Ebullition: noun 1) a sudden violent outburst or display   2) the act, process, or state of boiling or bubbling up   Ebullient: adjective 1) boiling, agitated   2) characterized by ebullience   Ebullience: noun 1) the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings


V/A - Give Me Back LP

Ebullition #4

Available on LP

The Give Me Back LP helped to define Ebullition's identity.

On a musical level it captured the essence of the Ebullition sound with a line-up that included ten bands that would do major releases on Ebullition over the course of the next few years; of all of the compilations released on Ebullition only the Give Me Back LP can truly be called a compilation of Ebullition bands.

On an ideological level the Give Me Back LP also managed to achieve the political goals of the label. Every band wrote a song specifically about some issue concerning the gender theme, and the 32 page booklet also features articles and essays about gender issues. In addition the compilation was a benefit for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Planned Parenthood, and Shelter Services For Women.

The first 3,000 copies came with fold out covers.
There were 100 copies on turquoise green vinyl.
There were 113 copies on red vinyl.

Featuring: Amenity, Desiderata, Seein' Red, Spitboy, End of The Line, Man Lifting Banner, Born Against, Econochrist, Profax, Suckerpunch, Sawhorse, Struggle, Bikini Kill and Downcast.


V/A - 3/12/93 7"

Ebullition #11


Was available on 7"

On 3/12/93 Sinker, John Henry West, Manumission and Not For The Lack of Trying played a show at the Anaconda in Goleta, CA. The idea was that all four bands would play a show together and then release a 7" comp based on that show. All of the songs are studio songs, and while the date of the show does serve as the title for the 7" none of the songs were actually live songs. Everyone that attended the show wrote their name and address down in a notebook and when the record came out they recieved a copy with a hand screened cover.

This 7" was designed with 4 different covers, and can easily be folded to display one of the four covers. All of the photos were taken at the show on 3/12/93.

Manumission and Not For The Lack of Trying were local bands from Goleta, while Sinker and John Henry West were from Northern California. Manumission of course recorded two 7"s for Ebullition, and while Not For The Lack of Trying should have recorded for Ebullition they unfortunantly never got the chance. Not For The Lack of Trying featured three former members of Downcast, and after they broke up the various members went on to form Jara, Born And Razed, Good Riddance, Stephen Hero, and This Machine Kills. Members of Sinker went on to become known as Amber Inn and Indian Summer, and John Henry West featured members of End of The Line, Sawhorse, and Fuel.

Featuring: John Henry West, Sinker, Manumission, and Not For The Lack of Trying.



V/A - Illiterate LP

Ebullition #21

Available on LP

In September of 1992 Downcast and I did a full European tour. While on the tour we played with dozens of exciting European bands, and we met a ton of inspiring people. When the tour was over I decided to do a compilation of all European bands. Most of the bands that ended up on the compilation played shows with Downcast. My hope was to try to expose some of these great European bands to American audiences. I wish more European bands could tour over here in the United States. Unfortunately economic differences and socio-political conditions prevent many European bands from ever making the trip.

The Illiterate compilation LP comes with a 32 page booklet. Half of the booklet consists of band pages and lyrics, and the other half is a collection of writings that I did between 1990 and 1993. I was very proud of these writings. They were extremely personal, and while some of the context may have been too subtle I still enjoy reading them and am very glad that I was able to publish these words. Someday I would like to combine all of my writings from No Answers with the writings from the Illiterate LP and Amnesia LP and also from the various inserts I did for the early Ebullition releases into a book. Someday.

Featuring: Voorhees, Ivich, Finger Print, Kina, Ego Trip, Hypocritical Society, Condense, Nothing Remains, Wounded Knee, Married To A Murderer, Gnezl Drei, Blindfold, Golgatha, and Abolition.



Ebullition #24

Available on double LP or CD

I have been straight edge for more than half of my life; twenty years and counting. And while many people might consider Ebullition to be a straight edge label there have never really been many straight edge bands on Ebullition. I wanted to do a compilation of all straight edge bands, but I also wanted to point out that many straight edge bands are not caught up in the stereotype of mosh and regurgitated Youth of Today songs. Straight edge to me was never about belonging to the crew or trying to fit in with some preconceived idea of existence. Instead I believe straight edge to be a deeply personal philosophical choice that will effect your life in both good and bad ways for the rest of your days on the planet. I consider it both a curse and a boon. At age thirty-five I can safely say that straight edge will be a part of my existence until I draw my last breath. For better or worse. Some ideas are poisonous.

The XXX compilation comes with a 24 page booklet, a full sized poster, and stickers. Both the LPx2 and CD versions come packaged in LP jackets.

Featuring: Monster X, Portraits of Past, Policy of 3, Groundwork, Pogrom, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth, Endeavor, None Left Standing, Trees Without Leaves, Prozac Memory, Via, Well Away, and Frail.


V/A - HeartattaCk #10 LP

Ebullition #27

Available on LP

This LP compilation started out as a benefit for HeartattaCk 'zine. I ended up getting far too much interest in the project, and half of the bands were moved to the Amnesia compilation.

