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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 7/13/19

The debut from 2000 finally on vinyl for the first time. Pest is a German black metal cult that needs no introduction. From the Teutoburger forest, West Germany, comes an album full of madness and weirdness. On this album, Pest displayed how they were prime forerunners of original European black metal that does not sound like Burzum or Darkthrone. Expect chaotic compositions accompanied with hysterical and possessed vocals, executed in a way that would became that recognizable Pest sound. (Nuclear War Now Records #379)

After the success of Seattle's RJC "World of Inconvenience" Lp and New Bedford Massachusetts Wound Mans "Rolled" 7" on Iron Lung we bring them together for a blast of east coast/ west coast power violence. Pounding drums and vocals call back SoCal classics Crossed Out and Infest while bringing new style to the mix. Limited blue vinyl/300. (Atomic Action! Records #86)

HELL BENT - Apocalyptic LP
Steering crossover punk metal from former vocalist of crust punk band Ulcer & Paindriver along with Drop Dead drummer bring a new heavy, fast, searing band calling on both metal influences but heavy on Swedish/ Japanese hardcore. Limited to 300 on red vinyl. Split release with Armageddon Label. (Atomic Action! Records #88.5)

Descriptions for 7/6/19

RAW POWER - '83 Demo LP
One of the fiercest, most violent punk sessions ever recorded, the legendary Italian hardcore outfit's 1983 'Brown Studio' demo has unbelievably never appeared on vinyl in its original form (although you'll recognise 'Fuck Authority', culled from here to appear on MRR's 'Welcome to 1984' comp). Nineteen songs of feral thrash in 23 minutes, kicked out with unreal fury, chainsaw guitars and savage vocals. Remastered by Raw Power freak James Cavalluzzo (Malhavoc) from an original copy of the demo, this has been beefed up without sacrificing the essential rawness. Ugly Pop is proud to present this killer 12", released in a limited pressing with the band's cooperation, spring 2019. (Ugly Pop Records #72)

MICRO EDGE - '83 Demo LP
In the works for a couple decades now, this holy grail of early Toronto hardcore finally sees wax. Culling the best takes from three '83 studio sessions, this is pure '80s HC in the vein of SS Decontrol, Abused, The Fix, Negative Approach, YDI, Urban Waste and early Agnostic Front. An essential piece of punk history, 17 tracks cut loud at 45 with 16-page 8.5" x 11" zine. One-time pressing of 500 only. (Ugly Pop Records #71)

Heading up the new crop of Toronto outfits, these ignoroids blaze through ten tracks of rough buzzsaw scorch with speed and hooks to spare- think '77 (Dils, Weirdos) meets '82 (Angry Samoans, Zero Boys) with a healthy side Lazy Cowgirls and early Humpers. Members of Career Suicide and School Jerks, so you know what's up. Cut loud at 45 for maximum impact, one-time pressing of 500. (Ugly Pop Records #70)

THE RATS - In A Desperate Red LP
At last! Fred and Toody Cole (Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows) and drummer Louis Samora's ultimate punk masterpiece - In A Desperate Red. This is the last record by the Portland punk legends before moving on to a very brief country period and then Fred and Toody moving on to Dead Moon. In fact, two songs from the first Dead Moon LP hail from the same session as this LP. A true lost gem, In A Desperate Red finds the band in an almost new wave/art punk/pop mode...just picture a more punk version of Dead Moon if you can. Six years of work went into remixing and remastering this version - with Fred Cole twisting knobs and obsessing over it's every detail and then Greg Shadoan and Tim Stollenwerk finishing the job. One of Fred Cole's greatest records and impossible to find for many years - at last this LP is available as it was meant to be heard. Play it loud..... First pressing is a deluxe limited one time version that comes with a 40 page booklet and a xerox replica of a Rats show poster! Co-Released with Mississippi Records. (Water Wing Records #27)

