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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 5/13/17

LIFE'S BLOOD - Hardcore A.D. 1988 LP/CD/tape cassette
LIFE'S BLOOD were a legendary short lived band from New York City. Formed in 1987, LIFE'S BLOOD Played 20 shows and recorded 2 radio shows, a demo at Don Fury and one 7" called "Defiance" that was released on Combined Effort Records, and they also appeared on the seminal "NEW BREED" tape comp in 1988. In these short 14 months as a band they left an indelible mark on the history of hardcore punk, as their sharp, earnest, and challenging lyrics backed with remarkably sturdy, dissonant and distorted hardcore songs emerged at a time where the focus of underground hardcore had been blurred by commercialism, crossover and violence. "HARDCORE A.D. 1988" collects 27 songs from their "Defiance" 7", demo tape, compilation tracks, their post humous split 7" with STICKS AND STONES, WFMU and WNYU recordings and live tracks with new liner notes from guittarist Adam Nathanson, extensive band notes compiled by bassist Neil Burke with extensive photos and flyers. Mastered at George Horn mastering, with packaging designed by Jack Barfield at Neolithic Print Cartel. The LP comes in a Stoughton tip on gatefold with a 11x22" insert and download card. The CD version comes with a 16 page booklet. This is the first time LIFE's BLOOD's material has been officially available in almost two decades. After LIFE'S BLOOD dissolved guitarist Adam Nathanson formed BORN AGAINST, bassist Neil Burke was in the initial line up of BORN AGAINST as well as MENACE DEMENT, SINKING BODY and MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT, drummer Jon Kricksciun and final LIFE'S BLOOD singer Sean Murphy played in COLLAPSE, and original vocalist Jason O'Toole recently sang for MY RIFLE. CD not exportable to Japan. (Prank Records #150)

THE NURSE - Discography 1983 to 1984 LP
Back in 1983 Tokyo's NURSE released what probably is the first Japanese all female hardcore record on the cult label Incest Records (INC-002). A red 7" Flexi which showed 4 innocent looking girls on the cover but displayed an unheard amount of ferocious hard hitting hardcore punk on the 8 songs Flexi produced by Baki of EXECUTE/ GASTUNK. The Following year the almighty ADK Records added them to their roaster releasing a 5 track EP (ADK-13E ) produced by label owner Tam of TYPHUS/ STALIN fame. The speed went down a notch but the rawness and aggression was still there. Sadly that record marked the end of NURSE's recording career. Had they released an LP they'll be heralded as highly as COMES which usually is the first band that comes to mind to most people when thinking of female fronted Japanese bands. After years of their recordings been deleted on vinyl, both singles becoming absolute staples on any Japanese punk want list and the band's underground following growing, La Vida Es Un Mus decided to repress both 7"s on a heavy weight LP to make sure a new generation discover the excellence of one of the all time great under rated bands. (La Vida Es Un Mus #111)

ULTRA - Mistica Moderna 7"
Ultra are a raging anarchist Barcelona band made up of half Absurdo and half Anarquia Vertical members. Their second EP is a 7 tracker full of short, intense and pissed off fireballs. It's chaotic but well played and recorded and hints at the Golden age of European hardcore mixed with Heresy and Crucifix. Mística Moderna comes housed in a 300 gsm pocket sleeve with 2 inserts and download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #143)

NO FAITH - Force Subservience LP with download code
Members of DISCORDANCE AXIS, DEMON BROTHER and VACCINE combine forces on 'Forced Subservience', a constant hammering heart of power violence bursting from inside a wall of harsh power electronics. An unstoppable mix of fury, vitriol, sound and scum for the modern era of world failure. This LP, their second, primarily serves to expose the corruption of war and the abuses of authority society has come to accept as commonplace. Its a sad state of affairs today. The alarms are sounding... Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. (Iron Lung Records #94) DAUDYFLIN - Ofbeldi LP with download code
Absolutely furious Icelandic hardcore punk. And for you non-natives the title Ofbeldi translates to Violence which is a very appropriate description of the sounds you'll find here. Twisting dagger fuzz guitar, murder-chorused bass, brass knuckle beats and vocals that melt a body down like an acid bath. A real mean ear fucker. Touring the US in July 2017 so watch out for that!! (Iron Lung Records #96)

ELDER - Reflections of a Floating World LPx2/CD/tape cassette
Band members and friends Nick DiSalvo, Jack Donovan and Matt Couto already dismissed any last remains of stoner metal stereotypes on "Lore" (2015). Their current album, which was written following the long and acclaimed Lore tour in moments of intense creativity, is a journey into prog rock and psychedelic worlds. Six monumental songs, huge in sound, each of them their own cosmic expedition. What begins as driving mid-tempo rock filled with heavy guitar riffs repeatedly erupts into melodic tangents and clever variations. The high demands that DiSalvo places on his own songwriting seem to become more unfettered from minute to minute - as does the pleasure of listening to him. Guest musicians Michael Samos and Mike Risberg have added additional guitars, pedal steel and keyboards to the trio, making Elder's sound more voluminous than ever, and the influences found here range from 70s prog dinosaurs such as Yes, King Crimson or Pink Floyd to their kindred spirits in the European psychedelic and space rock scenes. And it is of course a cliché, but Elder bring their own organism to life from all these influences. Elder will tour Europe in July and August 2017, followed by a USA tour in the fall. (Armageddon Shop #10)

SALIGIA - The New Innocence 10"
Germany's Saligia features folks that have been pioneering the emoviolence sound from the beginning. Members of Republic of Dreams, Lentic Waters, Resurrectionists, Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, and many others bring you a new dose of swirling intense emo-violent chaos with powerful screamed vocals, meaningful and important lyrics, and enough Chaos is Me era Orchid influence to please us punks that want our emo foul and furious and intent on smashing all oppression. Fight back. (IFB Records #16)

NERVE GRIND - Years Of Shit 7"
This Los Angeles outfit knows that if you have the word grind in your band name, you've got to bring it. Not only do NERVE GRIND do just that, they are completely unapologetic about it. From the second the needle drops on their new 7" YEARS OF SHIT, things get straight to the point of the matter. A raging symphony of blast beats and visceral dual vocal attack, accompanied by a barrage of mosh pit inducing riffing that will more than satisfy any and all grind fiends out there. And, is a perfect blueprint for those new to the genre. With a production that is both crystal clear sonically, and captures the raw energy that makes NERVE GRIND a force to be reckoned with in today's scene, YEARS OF SHIT is a must have for any fan of true grindcore. (Agromosh Records #44)

Kaleidoscope are a rare group, having continually evolved and expanded in form since their inception. Volume 3 marks the first Kaleidoscope release of 2017, a masterfully crafted follow-up to several cassette releases on their own D4MT Labs imprint and a 7" EP on Katorga Works. Since then, the three members of Kaleidoscope have taken up residency in a shared Brooklyn apartment and basement studio. In doing so, their collective spirit of creativity and resourcefulness has risen to an all-time high. The six tracks on Volume 3 serve as a testament to the group's unique and unwavering commitment to an original sound - one that is undoubtedly crafted with a well-refined taste for international punk and hardcore, but also embraces experimentation. Engineered entirely in the group's home studio and layered with original samples, overdubs, and guest instrumentation from an ensemble of friends. The end result is simple - a highly impressive production that commands repeat listening. (Feel It Records #11)

The debut release from Brooklyn's newest grinding offensive from former members of Water Torture. A blistering onslaught of chemically induced paranoia and the resentment of a deranged mind trapped in the complex web of this corroding modern reality. When Water Torture abruptly and unceremoniously called an end to the band in 2015, members locked themselves away and set to work reconstructing this abomination, an accelerated beast that delves even deeper into the mania of their previous work of noise and emotional instability. (Nerve Altar Records #30)

DYSRHYTHMIA - Test of Submission LP
Sixth full length album from prominent long running instrumental prog wizards. Already going on a decade-plus career, Dysrhythmia were one of the first prominent bands to bring awareness to the instrumental progressive metal movement in America, setting new standards and helping to create a new movement within extreme metal all on their own. In more recent years, members have gained world wide recognition for their memberships in bands such as Gorgets, Krallice, Sabbath Assembly, Withered, Behold The Arctopus as well as bassist Colin Marston's renowned studio production skills in the metal scene. (Nerve Altar Records #5)

Descriptions for 5/6/17

DS13 - Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget? LP
Repress of DS-13's glorious debut album from 1999. Now remastered and with new artwork. For the uninitiated, DS-13 were/are from Umea, Sweden and played/play raging hardcore. The band did break up in 2002, hence the past tense but then started playing a few random shows a couple years ago. Shows went well, the band had fun and next thing you know, they do an East Coast tour of the US in 2016 and now have a West Coast tour scheduled in April 2017. Definitely one of the better bands from the Y2K thrashcore period. (Deranged Records #1)

PRESSING ON - Future 7"
Portland's PRESSING ON returns with 4 new tracks of pissed and belligerent hardcore. More of the same anthemic and defiant sound as their earlier 12", reminiscent of bands from Memphis in the late 90's/early 2000's such as Copout, Deathreat and Talk is Poison. Includes download code. (Deranged Records #299)

LEISURE WORLD - Paper Thin Community 7"
Four new tracks of noisy hardcore. Mix of Born Against & Pissed Jeans. Great cover art by Abraham Diaz to boot. His a review from their demo which I think are pretty spot on and apply nicely for this 7" EP. "Leisure World play a really interesting style that kind of straddles the line between hardcore and noise rock. Listening to their music I'm reminded of how much of the whole noise rock / AmRep aesthetic is rooted in the later Black Flag stuff. While it's apparent that Leisure World have listened to more than their fair share of records like Loose Nut and In My Head, they go for something much thicker and denser than those later Black Flag records and they arrive at something that reminds me a lot of modern noise rock-influenced bands like Pissed Jeans. So, if the idea a very 'Flag-influenced Pissed Jeans piques your imagination I'd highly recommend this one... it's well-recorded, powerfully performed, and has more music on it than most punk full-lengths these days." - SORRY STATE (Deranged Records #303)

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #409 (June 2017)
Our June issue of Maximum Rocknroll, #409, is here! We have an oral history of the infamous SF venue/record store, Thrillhouse, followed by psychedelic young New Yorkers KALEIDOSCOPE, perspective on punk after disaster in Fukushima, Japan from BAND OF ACCUSE, Montreal outfit GAZM, an interview with the founder of Break Free Fest from Philly, and Sheffield synth punks NACHTHEXEN, plus an interview with Irish punk legends PROTEX. We've also got photo spreads from Damaged City, and Everything is Not OK III. All this plus the columns, zine, book, film, and record reviews you know and love. Order yours today! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #409)

