I make no guarantee that any of these links are working. Some are probably dysfunctional. Trying to keep a links sight organized is a bit of a pain in the ass since sites change so often, but I am trying to get this working again.



Anti Product: e-mail

Bread & Circuits: e-mail

Monster X: web site

Orchid: web site & e-mail

Los Crudos: web site

Reversal of Man: e-mail

Seein' Red: web site & e-mail

Submission Hold: web site or web site & e-mail

Yaphet Kotto: e-mail & web site

JR Ewing: web site & e-mail

Kill The Man Who Questions: web site & e-mail

The Oath: web site & e-mail

Tidal: web site & e-mail

97A: web site & e-mail

Deadseraphim: web site & e-mail

YAGE: web site

Brutal Death e-mail

MURDOCK: web site



Crucial Response: web site & e-mail

Rice Control Records: web site & e-mail

Don't Belong/Throne Records: web site & e-mail

Scortched Earth Policy: web site & e-mail

Straight Up Records: web site & e-mail

Nova Recordings: web site & e-mail

Earth Water Sky: web site & e-mail

Flower Violence Records: web site & e-mail

Reflections Records: web site & e-mail

Crimes Against Humanity Records: web site & e-mail



ManateeBound Webzine: web site

On-line Latin American webzine.

Nightwork: on-line webzine from the Netherlands.

Ironskies: on-line webzine from Spain.



Vegan Leather: web site & e-mail

Roots of Compassion: web site & e-mail

The Tracer Sanction: web site & e-mail

Chris Brown in Shreveport, Louisiana. Chris set's up shows at a local radio station and touring bands can set up shows through him at the station... he says bands get paid and get tapes of their live sets. cebrown@centenary.edu

Looking to play Israel? Shelly set up the Good Clean Fun shows in Israel and she wants to do more bands. Contact her at: flower_sh@yahoo.com

Punks playing radical classical music: web page

DIY club in Birmingham, Alabama... (202) 515-7650 or: Bdfplanet@aol.com

DIY club in Memphis, TN... (901) 325-4041 or: diymemphis@aol.com or check their web page.

Hands Up Houston booking collective: handsup@dogmail.com or check their web page.

Breast Cancer Benefit Fest July 21-23: for more information contact peet@bu.edu or check their web page.

DIY booking in Vancouver, Canada (Mike)... (604)-254-1559 or: mseale@bikerider.com

DIY booking in B.C., Canada (Graham Latham)... (250) 339-6630 or: gus_clarke@thoughtisacrime.zzn.com

DIY booking in Victoria, Canada (Jason Schreurs)... (250) 480-7232 or: schreurs@islandnet.com

DIY booking in Eugene, Oregon (Dustin) depfcollective@yahoo.com

For European tours contact: Ladadiana Bookings/Vissteeg 12/6811 Da Arnhem/The Netherlands
P/F +31-(0)26-4423698

To make band/tour shirts in Canada contact: Mike Payette/Bloodstone Press/1645 E. Geargia St./Vancouver. BC/V5L 2B1/Canada
E-Mail: m_matilpi@hotmail.com or web page