash metal mixed with pissed off hardcore, recorded at God City. (Shock Value #11)

DRY ROT - 3 Records on 1 CD CD
Compiled here are the three releases to date from Southern Cali based Dry Rot. On there first 7" there were compared to the like of Die Kreuzen, Void, and United Mutation, but they threw a total wrench in the works by releasing a follow-up that sounded more like the soundtrack of Twin Peaks or some other David Lynch creep fest. They followed this with a 7" on Painkiller Records, that touched on the theme of human enslavement, based on the real life exploits of a sadist scum monger from out West. As an added bonus a few live jams are thrown on the end. (Parts Unknown #37 CD)

DUTCH DUB - Gasp Rehearsal 7"
The solo project from the drummer of PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES (Nick Dewitt); Dutch Dub is a pop band with all the hooks, keyboards and choruses that ensure the songs get stuck in your head. Imagine a catchier version of Pretty Girls Make Graves, but with male vocals. This is single is a one time pressing, limited to 480 copies on clear vinyl. (Sound Virus #25)

FAX ARCANA - The Ritual In Routine CD
Featuring former members of Burn it Down, Usurp Synapse, Ice 9, and Rapider than Horsepower as well as current members of Rep Seki, and Majas, Fax Arcana abandon the expected throat shredding vocals for a more melodic approach. The result is razor sharp guitar work, machine-like rhythms and vocals that lean more toward soulful than screaming. Yes, there is singing here. But don't let this lead you to believe this record should be filed next to The Promise Ring. Fax Arcana's sound is urgent, angular, churning, and much too dark for the too easily tear-jerked crowd that spends rainy Sundays sipping tea and playing with their cats. Think Bobby Knight throwing a chair, without the verbal abuse. For fans of VSS, Clikitat Ikatowi, Nation of Ulysses and Unwound. (Alone Records #59)

THE FAERIES - Riot In The Hive Mind CD
Crazy and weird hardcore from New Orleans. A bit of PG. 99 and a bit of Mr. Bungle. Recorded by Jeff Kane of City of Caterpillar and Malady and Mike Taylor of PG. 99... This CD comes packaged in a 7" sleeve with a nice booklet. (Waking Records #7)

The Fiction have stuck together longer than most bands these days, and it shows on "Names," their second full length and 5th release overall. With each release they've shown growth here they are tighter than ever, producing a record that twists and turns all over the place but is undeniably cohesive. The record pulls one hundred different ways, with changes throughout that swing you from pummeling aggression to somber longing to butt shaking all at the drop of a hat. It's never gratuitous though, never manipulative. Every second of this record is passionate and engaging. "This isn't typical hardcore, but heavy music with time changes, great breakdowns, a lo-fi sound and interesting melodies" - Punk Planet. (Waking Records #11 CD)

This is the first official record from this politically driven Philadelphia three-piece. Thirteen songs of modern punk influenced by Bay Area speed metal and international hardcore. Featuring ex members of Virginia Black Lung and R.A.M.B.O.! (Ed Walters#17 CD)

FINEST DEAREST - Finest Dearest CD
This five-piece, female-fronted indie rock band from San Francisco is certainly changing the pace of Bloodtown Records releases. But don't be fooled by Finest Dearest's upbeat rhythms, super catchy guitar riffs, and beautifully layered vocals 'cause these kids aren't afraid to get dark and moody. The recording is dynamic, the songs are diverse, and the sporadic use of guest musicians adds to the band's musical creativity. This is Finest Dearest's first full length and they're hitting it hard: The CD packaging includes a six-panel digipack with a 12-page booklet. (Blood Town Records #7)

FM BATS - Bats Are Out To Harm LP The follow up to their 12" on Vinyl Dog, "Bats Are Out To Harm" finds the FM Bats moving into darker territory with a sound that lies somewhere between early LA groups like Germs and Red Kross or UK acts like the Fall. They rip through seven songs in a mere 14 minutes. Fronted by Todd Jacobs formerly of Le Shok, and featuring members of I'm Gonna Stab You, this is the sound of self destruction. (Sound Virus #23)

Another split LP release from Level Plane Records. This time around the damage will be done by Forstella Ford who unleash a fast, frantic, and emotive hardcore groove and Life Detecting Coffins who play quirky, melodic, emotive hardcore with lots of volume and tempo changes; the calm and the storm. (Level Plane Records #11)

THE FREEZE - Live From Cape Cod 1980 LP
The Holy Grail of all Freeze Releases.... This live LP contains the earliest live documentation of the band. The band had just released their classic "I Hate Tourist" 7" and were masking enemies wherever they went. This LP contains unreleased songs and many songs that were rewritten or adapted and would later be featured on the bands classic 80's LP's: "Land of the lost" and "Rabid Reaction". Great sound quality. First press includes a large color poster and colored vinyl. (Schizophrenic Records #29)

GHOSTLIMB - Bearing & Distance CD
Ghostlimb is a three-piece from southern California formed in 2006. Presenting ridiculously pissed hardcore with the elements of melody, thrash and general poor disposition, Ghostlimb compile all the rage a minute long song can handle with sprinklings of social critique and dissatisfied sarcasm. In mid-2008, their second full-length, "Bearing & Distance," will be released, promising to clock in near the choice twenty-minute mark and riddled with succinct aesthetics of the fast, heavy and tolerably informed. (Level Plane Records #121)

GOOD CLEAN FUN - On The Streets Saving The Scene From The Forces Of Evil CD
Good Clean Fun's On The Streets... features 11 tracks of fun and sarcastic youth crew hardcore that is influenced by Minor Threat and the Gorilla Biscuits. Good Clean Fun is all about solid hardcore, plenty of choruses, a healthy dose of melody, and having a good time; fun and energetic. (Phyte Records #20)

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Straight Outta Hardcore CD
Good Clean Fun are at it again with ten tracks of high energy straight edge hardcore designed to get the kids smiling and going nuts. Straight Outta Hardcore is serious, humorous, fun, and totally positive. Definitely putting the fun back into straight edge hardcore. They do a solid cover of Youth of Today's "No More" and generally just get the positive energy flowing. Positive go!! (Phyte Records #25)

GUT INSTINCT - 1989 to 1992 Discography CD
This CD contains all the recorded output by Baltimore's Gut Instinct. Started in the late '80s Gut Instinct were a mainstay up and down the East Coast and they gained a cult like status, playing shows with every major band on the era. The CD also contains enhanced footage of band performing live as well as a picture and flyer slideshow. Remastered with rare never before seen artwork/photos, this is a must have for fans of NYHC in the vein of early Breakdown, Outburst, early Sheer Terror, and the Where The Wild Things Are compilation. (Parts Unknown #24 CD)

This is a great record for those of you that are interested in hardcore's past. The nineteen Hated Youth tracks are from 1984 and they are classic early '80s sounding hardcore. It is a sound that many bands try to capture today, but Hated Youth was there and they were doing it when it was still new and fresh. Their sound has the same raw primitive energy that made D.R.I.'s first record so good, and judging by the reprinted flyers in the booklet they played more than a show or two with D.R.I. so that all makes sense. Roach Motel is equally as interesting. Their side of the LP is a live set recorded in 1983. The sound quality is great and the show really captures the crazy unpretentious energy that made hardcore so much fun. This was the kind of music that was created before hardcore was crossed with metal or college/indie rock. The production standards were very different and the attitude was untainted by the lure of success. An interesting look back. (Burrito Records #16)

A bit of a departure, TDB Record's newest act Hats and Glasses play a brand of jangly indie rock that is as eclectic as it is nostalgic. Recalling the harmonies of *The Beatles* and the raw stomp of *The Ramones*, all three members of the band pull their weight sharing lead vocal duties. Add to the mix foot tapping drum patterns, poppy guitar jabs, off-kilter keyboard runs, distorted bass and these Bostonians end up with music that is refreshingly memorable and dancey. (Teenage Disco Bloodbath #14)

HELEN OF TROY - The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships CD
This is the final record from Helen of Troy, available posthumously a year after their final show. This release consists of four songs of spacey yet harsh and aggressive "prog-core". Multiple vocalists complement each other nicely with intertwining spoken/sung parts and all out screaming. The guitars range from meandering and ethereal to direct and pummeling, all held down by precision drumming. This record will please the band's existing fans and fans of members' earlier bands such as I Am The Resurrection and The State Secedes, their current bands Gospel and free republic (of soul), as well as fans of bands like Acid Mother Temple and Explosions in the Sky. With an additional extended noise track featuring members of Books Lie and Meneguar, this record has something for everyone and is definitely their best effort and a fitting end. (Waking Records #10)