To Live A Lie Records started more than ten years ago with a split 7" consisting of an old West Coast powerviolence band whose first release dated back to 1995 and a newer generation band who had been directly influenced by the other one. Fast forward ten years and we are here presenting you with a split of a similar nature and just as much aggression and ferocity. To Live A Lie humbly presents a split between one of the most important and continually relevant powerviolence bands today, DESPISE YOU, and DC's furious straight-edge blast-laiden hardcore punk outfit, COKE BUST. It is an honor to put two of my favorite bands on a slab of vinyl together. (To Live A Lie Records #130)

Brand new two song 7" from Portland's Bellicose Minds. (Blackwater Records #62)

TENEMENT - Music Composed For The Motion Picture PROXY LP
A meandering guide, the music composed for PROXY flows gracefully into and out of its gradual peaks and valleys, steadily preparing for the summit of a pensive journey with 'Closing Theme.' This is not "Blind Wink" or even the oddities of "Predatory Highlights," it's an entity aside. No 'hit' song to be found, only an experience discovered by witnessing it's entirety. An incredibly dynamic composition built on the mastery and focus of each individual auditory contribution. ''It's odd, isolated, skittish, and can't be pinned down to a single tone or feeling.'' - Eric Schuman; director/writer of PROXY. 300 copies in a full color gatefold jacket with stills from the film, photos of the artists and notes from the director. Black vinyl. (Malokul Records #14)

Let's start with METH LEPPARD. This Adelaide, Australia 2 piece come at you this time around with a seriously well rounded grindcore attack. Their side of this split with New Jersey band DURIAN takes its inspiration from the early days of grind and has it all, from blistering blasts, to mid-paced thrashing and classic breakdowns. METH LEPPARD is back to put on a clinic on how to put a fresh, new, powerful take on a classic sound. To the DURIAN side. This east coast outfit is a much welcomed mix of grind and powerviolence. This time around, their punk styled riffs and raw grind delivery along with some deep clawing vocals make for a potent mixture indeed. Their unique sound will have you begging for more. And with both bands ending with covers from a couple of hero status grind legends, this 7" has everything good about grind from past as well as present. (Agromosh Records #45)

Michigan's CLOUD RAT and Nottingham's MOLOCH cross the Atlantic with a new split to be released on April 10, 2017 through Halo of Flies (US) and Feast of Tentacles (EU). This grind vs sludge LP is the first of many Cloud Rat releases for 2017, blistering grindcore with a few surprises in store. Moloch comes storming back with its signature dreary sluge/doom sound. Standard full color jackets, 12" x 12" full color insert, download card. (Halo of Flies Records #99)

The first side of the split is business as usual for Cloud Rat, though perhaps a bit more frenetic. It shows us a punker side of Cloud Rat and also a more surprising side of the band. I mean, just listen to their cover of Electric Deads "Fish In A Pool," who ever would have expected Cloud Rat to come out swinging with a song that heavily features clean vocals? By the same token, Crevasse's side of things is equally insane. The rallying cry of "I hate you" on their B side opener, "Infinite Regress" speaks to the inherent madness of the band. At the same time their penchant for noise helps to make this split truly twisted. For fans of Discordance Axis/Black Flag. All on purple vinyl. Full color foldover cover. Download card. (Halo of Flies Records #98)

SYNDROMES - tape cassette
Two other bands from recent times, His Hero Is Gone and Masakari, nailed the art of the anti-melody. Now members of those bands have collided to form SYNDRØMES, an NYC-based crew that deals in anthemic hardcore, crust, D-beat and more. Beneath the growl-barks and occasional ambient intros, you'll find dark, minor chords and leads that play out like a Mahler or Mussorgsky symphony - a glimmer of light shining out of the darkness. (Halo of Flies Tapes #8 TP)

Descriptions for 4/29/17

Since emerging fully-formed at the end of 2012 Una Bestia Incontrolable have opened up a place for themselves among the very best hardcore-punk bands in the world. International hardcore is in rude health at the moment but while some indulge in enjoyable well-crafted genre exercises, a crushing mosh-part here, a studied d-beat there, UBI have developed a sound that's compelling and punk, but clearly apart from the autophagic morass that is often punk in the internet age. Much of "Metamorfosi" finds itself as a series of shifting hypnotic pulses rolling into each other. Bass and drums chug onwards, a swirling erratic heartbeat, an oncoming force, a nagging buzz and rumble tickling your hindbrain just on the murky borders of conscious thought, as the guitar scritches and scratches with grubby panic, insistent catchy riffs needling and dragged out like stuckthought phrases, daggersharp licks shimmying forth in the sinister thrum. The album comes in a full colour sleeve with lyric insert designed by guitarrist Guillem El Muro and includes download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #137)

OPEN CITY - Ten Contemporary Hymns LP
Open City's self-titled debut full-length is ten songs of hardcore punk for this modern world, indebted in sonics and in ideology to forebears on labels like Dischord, Gravity and Kill Rock Stars. You ought to think Ignition, think John Henry West, think Universal Order Of Armageddon. The Philadelphia band is of Dan Yemin of Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, Andy Nelson of Paint It Black and Ceremony, Chris Wilson of Ted Leo/Pharmacists and Titus Andronicus and Rachel Rubino of Bridge And Tunnel and Worriers, and their collective decades spent helping to shape underground punk are quickly apparent across these ten tracks which showcase an intensity and musicality in increasingly short supply. Recorded at Studio 4 by Will Yip (Title Fight, Turnstile, NOTHING) and released on the band's own label, Open City arrives to the world fully formed and defiantly self-reliant. (This Is Open City Records #1)

Formed in the autumn of 1989, Pandemonium emerged from the same burgeoning Polish metal scene that spawned the likes of such greats as Kat, Vader, Imperator, Christ Agony, and Taranis. However, the sound that Pandemonium adopted was unlike that of any active bands at the time in their home country. Instead, it bore a much greater resemblance to a few core Western European acts. Most notable among these perceptible influences were their Swiss contemporaries, Samael, and, to a somewhat lesser degree, Obituary, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. Although Pandemonium's impact was not fully realized until the release of its debut album in 1994, "Devilri" is the recording that laid its foundation and thus strongly merits a revisit some twenty-five years after it was first unleashed. (Nuclear War Now Records #345)

ANTI SYSTEM - At What Price Is Freedom LP (CD included)
Anti-System is a legendary British Anarcho punk band. Formed in Bradford in 1981 , the band recorded a demo whose tracks found their way onto a Pax Records compilation. Their debut release was the five-track 'Defence of the Realm' EP issued in 1983, which was followed (on Reconciliation Records after the closure of Pax Records) with the 'No Laughing Matter' album in 1985 and the 12" 'A Look at Life' EP in 1986. The band reformed in 2014 and now here, 30 years on from "A Look At Life" comes the first new ANTI SYSTEM release in a generation! "AT WHAT PRICE IS FREEDOM?" is a stunning 5 track, 20 minute EP including the exceptional, nearly 8 minutes long title track, plus two other great new tracks and two blistering re-recordings of tracks that featured on the "No Laughing Matter" LP. Its quite a statement of intent to mark the return of this band! Available as a limited edition 12" vinyl with CD included of all tracks, or stand alone CD release. (Boss Tuneage Records #110)

ANTI SYSTEM - At What Price Is Freedom CD
Anti-System is a legendary British Anarcho punk band. Formed in Bradford in 1981 , the band recorded a demo whose tracks found their way onto a Pax Records compilation. Their debut release was the five-track 'Defence of the Realm' EP issued in 1983, which was followed (on Reconciliation Records after the closure of Pax Records) with the 'No Laughing Matter' album in 1985 and the 12" 'A Look at Life' EP in 1986. The band reformed in 2014 and now here, 30 years on from "A Look At Life" comes the first new ANTI SYSTEM release in a generation! "AT WHAT PRICE IS FREEDOM?" is a stunning 5 track, 20 minute EP including the exceptional, nearly 8 minutes long title track, plus two other great new tracks and two blistering re-recordings of tracks that featured on the "No Laughing Matter" LP. Its quite a statement of intent to mark the return of this band! Available as a limited edition 12" vinyl with CD included of all tracks, or stand alone CD release. (Boss Tuneage Records #110 CD)

Blistering hardcore from a super group of sorts featuring Chris Bickle (Ex - IN/HUMANITY, GUYANA PUNCHLINE), Steve Kosiba (Ex - ASSUCK, SCROTUM GRINDER), B. Rousse (Ex - END OF THE CENTURY PARTY, JUD JUD, SCHOLASTIC DETH, Current - NO STATIC, REPLICA, CONQUEST FOR DEATH), and Milton Chapman (Ex - HANKSHAW, SCROTUM GRINDER). (Tsuguri/Yage Records Records #2.5

RAD and CROISSANTS show two sides of Sacramento punk rock on their new split 7". Thrash-veterans RAD attack with the fury of a honey badger denied snacks. Their Necros cum Black Flag implosion rips along, fronted by the vocal bite of Lory Gil, and Charles Albright's killer wails. With one previous EP, and three cassettes, this split is RAD's first since their very well received 2013 LP Loud & Fast. Recorded by Ted Angel. If RAD is inspired by Los Angeles' early 80s slam pit, CROISSANTS sounds like they'd rather be hanging out on Beach Blvd. The band throws pop pitches to heroes Red Kross and the Simpletones with razor guitars, fuzz, and beer-in-the-sun melodies. When the buzz wears off, a lazy anger builds. Adored in their hometown of Sac, the Croissants have found ears elsewhere through records on Asian Man and Hella Mad. Recorded by Chris Sabatoni and Ted Angel. (Sacramento Records #29)

OTZI - Gong Show/Sunbeam 7"
This Oakland trio puts forth a powerful goth/post-punk sound that listens like a guiding light in a dark dream. "Gong Show" is the slightly more fuzzy and upbeat of the two, while "Sunbeam" is a more morose reliving of bad memories. Both songs are well-crafted, with the two main vocalists trading off and interweaving their distinctive voices with each other and the rest of the music in majestic and captivating ways. "Juju"-era SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES, along with elements of the CHAMELEONS, are decent starting points, but these songs are truly OTZI's own creations. (Long Way To Go Records #1)

