Ebullition: noun 1) a sudden violent outburst or display   2) the act, process, or state of boiling or bubbling up   Ebullient: adjective 1) boiling, agitated   2) characterized by ebullience   Ebullience: noun 1) the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings

Severed Head of State - 7"

Ebullition #47


Was available on 7"

Severed Head of State features an all star cast with Todd Burdette from His Hero Is Gone on guitar, Jack Conrow of Mind Control Records on vocals, Kelly from Detestation on bass, and Chris Pfeffer from Meadowlark on drums. The music is an onslaught of power that can be described as the inbred bastard of Detestation and His Hero Is Gone with a distorted beast on vocal duties. These four tracks continue the rage and fury that Severed Head of State started with their debut one sided LP that was released on Lengua Armada Records.

As a whole this 7" paints a depressing and apocalyptic picture of human life on planet Earth; a planet that is quickly becoming a giant dust ball.

"The end times approach, what will we do?" - Severed Head of State

Severed Head of State - 1998 to 2001 discography CD

Ebullition #47 CD


Was available on CD

This CD features all twenty-one tracks from the three Severed Head of State 7"s, the one sided 12" on Lengua Armada, and the Iron Columns compilation. These songs were recorded in two different sessions. The first set in March of 1998 and the second set in December of 1999. The second session was sent to Sweden to be re-mixed in April of 2001 to get an even more brutal and vicious sound. The newly mixed versions do not appear on vinyl.

Severed Head of State - No Love Lost 7"/CD

Ebullition #53


Available on CD and 7"

Three new tracks from Severed Head of State as well as a great cover of Corrosion of Conformity's "Prayer." These tracks were written and recorded in July of 2001 right before their last U.S. tour. Brutal, ugly, and dark.

No Love Lost is available on CD and 7". Both formats are being sold for the exact same price. So the CD should not cost more than a normal 7" from Ebullition. The packaging is identical for both formats. Please note that the 7" version is now sold out.

These four tracks are not included on the 1998 to 2001 discography CD, but as of 8/15/03 the 1998 to 2001 discography CD comes packaged with a copy of the No Love Lost CD.