Japan's Hell Child are sludgy and droning with what sounds like a full fledged drunk on vocals, while the United State's Word Salad play it a bit faster and it sounds as if their singer has had less to drink, but might be missing several screws. Full color freakin' cover and insert with a comic apocalyptic feel. Noise to drive the neighbors totally insane! And when they come over to complain you can shout in their face, "Hey, it must be good! It's on Hater of God you asshole!" (Hater Of God Records #9)

HELLO FEVER - Broken Lines LP
Recorded by Alex Newport, Hello Fever's debut full length "Broken Lines" is 11 songs of post-punk aggression. Channeling early GO GO'S or "Daydream Nation" era SONIC YOUTH, Hello Fever blend pop sensibility with a dark edge, creating an interesting yet somewhat familiar sound. (Sound Virus #26)

HELLO FEVER - Hot communication 7"
Hello Fever is a three piece minimal post-punk band from Los Angeles. Consisting of a female rhythm section as well as male/female vocals, Hello Fever are melodic and dark, while maintaining a direct but angular style. Their sound references such bands as Blondie and Psychedelic Furs. (Sound Virus #21)

HINT HINT - Young Days LP
This is Hint Hint's debut full length and the follow up to their six song Sex is Everything EP on Cold Crush. Young Days is eleven songs of melodic and moody dance tracks that find the band holding true to their sound, still painting a dark post-punk landscape somewhere in the vein of Psychedelic Furs, Satisfact and, at times even, The Fall. (Sound Virus #18)

After two awesomely blown-out singles, Cleveland Ohio's Homostupids give up their debut full length to the Parts Unknown empire. A perturbing stew of full-bore garage spew and psychedelic punkaroo, this disc will be the soundtrack to many losers' bad drug parties for centuries to come. Fourteen songs; one big headache. Featuring members of Nine Shocks Terror. (Parts Unknown Records #31 CD)

THE HOT LIES - Street Become Hallways CDep
Featuring ex members of The Killchoir Project, Day Of Contempt and I Killed The Prom Queen, Australia's The Hot Lies defines its sound by lacing the power and passion of hardcore with the hooks of pop melody. Drawing inspiration from bands as diverse as At-the drive in, AFI, Foo Fighters and Refused, in there short existence THL have played with the likes of The Bronx, Pilot To Gunner, Gyroscope and throughout August will be touring with After The Fall. (Resist #36)

HUGS - The Tarpit CD
Hugs follow up their self-released debut one-sided 12" with The Tarpit, a 13 song, Mike Lust produced (Ten Grand, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Lustre King) full length. Building on the same foundation as their 12", The Tarpit reveals a more mature, involved, and fully developed sound combining elements from mid-'90s bands like Universal Order of Armageddon with hints of '70s stoner-rock. Hugs fuse art, punk, and social consciousness to create a record that is passionate, angry, and full of integrity. (Waking Records #9 CD)

INDEX FOR POTENTIAL SUCIDE - The Newest Youth Rebellion LP
Originally released on CD by Ohev, The Newest Youth Rebellion finally makes it on to vinyl. Index for Potential Suicide combine experimental sounds with the extremities of noisy, discordant hardcore. Powerful, pissed, and chaotic - for fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, The Locust, and Prevail (an ex member of Prevail played on this LP). Guest appearances by Eric Wood of Man Is The Bastard and Neil Burke of Men's Recovery Project and Sinking Body. (Insolito Records #7)

INMATES - Assholes Unanimous Presents... CD
This CD contains their full length LP, 7" and plenty of unreleased tracks. Boasting both Melnick brothers from Integrity, Cleveland's Inmates play a raging, offensive style of hardcore punk rock that mixes the guitars and intensity of Integrity with the speed and outrageous behavior of bands like Gordon Solie Motherfuckers and 9 Shocks Terror. Pure hateful Cleveland thrash. 27 tracks in total!! (Parts Unknown Records #29)

Los Angeles Hardcore heavyweights Internal Affairs (featuring ex & current Carry On, Piece By Piece, Stand And Fight) clash with Australia's own Hardcore kings Last Nerve to produce this uncompromising split 7" on Resist Records. Bringing together Hardcore from both corners of the globe this release is sure to cause a stir among hardcore circles worldwide. The split consists of 6 songs, 3 from each band. Both bands feature 2 new unreleased songs as well as a re recorded song from there demo's. (Resist #35)

JOHN DEERE - Duskdeeredawn 7"
Blazing fastcore/powerviolence with many hooks and breaks from South Germany sometimes compared to Germany's finest Y. They just made it onto a 625 compilation featuring the best thrash and fastcore bands from Europe. (Throw Into Disaster #4)

KARST - Receive The Void CDep
For those that didn't get a chance at the 7", here it is in CD format, along with a bonus track, expanded packaging, and more of Victoria's unique artwork. Damad evolved; vocals are not at all for the weak of heart. Track listing ; 1) Lambs of Rot 2) Circle of Ground 3) Self Struck + Bonus hidden track. Featuring Vicotria from Damad on vocals (Hater of God #16)

As you might have guessed this 7" has five tracks from Kill The Messenger. I was pleasantly surprised by Kill The Messenger's kick ass attack. Their sound is very reminiscent of Blast! influenced Black Flag style hardcore without sounding too much like their influences, and without the metal indulgence. (Phyte Records #19)

KITES - Superior Moon mini 3" CD
While Kites is considered a noise band, this is not your typical collection of random beeps and feedback. This is other worldly electronic sounds that don't give you the feeling that someone is half asleep while they press some store bought effects pedals or tap some keys on a laptop. On this disc you'll find well composed, intense, creepy and beautiful music. There are no cheap tricks; this is lovingly made noise that puts most of the other music in this genre to shame. Parallels can be drawn to Amps for Christ (for the earthy-ness), Wolf Eyes (for the creepiness), and Hair Police (for the intensity). Kites has toured the US extensively with Neon Hunk, Hair Police, Purient and most recently a two month tour with USA is a Monster. Fans of the above mentioned bands will like Kites. Kites will be playing shows in Europe in February and touring with his other band (Dynasty) in March. He has self-released ten tapes, has two full length records and one split (with Purient) on Load Records. This release features a full color insert designed by Kites featuring his art-comic style that you may have seen in the Ganzfeld and Kramers Ergot - the two leading underground comic anthologies. (Mountain Records #33 CD)

KONTRAATTAQUE - Luchas, Tragedias... 7"
El Grito has finally repressed the Kontraattaque 7". This time around it has a new cover and a 20 page booklet. The music, if you dare to call it that, is an assault of screamed and grunted vocals over a torment of harsh fucking hardcore. Lyrics in Spanish and English with translations in the booklet. (Elgrito #3)

Blasting bursts of anger and energy come rushing forward to shred and thrash and mangle as Killed In Action unleash fifteen tracks of mayhem. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio Killed In Action are a six piece with two guitars, two singers, a bass player and a drummer. Exit Wounds includes all their recorded material as well as a QuickTime video. Damage! (Get The Axe Records #5)

LA PIOVRA - The First Discovered Treasures CD
Out just in time for their West Coast stampede, this is a collection of the long sold out one sided 12", a mysterious extra track included only in the picutre disc euro version of the 12" (Agipunk), the"Risacca" 7" (Punks Before Profits), and the super obscure and practically unheard "Maledetto" Demo. Unquestionably finest and most important Italian band since INDIGESTI or IL DIVO. (Youth Attack Records #36 CD)

Of all the bands revisiting old styles of metal these days, there is a tiny circle of bands getting it right - finding inspiration in the bands of yore and using these muses to fuel new sounds that are relevant and honest. Landmine Marathon flies the flag for the raw proto-death metal of the early Earache Records era. Lead by ferocious frontwoman Grace Perry (a star of Revolver Magazine's 2007 hottest women in metal issue), Landmine Marathon revitalizes the early days of Bolt Thrower, Carcass and Terrorizer, bringing a fresh new passion to a classic era of extreme music. Scarecrow's ripping metal follows in the tradition of the classic bay area thrash bands, from Testament to Vio-lence. Scarecrow features members hailing from an A-list of other metal acts: Exhumed, Repulsion, Noothgrush, Vicious Rumors, Dekapitator, Cutthroats 9 and more. (Level Plane Records #117)