MARRON - Terrenos LP
Hardcore from the heart with a critical mind. "Terrenos" is the second LP from Marrón and they are quite simply one of the better and more important hardcore bands to come out of California in the past few years. Musically, they will hit the sweet spot for those that love Dischord and Revolution Summer-era bands. Being. Marrón are also one of the more thoughtful bands when it comes to lyric writing as they stray away from "catch phrase" lyrics that so many other bands tend to overuse. Just read the words to "Lumbre" or "Reflect" and see for yourself. Overall, this record is a breath of fresh air and highly recommended. For those keeping track, this band has members of Descarados, Tragatelo, Esperanza, and Mugre. (Verdugo Discos #13)

AUSENCIA - Cuantas Vidas 7"
This is the second EP from L.A.'s AUSENCIA and they follow up their first EP with more great melodic Spanish-language punk. This record has a wide sonic range from classic punk like ESKORBUTO or even 80s Oi! The track "Mi Corazon Lloro" will transport you to the archetypical power pop sound. The unfiying thread, however, remains the tight melodies and rhythm that has defined AUSENCIA's sound. (Verdugo Discos #14)

CADENAXO - Belleza Mexicana 7"
Cadenaxo are one of the most exciting current hardcore bands from Mexico. They have been compared to some classic 80s USHC bands like SSD, Negative Approach, and S.O.A. but if throw in some classic Mexican bands into that mix like Sedicion or Herejia and you will have Cadenaxo. This is a definite must-have for those of you that enjoy hardcore. (Verdugo Discos #12)

Stripped-down and catchy raw punk from Southern California. Prision Postumo border on a sound reminiscent to early 80s Iberian Peninsula punk bands like MCD or VOMITO. With current and former members of Tozcos and Damages, you know this is top notch punk rock. Pop this on your turntable and you'll be pogoing around the streets singing along in no time. (Verdugo Discos #7)

FUTURA - Demo tape cassette
Demo tape by new L.A. punk band Futura. Four tracks of classic female-fronted punk in the vein of Vice Squad, The Expelled, and other similar UK82-era bands. For those familiar with Fumigados you may notice Erika's distinct vocals... this time screaming words in English with the same ferocity as in Fumigados. Great first tape by Futura --- classic and catchy punk. (Verdugo Discos #16)

WRANGLER BRUTES - Denver 10/08/04 Live cassette tape
Fourteen song full live set by WRANGLER BRUTES (members of BORN AGAINST, UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON, NAZTI SKINZ, etc). 'Professionally' recorded by Permanent Record Studios in 2004 while the band toured on the then just released 'Zulu' LP (Kill Rock Stars). Includes covers by LIFE'S BLOOD and GLASS CANDY as well as 12 classic originals. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes. (25 Diamonds Records #26 TP)

ATAXXIA - 4 song 7"
Debut vinyl release by this Minneapolis band with members of VARIX, MIND CONTROL, SCAPHE, etc. 'Searing Scandinavian-influenced hardcore punk.' 300 copies pressed with multiple colored, hand screened covers and killer artwork throughout by Emily Styles. (25 Diamonds Records #24)

XYLITOL - Demo 7"
First proper vinyl release from Olympia, WA's XYLITOL - this is their out of print 5 song demo on a 7". Mean, noisy hardcore punk that brings to mind classics like FILTH, DEATH WISH KIDS, etc. 300 copies pressed. Earth is hell, but we still have to live here. (25 Diamonds Records #27)

PERDITION - Not Just Another Anthology LPx2
The double LP discography from Adelaide's finest Punk/Hardcore contains all their recordings from 7" later on as 12" pressed, the "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP, and several tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape. The first LP includes the material from their "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP recorded in june 1985, the 12 tracks sounds like a bit catchy brit punk style. The 2nd LP has the tracks from the tracks from the “A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape which is recorded in 1983, the songs from the "Intoxicated" 7" EP recorded in 1984 and first time the tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape recorded in '83 on vinyl. This Discography contains also the tracks from their split LP with Vicious Circle which comes out for their US tour in 1985. The tracks from the split LP are marked. (Power It Up Records #173)

16 BLASARE UTAN HJARNA - Vi Ska Ga Till Botten Med Det Har LP
16 B.U.H. was formed in 1986 in a small Swedish town called Tranas, with members from ROVSVETT, REARESPIRATOR among others. Loken played guitar, Mange handled the vocals, Frank the drums and Jimpa, the man who coined the phrase "kang", played bass. Like so many other bands we recorded a couple of demos, were on some compilations and split-ep's and released our own 7"-ep Cirkeln är bruten 1988. We played a handful of gigs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and also did some small touring going by interrail '88 and '92 when we played Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. Money got lost, guitar was stolen, sleep was missing, drinking wasn't. All in all, chaotic but fun. It's punkrock, right!? On the second tour to Switzerland we were joined by Fredde, the younger brother of Mange, on guitar. Anyway the band ceased to be in the mid 90's but did play one reunion show in our hometown Tranås 2004. The stuff you're about to listen to was recorded in '89 (same era like Mob 47, G-Anx, Filthy Christians, Kazjurol) and was supposed to be our first lp. Raging mad Swedish hardcore punk from the archives, blistering fast with lethal melody and shouted angered vocals. For various reasons it was never released. But here we are, well into the 21st century, and the songs will finally be released. It's the last thing you'll hear from us but it's actually the first enjoy! (Power It Up Records #244)

VICIOUS CIRCLE - Rhyme With reason/Into the Void LPx2
The second part from the Vicious Circle Discography contains their LP three and four on double LP. The first LP is "Rhyme with reason" original released in 1987 on Manic Ear Records, 13 tracks of fine powerful hardcore similar to early discharge material, The second LP contains the material from the" Into the Void" LP recorded in 1988 13 tracks of full energy Hardcore punk. The double LP includes a 12 sided colored booklet with a lot of information's around this era from Vicious Circle written by Paul (original singer of Vicious Circle) and a unreleased bonus track CRACKED SKULLS AND LAW REFORM! The first pressing is limited to 500 violet copies. (Power It Up Records #204)

One of the most intense bands in USA, -ENDLESS DEMISE from L.A. CA (USA) making around 5 minutes of real intense grindcore, made in the most crude way, they are making shit since almost 10 years, with VICTOR GARCIA on vocals, maybe you remember the legends EXCRUCIATING TERROR. You can be sure ENDLESS DEMISE will destroy your brain with extreme musick! The flipside is made by PODRIDO, the Mexican outfit mixing PUNK, GRINDCORE & POWERVIOLENCE... to 5 hatesongs full of rending sounds, a screaming voices with all power in the vein of bands like HELLNATION, SUPPRESSION, ROT or DISRUPT, no more words to explain you about this great band, just listen it and they will shot your head as soon as you listen the first song. (Power It Up Records #239)

The Arson Project playing crushing political hardcore/grind in the similar vein of bands like Cursed, Dead in the Dirt, His Hero is Gone and Masakari. Insanely pissed off vocals, ultra-heavy downtuned guitars and energetic drums that relentlessly will pound your body to shit, in songs that sometimes may vary from raging dbeat and blasting speeds, to moments of total sludge-doom-apocalypse. Nine years after their debut MCD "Blood and Locust" also on POWER IT UP, their long-awaited full length DISGUST' which will be released on 6th of April, is recorded together with William Blackmon (Victims, Gadget) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, Nails, Weekend Nachos, Magrudergrind etc) in the legendary Audiosiege studio in Portland, USA. (Power It Up Records #249 CD)

VRTRA - My Bones Hold A Stillness LP
Hailed by many as one of the greatest debuts of 2016 - over thirty minutes of completely abhorrent blackened death-doom chaos, VRTRA have crated an opera of abysmal imagination and of fathomless destructiveness, in which the primordial extreme metal fire of behemoths like Dead Congregation, Diocletian, and Deasphell Omega is blown out of control by the swelling and foreboding atmospheres of bands like Neurosis, Unearthly Trance, Altar of Plagues, and Blut Aus Nord. Recorded at Earthtone Studios in Sacramento, CA by Pat Hills, mixed at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA by Greg Wilkinson, and mastered at Audiosiege in Portland, OR by Brad Boatright. Artwork and layout by View From The Coffin. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #26)

Release description and info: The final album for this mysterious Italian darkwave/neocrust/black-doom enigma. An ulterior step the band has taken toward an unfathomable abyss, shaped once again by the band's signature strain of agonizing, shoegazy crust and haunting post-punk, interwoven with dismal dark wave dirges, towering black/doom passages, and martial industrial tapestries. A doomed sonic shrine of crestfallen dark punk-metal magnificence where the core essence of bands like Planks, His Hero Is Gone, Godflesh/Jesu, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Neurosis, Amebix, and Altar of Plagues sublimate into the arms of omnipotent gloom. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #31)

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER (CEKE) - Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside cassette tape
The triumphant reawakening of San Francisco's masters of behemoth ritualistic darkness, incarnated as a brand new and massive sixty minute full length album in digital and cassette tape formats. Within "Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside" bone, antler, and voice produce connective threads between the worlds, as guitar and percussion punctuate shifts in mood. Voices call to the spirits, and the spirits call back in return. Recorded in 2016 during four private, collective only rituals, the pieces pull the listener through the darkest and most overgrown trails of the blackest forest. Monumental and horizonless ritualistic black ambience for fans of Sunn O))), Halo Manash, Wardruna, Arvo Part, and Lustmord. Vocal visitations by A.C. Way of Sutekh Hexen on track 3 "Litha". (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #39 TP)

COCK SPARRER - Every Step Of The Way 7" (colored vinyl)
This single for "Every Step Of The Way" is a prelude and teaser for the upcoming full-length "Forever." In the spirit of this band that has made such an impact on so many people for such a long time, this single rings out with the clarity and truth that Cock Sparrer is so well-renowned for. Other than the improved production quality, this soon- to-be crowd favorite could have been a lost track off "Shock Troops" or one of their other classic albums. 7" includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #176)

COCK SPARRER - Forever LP/CD/Cassette tape
For many, this band needs no introduction, as they are indeed legends in a vibrant scene stretching across the world. This full-length, their sixth, in 45 years as a band, truly exemplifies how incredible and how special this band is. One would assume that this is the last full-length that we will see from these legends; and a fitting one it is indeed. Vinyl version includes digital download. CD version includes four additional tracks. (Pirates Press Records #172)

