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Portraits of Past - Discography CD

Ebullition #32 CD

Finally available. Portraits of Past existed between 1994 and 1995.

The Portraits of Past discography includes their LP, their split 7" with Bleed, their track from the XXX comp LP/CD, as well as 5 live tracks from 1995. Unfortunately, their track from the Stealing the Pocket LP compilation has been lost.

Portraits of Past - 01010101 LP

Ebullition #32 (original cover)

Ebullition #32 (hand screened cover)

Was available on LP


The first pressing of this LP with the original cover is now sold out.

The hand screened cover version is also sold out.

This eight song LP was not an immediate success. When it first came out it was way ahead of its time and the LP didn't really start to sell until many years after the band had broken up.

At one point the LP completely stopped selling. In fact, it was selling so poorly that we recycled all the left over inserts and covers as it appeared that no one was really interested in Portraits of Past. This turned out to be a mistake. A few years later interest in the band exploded and we started to sell a lot of LPs. So many in fact that the LP was repressed, but the original covers and cover art were no longer available. So we ended up making these hand screened versions.

Portraits of Past started out as a screamo band, and their debut split 7" with Bleed captured that sound. But the LP was much more controlled and refined. It has a moody almost sad feel to it that is quite captivating.

Portraits of Past/Bleed - split 7"

Ebullition #19


Was available on 7"

This split 7" was the first vinyl release for both Portraits of Past and Bleed. Both bands were playing an aggressive style of screamo hardcore, though at the time no one called it that.

Members of Portraits of Past went on to be in both the Vue and Funeral Diner.

Portraits of Past - discography:
Portraits of Past - discography CD
Portraits of Past/Bleed - split 7"
Portraits of Past - 010101010 LP
1 song on the Stealing the Pocket comp LP
1 song on the XXX comp LP/CD

Portraits of Past: web site