LANDMINE SPRING - Love With Silver Spears CD
Right on time for the 10th anniversary is coming the new album by Landmine Spring, one of the longest running band coming out of Czech indie/punk scene. A lot of people expected Landmine Spring going down after their second guitar player and founding member Jiri left the band to join Sunshine. But with the intervention of fortune they found a replacement in Jarda, their friend and awesome guitar player who recently moved back to the city from UK and saved the band. Listening to "Love With Silver Spears3 brings on the mind the general feeling that this must be a younger, freshier and enthuiastic brother of the old Landmine Spring as we knew them! Their new songs are narroved, with simplier structure and pleasant vocals while keeping the integrity and drive from previous recordings. Catchy and light melodic lines contrast with intensive guitar sound and astonishing drummer. The new Landmine Spring album sounds similar to the decently blended mixture of later Jimmy Eat World with indie bands like Christiansen or Dismemberment Plan and for fans of guitar driven indie/rock music a guaranteed listening pleasure. (Day After Records #51)

LARM - Extreme Noise CD
A new lower price on this great discography... last chance to get this CD before it is gone forever! Coalition has finally repressed the Lärm CD. Seventy-five tracks of thrash from the infamous Lärm. The CD includes the Campaign For Musical Destruction LP, the No One Can Be That Dumb 7", the Straight On View LP, the Nothing Is Hard In This World 7", and three extra tracks. Seein' Red is the direct descendent of this awesome '80s thrash band. Lärm is the godfather of bandana thrash, and Extreme Noise is a testament to what they did to start a genre that is still alive and kicking today. (Coalition Records #9)

LETS GROW - Neverending Story 7"
In-your-face fast early-Dischord style hardcore from Serbia. Let's Grow deliver 7 new songs of fast, raw and pissed off hardcore mixed with '80s style and youth crew passion... Positive hardcore for all those into Man Lifting Banner, Infest and Negative Approach! (Know Records #145)

LET'S GROW - Years Between Gatherings 7"
Five tracks of fast paced positive hardcore from Yugoslavia! Let's Grow play it upbeat and energetic recalling a '90s style straight edge sound. Positive go!! (625 Productions #105)

LIARS - We No Longer Knew Who We Were CD
Here the Liars gleefully mash up a number of eras, including punk, hip-hop, and new wave. Their performance is energetic, chaotic and very, very loud. With short, choppy riffs and bottle-breaking drumbeats which together create a dynamic, rhythmic snarl. That's when everything breaks; the bass jives in a fortified funk; drums kick forcefully, the vocal tone shifts from robotic drone to spastic wail. It's a dramatic, exacting chaos, chock full of the kind of political punch that has earned the group references from such acts as Gang of Four and The Pop Group. (Sound Virus #11)

LIFE DETECTING COFFINS - Catatonic Begat Napoleonic CD
Life Detecting Coffins are out for another stroll. Their last trip involved their split LP with Forstella Ford on Level Plane. This time they offer up nearly fifty minutes of their blend of quirky, melodic, emotive hardcore with lots of volume and tempo changes; the calm and the storm. Sort of rockin', sort of 'emo, sort of melodic, sort of gutsy at times. (Golden Brown #3)

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - State of Illusion CD (plus 8 tracks)
This new Look Back And Laugh CD features the 4 tracks from the State Of Illusion 12", the 5 tracks from the Street Terrorism 7", and 3 tracks from the split they did with Drop Dead. A total of 12 tracks that offer a relentless barrage of raw and frenzied U.S. hardcore/punk with raging full-throttle politically/socially charged vocals. (Look Back And Laugh #3)

This collects the 625 debut EP, extra tracks from that session, their demo and a live show for a total of 35 tracks!! This band embodies the new breed of fastcore/power violence bands coming up now-a-days... fucking high energy fastcore from the lone star state. (625 Productions #129 CD)

Down-tuned Scandi-crust from Boston / Connecticut with male / female vocals and a sound like MASSMORD meets ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM. Eight brand new tracks with an ultra-heavy recording that blows away the LP! (Vex Records #4 CD)

An eleven song, collaborative split of apocalyptic proportions from two of DC/VA's most fierce and twisted young bands. Mass Movement Of The Moth returns with blast after contagious blast of synth-driven, psychedelic post-hardcore, while The Catalyst sludge through their latest offering of kerosene-soaked, in-your-face noise-punk/grunge. Song order switches from band to band, allowing no side A or side B to keep the collective rock apart. For fans of BORN AGAINST, PG.99, CAMERA OBSCURA, MELT BANANA, etc. Full US tour June & July 200666. (Electric Human Project #32/Perpetual Motion Machine #13)

This split 12" features two newer bands, Long Island's Scent of Human History and Louisiana's Memory as Perfection, teaming up to offer varied yet complimentary approaches to modern hardcore. Scent of Human History, containing most of the former members of Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running, give us four songs that go back and forth from moody, brooding instrumental segments to fast and chaotic screamy hardcore. Hypnotizing at one moment, violent and spastic the next, Scent creates a dramatic roller coaster that fans of 12 hour turn and PG. 99 will enjoy. Memory as Perfection offer up five songs in a different vein. Laid back yet driven, the music shifts from clean, noodley and jazzy guitars - similar perhaps to Off Minor - to straight forward distorted rock all driven by pounding basslines. More shouting than screaming, the vocals could be likened to an angry D. Boon. The influence of Shotmaker can be heard at times, but Memory as Perfection has their own thing going on. The record is packaged in a beautifully letterpress jacket with an original block print done by the amazing hot iron press. All profits from this record go to the Long Island Freewheel Bike Collective and New Orleans' Plan B Bike co-op. (Waking Records #2)

METH AND GOATS - Attack From Meth And Goats Mountain LP/CD
LP press is limited to 500 copies in all. Meth And Goats prove that punk rock doesn't have to be overproduced and glossy on "Attack From Meth And Goats Mountain". They rip through 42 minutes worth of post-hardcore dirt-rock comparable to bands like Transistor Transistor and The Blood Brothers, but with an originality all of its own. Meth And Goats marry an art damaged punk sound with an absured amount of spaced out jams, numbing feedback, and distorted screams that reeks of beer and body odor. Raw, rough around the edges, and catchy as sin. (Electric Human Project #34)

This is a 6 song ripper from DC's Moment of Youth. Fast and raw some of these tracks could easily have been left off of Flex Your Head. Great cover art by Jason Powell. Fans of DC Youth Brigade and early Goverment Issue, well dig this one, even though it isn't from '83. (Parts Unknown #3)

While respected among its followers, some of the most inventive punk groups often wind up sequestered and sounding perhaps too similar in the end. Milwaukee's Murder in the Red Barn avoids the common fall by infusing a truly melodic, structured skill to the fire of its more erratic elements. Combining the oft-rhythmic guitar work of The Minutemen with the percussive drive of Trenchmouth, Murder In The Red Barn songs are anchored just enough by passionate, emotive melodies to keep feet on the ground (but tapping all the same). This CDep harnesses experimentation and rhythm without giving up the reins. (Ed Walters #4)

One of two new Murder-Suicide Pact 7"s, released simultaneously, breaking this cult band's 12 year silence. "Full Time" features six new songs recorded in early 2010 with members of Failure Face, Control De Estado and Slap Of Reality. The band has often been described as a mix of Henry-era Black Flag, early Poison Idea and Negative Approach. Maximum Rocknroll calls it, "misanthropic, mid-tempo HC...You will probably feel a little dirty after listening to this, and you might like it." And be sure to check out the "Do It It Or Don't" 7" on Give Praise Records, also distributed by Ebullition. (Bacon Towne Records #8)

Spastic thrash and deceptively chaotic freakout droolery from two bands that stand out in Vancouver's exploding neo-no wave/art-damaged punk scene with a degree of focus and aggression often aspired to but very rarely achieved. SHPX deliver one long, wailing psych-punk epic while the Mutators blaze through five shocks of discordant hardcore that come across like Void meets No New York. (Ugly Pop Records #20)

Legs Up brings their brand of abrasive, urgent and energetic hardcore punk blended with a touch of rock'n'roll. Pouding beats and melodic guitar lines meet with a set of vicious vocals and wailing quick witted lyrics. Richmond, Virginia brings you it's own My War for an abusive array of tracks. With crunching guitars, blast beat breakdowns and a voice that shreds through furious lyrical content, My War contributes and unstoppable set of songs which are heavy and hypnotic. With many of Black Flag's no nonsense mentalities such as intense live shows, powerfully urgent riffs, dire lyrics, and an honest approach not often found in a scene that is increasingly commercial. For fans of The Hope Conspiracy, Sex Positions and American Nightmare. (State of Mind #6)