Finally, these Bay Area, CA bovver boys are set to dish out more than a two-song single with this six-song 12"ep. Five new songs in addition to a new studio version of last years hit "Berlin Or Bust" make up this 12"ep that picks up where the previous five singles leave off and then some. Adding to their trademark sound, influenced by '70s glam and rock 'n' roll (AC/DC, Small Faces) as much as '80s punk and oi (The Business, Last Resort), there is even a hint of some pub rock (Bishops, Third World War) on this record. 12"ep includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #169)

LION'S LAW - From The Storm LP
Since their first show in a Paris squat on a hot summer night in 2012, Lion's Law has established themselves as one of the top skinhead/oi bands around. With "From The Storm" being their third full-length album, Lion's Law is in absolute top-form, bursting out anthem after anthem with their best work to date. This album is stronger and tighter, and the band delivers a true powerhouse performance - an absolute sing-along from start to finish. LP includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #160)

WOLFBRIGADE - Run With The Hunted LP
Swedish crust legends Wolfbrigade return to claim their throne with more raw D-beat, melodic guitar licks without losing intensity or brutality. They continue to pioneer the genre they came to define over the span of many years and LPs. New from Southern Lord Records. (Southern Lord #238)

GORILLA BISCUITS - Start Today cassette tape
Gorilla Biscuits' "Start Today" is one of the most influential records in hardcore. Hailing from NYC, Gorilla Biscuits carved a niche within the NY hardcore scene. Blending the aggression and energy of bands like Agnostic Front with a sense of melody likened to Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits still stands as a unique reference point for many hardcore bands that have come after them. Now available again on cassette. (Revelation Records #12)

(restock) MARRON - s/t LP
Hailing from the center and the sprawl of Southern California, MARRON takes its chief inspiration from the area's highly racialized landscape of inequity, tragedy, and beauty. But while SoCal is the home, DC hardcore rings throughout the chords, and these veteran members of bands such as ESPERANZA, MUGRE, and DESCARADOS bring a new kind of fire to their emotive sound. Owing as much influence to bands like SWIZ as to the political writings of ALBERT MEMMI, MARRON brings a new wave of sound and race-critical perspectives to punk and hardcore that will make you want to dance and decolonize! However, you will need none of these references to be moved by the music contained in this record. Includes download in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. (Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records #54)

(repressed!) CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile LP
An undisputed Classic. Cryptopsy's legendary 2nd offering is widely regarded as the bands best and most important work. "None So Vile" see the classic Cryptopsy lineup coming together and reaching a definite climax. Sheer insanity behind the kit from drum virtuoso Flo Mounier, shred / tremolo speed guitars visibly tinged with classical elements and delivering unmistakeable 'hooks' (yes, that's right hooks), madly ordered arpeggio solo sections, and the sickeningly artful gutter screams of the one and only Lord Worm. This album has no equal, and many would claim that the release of None So Vile saw death metal reach it's peak. (War on Music #38)

Descriptions for 4/22/17

ROHT - s/t 7" (with download)
Stomping isolationist noise punk with a raging undercurrent of industry and primitivism from Reykjavik. This new ep, their first, shows a much noisier and angrier side of what was once an industrial solo project. All sung in Icelandic. Along with Dauoyflin, these folks are fostering a cold hardcore outsider vibe in a place that has had a rich tradition of punk/pop that's not widely known for it. A truly exciting discovery. Never under estimate the remote reaches of our community, you'll be zapped every time. 500 copies of heavy duty lacquer mastered black vinyl and glued pocket sleeve with art by Porir Georg sit inside a hand embossed sealed envelope. A pure record. (Iron Lung Records #89)

MOZART - Nasty 7" (with download)
A wild, petulant, anti-social mess of an ep. 'Zart's signature brand of noisy hardcore punk brings to mind an angrier TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS or a more female, more unhinged URINALS with that same energy/approach that the 80's Italian HC scene had. That barbed wire fire burns bright here. This shit is just plain crazy. And we love it! Six songs of raw dynamite on excellent hand stamped black vinyl each housed in a hand-painted jacket. All 100% unique. A pure record. (Iron Lung Records #92)

BEHAVIOR - Bitter Bitter LP (with download)
'Bitter Bitter' was written and recorded in Los Angeles early last fall, just before the latest drought broke, and just before a cynical national election made the ongoing arrangement very plain. It's a simple music, crafted according to a shifting ad hoc agreement between three friends who try and share the labor, who borrow promiscuously from whatever finds them, who try and garner enough space to intuit a next stumbling move in restless hopscotch across a pop music tradition that has tallied an unlivable inheritance of promises. There's a desire for tension, a desire for fraudulent postures, a desire for drama and its perverse digressions. The song is traversed by other songs, the voice is traversed by other voices, the singer never held the title to their own tongue-nosing uninvited into darkened houses for what's ripe and fermenting. The title of the record is a translation of the name given to the ocean on a Babylonian map thought to be the oldest depiction of the world. The cover is a mask of swatches. A shroud of ribbons. Bitter Bitter is an imprint and an agitation, wrapped like a circus in an exterminator's tent. Countless fluttering images hoisted like flags above countless shrinking islands in a rising sea. Contempt, mercy, grief and good will. Is it a timely attitude? (Iron Lung Records #93)

COLD SWEAT - Blinded LP (with download)
Remastered. Hugely influential and genre defining trashy hardcore punk from these Washington weirdos. With influences like Gauze, No Comment, Coltrane, Sabbath and Siege as a starting point, Cold Sweat set out to write the ultimate truth. And so they did. "Blinded" is a taut, 20 minute wire ready to snap, whip and scar. Stand clear. Better yet, stand in the way and feel what you have been missing since it's posthumous release in 2004. Newly remastered in 2017 to sound as the band originally intended and housed in a heavy duty tip-on sleeve to last the ages. 12 songs of pure hardcore. (Iron Lung Records #95)

BAD BREEDING - Divide LP (with download)
Bad Breeding from Stevenage return with their second LP in less than a year. In that time the world has become a melting pot of hate, absurdity and on the brink of destruction and Bad Breeding have made a record that sums up these dark, dense and claustrophobic times. Once again the relentless rhythm section drives the sound with guitar work that is squealing and immense alongside vocals that spit bile and razor-sharp lyrics. Standouts include The More the Merrier - which sounds like prime Icons of Filth from 1985 whilst last track Endless Impossibility is a five-minute-plus dirge that hits hard like Killing Joke but with more noise and chaos. On Divide Bad Breeding have upped the intensity and made an even stronger album. Rather than being self-released, they have now joined La Vida Es un Mus in Europe and Iron Lung in the States. (Iron Lung Records #104)

RAKTA - Rakta At KEXP tape cassette
During the epic U.S. leg of the tour they did in 2016 promoting the 'III' album they stopped in at Seattle's KEXP to record a live radio set. It came out phenomenally so, with the cooperation with the station executives, we put it on a cassette for you to enjoy. Pro printed and masterized to perfection. Limited to 200 copies. (Iron Lung Records #106)

HOLOCAUSTO - War Metal Massacre LP
It is extremely rare that a band is able to recapture a sound that it first established over thirty years ago but then lost in the process of its evolution on later recordings. With its original lineup in the mid-1980s, Holocausto was instrumental in the development of the unique strain of black metal that emerged from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil at that time. Known as the original "deathcore" to the most seasoned veterans of that scene and those who have come to understand it from a historical perspective, this variety of metal shares nothing in common with the abomination that the term has come to more typically represent in the present day. Instead, it is the savage brand of black metal, primarily popularized by the infamous Sarcofago, which repeatedly pushes itself to the brink of total musical disintegration before somehow managing to resist its own self-annihilation. Now, three decades after the release of the essential "Warfare Noise" compilation, on which the band contributed two of its earliest songs, Holocausto triumphantly returns to its earlier pioneering sound with its original lineup. The first three songs, which comprise Side A of the LP version, are re-recordings of the "Massacre" demo track from 1985 and the two tracks first committed to tape on the "Warfare Noise" compilation from 1986. Even more importantly, the three new songs on the album confirm Holocausto's ability to have recaptured its original, feral songwriting capacity. (Nuclear War Now #324)

EASY MONEY - Collection LP
Nestled in Victoria BC, Canada a lonely mod-revival/powerpop band cut two great singles on a local record store's imprint and then faded off into obscurity. Luckily we were able to dig into the archives of this bands tape demos and find a plethora of incredibly strong demos in excellent quality. Easy Money Signed to Quintessence Records (home of Modernettes, DOA, Young Canadians, Pointed Sticks) just as the label folded were stuck with no distribution or attention anywhere but locally. They would not have been the oddball choice for inclusion on the label had things been different. The tracks compiled here with both singles released present a KILLER archive of Northwest Rock n Roll during the New Wave heyday. Think Pointed Sticks, The Heats, early Cheap Trick and hell even some of the later Kidda Band stuff when they get going. Solid stuff. (Neon Taste Records #1.EM)

Urban life promises many rewards-lies that foster complacency and addiction. In the cities where these hotbeds fester, we observe in real time how societies fail. After a period of crisis, horrifying acts are normalized. Drugs become one's identity, hype is power, ego is abuse. For the lone wolves and free thinkers disgusted by the mainstream echo chamber, they scorn the idea of getting along with self-proclaimed role models and their bland, conventional "fun." CULTURE SHOCK is a fist in the teeth of the Good Life, with an outrageous vendetta to take out the entitled parasites ruining the world. CULTURE SHOCK's debut is an unapologetic and relentless pummel of US hardcore. Each of these 10 anthems delivers a feral intensity that we've come to expect from the Denver scene. Recorded on analog tape in Denver, Colorado and mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, maniacal vocalist Geoff D. sums it up it best when he proclaims "The Pack is small, but the bite is hard!" (Youth Attack Records #96)

SIEGE drummer Robert R. Williams powers this sonic trip through some extremely heavy territory. Pink Floyd meets Flipper under a collapsing bridge, Lydia Lunch meets the Brainbombs and they take acid together, Black Sabbath meets Funkadelic while Kilslug throws empty beer bottles at them both. I file this in my collection in the "fucked up music" category, alongside Flipper, Brainbombs, Kilslug, Drunks With Guns. If SIEGE's Grim Reaper was ever to be completely extended to band status, this is it. You will either be on board for this trip, or you will not be. We are definitely on the boat. (Armageddon Shop Records #3)

