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SPOTLIGHT: Clean Plate

A lot of titles on Clean Plate are going out of print and we will never carry them again. Many of these items are also now being sold at a massive discount.

And of course Clean Plate has released the amazingly popular Orchid - Totality LP and CD which are both still available.

CLEAN PLATE (items that are going out of print):
ANTON BORDMAN - Where Did Dolls Originate? 7" $0.50
AVULSION/LACERATION - split 7" $2.10 (13 copies left)
DANIEL STRIPED TIGER - Capital Cities CD $1.00
DANIEL STRIPED TIGER/TEENAGE COOL KIDS - 7" $4.10 (24 copies left)
DEATH TO TYRANTS - Experience Will Be... LP $2.00
DEATH TO TYRANTS - Wake Up And Be CD $1.00
EBOLA/SERVITUDE - split 7" $0.50
ENEMY SOIL - The Ruins of Eden CD $5.00
EVOLVED TO OBLITERATION - 7" $0.50 (13 copies left)
PLEASE INFORM THE CAPTAIN THIS IS A HIJACK - Defeat or Humiliate... LP $7.95 (11 copies left)
RITUAL MESS - s/t 7" (limited repress) $4.75 (11 copies left)
RUNE - Call of Hearts 7" $0.50
SUPRESSION with FACIALMESS - Collaboration 7" $0.50
WOLVES - Simulation 10" (only 300 made) $8.50 (20 copies left)
PROTOTYPE - comp 7" with Ulcer, Default, Unsettled, Apartment 213, and Laceration $2.10 (12 copies left)

CLEAN PLATE (items staying in stock):
NO FAITH - Dead Weight 7" $3.85
ORCHID - Totality CD $7.95
ORCHID - Totality LP $9.50
RITUAL MESS - Vile Art LP $9.00
WASTELAND - s/t LP $8.50

ANTON BORDMAN - Where Did Dolls Originate? 7"
Anton Bordman plays frantic, chaotic emo-thrash-hardcore that pulses and hums with vibrant energy and political outrage; aggressive, intelligent, and entertaining. The covers are hand screened in 3 colors, and the inserts feature lyrics and explanations. Very nice. (Clean Plate Records #34)

Released in 1996, this was Laceration's first release. Searing grind from both bands. (Clean Plate Records #7)

For their second length, Daniel Striped Tiger have crafted a near perfect record. Some of the most intensely fueled hardcore that one can experience, driven with passion and melody encircled by a dervish of noise. This record stands tall amongst it's peers, bands like Wolves, Tiny Hawks, and Ampere, who are cut from a similar cloth, but CAPITAL CITIES offers something different entirely. DANIEL STRIPED TIGER have pushed past their collective influences into a new realm of sound that is truly their own in it's fury. They will be touring the U.S. this summer for five weeks, so be sure not to check them out when they roll through! (Clean Plate Records #48)

Two of the best current bands on one record! Teenage Cool Kids are the Texas kings of catchy discordant pop-tinged songs, for fans of Meneguar, Archers of Loaf, and the like, while Daniel Striped Tiger further their music progression of noisy Drive Like Jehu inspired melodic hardcore to near perfection on this record. They might seem like an odd couple in some ways, and perfect mates in others, both bands have been talking about this record forever, and it is finally a reality, with two new songs from each group! The record is "party themed" and comes on colored vinyl with great full-color packaging and a digital download. Limited to 500 copies. (Clean Plate Records #59)

DEATH TO TYRANTS - Experience Will Be Your Monument And Your Love LP
Hailing from New Hampshire, Death To Tyrants take instrumental hardcore to new heights. Soaring from frantically paced aggressive passages to mellow introspective moments, this genre-defying record is emotionally charged from start to finish. Poised to tour the entire U.S. this summer, their intense live show will be winning over new followers in every town. Description by Will "GoodSex" Killingsworth. (Clean Plate Records #36)

An incredible body of work from the New Hampshire master musicians. Eleven new songs span 40+ minutes of powerful dynamics and soaring melody. Few albums contain such moments of beauty and brutality. This is not to be missed! (Clean Plate #43 CD)

Ebola returns with more blazing and angry political hardcore songs and a really nice looking 8 page booklet containing art and lyrics. Depressing and harsh. Servitude are equally vicious but way more crazed and frantic. Political thrash with no apologies and no mercy. An excellent release. (Clean Plate Records #30)