The infamous Brazilian black metal warmongers, Goatpenis, team up with Defecrator, appropriately under the banner of Nuclear War Now!, to launch a joint assault entitled "Bloodpact in Cataclysmic Warfare." (Nuclear War Now Records #452)

HOLOCAUSTO - Diario de Guerra LP
Holocausto were among the very first extreme metal bands to form in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a city now recognized for spawning one of the most crucial regional styles of extreme metal. Along with Sepultura, Sarcófago, Mutilator, and a handful of other bands, Holocausto played a particularly sinister sounding strain of deathrash (or deathcore as they used to call it in 1987). With "Diário de Guerra," Holocausto has arguably produced the finest Brazilian deathcore/black metal album in about 30 years. It is a vengeful and violent exploration of human horror. For any fans of the early Brazilian pioneers, "Diário de Guerra" will sound almost like an unearthed lost recording from that era featuring all the hallmarks that defined the genre. (Nuclear War Now Records #447)

PROSANCTUS INFERI - Pulpit Sycophants cassette tape
After over five years of silence, Prosanctus Inferi returns in 2019 with its first recordings since 2013's "Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night." As a preface to the upcoming release of its third full-length, "Hypnotic Blood Art," the first offering is "Pulpit Sycophants," a cassette that includes four tracks taken from a demo recording of the impending eleven-song album. Those who have worshipped Prosanctus Inferi's previous recordings will be pleased to witness the same blend of Necrovorian death metal and Demoncy-inspired black metal that pervaded its earlier works. Whereas "Pulpit Sycophants" marks the end of the period of remission, "Hypnotic Blood Art" promises to summon the fully-renewed and incurable devastation of the disease. (Nuclear War Now Records #448 TP)

IMPERATOR - The Time Before Time LP (+ 7")/CD/cassette tape
Available on LP with 7", CD or cassette tape. The lone Imperator album, "The Time Before Time," was instead released in 1991 by a Polish label named Faceless Productions, which in its existence released only one other demo cassette from another band. Due to the obscurity of the label, a complete lack of promotion, and the fact that it was only released on vinyl during the heyday of CDs, "The Time Before Time" was not given its full due. Since then, it has been released on CD and cassette a few times on different labels, the most notable of which was the Pagan Records CD from 1997. Nuclear War Now! Productions is proud to once again offer this gem of early Polish death black metal with, in addition to CD and cassette versions, the first-ever vinyl reissue on LP. "The Time Before Time" is perfectly characterized as an archetype of the sound that tended to emanate from the Eastern European extreme metal scene of the time. It features varying tempos that change abruptly, uniquely unorthodox riff progressions, a healthy dose of tremolo-bar-infused guitar leads, and Bariel's gruffly barked vocals. This NWN! reissue also includes extensive liner notes written by Bariel himself and a layout that features the original artwork of P. Szymaniak, whose designs also adorned the work of Pandemonium, a contemporaneous compatriot of Imperator's in Poland. In this most recent of Nuclear War Now's ongoing efforts to reissue all-but-forgotten metal obscurities from this time and region, it is hoped that "The Time Before Time" will receive the recognition it deserved upon its original release. (Nuclear War Now Records #435)

SABBAT - Disembody CD
1993 marked the release of the Japanese "Blacking Metal" cult's third album, "Disembody," which followed "Envenom" and "Evoke" from 1991 and 1992, respectively. This third full-length further solidified the status and chemistry of the three members first fully united on the preceding album, who would remain together for twelve more years, a span during which they would release five more full-lengths and countless other live, split and EP releases. The utmost attention has been paid to ensure that the layout remains faithful to that of the original Evil Records CD by, among other considerations, replicating the cut-and-paste style employed by Gezol on that version. (Nuclear War Now Records #436 CD)

