Please understand that Ebullition has no information about these tours other than what is listed here. Please do not contact us for more specific information. Everything that we know is listed here.



08/03/2013 Oakland, CA @ The Swamp w/ Diehard, The Light, Coma
08/04/2013 Sacramento, CA @ Casa de Chaos w/ Rat Damage, Crude studs, Cruor, Xtom Hanx
08/05/2013 Fresno, CA @ CAFE Infoshop w/ Portside, Reunion, Wallflower
08/06/2013 Bakersfield, CA @ Munoz Gym W/ Dead In The Dirt, Surprise Vacation, Kold Feet
08/07/2013 Santa Barbara, CA @ Biko Garage W/ Catastrophe
08/08/2013 Los Angeles, CA @ East 7th & Decatur W/ Bastard Noise. To The Point, Blazing Eye
08/9/2013 San Diego, CA @ The Spot with Bastard Noise and Bumbklaatt
08/10/2013 Los Angeles, CA @ The Power of the Riff / the Echoplex
08/11/2013 San Jose, CA @ House of the Dead Rat w/ Dead Pressure, Pig D.N.A., Ritual Control
08/12/2013 Arcata, CA @ The Big Tree
08/13/2013 Tacoma, WA @ 2nd Cycle Tacoma's Community Cycle Center
08/14/2013 Olympia, WA @ TBA
08/15/2013 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge W/ Negative Press, Cop Rot
08/16/2013 Portland, OR @ Blackwater Records
08/17/2013 Oakland, CA @ Dead Fest/ Oakland Metro (Completed Exposition only)
08/18/2013 TBA

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