MAGIC CIRCLE - s/t tape cassette
Now on cassette. Recorded in 2011 at the infamous Paincave in Massachusetts and mastered by Carl Saff who did the recent ELDER 12" we released in 2012. Drawing from classic NWOBHM and traditional metal influences, this five piece comprised of veteran local musicians (Mind Eraser, Rival Mob, Doomriders, etc) have turned out a well crafted solid as hell metal album. They've definitely done their listening homework over the years. Strong and catchy songs, heavy but not tuned down, recorded well but not overproduced, it captures the old DIY ethic of metal in the early 80's. The vocals have an almost Ozzy quality at times, solid as hell. We're totally stoked on this record! (Armageddon Shop #2)

CROOKED BANGS are from Austin, and are proud purveyors of a distinct musical form of the freakiness for which that city is so well-noted. Crooked Bangs could be described as dark punk noir, in the sense that the guitar lines are brooding and the lyrics are sung in in a smoky French/English hybrid style - but the energy and overall vibe delve deep into the a distinctive sonic playing field and atmosphere akin to early Sub Pop singles club releases. Samantha (guitarist) also has a distinct guitar style that is reminiscent of the more-innovative second-wave Crass Records bands such as Rudimentary Peni, 90's heavy-but-melodic noise rock like Babes In Toyland, and the noisier side of UK82 HC, while remaining resolutely modern and compatible with the dark garage sounds from Goner Records' stalwarts such as Lost Sounds. (Nervous Intent Records #5)

STREET EATERS are a truewave/punk band from Berkeley+Oakland, CA that has drawn a range of sonic comparisons to bands from The Ex to Masshysteri, Autoclave to Drive Like Jehu, Wipers to Burning Kitchen to KARP. After years of relentless international touring on the heels of their well-received album "Blood::Muscles::Bones" (released on Nervous Intent in the U.S./Contraszt! in Europe), the band dove deeply into their recording studio to create a new record with an expansive new vision - "The Envoy" is a concept album based on dystopian sci-fi powerhouse author Ursula K. LeGuin's books "The Dispossessed" and "Left Hand of Darkness". The songs are interspersed with instrumental interludes layering field recordings, planetary oscillations, comets, glaciers cracking, sea lions using tonal underwater sonar, a modded kids' karaoke box, heavily processed/delayed/bowed bass guitar, and more. Songs are at the heart of the album and keep the momentum and energy of the album high. The album's cover art is by Miriam Stahl, best-selling illustrator of the "Rad American Women A-Z" and "Rad Women Worldwide" books. (Nervous Intent Records #6)

HAXXAN - Loch Ness Rising LP
Although "new" in name, HAXXAN features underground legend Killjoy DeSade (Necrophagia, The Ravenous, Wurdulak, et. al.) on vocals and synth. Formed in 2011 by Killjoy and guitarist Shawn Slusarek, the duo decided to write material that had an old-school black metal vibe, citing such influences as Beherit, Archgoat, and Blasphemy with hints of Candlemass and Mercyful Fate. The duo then added bassist Jake Arnette and drummer Serge Streltsov, and soon recorded their debut album, Loch Ness Rising. Spread over 10 tracks, HAXXAN's Loch Ness Rising is conceptually based on Aleister Crowley, as Killjoy has been a life-long Crowley enthusiast. As a full-band unit, HAXXAN soon celebrate the life, works, and magick of Crowley through patiently unfolding vistas of doom and dread, eerieness and unease. Recorded at Thelema Studios and mixed/mastered by Grzegorz Kulawiak at Sin Mix Studios, Loch Ness Rising richly resonates with a pure (and purely eerie/uneasy) tone that lends these songs a unique character: undoubtedly heavy in a manner not unlike To Mega Therion-era Celtic Frost, there's likewise a ghostly aspect to its conversely crushing stomp. As expected, Killjoy delivers a peerless performance, stretching all extremes of his twisted 'n' tortured throat, almost narrating the slowly enveloping fog of unearthly horror. Taken together, Loch Ness Rising is an experience both atmospheric and caustic, bleeding black blood and drinking it from a ceremonial cup - just as Crowley would've wanted it. (Hell's Headbangers #198)

WITCHTRAP - No Anesthesia LP
2017 pressing of the long sold out LP version originally release in 2007 by Hells Headbangers. "No Anesthesia" both began WITCHTRAP's relationship with the label and soon became a fan favorite. Although still firmly within the blackthrash idiom whose resurgence they helped contribute, No Anesthesia saw the Colombian power-trio emphasize the traditional heavy metal aspects of their usually frantic 'n' furious sound. What results is a push-and-pull between merciless mania and headbanging heaven - but of course, no matter what the attack, with EVIL always at the forefront. And compared to their cult Sorceress Bitch debut, on No Anesthesia, WITCHTRAP upped the production values most respectably. So don't be a wimp - choose to go with No Anesthesia! (Hell's Headbangers #17)

TIGER JUNKIES - Green Tea Or Die 7" (green vinyl)
Originally released in 2013 on a very limited-edition picture disc, Green Tea or Die was TIGER JUNKIES' first full recording since their 2008 debut album, D-beat Street Rock n Rollers, which HELLS HEADBANGERS reissued on CD and vinyl LP in 2013 along with a couple split-release tracks. As is well known by now, TIGER JUNKIES is the unholy team-up between Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind and Abigail/Barbatos mainman Yasuyuki Suzuki. Still deadly committed to the timeless trinity of booze, sex, and nuclear metalpunk, here on Green Tea or Die, the duo lays bare their base obsessions: "Raw Sex Till Sperm," "Satanik Metal Punks," "Sex Sex Sex Pt2," and of course the title track, "Green Tie or Die." It's all the filthy, endlessly headbanging fun of their earlier work, just swiftly bashed forward across a four-song EP - it's Green Tea or Die! (Hell's Headbangers EP #83)

SCUMRIPPER - s/t 7" (colored vinyl)
Self-released digitally late last year, Scumripper is the nasty, sewage-drenched debut offering from this trio of vocalist/guitarist Rat Pitt, drummer Son Stalker, and bassist Cliff Hunger. With an MO like that, it's no surprise that SCUMRIPPER charge forward with a short 'n' swift attack of grinding metalpunk rooted in the likes of Repulsion, The Mentors, Abscess, and Autopsy's punkest moments. It's violent and vile, but also immediately memorable and mandatorily headbanging. A cursory reading of some of Scumripper's song titles - "Shit Needle Crown," "Cum Killa," "Run to the Pills," and especially "Gutter Heights" - should soundly spell out exactly where these three miscreants are coming from. Take a quick trip through the gutter with SCUMRIPPER, and await their forthcoming debut album from HELLS HEADBANGERS! (Hell's Headbangers EP #87)

BLOOD FEAST - The Future State Of Wicked LP (gatefold)
At long last, BLOOD FEAST is reborn into the metal underground with their highly anticipated third full-length album, The Future State Of Wicked, set to be released by longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS. Fans old and new will not be disappointed, as the "holy trinity" of releases from the band's early days - Kill For Pleasure (1987), the Face Fate EP (1988) and Chopping Block Blues (1990) - inform much of the new album. All the speed, brutality, and twists 'n' turns BLOOD FEAST is known for are intact and in your face (nine of the 10 songs being written by original guitarist Adam Tranquilli), yet updated with modern production. Joining Adam are vocalist Chris Natalini and bassist Tom Lorenzo, along with some new blood in Joe Moore (drums) and CJ Scioscia (guitar). BLOOD FEAST was formed by Adam Tranquilli, Gary Markowich (vocals), Kevin Kuzma (drums), and Lou Starita (bass) in 1985 as Blood Lust. They quickly wrote and recorded their classic four-song demo, The Suicidal Missions. Shortly after, they became a five-piece with the addition of Michael Basden on guitar. The band was then approached by New Renaissance Records to contribute songs to their Thrash Metal Attack ("Menacing Thunder") and Speed Metal Hell 3 ("The Suicidal Missions"). This prompted the name change to BLOOD FEAST. New Renaissance then offered a record deal, which led to the recording of the classic Kill For Pleasure album and a US tour with Death Angel. The Face Fate EP quickly followed. (Hell's Headbangers M #195)

Pressed on a GOLD disc in a deluxe fold-out inverted cross digipak! Added as a bonus track on this long-overdue reissue is the studio cover of BATHORY's "Massacre" previously only heard by close contacts of the band. At long last, a timeless classic returns: BESTIAL WARLUST's pivotal second album, Blood & Valour, now seeing release on digipack through HELLS HEADBANGERS! Originally released in 1995, Blood & Valour was the crucial follow-up to the Aussie barbarians' legendary debut album, Vengeance War 'Til Death. That debut almost singlehandedly started war metal, but it was with Blood & Valour where BESTIAL WARLUST confirmed that their "Satanic war metal" was truly a viable, lawless outback all its own and that their over-the-top violent savagery was no mere fluke. The lineup may have shifted, but the iron fist remained bloody: Blood & Valour more than lived up to its title, then and especially now. Added as a bonus track on this long-overdue reissue is the studio cover of BATHORY's "Massacre" previously only heard by close contacts of the band. SATANIC WAR METAL...BESTIAL fucking WARLUST!!! (Hell's Headbangers Records #168)

INSTED - Proud Youth 1986 to 1991 LPx2
In their five-year existence, Insted toured the States several times and developed a huge local following at home in Orange County, CA. They were one of the most prominent straight-edge bands of the late-'80s scene, playing old-school hardcore with an ultra-positive message. This retrospective is packed to capacity with every song the band ever recorded, 45 tracks in all. Now available again on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover and one additional track. Vinyl version includes digital download of the entire album as well as a 30-minute video documentary about the band and a 30-minute video of their entire set filmed at the Showcase Theater from one of their reunion shows in 2004. (Indecesion Records #59)

Sick SymptomFeatures part Dallas hardcore upstarts Jay Chary and Noah Boyce (from Modern Pain) and Ryan Hughes (from Pulled Under), and on Vocals Jay Ogden (from Let Down and Wrong Answer). ON this 4 song Demo 7" the band pull influences form all of their past bands and the outcome is a great record that reminds me of Government Warning, No Justice, And Severed Head of State. (Cointoss Records #1)

ENDS MEET - Nothing To Show 7"
This 5 piece hardcore band shares members with Warrior Prince,Violence to Fade,Revenge, and a medley of other Western Mass bands. These guys come together and managed to pump out a demo and a full length with in 2 months of being a band.Fast old school sounding hardcore in the vein of Floorpunch and DYS. (Cointoss Records #2)

SPIRITS - s/t 7"
Boston's Spirits formed form the Ashes of Bridge 9 Records Test of Time and carry on the legacy of melodic but powerful hardcore delievered with the same drive and energy of bands like Have Heart and Bane. This record has a 4 panel balck and white foldover cover with a color tranperancy on the front cover, a really cool layout. (Cointoss Records #4)