NECKTIES MAKE ME NERVOUS - (I'm the Captain and I'm Telling You) This Ship Is Fucked 7"
2nd seven-inch from this Portland band that's been compared to everyone from Pedestrians and Crimpshrine to Cleveland Bound Death Sentence mixed with Palatka, which apparently means they're simultaneously off-kilter and catchy. It's dirty punk rock with frayed cuffs and paper cut abrasions. Dual vocals, lyrics that tackle topics as varied as racism ("Liberty Street"), domestic abuse ("Apartments") and aging in punk ("Old Tats And Oxygen Masks") delivered with both venom and thoughtfulness. This Ship Is Fucked has five songs, colored vinyl, and artwork by Keith Rosson. (Code Of Ethics #17)

Never Healed from Oakland, CA compile all their recorded output together on one CD. Featuring there debut full length and their half of the split 7" with Violent Minds, there are also three new songs, two of which will appear on a forthcoming 7" and one (a cover song) which is exclusive to this release. Featuring members of Look Back And Laugh, Violent Minds, and Yaphet Kotto their sound have been compared to the likes of Citizens Arrest, Rorschach, and Intergrity. While the tunes can be melodic and catchy at times, the stark contrast of the grizzled and growled vocals (sounding like someone's vocal chords being dragged through a paper shredder) make them able to share the bill with anyone throughout the different niches of punk and hardcore. Housed in a eco-friendly 100% recycled 4 panel jacket, because we care. (Parts Unknown #40 CD)

NEWGENICS - s/t 7"
2 songs from their demo featuring Chris Bickel from In/Humanity & Guyana Punch Line. Indie/New Wave Pop, similar to At The Drive-In. (Dangerously Small Records #3)

NINE CURVE - Crossover Thrash Insanity 7"
Fast paced Japanese hardcore influenced by crossover thrash.... ripping leads and ripping riffs, still played like a hardcore band. Five songs. (625 Productions #120)

THE NO JONS - s/t 7"
This will take you back to when pop punk was more punk then pop. This record gives you 4 classic sounding punk tunes. Think of bands like SCREACHING WEASEL/ANGRY SOMOANS/DESCENDENTS style punk. Also great lyrics that you remind you that punk can be fun. (Punks Before Profits #31)

NO PARADE - Ceaseless Fire LP
Fifteen tracks of powerful but catchy hardcore from No Parade. The style is similar to From Ashes Rise or Tragedy, and in fact No Parade features members of From Ashes Rise. The music is harsh and hard hitting with screamed vocals, but the melodic underbelly keeps the songs memorable and almost pleasant. Even better than their debut 7", this LP is one of Lisa's favorites from this era. (No Parade #10)

No Time Left mix fast raw youth crew with straight up hardcore/punk elements... with some blazing guitar leads to boot. This follows up their debut EP on Third Party, but in my opinion this goes above and beyond their prior stuff. Members of every band that has ever come from Buffalo (They Live, Halfmast, Project Grizzly, etc) and the mulitple styles of prior bands as well as the attitude. Description by Max 625. (625 Productions #114)

NO TIME LEFT - Zero Effort Solution 7"
Repress of the record originally on Third Party. More straight forward than the 10" on 625. (Underestimated #29)

Four fresh songs, from these pioneers of the DC music from Germany. Pretty much like a Gray Matter/Ignition mix, on golden vinyl and with a cool cover. (Day After Records #18)

THE OATH - Uber Alles Collection CD
The Oath! Hear as they deliver forth burst after pulverising identity-annihilating burst of musical harshness that's impossible not to mosh to! For fans of NYC Mayhem, Pandemonium, early-Agnostic Front, and Void this is thee band that unintentionally kicked off the Thrash Revival of yore and consequently killed it! Contains every track they recorded prior: 7", 9", split 7", plus some unreleased and compilation tracks!. Killer new layout and booklet features all the lyrics and several unreleased, fully-charged photos! A total hardcore necessity. (Gloom #28) (split release between Gloom/Youth Attack/Coalition)

ONCE AGAIN - As The Fire Went Out... 7"
These are from the original press from 1993. We got some and I doubt they will show up again. Once Again played pulsating early '90s emo-hardcore. Not indie rock, but hard hitting emotive hardcore that was the popular style in the early '90s. (Element Records #1)

ORDER - Kickball 7"
This band is from Harrisonburg, VA, Charlottesville, VA and Philly. Members are spread around but mostly from VA. This is the band's first solo offical release after being together for about 6 or 7 years. They just broke up the other day after this came out. This has 4 originals and a The Who cover song. (Blood Of The Drash #6)

OTOPHOBIA - Malignant CD
Philly's thrashcore heroes deliver an aural anvil to the cranium with 21 new blistering high speed anthems. Extensive touring and previous 7"s have laid the groundwork for the ultimate crustcore epic, Malignant, their full length debut. With markedly (anti) political lyrics and an unrelenting steamroller of speedy hardcore, Otophobia is poised to flatten the punk scene and butcher its sacred cows. When all of the crusty street punks are wearing Otophobia patches, don't say we didn't warn you... (Slap A Ham #64)

The highly anticipated debut release from Richmond, VA's PARASYTIC contains twelve tracks of political "peace punk" rock outrage. Musically they are late 80's UK-style crust / thrash metal crossover in the same spirit as bands such CONCRETE SOX, DEVIATED INSTINCT and HELLBASTARD. PARASYTIC are a pretty new band but have already made great waves for their intense live performances and a totally ripping demo. PARASYTIC includes many veteran player of the Richmond scene, including current and former members of AGHAST, AVAIL, and even ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, etc. Comes packaged with beautiful cover art painted by Thea Duskin. (Vex Records #5 CD)

Composed partially of former members of East Coast emo mainstays Autumn, Passenger Train Proposal delivers two, subdued tracks to this EP. Intricate, controlled drumming backs reserved poetic lyrics and guitars swinging from the hushed, whispered strumming of June of 44 and Still Life to swashes of the distorted crash of Endpoint and Anasarca. While more accessibly pop minded than hardcore math rock purists would dictate, PTP's emphasis on the dynamics of volume and technical instrumentation present a quiet, but firm challenge to the notion of what sensitive music ought to sound like. (Ed Walters #002)

PHOENIX BODIES - Raise The Bullshit Flag LP
After countless splits and comps, Indiana's Phoenix Bodies have finally graced us with their debut full length recording. As with previous releases, every style under the massive umbrella of "heavy music" is perfectly mashed together to give the listener an experience comparable to bare knuckles pressed against a belt sander. Fans of this band's previous efforts and new fans alike are bound to view this as their best work to date, as well as their most vehement. In an age where too few bands are saying anything worth hearing, this album is more 10 tracks of blistering music; it's also a grand calling out of pretty much the entire human race. (Slave Union Records #17)

Pissed Jeans crawl out from under hardcore's seedy underbelly to blast out 8 tracks of droning punk noise. Calling to mind the warped visions of Fang, Flipper, and Stickmen With Rayguns, the Jeans point a dirty mirror at themselves, with fractured tales of woe in front of a harsh, blown-out backdrop. (Parts Unknown #106 CD)

Four tracks from Murder City Devils, Death Wish Kids, Killsadie spin off band. The vocalist has a strong voice that is very similar to Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna. Actually, Pretty Girls Make Graves seems like a shoe in for Kill Rock Stars; punk rock with catchy songs and very strong female vocal work. Good stuff. (Sound Virus #5)

Three new tracks by this Seattle favorite. This record has been long delayed and highly anticipated, it is also part of a three 7" collaboration which has resulted in one 7" on each of the following labels: Sound Virus, Dim Mak, and Hand Held Heart. The three covers were designed together so when you put them along side one another, they connect to make one complete cover. (Sound Virus #9)

Dual assault of ballistic hardcore/fastcore from Japan. Quill has been around forever, playing high-speed power violence, while I Don't Care play quirky fast hardcore not unlike Sweden's I Quit. (625 Productions #145 CD)

Path To Misery carry on the legacy of socially conscious, hardcore bands like Earth Crisis, Chokehold, Race Traitor and Cipher channeling the rage and frustration of a suicidal culture into a musical form of resistance. 9 songs of heavy protest housed in a beautiful, environmentally responsible digipak, this third release from Southern Empire Records is sure to provoke and challenge the rampant consumerism, imperialism and hubris of a dying empire. (Southern Empire Records #3)

5 new tracks from Positive Noise. Same ripping hardcore as you may have heard on the 1st 7". This also includes a CROSS THE LINE cover. Crucial Section bring you 3 new tracks of fast distorted hardcore punk. If you have heard there past material this is some of the best. (Punks Before Profits #39)

