Ebullition: noun 1) a sudden violent outburst or display   2) the act, process, or state of boiling or bubbling up   Ebullient: adjective 1) boiling, agitated   2) characterized by ebullience   Ebullience: noun 1) the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings

This Machine Kills - Death In The Audobon Ballroom LP/CD

Ebullition #52

Available on LP and CD

Death In The Audobon Ballroom features nine songs, and it is the first full length from This Machine Kills. Their sound is a mixture of classic early '90s hardcore influences such as Merel and Iconoclast combined with a more modern screaming vocal assault. Their lyrics are extremely political and both formats come with 20 page booklets that include art, photos, and text.

100 copies with white labels (tour edition)
569 on white vinyl

This Machine Kills features:

Brett Hall on guitar. Brett previously played with Not For The Lack Of Trying, who had a track on the 3/12/93 compilation 7", and he also played in Steven Hero, who had a track on the HeartattaCk #10 compilation.

Steve Aoki on vocals. Steve played in Esperanza and The Fire Next Time, and he also runs Dim Mak Records.

Brian Roettinger on bass. Brian runs Hand Held Heart Records.

Jeremy Fransen on drums. Jeremy played for Stratego.

Privious releases:
This Machine Kills/Envy - split 7"
This Machine Kills/Bury Me Standing - split 7"
This Machine Kills - On The Move 7"

This Machine Kills: web site & e-mail