Drug Control are a straight edge band from San Diego, with members from Social Damage.This is their first 7" and is a split label release with Straight and Alert from France. These guys play a fast old school kind of hardcore like Warzone and old Agnoztic Front. (Cointoss Records #5)

The Record Collection is from Virgina Beach,VA. These guys have been playing music for along time under a different name (Thomas Mcdonald and The Record Collection) this is the first release under the name The Record Collection. This record is 4 songs of great pop rock in the vein of The Gaslight Anthem and Bruce Sprinsteen.These songs are so catchy you will not be able to get the songs out of your head. (Cointoss Records #6)

This split is between 2 very heavy bands, Venomspitter is from Richmond,VA who play a heavy hitting hardcore in the vein of Nails and Harms Way. On the other side we have DSGNS from Austin,Tx. DSGNS are a hardcore/metal band that are in the vein of Dillinger Escape PLan and Converge. (Cointoss Records #7)

Boston straight edge hardcore quintet Spirits team up wiht Virgina Beaches Die Faster for a split 7"/tape. Spirits (ex Test of Tiime) bust out a few new tracks of powerful melodic hardcore in the vein of Battery and Go It Alone, Along with a Crannberries cover song. Die Faster (Ex Ammunition/Endeavor) plays Thrashy, no frills fast hardcore for fans of American Nightmare and Tear It up. The 7" is a one time pressing of 500 and the tape is a one time pressing of 100 once they are gone they will not be repressed. (Cointoss Records #8)

Blessed The Vancouver based punk band's debut is filled with knotted riffs and crushing dynamics, as evident on lead single, "Waving Hand,". Skittering between loud and soft moments of jagged post-punk, the song's anthemic hook is dark and creepy with an infectious melody. The song's structure takes twists and turns from start to finish, with primal chord progressions pushed by complex rhythmic patterns. Play it over and over again, there's something new to discover with each listen. Recorded by Curtis Buckle of Rain City Recorders (White Lung, Japandroids, Baptists), Blessed are next in the long line of great Canadian art punk. This is on very nice one sided etched vinyl. "Blessed's sound is weird, noisy and harsh, drawing from surf, rock and post-punk in equal measure. It's if Radiohead decided to go back to playing guitars and singing actual words with a Siouxsie and the Banshees twist. It's creepy, but cool, in a way that will make you feel creepy and cool, too." (Cointoss Records #9)

THIS IS HELL - Bastards Still Remain 7" vAfter the surprise release of This is Hell's new album "Bastards Still Remain" exclusively through their bandcamp, the band has teamed up with Coin Toss Records to release the album on 7" vinyl. The record is scheduled for an early fall release with an exclusive cover for pre-orders. (Cointoss Records #10)

THE BEARER - Fiction 7"
The Bearer is a hardcore band based out of Austin,TX and is made up of seasonal musicians who play for the love of the music. They bring passion from their previous/other projects The Takeover(stillborn Records),Vetter Kids (texas is Funny),DSGNS(Pluto Records),Hundred Year Storm (Floodgate Records) and Love Begotten. Drawing also from their influences of Metal,Metalcore and Hardcore, The Bearer outs on shows full of energy and zeal. for fans of Cursed,,Bothc, and Old Wounds. (Cointoss Records #12)

EDGEWISE - Angels and Addicts 7"
Cointoss Records is proud to announce our newest EP, Angels and Addicts, from PA hardcore legends Edgewise. This blistering release, engineered and produced by Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday), combines an old school hardcore sound with relentless, grinding metal. Edgewise's first release after a 20 year hiatus, Angels and Addicts is well worth the wait. The band's current lineup features longtime Edgewise members Al Spina on vocals, Vince Spina on guitar, and Matt Tincani on bass, along with veterans Jess Goldey (My Turn to Win) on guitar and Kevin Ruggeri (Ten Foot Pole) on drums. After successfully testing their new lineup in Philly hardcore shows featuring the likes of Slapshot and Wisdom in Chains, Edgewise combined forces with seasoned producer Fred Mascherino to generate this four song EP. In a recent interview with In Effect Hardcore, Edgewise describes Angels and Addicts as a fusion of influences, drawing heavily from the late 80s - early 90s New York hardcore bands of their youth. But with lineup additions Jess Goldey and Kevin Ruggeri come new elements, including brutal, mosh inspiring breakdowns and relentless double bass on the drums. Angels and Addicts brings a unique sound that any hardcore or metal fan should check out. (Cointoss Records #13)

MAD PARADE - Gangsters 7"
Limited pressing of 500 copies (300 for retail outlets) available on red or gold vinyl. If there was ever a hall of fame for unsung punk rock heroes, Mad Parade would be the first inductee. Since 1982 this SoCal staple has been crafting some of the catchiest punk rock anthems of all time. They forged a style of punk rock that would go on to influence countless bands. These new songs keep up the tradition of "can't get them out of your head" punk anthems. Bands this good are few and far between and seldom stick around for very long. Relish the fact that in a world full of turmoil we still have a Mad Parade to lift our spirits! Record Store Day 2017 release. (Gutterwail Records #5)

(restock) MIDNIGHT - Satanic Royalty LP (with poster and colored vinyl)
Black heavy metal is the law, and MIDNIGHT subjugate all subjects with their highly anticipated debut album after nearly a decade of EPs and splits. "Satanic Royalty" is both a distillation of first-wave black metal magick and an extension into harder-rocking territories rampant with lust, filth, and sleaze. The name MIDNIGHT has been a cult one for years now, but here they prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt - bow down before their "Satanic Royalty"! Recommended for diehards of MIDNIGHT, MIDNIGHT, and MIDNIGHT: there is only MIDNIGHT! (Hell's Headbangers Records #64)

(restock) FASHIONISM - Back in the Day 7"
Hot on the heels of the Dirt Cult single 'Subculture Suicide' comes Fashionism's 4th single. Hints of Clash, Teenage Head and sped up Mod Revival. It's the kind of powerpop that made 1979 such a good year for records. Included here are songs that lament the old guard that always want to talk about how things were and an erotic ode to coffee we think? Whatever the persuasion it's a banger of a single and definitely the strongest of their output thus far. (Neon Taste Records #1)

Descriptions for 4/15/17

EXIT ORDER - Seed of Hysteria LP
Following a fantastic demo in 2013 and a flawless 7" EP in 2015 Boston's Exit Order finally grace us with a long waiting debut 12". Seed Of Hysteria is made up out of 10 perfect hardcore punk songs. With one boot firmly stuck on the Bristol punk sound of the golden era and with nods to early USA Hardcore and prime UK Peace-Punk Seed Of Hysteria is an all out sonic assault. Using the best elements of the last 30 years of international hardcore punk and turning them into short sharp bursts of energy. Heavy on the guitar chorus and with a extremely sharp vocal deliverance reminding at times of No Side era Comes the record flows with urgency and aggression. You'll have to dig hard to find a punk record as tough and tight as Seeds Of Hysteria. (Side Two Records #11)

ANARQUIA VERTICAL - Sistema Total de Liberacion LP
ANARQUIA VERTICAL's Sistema Total de Liberación aims to be the handbook of the ultranihilist revolution to come: think about Eskorbuto's "anti-todo" motto becoming not just an slogan but a full gospel in the hands of five suited-up punks. The A-side contains 10 tracks of raw 80's hardcore in the vein of Spanish and Italian traditions; think about Anti-Dogmatikss and Eskoria-Tza in one hand and Indigesti, Negazione or CCM in the other, plus some NYHC circa '82 like The Mad, Kraut and Heart Attack, some Deep Wound and tons of Void. The B-side contains a remix of all the tracks of the A-side in the form of a couple of dark electronic tracks courtesy of Hagal, of Destino Final's fame. Sistema Total de Liberación comes housed in a sleeve designed by the last great living artist, Oriol Roca who manages to capture the contents of the record flawlessly with a full colour sleeve and insert. Includes download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #142)

Recorded in 1984 for Crass Records but never released, Demo Tapes do the decent thing and release this five track lost album by five piece South London band No Defences. The album was recorded at Southern Studios with Pete Wright producing , but it was never completed. This album has been painstakingly put together and remastered from tapes taken from the studio at the time. Their sound was anything but anarcho punk - it had a strong tribal element in the rhythm section, post punk flourishes in the guitar work and lyrics that were poetic, individual and radical. The songs were often long with multiple timing changes but always with an intensity and passion. No Defences played gigs with everyone at the time from Crass to Flux of Pink Indians to Crucifix and toured with Chumbawamba and Reality Control but sounding like none of these bands. No Defences were a special band and after years and years of trying to release this album, Demo Tapes are proud to release 'Released' 33 years after it was recorded. It comes with a full size full colour booklet with photos, lyrics, archive and a full list of every gig No Defences played. (La Vida Es Un Mus/Demo Tapes #8)

RINA - Demo 7"
Rina from Mexico City play that brand of punk you can only make when you live in a third world country surrounded by people who expect you to shut up and continue living a meaningless life. This record is a celebration of the anger and hate small people feel. The same people that make things happen but are neglected and forgotten. These three chavas and one güey managed to make a record with all the characteristics that define Latinamerican hardcore punk; honesty and that unique sound where urgency and heart are above the lack of resources and any technical shit. (La Vida Es Un Mus/Cintas Pepe #9)

Think about the angrier side of early Texas or SoCal punk, with a dose of the Great Pacific Northwest (where bands can't help but sound a little bit like The Wipers). PISS TEST have also had several comparisons to Proletariat, which they weren't really going for, but don't complain about. Ex-members of Red Dons, Scott Baio Army, and Soda Pop Kids. Current members of Macho Boys. (Dirt Cult Records #103)

MASSGRAVE - The Absurdity Of Humanity LP
After a massive delay at the pressing plant , the new MASSGRAVE LP is finally available. Vancouver's MASSGRAVE have been churning out top notch crust grind for 15 years now. While most bands fizzle out by now, MASSGRAVE just turn it up a notch. This is their best, fastest , and most pissed brutal work up to date. Track after track there's this mounting disgust and hatred that never feels like it gets extinguished. Comes with a full printed inner sleeve with lyrics and a HUGE fold out poster. (Haunted Hotel Records #89)