PYRAMIDS - Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases CD
Epic in nature, the debut from Pyramids blends churning, chord laden bass, pummeling drums, dark guitars and frantic vocals. A whirlwind guide through the dreams we don't care to remember in the morning. Ex-members of A Petal Fallen and The Holy Fucking Spirit. This also includes video footage and comes packaged in a chipboard case made from 100% recycled material. (Slave Union #16 CD)

RACE AGAINST TIME - Depths Of The Antbed 7"
There was a description on the original email, but here it is again: The debut by Houston's Race Against Time, featuring members of Reason Of Insanity and Pretty Little Flower. Precision thrash, taking the best elements of modern day Japanese hardcore and classic American hardcore. Shouted vocals, really big guitar with twisty leads. For fans of bands like Forward, Bastard, Paintbox, N.O.T.A., Offenders, MDC, etc. (Burrito Records #21)

Five more ragers from the ever-prolific Reason Of Insanity -- a nice mix of hardcore/thrash influences, ranging from the Offenders to Treblinka. The second outing by Houston's Race Against Time: three ear-blasting originals and a Bastard cover. (Burrito Records #23)

No wave meets Antioch Arrow with keyboards and plenty of craziness. This is the exact sort of thing that one would expect from some of the cool 'n hip G.S.L. releases. Modern day no wave. Yow! Time to party! (Sound Virus #4)

Run For Your Fucking Life's first full length is a triumph of raw hardcore energy that is very much influenced by '80s hardcore, in particular Econochrist or Poison Idea. All twelve songs are angry and harsh and ready to explode. The band hails from San Diegp. Great stuff. (Gloom Records #7)

This CD includes their LP, their 7", and two extra bonus tracks. Run For Your Fucking Life's sound is a raw surge of '80s hardcore, in particular Econochrist. Every song is harsh and ready to explode, and yet underneath it all there is a melodic element that helps to really round out their sound. (Gloom Records #7 CD)

S.B.V. - s/t 7"
San Diego's S.B.V. deliver the goods on their debut 7", taking the best of old Southern California bands like Uniform Choice, but leaving out the Hallmark card lyrics and poetry intros. Sick artwork by Jeff Gaither, who has worked with everyone from the Accused to Annihilation Time. (Parts Unknown #10)

Safe Inside deliver 14 tracks of raw punk/hardcore on this, their debut 72. They have sworn a blood oath to keep each song under one minute... Total fury, unleashed. A clean production drives the chaotic sound. Speed from start to finish. Features ex members of As I lay Dying and Built to Last. Cover artwork by Mike Sutfin of the Killers. Pressing limited to 1000 copies. (Black Matter #3)

SAKE - The Desert 7"
Recorded at the same time as the material on the split 12" with SUBMISSION HOLD. Two songs, probably their best stuff to date. Sake is a Northern California band who is compared to early NEUROSIS, but with violin and female vocals.. (Hopscotch #8)

Two 7"s, three split 7"s and several comp tracks later, The Scarlet Letter finally releases a full length. The first release on Black Matter (the newly divided hardcore punk half of Hater of God Records) this 25 song CD (the LP will be released on Lights Out Records out of Sweden) is more diverse than anything they have released and may challenge stale hardcore purists. The incorporation of relentlessly fast and tight hardcore, double-bass, and [no lack of] screaming and growling will get thrashers going, while the somehow naturally flowing melodic aspects of what comes from this band appeal to what so many stifle. Their musicianship has further developed, as has their ability to lyrically articulate battle cries and furious laments. The variety of emotions expressed make this release feel complete, well-rounded and honest. These are the strongest songs they've put out and are heard through their best recording yet. A [perhaps] deceptively pretty layout (borne of all original artwork) brings their willingness to create without apology further to the surface. (Hater of God/Black Mass #1)

SEA OF THOUSAND - Church Of Total Collapse CD
Like a phoenix Sea of Thousand rose up from the ashes of Austin's Employer Employee. With Joey and Craig from Employer Employee on guitar and vocals, and Keith on drums, Sea of Thousand took form with the addition of Derek on bass and Tommy from Dragbody on guitar. Featured on Robotic Empire's v/a mutation comp with Ed Gein, The Minor Times, Tyranny Of Shaw and more. (State Of Mind Records #8)

With the quality of these two bands beyond doubt you can trust that this records kills. Seein' Red are in top form and simply blaze. The Judas Iscariot present more mature material than on their two 7" releases. Their music is more melodic and free making it simultaneously more listenable and more challenging. This is a split release in the Coalition Records Network of Friends series. (Mountain Records #18)

If you want to get a glimpse of what's going on in South America musically then here's your chance. This is the vinyl version of a tape released awhile back. Both bands hail from Argentina. Sentimientos Oprimidos zips by in the blink of an eye with their raw, fast and thrashy hardcore while the Dirties keep it upbeat and melodic. All songs mostly in Spanish with political content. This is the first pressing of 500 on orange vinyl. (El Grito #5)

Richmond, Virginia's the Setup blast through thirteen minutes of their hardest offerings to date. Combining elements of hardcore, punk rock, and straight up metal, these southern boys detonate chunky guitar riffs that would make any early Metallica fan go nuts with collapsing vocals. The results? An overly aggressive and sadistic composition for fans of everything from Converge to Tragedy. Features Chris Kirby from Light The Fuse And Run on guitar. Schematic Of A Waking Life lay down four tracks of post hardcore perfection. Songs suggestive of a DC sound from the 1990s brewed with the updated offerings of Hot Cross and Off Minor. These New Englanders manage to be melodic and catchy without loosing their frantic edge. This split, the bands follow up to their CDep Cinders And Seeds on Bug Empire, takes everything up a notch. Desperate and controlled. Passionate and angry. (Electric Human Project #26)

Shahrazad are back, well sort of... They have broken up and remain broken up, but they still have these four songs to contribute. The music is slow and calculated and yet a bit frantic and harsh. The 7"s are all numbered and nicely packaged. Shahrazad did a split 10" with Makara. Featuring x-members of My Increment. (Hand Held Heart #2)

SHORT FUSE charge at you with 18 tracks of pissed-off old school hardcore in just under 20 minutes. These guys have been active in the scene for years and their love for early hardcore from the 80's is more than evident. Stripped down and raging Hardcore that serves as an outlet to vent frustrations, a way to deal with the pressures of the daily grind. Disillusioned and angry, this is where these four guys come alive, proud and passionate. Abrasive and in your face, they nevertheless manage to sneak in some melodies and sweet chorus parts every once in a while, creating a volatile mix that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. If you miss bands like the CIRCLE JERKS, got a soft spot for DISCHARGE and can't get enough FUCKED UP vinyl, SHORT FUSE will deliver the goods. Not concerned with crews and cliques, this is true Hardcore Punk, furious and reckless. (Underestimated Records #35)

(cleareance priced) SHORT FUSE - Fruitless Efforts 7"
Four new songs of hardcore punk reminiscent of Slime, Blitz, the Adolescents, and Discharge. Lyrics owing to the frustration of hopelessness and despair of working your life away for the benefit of someone else. Angry and aggressive, passionate and pissed. (Underestimated #37)

(discounted price) SLANG - Immortal Sin CD
Crushing Japanese power core celebrating the bands 20th anniversary. A brutal mix of hardcore, dbeat and metal making this more destructive than any bomb ever dropped on the island. (Schizophrenic Records #40 CD)

(discounted price) UNRULED - Butchers of Warfare CD
The Unruled dominated the early 80's montreal hardcore scene with their rabid blend if UK Hardcore, metallic leads and some of the fastest drumming pre grind hc. The band split up before they could record a proper lp. The Unruled have reformed with Chany and Sami from INEPSY on vocals and drums. The newly reformed band have recorded many of the classic Unruled songs and have written a few newer songs that continue to meld a crustier, heavier element to their sound. (Schizophrenic Records #56 CD)

(discounted price) MUDLARK - s/t LP with 7"
EastVanSludgeViolence sums it up. Mudlark's earth shattering new LP and 7' package is an explosive combination of power, mid 90's sludge and ear shattering thrash which almost borders on noisecore at times. Another staple in the Canadian powerviolence resurgence. If you enjoy the endless blockade you will be soothed by Mudlark's songs of unease. EastVanSludgeViolence. First 500 copies include a mudlark 7". (Schizophrenic Records #48)

If the Go-Go's had let Darby Crash join their band, I think they might have sounded a lot like The Sick Lipstick. Hailing from Ontario Canada, The Sick Lipstick are composed of half of what made up the short lived but ever so popular Black Cat #13. Musically they are not far off from their previous band, still with female vocals, keyboards and dancey drum beats. A combination of early Kill Rock Stars stuff like Bikini Kill and Huggy Bear mixed with the sounds of newer bands like The Subtonix and Errase Errata. (Soundvirus #12)