Over the course of the label's history, few bands have earned and received a level of support from Nuclear War Now! comparable to that of the legendary Sabbat. The long-term mutual respect between label and band culminated in the 2014 box set, "Sabbatical Earlyearslaught," which compiled both the seminal and previously-unreleased recordings of the band and its previous incarnations from its inception up to the release of its first album, "Envenom," from 1991. Since then, NWN! has begun the endeavor or releasing Sabbat's subsequent early albums on LP/CD/Tape formats for the American market with particular attention paid to maintaining the authentic spirit of the original CD releases from Gezol's own label, Evil Records, beginning with the January 2018 reissue of "Envenom." Now, approximately one year later, NWN! proudly presents the vinyl reissue of the band's second album, "Evoke," originally released in 1992. As was done with "Envenom," no consideration has been overlooked in representing the recording as faithfully as possible to the band's original vision, both musically and aesthetically. (Nuclear War Now Records #422)

The MISERY/S.D.S. split LP is available now for the first time in 27 years. Authorized and released in cooperation with MISERY, S.D.S., & MCR Japan. Remastered by Jack Butcher at Enormous Door Studio. Copies available on both Black Vinyl & Translucent Red Vinyl with Black Mist. (Profane Existence Records #175)

SUDOR - Causa General LP
As anyone who's ever seen them live or experienced their growing recorded output can confirm, Spain's Sudor are, without a doubt, one of the most exciting hardcore punk bands on the planet as their third album, "Causa General", makes patently clear. With a sound rooted in the Discharge tradition, Scandinavian Hardcore and the classic sounds of 80s Spanish punk bands, Sudor's powerful and extreme personality explodes with manic energy in the grooves of this beast of a record. Sounding meaner, dirtier and more pissed off than ever, the band takes no prisoners, spitting anthem after anthem of raw, unaltered hardcore punk the way it's meant to be... loud, fast (with the occasional kick ass mid-tempo crawler) and uncompromising. Make punk a menace again and play this monster L-O-U-D, your lame ass neighbors will hate your fucking guts. (La Vida Es Un Mus/Beat Generation Records #73)

BARONESS - First & Second LP
Unavailable since 2013, Hyperrealist Records has just repressed Baroness' crucial First & Second album and Robotic Empire is pleased to be the main mailorder outlet for the release! Official street date for the reissue is June 7th and I am accepting orders now. This new repressed version has silver foil stamped on the jacket and comes on clear colored vinyl or standard black vinyl. Will ship out ASAP once it arrives at Robo HQ. BARONESS' now-classic, formative material sees a proper reissue, combined together as one deluxe LP. A bit dirtier, punker and more metal than their current rock-infused catchy weirdness, First & Second is an important document in the lineage of this awesome band, and all 38 minutes of music have been completely re-mixed and re-mastered for a much fuller sound than ever before. Housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket with guitarist/vocalist John Dyer Baizley's elaborate and intricate artwork (spread through the exterior, interior and printed dustsleeve), this Silver Foil-Stamped beauty is available once again! (Robotic Empire/Hyperrealist Records #19)

Emanating from Boston, MA The Proletariat fused articulate Left Wing polemics with some of the most unique music to originate from the early 80s American Hardcore scene. Famously featuring on the iconic "This Is Boston Not LA" Comp, the band called it a day after only two albums and a handful of EP appearances - but have reformed after a 30 year hiatus, and are about to drop their long awaited 3rd album 'Move'. Boss Tuneage is thrilled to bring this triumphant return to the world on vinyl format! Despite the passing of the decades The Proletariat have lost none of their anger or focus, it's no coincidence that the punk scene is enjoying a renaissance right now as the political climate on both sides of the Atlantic is something that needs a coherent and intelligent soundtrack to voice opposition, with the release of Move that is exactly what The Proletariat have delivered. (Boss Tuneage Records #138)

HARD CHARGER - Vol. 4 Take The Guff And Suffer LP
Brand new album from Fredericton's crust'n'rollers Hard Charger! Expect some in-your-face fast foward Motorhead whorship riffage, the energy of Zeke and of course the drive of Discharge! (Doomesday Records #25)