Raw 1982-3 UK punk split from two Cheshire bands, with CORPSE the younger/more rough-around-the-edges apprentices. TWO FINGERED APPROACH issued one 7" EP in 1982, a limited pressing of 500 that featured three fast, raw and angry melodic punk songs. Fitting in with the underground DIY punk scene of 1980-2 as typified by SIX MINUTE WAR, THE SINYX and EPILEPTICS, the EP sold out quickly and is reproduced here with four unreleased demo tracks recorded the same year. Eschewing the more hardcore edge of the EP cuts, these tracks are more insistent, mid-tempo, with lyrics of an anarcho theme over fuzzed-out guitars and plaintive vocals. The CORPSE tracks are culled from their 1983 demo, first time on vinyl apart from "America Out" which appeared on Mortarhate's We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor comp. A raw mix of anarcho and vintage UK '82 visceral punk, straight out of the rehearsal room and sometimes falling over itself to get the message across (as Terminal Escape blogspot said: ' times Corpse are gloriously off'). "Crap and Apathy" sums up perfectly the stultifying boredom of 1980s provincial Britain (moaning, fighting and the pub), the remainder cover the lyrical concerns of their day (Ireland, nukes, El Salvador). Primitive, primeval and angry raw punk, remastered from original cassettes. 13 tracks in total. 12" vinyl pressing housed in thick 350gsm sleeve, 4 page insert and poly bag with sticker. Includes Download Code. (Inflammable Material Records #24)

Finally available on vinyl! Previously a cassette only release: Two of Canada's darkest of frozen death thrashers share a chilled platter of blasphemous speed together: Quebec's SACCAGE and Nova Scotia's HELLACAUST! Fresh off of the recent Vorace 7"EP- SACCAGE continues their exploration into rapid fire metal constructing two new tracks loaded with ammunition read-to-fire! Honing their necrotic black thrash sound for over sixteen sweet years of sadism HELLACAUST (members of NAPALM RAID and DBC) offer one updated recording of a track off of their 2001 demo and a brand new burning blaster for for these barbaric new times we live in! Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. (Torture Garden Picture Company #82)

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. HARDA UT is a fourpiece band from Gothenburg, Sweden who formed in late 2015. HARDA UT play a scathing and vicious style of female fronted noise damaged hardcore/punk. Musically, HARDA UT can be loosely compared to bands such as Wart Hog, Pregnancy Scares, Crazy Spirit, and other-like minded bands. (Adagio 830 Records #151)

ULTHA - Converging Sins LPx2/CD
ULTHA's second full-length album 'CONVERGING SINS' is a 63 minute rumination on the subject matter of how past events and wrong decisions will echo throughout the rest of our mortal existance.Over years experiences of failure and the conscious ability to willingly commit mistakes, to hurt, to reject,to alternate truths etc. lead to a path where silence in and around you is the ultimate repercussion. Therecord is a testimony to everyday melancholia, inner solitude and the human struggle to lead the wrong life in the right, the struggle against your animalistic nature. On their second album ULTHA further their trademark sound of fast, hypnotic, reverberant Black Metal in a more US traditon played by acts such as Ash Borer, Weakling, Leviathan and Wolves In The ThroneRoom. It is combined with crushing Doom heaviness close to acts such as Lycus, Asunder and Forn while also blending in an overall hopeless and gloomy atmosphere mostly connected to Dark Wave bands suchas The Sisters Of Mercy and (early) The Cure. The 2016 EP 'DISMAL RUINS' already showed the path ULTHA follow, adding multiple layers of electronics and slower passages in focus on overall diversive,captivating songstructures in mix with their juggernaut sound. The five songs reach lengths up to almost 20minutes while still balancing repetition and settle nuances in riffs to manifest melodies like echoes in the listeners head. And this is a thing ULTHA were good at right from the start: Writing real songs with tons of melody without lacking heaviness and urging intensity. The focus is always on the overall flow and feel of the record. Therefore the music, the metaphorical, cryptic lyrics by main songwriter R.Schmidt as well as the artwork (envisioned by Kevin Gan Yuen of SutekhHexen fame) need to be treated as a whole entity. The songs we're once again recorded and mixed in the bands rehearsal space called 'The Oil Pit' by thebands own Andy Rosczyk in Cologne (Germany). Mastering duties this time were taken by Jack Shirley at his Atomic Garden studio (California), where he already formed the massive sound of bands such as Lycus, Oathbreaker and Deafheaven. On track No.2 'Mirrors In A Black Room' the band could win British native currently residing in Berlin (Germany), Rachel Davies of the acclaimed post-punk/wave band Esben And The Witch for guest vocals. But she not only sang but also co-wrote the lyrics to the song. (Vendetta Records #120)

(restock) FANNY KAPLAN - s/t LP
Female trio formed in Moscow during 2012. The follow-up to last year's limited 'Plastilin' LP, this new 6-track MLP of spikey 2-3 minute songs is a post-punk/no wave/ kraut rock mix, all underpinned with a punk urgency. Killer basslines that range from REMA-REMA style brutalism to a throbbing PiL/Metal Box-era JAH WOBBLE metronome with unorthodox drumming, topped off with bitter melodies and arcane, otherworldly synth lines. Self-confessed post-riot grrls in attitude rather than musical style, darkly subversive, simultaneously bleak and uplifting. Think MALARIA/ESG Records/PiL/BUTTHOLE SURFERS. 300 pressed. (Inflammable Material #25)

(restock) CEMETERY - Wind And Shadows LP (import version)
U.K. pressing of 300 copies on 180gram vinyl, with gloss insert + flyer. 9 tracks from Chicago deathrock/Goth punks that follows their Demo LP/cassette, totalling over 40 minutes of music. Driving, powerful and anchored in a heavy bass/drum backbeat, a CHAMELEONS cover hints at one obvious influence alongside the usual staples, but Cemetery are rooted in raw/peace punk basement shows and aren't afraid to mix it up with the occasional atmospheric/creepy ambient interlude or anthemic, pounding post-punk dancebeat to penetrate the gloom. Massive-sounding goth-punk ala CHRISTIAN DEATH/KILLING JOKE/TSOL that fits in well with the current wave of bands like ARCTIC FLOWERS, SPECTRES and CRIMSON SCARLET. (Inflammable Material #20)

(restock) PERMACULTURE - They Advance 7"
Second EP from Ryan (Social Cirkle, Confines) and Jen (Nuclear Family, Nervous Trend). 4 new tracks that build on the peace-punk/'Penis Envy' vibe of the debut record whilst adding some post-punk touches and a more hardcore edge in places. An updated version of vintage CRASS/DIRT/A.P.P.L.E. 475 copies on 70 gram vinyl with black dust sleeves. (Inflammable Material #18)

Descriptions for 4/8/17

DEMONCY - Faustian Dawn LP
Beyond simply serving to present black metal to a new audience, Demoncy's legacy also includes being one of the most influential bands in this style. Over the years, countless bands have attempted to mimic their sound, but none has managed to meet, let alone surpass, the sinisterly dark aura that envelopes their music. "Faustian Dawn," Demoncy's first album from 1993, is an artifact in the band's early discography that perhaps best demonstrates their influence on the black metal landscape that later evolved. Featuring remixed and remastered audio at the hand of Ixithra himself, a reinterpretation of the Damnation CD cover art by the incomparable Chris Moyen as well as the original self-released cassette drawing from the same artist, this latest version is certain to please both old and new Demoncy fans alike. (Nuclear War Now #327)

URANIUM CLUB - Who Made The Man? 7"
Uranium Club return with a brand new single. "Who Made the Man?" is like a gang of aliens landing on planet earth, finding an extensive back catalogue of Wire and Devo and deciding they want to form a band. The track builds and builds with peaks, odd noises, different parts that come out of nowhere and an instant vocal. It's five minutes plus because there are so many ideas in one song.This 7" features an alternate take of Who Made the Man? and an exclusive b side Small Fry. Comes in a risographed fold-over sleeve. (Static Shock Records #43)

IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO - La Vita Silenziosa 7"
Debut 7" EP from this new hardcore band based in Berlin, but with members from Italy, Mallorca and Australia (including people from DIAT and ORDEN MUNDIAL). IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO are here with the answer to the little asked question "What would Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers be like if they grew up in the American midwest?". Hardcore punk being played because it's all that they know how to do and sounding like their lives depend on it. (Static Shock Records #44)

VIOLENT PARTY - Sinusoidal Limitations 7"
VIOLENT PARTY of Portland, OR have taken their noisy entourage to outer space on this latest single 'Sinusoidal Limitations'. The record features two brand new blistering tracks (Oncogene / Earth Spins Again) on circuit bent fuzz, shrilling vocals, and paranoid lyricism that leaves you without hope. It's pressed onto black vinyl that spins at 45rpm and comes neatly packaged in an extremely durable glossy pocket sleeve. While the noisy trio are busy gearing up for their 2017 European Summer tour, Rust and Machine Records have released a limited pressing of 200 copies of 'Sinusoidal Limitations' that is available now! (Rust and Machine Records #32)

BRACEWAR - Discography LP
Bracewar'ss entire recorded output on one 12". The Juggernaut LP, Juggernaut demo, Whatever It Takes 7", S/T 7" and comp track from the SFU Comp. All remastered. Richmond hardcore mainstays. (Six Feet Under Records #101)

ANGRY VETS - Behind Enemy Lines LP
Parisian youth crew made up of angry French hardcore veterans. Featuring members of HardXTimes, Value driven, Last Quiet Time, First Value, Cut Loose & Jack Move. Influenced heavily by bands such as Floorpunch, Carry On, In My Eyes, Youth of Today, Warzone, Judge, etc. Limited pressing of 500 copies (only 200 available in America). (Six Feet Under Records #111)

FUCKING INVICIBLE (from Rhode Island) are fucking sick! Think GOSTOMPER with guitars or Scum era NAPALM DEATH. LIFESPITE (from Netherlands) has a dark, brooding crust kid of sound, like WARCOLLAPSE but more sludge. Orange vinyl limited to 500. (Atomic Action Records #72)

INTEGRITY - Seasons In The Size Of Days (20th Anniversary Edition) LP (color vinyl)
In 1997, Integrity would release their most critically controversial record. Where "Humanity Is The Devil" scorched the senses with blistering ferociousness, "Seasons In The Size Of Days" was a more thoughtfully focused dense bleakness. In celebration of the milestone, Organized Crime Records released the 20-year anniversary edition of this ground-shattering album for Black Friday 2016, with this version being from the follow-up re-pressing. LP includes digital download and is hand-numbered. (Organized Crime Records #65)