SILENCIO - Dead Kings CD
Instrumental. Silencio (from Columbus, OH) combines many different styles including harcore, noise, metal, jazz and others to craft very precise and explosive songs. Silencio shares some common ground with the Flying Luttenbachers (longer, more composition oriented racket), Naked City (genre switching, mind boggling, manic intensity), and late Iceburn (unbelievably good musicianship used to make totally innovative music). Silencio are truly forging new ground in music. (Mountain Records #32 CD)

To understand SISTERS, you have to go back to what indie rock used to mean ... before blogs, before "Garden State" and commercial licensing deals. Back when most shows were all half-empty, gas cost 97 cents a gallon, and bands that brought the same sort of untethered sweep of lo-fi pop noise like SISTERS were the alternative to the blind, blockbuster megaculture of Aerosmith reunions, Van Hagar bloat and teenybopper MTV habitrails. Theirs is music meant for cassette tapes and long drives, of letter-writing and that thrift store mothball smell in your clothes times when it seemed like the possibilities for the advancement of a good time were truly evident and boundless. Theirs is a sound of reclaimed hopes and dreams, of buzzing amps and anti-postured, rambunctious punk rock flail. Hailing from the easygoing hamlet of Olympia, Washington, SISTERS rolls up its collective sleeves and reaches back - way back, all the way through the '90s to the impacted, grotty clog of the mid-80s, and pulls out nine tracks of post-hardcore expression, throttled with distortion and anxiety, truth and beauty. At times they might recall the earliest scrapings of DINOSAUR JR or SONIC YOUTH, as passed through the filter of former Oly heroes like UNWOUND or LYNC. Yet it's a rare thing that a modern band can play through influence and create their own internal musical dialogue, one which touches on the past but refuses to condemn themselves to slavish tribute. SISTERS is that band. Everybody... is their record, recorded at Dub Narcotic studios and peeling the paint off its candied walls. Nine songs of classic indie rock, deconstructed fully from the notions of privilege and precious demeanor - nine anthems for a despondent mindset, unconcerned with what's new and instead in search for what's right. (Parts Unknown #36)

For those that love metal, Hater of God is the shit. The new Skinless 7" is power driven with machine-gun bass drumming and demonic vocal. The packaging is amazing, even compared to other Hater of God releases; it features a die-cut cover with very aprapo art. Prepare to grovel at the feet of the metal gods. (Hater of God #18)

SKULL SKÜLL - Viet Calm 12"
Are lovely Aaron Hemphill from Liars and Jarret Silberman from Young People. Together with only two guitars they make a mixture of droning atmospheric landscapes, and mind numbing guitar abrasiveness. At times whenever a string is plucked, scraped or gorged, it jumps out of the melee. It's amazing how the cleanest, least-processed sounds are by far the most jarring. The juxtaposition works frighteningly well, so much so that it almost begs for further dabbling. Individually hand etched covers. Limited to one time pressing of 300. (Hand Held Heart #28)

Sleeper Cell's S/T debut LP. Great hardcore here from one of Boston's best hardcore band's... Recorded at the Jam Room in SC, Mastered by John Golden.... (Partners In Crime #27)

The Slowmotions are from Japan. Garagey tuneful fucked up punk rock played by Japanese hardcore veterans. Get these songs stuck in your head and they will not go away. Slowmotions are a longtime running punk band from TOKYO... featuring ex and current members of EVANCE, RAWNECK, SHOCK, HAT TRICKERS, LIBERATE, ACID, STICKS IN THROAT, BLAZE, RUGS CONCLUDE, ORDER, ZIKKEN, RANGE and DIRTY HOSPITAL... etc, etc. This LP features all five of their out of print singles on HG FACT. (Partners In Crime #28)

Snake Apartment let twelve gross inches of ugly, noisy punk slither out of Rhode Island. Heavy scuzz rock drenched in syrup puts on its studio shoes and has a loose night out on the town, sounding like a shelved Am Rep gem just dusted off and released to cumsumers. Here's a small glimmer of hope for middle aged losers who enjoy late Black Flag, Flipper, Brainbombs, Drunks With Guns, God Bullies, and TAD, and neo hipsters and indie label CEO's falling over themselves with glee over bands like Pissed Jeans, Clockcleaner, and Nirvana. CD version includes there awesomely blown out radio set. (Parts Unknown Records #18 CD)

New on Burrito Records, this eight song 7" is a lot like early DRI, Neos, or Capitalist Alienation. Actually a one man band. Brutal hardcore. (Burrito Records #20)

SOMMERSET - Fast Cars, Slow Guitars CD
Hailing from New Zealand, Sommerset tear out thirteen tracks of fast melodic rockin' hardcore with plenty of melody and catchy vocals. In the same genera as Lifetime, or Daltonic. Poppy and upbeat. (Phyte Records #29)

Moving on after the Distress Signal 7" and the split 7" with The Great Clearing Off, The Sound of Failure releases thier new full length LP/CD, thier strongest effort to date. "The Party Is Over" offers up 14 songs of noisy, abrasive hardcore. Fast, chaotic blasts give way to heavy, pounding, noisy breakdowns. Lyrically, The Sound of Failure paints bleak, desperate pictures of intensely personal paranoia and terror. (Ed Walters #15)

SPARK - Fashion Rats and Status Whores 7"
These Baltimore, MD punks return with their 2nd 7" ep packed with 10 songs of fast, and honest hardcore. These guys (and girl) embody the diy spirit, driving hours to play one show, setting up shows, and traveling all over the East Coast to support other bands. Think a more distorted and raw No Justice... (Mike Fitzgerald #410)

SSION - World's Worth 7"
Three all new songs from from the heart of Kentucky! SSION (pronounced 'shun' as in mission) are part over the top theatrics, and part punk rock inspired chaos. Try to imagine MADONNA fronting HUGGY BEAR if they were a grunge rock band and you're half way there. Long gone are their homemade animal costumes and female backup singers, SSION is now a real rock band with the intention to make you dance, or hate them, or both. (Sound Virus #22)

STATE - All Wrong CD
Never thought I'd see this happen. The State put out one of the greatest hardcore 7"s ever. That's right-one of the best ever. From Michigan and not getting nearly the notice that Negative Approach did, mainly due to the fact that the EP was out of print for years, until Havoc did a re-pressing. It was an ugly, in-your-face sound. Nothing posi or pleasant about it and it provided one hell of a release. There was a mediocre 12" released sometime in the '80s and there's also a scorching '83 demo that will finally see the light of day on the upcoming Grand Theft Audio CD anthology. That was it, until the past few years when The State began playing again, with three-quarters of the original lineup joined by a new bassist. Since they weren't that huge to begin with, it's not like some old band getting back together to cash in. It's probably based more on a desire to rage once again. Hitting middle age sucks, seeing how the world hasn't changed much since the early '80s also sucks. Trust me on that one. This is good therapy for a mid-life crisis, both theirs and mine. People can find that amusing or dismiss it but I'm guessing the State don't give a fuck and I certainly don't give a fuck what any condescending snot-nosed shits think. They just want to play some pissed-off hardcore punk and that's what they do here. Full-bore aggression, sputtering guitar licks, thumping rhythms and angry vocals. Preston Woodward's voice has deepened a bit with age and it makes him sound more agitated. A few of the songs from that '83 demo show up here along with the new material and there's a hardened cynicism to the lyrics and a still-hard approach in the playing. They railed against the futility of army life on "Attention" on their first EP and that returns for "Already Dead" and "Easy Victim." Meanwhile, "Christian" is succinct in its message-there's something enjoyable about hearing Preston bellow "Christian-full of shit!" Mellow out? Give in? Not about to happen. Description by Al Quint/Suburban Voice. (Underestimated Records #36 CD)

STATE - Excommunicated 7"
Legendary Michigan hardcore punk band the STATE delivers yet another burning-hot 45 rpm E.P. of new furious punk gems full of scathing social critique, shredding guitar passages, and rousing gang vocals. Flagship song "Dropout" is a viscious refusnik anthem that betrays the band's Ann Arbor protopunk roots, while "Treason" is a vitriolic indictment of the Bush-Cheney regime, all while spewing musical battery acid in its wake. "Reign of Terror" sums up the times with a heavy-metal punk edge that is devastating. The cover artwork is truly disturbing, and the inner jacket artwork includes a primer of state terror and execution. Along with the recent "Nihil ex nihilo" E.P.(Punksbeforeprofits), this record showcases the STATE juggernaut at its finest. On the band's own Statement Records, the original label of STATE's 1983 classic E.P. "No Illusions". (Statement Records #3)