Portland hardcore release from Distort Reality, featuring the label meister and members of NERVESKADE. (Distort Reality Records #46)

CEMETERY URN - Barbaric Retribution LP
By now, CEMETERY URN should need no introduction. A staple of the Australian extreme metal scene, for over a decade now, the band have been a study in staunch self-reliance, self-booking two highly successful tours across the United States as well as releasing their first two albums on their own Cemetery Recordings. Although HELLS HEADBANGERS would release those first two albums - 2008's Urn of Blood and 2010's The Conquered Are Burned - on vinyl in 2011, CEMETERY URN's spirt is fiercely independent. Not to mention that they've a deep history in that Australian extreme metal scene: founding guitarist and songwriter Andrew Gillon also hails from reactivated Aussie barbarians ABOMINATOR, and previously played in the final lineup of BESTIAL WARLUST; original vocalist Damon Bloodstorm was renowned as the frontman for BESTIAL WARLUST and for ABOMINATOR from 1996-2001; and drummer Matt Crossingham, who's played with such bands as Belligerent Intent, Scars of Sodom, and Draconis Infernum. (Hells Headbangers #248)

FUNERAL STORM - Arcane Mysteries LP
FUNERAL STORM was formed in 2001 by Wampyrion Markhor Necrowolf under the name Raven Throne as a one-man-project. The name was later changed for legal reasons, and after several changes, the moniker FUNERAL STORM was chosen. Lyrical themes were set early on, and are heavily inspired by occultism, legends, myths, evil, mysteries, horror, and the Cthulhu mythos. After several lineup changes and one live show, Wampyrion decided to stop any activities concerning the band until 2012, where he released a digital split with Mortuus Sum and a six-way split on tape format with Human Serpent, Thaer Os Valael, Opus Magorum, Silent Dominion, and Varg Order a year later under his label Abyssic Black Cult Records. (Hells Headbangers Records #253)

BARBARIAN - To No God Shall I Kneel CD
Now arrives the ever-aptly-titled To No God Shall I Kneel, arguably the grandest distillation of the BARBARIAN aesthetic yet. Still deadly committed to the eternal riddle of steel, BARBARIAN's sound continues to find a unique balance between the ancient and the fresh, but without once ever stinking of falseness or modernity. Timeless to the very end, To No God Shall I Kneel takes that characteristically sweat-drenched symbiosis of early Running Wild and '80s Manowar, grinds it through the gravel of classic Celtic Frost, and finishes it off the panache of likewise-classic Venom. If the critically acclaimed Cult of the Empty Grave eclipsed such a hypothesis, then To No God Shall I Kneel goes further into the realms of ballsy boisterousness, unapologetically OTT and Alpha at every turn, and simply takes no prisoners nor offers any safe spaces. Cult of the Empty Grave spelled it out with the track "Absolute Metal"; here, BARBARIAN tell you in no uncertain terms that you're now dealing with "Obtuse Metal." Wanna pose? Leave the hall! (Hells Headbangers Records #255)

SCUMRIPPER - All Veins Blazing LP
Hailing from the filthy metal hotbed that is Finland, SCUMRIPPER formed in 2015 and promptly recorded their first demo. Simply self-titled, that first demo would later be issued by HELLS HEADBANGERS in 2017 on 7" vinyl format. Word began to build about the simple yet exquisitely salacious pleasures of Scumripper, and the stage was soon set for the band's inevitable debut album. SCUMRIPPER are just as violent and vile as they were on their demo, but they've upped the catchiness tenfold. These 11 tracks dig their claws in quickly and deeply, compelling immediate headbanging - and other libations/chemicals, to your taste - and before you know it, 20 minutes have flown by and the album's over. But that's what the "repeat" button's for, or flipping the record over after just one beer's been guzzled. Doesn't matter either way to SCUMRIPPER, because they have All Veins Blazing always! (Hells Headbangers Records #250)

