Ebullition: noun 1) a sudden violent outburst or display   2) the act, process, or state of boiling or bubbling up   Ebullient: adjective 1) boiling, agitated   2) characterized by ebullience   Ebullience: noun 1) the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings


Seein' Red - Marinus 7"

Ebullition #33

available on 7"

Eight angry, fast and aggressive hardcore songs from this awesome political hardcore band. Unrelenting fury and politics from one of hardcore's oldest bands. True veterans.

100 copies were on red vinyl.

Seein' Red - We Need To Do More... LP

Ebullition #58

Available on LP

This new LP, titled We Must Do More Than Just Music, features twenty-two brand new protest tracks from Seein' Red.

Recorded in 2005. These 22 songs are fast, angry political hardcore songs as only Seein' Red does them.

Seein' Red has been together for many, many years. They have played all over the world. They have released dozens and dozens of records. And they are a very well known and respected hardcore band. Angry, political, and pissed off... Seein' Red offers a wall of hardcore noise. Powerful music with a powerful message.

The first 2,000 copies were on red vinyl.

CD version to be releases later this year.