ENEMY SOIL - The Ruins Of Eden CD
In 1997 Enemy Soil switched from a drum machine to acoustic drums (Brian Harvey of Pig Destroyer) and released what some would argue to be the best album of their career. Classic 90s grind that still sounds intense as fuck. (Clean Plate Records #15)

Classic 1990s CA hardcore / power violence with Max from Spazz on vocals. (Clean Plate Records #11)

NO FAITH - Dead Weight 7"
Power violence saturated with noise and disgust. No Faith is 3/4 of VACCINE grinding through an ear shattering twelve minutes of pummeling and heavy angst. Not for the faint of heart. Reminiscent of early Suppression, Bucket Full Of Teeth, Man Is The Bastard, and other extremes. (Clean Plate Records #67)

ORCHID - Totality CD
This much anticipated release fully documents all of Orchid's hard to find old singles, splits, compilation tracks and one unreleased song in one convenient package. A total of 24 re-mastered tracks, unavailable on CD until now, sound their best ever and are accompianied by a 20 page booklet of record art and photos. Finally, everyone can have a complete Orchid collection. (Clean Plate #38)

ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

PLEASE INFORM THE CAPTAIN THIS IS A HIJACK - Defeat Or Humiliate The United States Of America LP
After years of legal struggle, the much rumored final vision of Please Inform The Captain's second full length comes to light. 14 new tracks of extremely well-crafted political hardcore, accompanied by a book of short stories. One would be unfortunately hard-pressed to find another band with such unique and inspiring power. Essential listening with intense packaging. Ex-members of Bread & Circuits, Fuel, Torches To Rome, Sawhorse, Fuel, and John Henry West, Former Members of Alfonsin, Q Factor and more! (Clean Plate Records #44)

(limited repress) RITUAL MESS - 7"
Limited Re-press of 80 copies. Three songs are finally unveiled from this project that until now had been shrouded in years of secrecy. Jayson Green (Orchid, Panthers, Violent Bullshit), Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, Failures, Vaccine), Andy Skelly (Ampere, Wolves) and James Clarke (Majorca) bring you a sound that harkens back to the foundation of Gravity records with nods to such bands as Antioch Arrow, and Swing Kids, but all the while retaining a sound that is completely their own and brewing over with ferocity. (Clean Plate Records #65)

Frantic yet catchy emotive hardcore in the spirit of early Gravity Records. With 3/4 of Orchid, and members of Ampere and Majorca you know this means business. For those into the likes of Antioch Arrow, Swing Kids, Clikatat Ikatowi, this is not to be missed! (Clean Plate Records #166)

RUNE - Call of Hearts 7"
Ever stabbed a rabbit in the back and lived to tell the tale? Rune has, and they are ready to beat you black and blue with the story. Super fast and brutal grind core from this 5 piece from the Ohio. Would you expect anything less from Clean Plate? Prepare for the aural assault! (Clean Plate Records #33)

SUPRESSION with FACIALMESS - Collaboration 7"
Noise collaboration between the almighty Suppression and Facialmess. Released in 1998. (Clean Plate Records #21)

Wasteland's monumental full length has been in the works for nearly five years and against all odds has finally seen the light of day. This LP blurs the normal lines set within modern hardcore; here dirgy bass riffs intersect with a mournful triumph of guitar melodies in an all out sonic collapse framed by d-beats and searing vocals. The swan song of Wasteland is finally yours in all of its glory, re-mixed, re-mastered and un-fucking-relenting. The LP is also accompanied by a download code that includes the entire remastered Wasteland discography. Members have been involved in Aerosols, Soul Control, Relics, No Trigger, Suburbanite, Foxfires, Won't Belong, etc, etc. Limited to a one time pressing of 300 on color vinyl. (Clean Plate Records #64)

WOLVES - Simulation 10"
This originally came out on CD 7 years ago. It has been released as a limited run 10". There are only 300 made, so yes they are expensive. It has a full color 7x7 booklet and a printed cover. Nice. The Wolves are playing politically introspective hardcore that has its roots in chaotic emotive hardcore, but their sound feels fresh and modern. This is their second release on Coalition. They also have a split 7" out with Ampere. Good stuff. (Clean Plate Records #62)

V/A - Prototype 7" compilation
Featuring Ulcer, Default, Unsettled, Apartment 213, and Laceration. (Clean Plate Records #5)