EVIL ANGEL - Unholy Evil Metal LP
Formed during the dark days of 1998 in Lahti, Finland, EVIL ANGEL finally burst upon the international metal underground in 2002 with the Dark Forces of Hell demo. For the next number of years, the band would continue to perfect its outbreak-of-evil style of blackthrashing metal across more demos, splits, and the aptly titled Metal Onslaught EP. That last-named record was crucial in pointing the direction forward for EVIL ANGEL: each new recording brought them down into deeper depths of primitivism whilst underlining their connection to the unyielding strength of true METAL. The culmination of this devolution/refinement came in the form of EVIL ANGEL's even-more-aptly titled debut album, Unholy Fight for Metal. Here, the quintet stoked the ancient hellfires of early South American darkness, recalling the bestial rush/crush of early Sarcofago, Vulcano, and Sepultura while simultaneously upping the pure metal catchiness of their attack. The album became something of a mini-classic in the underground upon its release in 2007. The band followed it up a year later with a split 7" with SPAWN OF SATAN via HELLS HEADBANGERS, and then quietly went on hiatus. Some bands break up or go on hiatus, only to return as hollowed shells of what they once were. In the case of EVIL ANGEL, being buried by time and dust only made them more resolute: Unholy Evil Metal lives again, more virile and vicious than ever! (Hells Headbangers Records #261)

MOSKWA - 1984 Demo LP
In 1983, in the grey, working-class city of Poland - Lodz, a band appeared which would soon be widely talked about throughout the country. In this period, a wave of fast and aggressive hardcore punk rolled through Europe, and thanks to international tape-trading, traces of it hit the Iron Curtain too. Three guys fascinated by the sound of Discharge, GBH and the Scandinavian HC of the era created absolutely brilliant material with a powerful sound and lyrics about our doomed future. After playing a few shows in the spring of 1984, the band entered a semi-recording studio in the garage of Pawe_ Haus to record their first demo. The material was sent to the Jarocin Festival, and the rest is history: the band immediately became one of the highlights of the punk scene in Poland. Even so, their debut on vinyl wouldn't come for another five years. Because of a restrictive political system and censorship, many new great bands never had to chance to do truly good sounding, quality recordings, thus losing incredible potential from the golden years of Polish punk. What is left however are a bunch of demos and live recordings. This early period Moskwa demo is a must have for anyone into Eastern European hardcore history. This is the full version of their demo for the first time on vinyl. It had never been released on any format until 2001 when 14 tracks out of the recordings came out on CD with the unfortunate title "1984 Koncert" on SNFP. Mastering by Smok. Strictly limited to a one-time pressing of 536 copies. (Warsaw Pact Records #10)

MOSKWA - Wiem 7"
In 1987, a new chapter began in the history of Moskwa. The band's intense and wild period between 1983-1986 had closed without the release of any vinyl output. This was true despite the cult status of the band. Moskwa experienced their next line-up change with Guma being joined by Maleo (Kultura, Izrael) and Gogo Szulc (Tzn Xenna, Tilt, Armia). Warsaw became the band's home city. New material was prepared, deviating from the original sound that had dropped Polish punx to their knees. The band's aim was to record and release their first vinyl LP. In early 1987 however, before their LP sessions, Moskwa recorded four songs in an studio arranged at the Spatif club in Lodz. These songs were intended for use on the air by the "Rozglosnia Harcerska" radio station. The sound surprised fans of "early" Moskwa who were disappointed at the beginning. In time however the catchiness, and interesting arrangements changed minds across Poland. These unreleased recordings from the Spatif session still work well after all these years. These four songs are an interesting addition to Moskwa's output, and they definitely deserve to be immortalized on seven-inch vinyl. (Warsaw Pact Records #9)