STATE - Nihil Ex Nihilo 7"
This time its five new rippers. More hardcore this time then you may be used to. All these songs stand on there own and the guitar sound takes a more noisy sound like you may have heard in the early days. The bands goal is to do 3 e.p.s a year well this is one of them and it rules. One of the best bands of today and yesterday. Only 500 pressed. (Punks Before Profits #42.5)

STATE - Sanctimony 7"
Six new rippers from this classic hc punk band. This time around they give you more of the same ripping hardcore with great lyrics. Some of the best stuff yet. (Punks Before Profits #37)

STATE - Verboten German 7"
Ann Arbor's STATE is releasing a hot new 4-song 7" 45 rpm 7" E.P. on its own Statement Records. This novelty 7" features two new hardcore punk songs in German plus two in English! The State's first "German E.P." includes a glossy jacket, lyrics poster w/ English translations, a "State" sticker. Times per side were kept under 3:30 for maximum high fidelity. Interest in this record has been building for a while, and it is a great follow-up to the recent split E.P. with Fuck This (see reviews in March 08 MRR), and is reminiscent of the well-known "No Illusions" E.P. in artwork, musical style, and lyrical content. (Statement Records #2)

Fast, political punk in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror and Warhead. Eight ripping songs lyrically about capitalist statehood, political figureheads, anarchism, and generally being pissed. Musically the apparent influences are Japanese hardcore and crust. Good artwork with an Antischism feel. Members of Lost Cause, Nema, and Jihad. (Abilogy Records #1)

STOP IT!! - The Enhanced Demo CD
Before their amazing full length debut on Robotic Empire and The Perpetual Motion Machine with "Self Made Maps" Stop It!! had been playing for over a year and recorded a demo that knocked me off my feet when I first heard it. This is way above and beyond what should be thought of as a demo, with songs that are as fully developed and "mature" for lack of a better word as any "seasoned" band could hope to have. These songs had to continue to be available so here they are, re-mastered and better than ever! In the same vein as "Self Made Maps" - harsh yet melodic hardcore that twists and turns, rises and falls - these songs are a bit more furious and harsh than the full length - noisier and wilder, more screaming than singing. The CD also comes with enhanced footage, a 20 minute video that compiles footage that will truly allow people to understand the Stop It!! experience. The CD is packaged in silkscreened chipboard covers with a full color insert. (Waking Records #8)

STRAIGHT TO HELL - '02-'04 Discography CD
Straight to Hell is the dirty American bastard child of Swedish and Japanese hardcore (except Straight To Hell is from the artsy fartsy town of Providence, RI). Ex-members don't need to be mentioned, because their music stands on it's own. The music is a pummeling assault of tight drumming, awesome guitar leads, overpowering bass with vocals that are pissed off screams and are convincingly angry! Extremely pissed off, brutal hardcore. This 24 song CD is highly recommended for fans of Death Side and Totalitar. Includes the split 7" with Balance Of Terror, the s/t 7", and the "We Will Bury You" LP. (Gloom #32)

Sutek Conspiracy hailed from Lafayette, IN. They had a slew split releases with bands like Cobra Kai, Murdock, Amputee Set, and more. This is their first solo release since their first release (six song CD). Sutek combined French screamo ala Fingerprint with metal type bands (Iron Maiden). This release also is their final recording. The band broke up the summer of 2002. Members went on to be in bands like Memento Mori and the Dream is Dead. (Ed Walters #004.1)

THIN THE HEARD - Mournful And Overcast LP
Taking major queues from Tragedy, Thin The Heard offers up 7 tracks of heavy, catchy, down-tuned hardcore punk with male/female dual vocals. The LP comes packed in a gatefold LP, and the band features ex-members of Kungfu Rick, High On Crime, Rat Bastards, and Chronic Seizure. It comes on 180 gram vinyl. A total crusher. (Wrench In The Gears #4)

Four more songs from Southern California's This Machine Kills. Fast, melodic, and political, they tap into a 1990's sound (ala Merel and Iconoclast) to produce some hard driving songs that are a swirl of guitar, screams, and buried melodies. On The Move is being released in Europe on Coalition Records, and in the USA by El Grito Records. This is the hardcore punk band the now famous DJ Steve Aoki was in. TMK also has full length LP/CD on Ebullition. (El Grito #6)

Two of New Jersey's best new hardcore punk bands come together for a split 7" that will have you slam dancing and diving off your bed before you even turn the record over. This Means War, with ex-members of seminal NJ bands such as Born Against, Citizens Arrest, Tears of Frustration, Monster X, 97A, Taste of Fear, Something in the Water, and No Contest, churn out three new tracks of blazingly fast NYHC influenced hardcore. Hardcore veterans This Means War meet NJ new jacks Cannonball in their debut side of the split. Fast, aggressive, pissed off punk that spans the gamut of influences from the Cro-Mags to Tear it Up. 500 pressed. (Poker Face Records #1)

While both bands share slower tempos and amp-worshiping guitar tones, Tides and Giant manage to strike their own course in a scene that is rife with boring clones and uninspired songwriting. Tides write gorgeously lush soundtracks to movies not yet made, filled with emotive guitar work, dynamic drumming, and huge production. The tone on opening track "The Invisible" ebbs and flows. After rising and falling and rising again, it crescendos into melodic strumming and pounding cymbals before finally crashing into lone distorted bass. Following is a brief but beautiful acoustic interlude that leads to the piano intro of side two. Giant's sole track on this record features the band's three-guitar line weaving it's way through both the heaviest of distortions and hauntingly euphoric passages. Echoes of reverb give way to enormous buildups and the most satisfying of resolutions. Commanding vocals and sparse keyboards compliment the twelve minute opus which concludes the record. Comes packaged in a gatefold CD jacket with letter press printing on the front cover. (Level Plane #110)

On their debut self titled CD, Albany New York's To Hell and Back play the soundtrack to every beer and blood soaked bar room brawl you wish you had been at. Through thuggish riffs and with unabashed brutality the members of To Hell and Back (Jim McNaughton on bass and vocals, Matt Laque and Kurt Stegemann on guitars and Rob Cole on drums pull the listener into a maelstrom of rage, sweat, and adolescent hard rock memories. Formed in 2002 from the ashes of McNaughton and Laque's legendary hardcore outfit Devoid of Faith, To Hell and Back draws upon the bands DIY pedigree utilizing it in a way demonstrative of the broader definition of the word "heavy". This project sees the tightly focused songs of the former progressed into early metal laced primordial rock anthems. Released by Black Matter, a subsidiary of Hater of God Records, To Hell and Back's self titled debut is available in a deluxe digipack. With painstaking attention paid to detail, the albums text is debossed in it's entirety over the artwork, resulting in a truly unique package. Recorded in 2005 by William Killingsworth (Orchid, Cut the Shit, No Trigger) at Dead Air Studios, this album's sound stands in bold contrast to the hardcore by-the-numbers malaise of late. With blazing guitar leads and no-nonsense lyrics To Hell and Back defiantly proclaims LET THERE BE ROCK! (Black Matter Records #4 CD)

TOMBS - Wasteland CD
Formed in January 2007, Tombs is a collaboration between Mike Hill, bassist Dominic Seita (ex-Speedloader) and drummer Justin Ennis (ex-The Heuristic). It is the culmination of Hill's lifetime of work, a crushing, soulful sound, inspired by some diverse, almighty influences: the harsh minimalism of Black Flag, the psychedelic overdrive of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, the emotional ice of Godflesh, the sinister rock of Unsane and The Jesus Lizard. The EP has striking cover art courtesy of Coliseum frontman Ryan Patterson (Slayer, Kylesa, Anodyne). (Level Plane Records #115)

Finally available in the USA, this thirteen song disk features Japan's Total Fury's best ever recorded stuff. Fast, raw and melodic hardcore. Drawing influences from the early DC scene (ala 1981), the music of course has a very familiar feel to it, that will keep you relistening to this over and over again. (Gloom Records #16)

TOWNCRAFT: Notes From A Local Scene Box Set (DVD, CDx2)
This box sets features a 120 movie about the Little Rock, Arkansas punk scene. It also comes with a double CD soundtrack that features 40 bands, as well as a 60 page booklet with photos and stories. Bands featured are Econochrist, Trusty, Numbskulz, Hatful Day, Chino Horde, Chalk, Quisp, Bloodless Cooties, 12'6", Five-O, Substance, William Martyr 17, Generation Of Vipers, Class Of 84, Red Brigade, Jason Morphew, Red 40, Shake Ray Turbine, The Big Cats, Fizzgig, Soophie Nun Squad, Magic Cropdusters, Lovely Departed, The Stranger Steals, Mulehead, Boondogs, Michael Jukes, New Jazz Assassins, American Princes, Il Libretina , Chinese Girls, Johnny Mac, Applescruffs, The Chicklettes, The Contingencies, Ho-Hum, The Moving Front, Smoke Up Johnny, Sugar & The Raw, The Easys. (Matson Films #1)