The HeartattaCk #10 LP comes with a fold out cover, a 24 page booklet, and they were all pressed on yellow vinyl. The booklet includes band info and also contributions from various people that worked on HeartattaCk at the time.

Featuring: Shotmaker, Union of Uranus, Ex Amber Inn, Ex-Ignota, Manrae, Fisticuffs Bluff, Incurable Complaint, Jihad, K.A.S.H., Skyskraper, and Loomis Slovak.


V/A - Amnesia LP

Ebullition #29

Available on LP

When this came out I was going through a mid-life crisis of sorts. I was getting closer to thirty, and while that isn't all that old in the real world it does feel pretty ancient in the U.S. hardcore scene. The fold out cover consists of writings about identity, amnesia, memory and self-realization. Much of the writing is bleak, and while I managed to pass into my thirties without losing my grasp on reality I do consider some of these writings to be the best I ever wrote. Life can be pretty ugly at times, and understanding our purpose can be very difficult in a world where identity is bought and sold in an advertising war for our dollars and souls. Our own community more often than not promotes a godless anti-spiritual concept of existence that can leave the insides cold and dead. Learning to live with the question can be a life long journey. The years in which I wrote this material were some of the hardest I ever dealt with. What am I about?

We can exist in ambiguity, but it means the deepest loneliness.

The Amnesia LP comes with a 12 page fold out cover and a 16 page booklet.
There were 102 pressed on red vinyl.

Featuring: Ordination of Aaron, Car Vs. Driver, Failure Face, Three Studies For A Crucifixion, Silence Equals, In/Humanity, Scout, Stephen Hero, Thumbnail, Wellington, Ipecac, and Lybernum.

8/11/01: Once more I am drawn by these words. I am in that place again. Looking up at that fucking two by four wondering why not? What keeps the flame flickering? Right now it is mere fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what can never be changed. The permanence of suicide keeps me at bay. Maybe this depression will fade. Perhaps tomorrow I will breathe without pain. I am alone and I am terrified. I don't know what I am, and I don't how to save myself. I am drowning in ambiguity.

8/12/01: I have a secret. A secret to tell. It has power. It may even cause destruction. I am afraid of my secret. Afraid of what it means. Afraid of what it contains. There is weight to my secret, and with each passing week it becomes more volatile and difficult to contain. Secrets yearn to be told. I think about it every day and I wake in the night with remnants of secret dreams lingering in the cool air. And so I am distraught when the apparition taunts me once again. Floating so near. I can feel the presence and yet I am denied touch. My fingers ache to caress, but I resist the siren's call fearing that it is merely fool's folly. We are intertwined and yet we are distant. I have relied on my senses in the past. I have divined the burning attraction and the hidden passion. But now I am unsure. The stakes are high, higher than ever before, and perhaps catastrophic. I doubt myself. My senses may have gone dull, or maybe they have been clouded by some sliver of insanity that has wedged itself deep within my spinal cord. And so I wait patiently; not so patiently, but I mask my impatience well. My secret remains with me, brewing and percolating beneath the fabric of my existence.

8/31/01: Somebody wants to be with you.

9/1/01: It comes like a wave. Pulsating through my mind. My mood goes dark so quickly. But what choice do I have. I have no play. I am cornered and I can only wait and watch. I still retain my secret, or should I say, it retains me.

10/31/01: I lost my secret. Just forgot all about it. Washed everything away with distraction. But the distraction cracked tonight, came apart at the seems and unraveled. Back to square one. Looking myself in the mirror and wondering who I am and what I am doing. Can't continue on this endless path, but not sure how to chart a new course. My map has faded and I don't recognize the landmarks. The scars are bittersweet. Lost in a crowded room, I am torn apart by my cruel intentions, my cruel inventions, my cruel retentions. Not sure where to go, just sure that I have yet to arrive. Perhaps I will never arrive. I may have missed my destination. Maybe lost. Maybe never had a destination at all. The folly is mine. I have to embrace it. Devour it. Take steps to dismantle my life. Tonight I resolve to rebuild my search. The secret is a tease. Something I can't have. The quick path to destruction is to unleash the secret. To accept and to strive for the embrace. But it is a gamble, with almost no chance of success. A fool's fool would I be indeed if I simply rolled the die and let the pieces of my life fall where they may. No, I must find another way. I must take a longer path. Calculate and conspire, set a time line and a routine, but also a dead line. Ten moon cycles. Make the hard choice. Yes, in ten moon cycles I make the hard choice. I must resolve myself to tone my will, to prepare for impact, to focus mind and body for the challenge of self destruction. Tear myself apart and rebuild; the gear begins to turn.

7/5/02: Epiphany. Day of infamy. I lost my heart.

7/13/02: I am an idiot. A fool. I made a mistake. It splits me apart. I am walking dead. A frail shard of what I should have been. The depression comes and goes, but even at my lightest I still feel the regret. At times I am incapacitated with grief. I was wrong. Oh, god, I was so fucking wrong.

10/26/09: I am still my worst enemy. I keep making mistakes. I keep getting older but I don't seem to be getting any wiser. Back to square one once again. I like to think, but sometimes thinking just hurts. I have the lead role in my movie. I am the star. The only problem is that the movie turned out to be dark comedy that isn't all that funny at times. Blunder.