A maniacal duo comprised of guitarist/vocalist Steinar (Psudoku, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, BxSxRx) and drummer/vocalist Anders (Blodsprut, Moha!, Noxagt, Ultralyd), BRUTAL BLUES unleashes blisteringly fast, raw, cutting-edge grindcore, and those familiar with the members' previous acts should expect nothing less than sonic devastation. Special LP packaging with three color silkscreen on silver foil sleeves. (Altar Records #8)

CHEPANG - Lathi Charge 7"
Devastating "Immigrindcore" from Nepali immigrants now living in the US. Chepang's name is taken from the lowest caste in their native country, a formerly nomadic people who have been neglected and derided by their people and government. Their first missive, Lathi Charge, which actually translates to the brute force used by riot police to disperse crowds, unleashes the raw fury and disdain of a people suffering centuries of neglect and oppression. (Altar Records #28)

An extinguished flame burns brightly still. Posthumous final gasp from Canadian stalwarts Column of Heaven coupled with LA's resolute psychedelic freaks, Suffering Luna. A swirling cacophony of grinding primitive shrieks erodes into waves of static noise, expanding endlessly into the void. Surrendering to oblivion, darkness into light. (Altar Records #18)

D.E.R. - Quando a Esperanca Desaba LP
Unrelenting politically fueled Brazilian grindcore! Current and past members of Test and Are You God? Blinding raw speed and fury! (Altar Records #2)

DER/TEST - split 7"
Split EP from Sao Paolo, Brazil's veteran grinders. A true collaboration in every sense of the word, both bands share the same drummer and play on either stereo channel simultaneously for a dizzying effect. Pan left or right to hear each band individually or leave the mix in the middle to listen to both bands at the same time for a total sonic onslaught. (Altar Records #21)

DEFEATIST - Tyranny of Decay LP
Second and final full length from NYC's Defeatist. Bleak, ruthless grindcore with touches of twisted math rhythms from ex-members of Anodyne and Kalibas. Grinding corpse stench. (Altar Records #3)

DISROTTED - Divination LP
The second full length of death/doom filth from this Chicago trio. "A megalith of churning black filth spews oblivion that slowly creeps into the minds of men, breathing the stench of hopeless dread from an ancient crumbling death factory. Unspeakable atrocities cascading down amidst the carrion haze of blank humanity forever drowning in a murky chasm. Ceaseless and unbound. (Altar Records #25)

Blasting grindcore with death metal and crust influences from Brazil. Mixed and Mastered again by William Blackmon (Gadget). Includes guest appearance by members of RATOS DE PORAO, CHRONIC INFECT, HUTT. (Altar Records #9)

Stunning debut full length from Finland's Haapoja. Blackened angular hardcore that manages to keep the rhythm in the midst of dissonant chaos. A rare mix of being technically complex while still maintaining the groove. Rorscach meets Deathspell Omega. (Altar Records #7)

Split LP from Greece's Dephosphorus and Haapoja from Finland. A discordantly brutal masterpiece that explores the more tortured, emotional and existential side of the contemporary extreme underground. Dephosphorus hail from Athens, and play a unique musical style known as astrogrind: they endorse a cosmic, mind expanding aesthetic. Finland's Haapoja bring a bit more of a blackened approach to their fierce renditions spitting angular, befowled and almost mathy riffs over nuclear-clock precision beats and raw-throated howls. Far more than a mere split, this is a trve kvlt collaboration as each band exchanged singers on each opening song and guitarists. (Altar Records #12)

Haggatha excavate primordial doom from deep beneath the Earth's crust, conjuring some lamentable ancient devastation. Desperate, ruinous sludge from a cataclysmic prehistory that claws it's way back into the folds of the reptile consciousness in a torrent of hopeless murk. Vancouver's enduring traffickers of sludge defilement return with their third full length album and fifth solo release, appropriately titled "V". Six tracks of churning riff demolition clocking in at almost 40 minutes in a sleek package that continues the core aesthetic of the band emblem, this time in a black on black motif utilizing a spot gloss UV print. Current and ex-members of Bison BC, 3 Inches of Blood, Goatsblood, Osk. (Altar Records #29)

HEALER - s/t 7"
Buffalo's latest come blasting out of the gate with their first self titled EP. 12 quick tracks of razor sharp anthemic riffing and abrasive larynx shredding. Far from new comers this quartet boasts members of regarded Buffalo bands Running For Cover, They Live and Inerds, etc. Over the top craft and execution provide beacon of light shining in the murky shroud of hc punk. (Altar Records #15)

OVERVIOLENCE - Rapturous Expulsion 7"
Grinding Swedish noise from the front lines of the ongoing campaign of musical destruction. Twelve relentless blasts of ugly scraping pandemonium from former members of Widespread Bloodshed, Sewn Shut and Crowpath. Corrupting the common good! (Altar Records #20)

RADIATION BLACKBODY - Maximum Entropy and the Nearly Black Object 7"
Instrumental bass and drum grind prog duo comprising members of Defeatist and Anodyne alienate and demoralize with mathematic intention. Four new compositions likening to a monolithic figure floating in cold dead infinite space that is unable and unwilling to communicate. This release sees the duo expanding their sonic palette in terms of melody and tempo. Caustic mid tempo dirges erupt and ooze like an infected wound to lure the listener before violating them again with unrelenting blastbeat assaults. Masterful execution of repulsive rhythms from the intergalactic gutter. (Altar Records #14)

SAYYADINA - Mourning the Unknown LP
Mandatory Swedish grinders' magnum opus finally on vinyl! Members of General Surgery, Victims, Nasum, etc. Includes 3 bonus tracks recorded from the same session! (Altar Records #1)

SEA OF SHIT - 2nd 7"
Newest missive from Chicago's powerviolence battalion. Bitter resentment and rancor straining under a harsh suffocating wall of brutish noise. Ruined and invalidated by the mundane carnage of daily existence. The demise of hope. (Altar Records #24)

Crushing German powerviolence in a blood pact with Philly noise mongers Constraint culminating in their US Summer 2015 Tour. Twisted shards of incendiary fuselage rip and tear the dead walls of empty tombs of the blind dead. And some tough riffs. (Altar Records #19)

SKULLSHITTER - Transmission: Command LP
Necrolysergic deathgrind exhumed from the sewers of Brooklyn. Raw and primal blasting through an acid soaked cosmic death trip burrowing into the inner filth of your psyche. This is howling putrid death hearkening back to the days of Repulsion and Autopsy. Comes with over sized full color poster. (Altar Records #26)

Pulverizing grindcore assault from these two enduring DIY stalwarts. Florida's Sacridose (ex-Cellgraft) rip and shred through blasts of jagged chaos as incendiary frontwoman Jaydee indicts the the modern slave state with vitriol and contempt. Baltimore's Triac new streamlined lineup mangles three blistering tracks of filth and fury with screeching feedback defilement and venomous loathing. (Altar Records #16)

The debut EP from Buffalo's grinding maniacs, Victim of Circumstance. Featuring members of Water Torture, this foursome screech and blast their way through 11 short assaults of grinding hardcore. (Altar Records #11)

WAKE - Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow LP
A whole new level of violence and aggression from Canada's most infamous grindcore killing machine. WAKE's third full length album is a war zone of ferocious and swarming aggression that elevates the bar of grindcore to an entire new level, opening massive wounds in the listener's perceptions with a vicious and unrelenting onslaught of grindcore, sludge, black metal, crust and crippling post-hardcore. (Altar Records #23)

Split EP from Buffalo's Water Torture and thedowngoing from Australia in support of their joint North American Tour. Noise infested bass violence collides with screeching grind assaults from down under in short incendiary bursts. Offset printed covers with silkscreened obis. (Altar Records #6)

Water Torture's long awaited first LP crushes all those foolish enough to stand in it's path. Low end grinding despair and cavernous noise collage fuse together in the Rustbelt collective's unique twist on grindviolence. Branching out from their previous work, down tempo sludge is juxtaposed with intense blasting and solemn interludes of mechanical noise. Feedback drenched hymns of self loathing in a desolate, futile existence. (Altar Records #10)

Baltimore's discordant riff manglers return with their fourth full length offering. A dense rhythmic labyrinth of serpentine ferocity punctuated with spidery guitar sophistication. Singular songwriting ingenuity that demonstrates aggressive skronk dexterity while maintaining an aptitude for unique melody. (Altar Records #27)

WRITHING MASS - Human Capital 7"
Seething death/grind in the vein of ASSUCK or Excruciating Terror. Loathsome punishment and damnation in a gray world of scorched bodies and ash-choked skies. To be alive is to be a lie. Members of Triac, Defeatist and ASRA. (Altar Records #17)

XXX - LPx2 compilation (Scene Support version with EDGE: PERSPECTIVES ON DRUG FREE CULTURE DVD)
The Scene Support version comes with spine wrap, insert and a bonus copy of the Edge: Perspectives on Drug Free Culture. For better or worse, some ideas are poisonous. Featuring: Monster X, Portraits of Past, Policy of 3, Groundwork, Pogrom, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth, Endeavor, None Left Standing, Trees Without Leaves, Prozac Memory, Via, Well Away, and Frail. The XXX compilation comes with a 24 page booklet, a full sized poster, and stickers. (Ebullition #24)

SAWPIT - 7" (Scene Support version)
Scene Support version has new limited cover. Limited to 30 copies. Sawpit was a melodic '90s hardcore band out of Japan. (Ebullition #35.5)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (Scene Support Version)
This special Scene Support version comes with a random bonus Ebullition LP compilation (either the Illiterate, Amnesia, or HeartattaCk compilation). Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. On yellow and black 50/50 colored vinyl. (Ebullition #46)

BLASTING CONCEPT - Sloth Rocket LP (Scene Support 2016 version)
Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

SPITBOY - Rasana 7" (Scene Support 2016 version)
While renovating Ebullition last year we found several hundred Spitboy 7" vinyl that we didn't know we had. These are part of the original pressing from the mid 1990s. We had to make new covers for them, but the vinyl itself is 20 years old! Spitboy was an amazing band from the San Francisco, CA area that consisted of four women. They played powerful political hardcore that was of course influenced by the fact that they were all women living in a male dominated world. "Rasana" was the first release featuring Dominique on bass. There are three tracks on this 7". Scene Support version comes with limited cover. (Ebullition Records #22)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP with CD (Scene Support 2016 version)
Scene Support version is hand numbered and includes a silk screened plastic dust sleeve, and a Scene Support spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West were members of other great bands such as Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)

(restock) ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

(repress) ORCHID - Gatefold LP (red vinyl pressing)
The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)