UG MAN are legendary Tokyo skate-core, featuring members of SPITFIRE, GODS GUTS among many others. Along with UG MAN is CHARM, who are one of the craziest Tokyo thrash mongers ever. Insane distortion, stand-up bass, crazy time changes... this is a pure blast of insanity. This is a limited vinyl pressing of 1000 copies. (625 Productions #190)

VIIMEINEN KOLONNA - Tuhat Aurinkoa 7"
Viimeinen Kolonna offer up eight killer new tracks from their new line-up. The VK sound is still pure Finnish hardcore like their "Aistien Juhlaa" & "Irvikuva" albums, but now they've added an even more raw and brutal 82-hardcore edge. Fans of Propaganda-era Finnish hardcore punk take note. Pressing: 450 blue-white splatter vinyl/550 black. Available here on blue-white splatter. (Hardcore Holocaust Records #41)

VIOLENT MINDS - Violent Minds CD
This CD complies both the self-titled 7" on the now defunct My War records and the "Riot" 7" as well as "Hit List" from the Town Of Hardcore comp (12 tracks in total). Liner notes by the one and only Thousand Dollar Brian. This will be a nice little appetizer for the soon to be releases "Eyes Of Death" LP due out on Parts Unknown in a few months and the "We Are Nothing" LP coming sometime in fall. Sick layout by the truly talented Ben West. As long time hardcore groupie and overall music historian Don Rettman put it (he got his leg broke at a Circle Jerks show in like '81 by a member of Autistic Behavior) "Pig Champion did not die in vain". I agree. Description by Rich Warwick. (Parts Unknown Records #20 CD)

Violent Students came to fruition with the expressed interest to obliterate all the poseurs who've come upon the scene in the past few years. Eight tracks of brain throbbing annoyance that will draw the line in the sand between the real deal fucked-up/drugged up Hardcore youth and all the other bespectacled ironic moshers, noise losers, and various other butter users. Do you know The Brainbombs, The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads, The Sickness or Kilslug? Then you already know Violent Students. But don't believe me listen to what these other, very well paid critics have to say! (Parts Unknown #19 CD)

VOLUME ELEVEN - Kotadelic Cytex LP
Get ready to go to the outer limits with Volume Eleven. Buckle up, and hold on tight. It might get freaky, it might get crazed, it might go boo! in the night. And then they will get down to playing some fucking fast chaotic hardcore, just to break for another sighting of freekdom. It is orange and ready to rumble. Aye, kotadelic cytex indeed. (Hand Held Heart #10)

New Jersey's With Resistance plays a mix of chaotic metal/screamo hardcore with tetchnical melodic structure. Chaotic and complex with harsh screaming vocals. After releasing several CDs and records on foreign labels in Portugal & Spain and raining from Portugal,Twenty Inch Burial is proud to release their debut USA release. Twenty Inch Burial plays a inspiring blend of positive melodic hardcore/metal based around essential values of positive hardcore. (State Of Mind Recordings #3)

Clevo does it again. Featuring members of the Inmates, Darovcets, Cider, and pretty much every other Cleveland band worth mentioning in the past 10 years, The Wolfdowners debut (and swansong) "Wolf It Down" is upon us. Fuzzy, noisy, groovy, and kinda hard to tie down, the WD's won't disappoint. I swear there is a song on here that Geza X must have written. Remember when the Dwarves used to be kinda a psych band? Remember when Man's Ruin used to be a label that could do no wrong? Well it's kinda like that but better. Full of weirdness, trippy guitar solo's, and overall madness. Like my good freind Kiko Bermudez sez, "It's not your Daddy's rock n' roll". This is a one time press of 500 copies. (Parts Unknown Records #33)

YOUNG PEOPLE - The Single 12"
Young People's quiet/loud approach feels at times mournful and gospel-like, at others raging and thrashing. Their songs are mercifully short, complete with dramatic thoughts. Recordings and live shows move rapidly between worlds of exhilaration, sorrow, quietude and redemption. Vocalist Katie Eastburn, Jeff Rosenberg (ex-Pink and Brown, Tarentel), and Jarrett Silberman (ex-Uphill Gardeners, The Get Hustle) multi-task electric and bass guitars, drums, and violin, producing spacious but concise music that reflects band members' roots in Nashville, Los Angeles and Middle America. Currently on tour with the Kills in Europe. A full U.S. tour later this year. Description by Brian of Hand Held Heart. (Hand Held Heart #24)

Straight out of the boozer and into the studio, these balding old timers from San Francisco bring the sounds of a northern council estate onto their second vinyl release. Four tracks of WIPERS, REALLY RED inspired post-punk darkness mixed with some C86 WEDDING PRESENT jangle and a dash of late 70's Irish powerpop. (Parts Unknown #30)

ZONE - Squeezed State LP
Japanese hardcore legends Zone are back! We are very honored to be releasing their first full length on vinyl. Existing for well over ten years, Zone has toured and played with all of the great modern Japanese hardcore heavyweights, Deathside, Warhead, Liberate, Forward... etc, etc. For those of you who have heard their first two 7" EPs on H:G Fact, you know what to expect; non-stop japanese hardcore... with great hints of UK '83 (Chaos UK, Disorder, GBH, etc.) style punk thrown in for good measure. This is a one time pressing of 1000!!! (Partners in Crime #18)

V/A - Decide on Change LP compilation
Featuring Straight To Hell, Totalitar, Balance Of Terror, Last Security, Vuur, Scholastic Deth, Esperanza, Cockroach, Self Defense, Diallo, Something in The Water, and Melee. All coming together to support the NYC More Gardens Coalition. In addition to being an amazing sonic experience, this record also contains some inspiring writing concerning the history of More Gardens Coalition and discusses taking back control of the world around you, and specifically, your city. "Fucking great compilation." - Mike Thorn, Maximumrocknroll fanzine. (Mountain Records #28)

V/A - Euro Thrash Retribution CD compilation
A barrage of current high-speed hardcore, grindcore and punk bands from all over Europe, including: KNIFED, CINDER, FxPxO, BIZARRE X, DESTROYER, INFANTICIDE, POINTING FINGER, MIHOEN, SEE YOU IN HELL, BURN ALL FLAGS, CHOICE OF MY OWN, DISYOUTH ARMY, DISSCAP, EARTH TODAY, FLAME STILL BURNS, JOHN DEERE, LAHAR, LET'S GROW, MUSTANG REPORT, PANACEJA, SECOND THOUGHT, SIKA, STEP ON IT, TEKKEN, and VIOLENT PACIFICATION. A solid sampling of various scenes from Macedonia to Sweden, from Czech Republic to England. Comes in a digipak cover with fold-out insert. (625 Productions #145 CD)

V/A - Farm Sanctuary Benefit CD compilation
Atom and His Package, Submission Hold, Anti-product, Bloodpact, Seven Days of Samsara and 7 other bands contributed to this important benefit for Farm Sanctuary. Sue Coe contributed original cover (back and front) art. One of the most enjoyable and diverse comps to come out recently, the music ranges from the searing crust of Anti-product to the melody of Submission Hold, the hip-hop of Fermented Reptile to the spoken word track by Dave Awl. All proceeds from this comp will be donated to Farm Sanctuary in order to continue their work rehabilitating farm animals and agitating for animal rights. (Mountain Records #22)

V/A - Mosh Circle, Jerk Punks LP comp
A crazed Japanese comp featuring Idol Punch, Razors Edge, Tomorrow, and BBQ Chicken. Sixteen songs of high energy Japanese thrash/punk. Description by Max 625. (625 Productions #103)

V/A - Nothing's Quiet On The Eastern Front CD comp
Compilation CD with Assfactor 4, Monster X, Devoid of Faith, C.R., Drop Dead, Halfman, Black Army Jacket, Brutal Truth, and more... (Reservoir Records #7)

V/A - Ratas de Ciudad compilation CD
Featuring Non Fiktion Nois, I Attack, Reaccion, Eske, Los Jodidos, Tras de Nada, and Pkdores (3 Songs frome each band). One of the reasons Southkore Records started. A document of the initial Southkore scene in Pilsen/Little Village. (SouthKore #4)