MOSKWA - Nigdy! LP
The Classic Moskwa demo on vinyl for the first time! The material was recorded in 1986, released by Prawda Tapes as the band's debut. The cassette was available only in the underground; only to insiders who know where to look for it. A photocopied cover, very raw recordings and lyrics that would not pass the censors scissors gave a feeling that there was something organic and tangible that wasn't controlled by the system. These twenty tracks of raging, fast hardcore-punk circulated from hand to hand around the country, copied endlessly. This is certainly one of the most important recordings of 80s Polish punk, which thanks Warsaw Pact Records, is now coming out on vinyl. These recordings were mastered from the original tapes in Studio As One. The first pressing is coming out in two versions - a limited edition, equipped with a folding poster, based on the original cover of the demo, with additional two booklets (a 10-page booklet, which is a faithful reproduction of the original zine made by the band in 1986 and passed out at their shows, as well as 16-page photo-zine containing photos of the band by excellent Polish artist Józef Robakowski). The regular version will be released with a cover by Prosiak and a 20-page booklet containing liner notes, pictures and memories from members of Moskwa from this period (Guma, Wózek and Balon). (Warsaw Pact Records #5)

ID - Drzewa Umieraja Stojac LP
Krakow is considered the original center of Hardcore in Poland thanks to bands like ID and U.O.M. ID started in the early 80s, when a group of friends fascinated by USHC began playing together. At the same time, other scenes and bands seemed to be more influenced by British, Scandinavian or local punk and HC. While their first shows happened in the mid-80s, their debut release had to wait until 1987, when their demo was released by Total Noise Tapes & Records from Germany. This tape is now being released on an LP with 11 songs from that period, including a cover of Adrenalin O.D.'s "Suburbia" with their own lyrics. Without this release by one of the pioneering Polish HC bands, Polish Hardcore or Hardcore/Punk would not be complete. It's absolutely crucial! The LP contains a booklet with interviews, photos, lyrics etc. Mastering by Smok (Studio As One). (Warsaw Pact Records #7)

TRIAL - The Early Years LPx2
Widely known for their full-length record "Are These Our Lives?" TRIAL was a band who, at the time they were coming up from 1995-1998, were largely ignored and underappreciated. These were not the years of big shows and epic photographs. These were the years of five to thirty people at each show, and long drives motivated by a love of hardcore. During the mid 1990's, there were hundreds of bands with a message and it was easy to get lost in the sea of them all, but TRIAL was one of the few who stayed true to what they had to say. On these recordings, their earliest material leading up to the recording of their LP, TRIAL formed the foundation of what was to come. These early songs are raw and forceful, each making a statement about an issue, cause, or emotion which the band felt was important to share on behalf of all listeners. As was true throughout their time together, TRIAL always had other people in mind, and these songs, infused with both a love of hardcore and a passion for social involvement, were their statement on behalf of those people everywhere. This double LP contains songs that originally appeared on their demo (1995), "Through the darkest days" 7" (1996), and "Foundation" 7" (1997), "I'm still screaming - live" 7" (1999), as well as two cover songs - one of them for a first time on vinyl. (Refuse Records #123)

NATIONS ON FIRE - Strike The Match LP (gatefold)
Refuse Records is proud to reissue one of the most important records of the European HC scene in the 90's. Originally released in 1991 by Strive Records (sublabel of X-Mist Records), Nations on Fire "Strike the Match" LP became one of the best and most inspiring albums of the decade. This great-sounding material was recorded at Metropool Studios in Holland and at Westwood Studios and Recorders in California. On this LP, Nations on Fire managed to capture the best elements of current hardcore from the USA, along with the aggression, energy and political awareness of European bands of the 80s. All of this was combined with deeply passionate lyrics and liner notes. These writings became manifestos of the political scene and of Straight Edge hardcore during this period. Their lyrics covered a wide array of topics: radically targeting racism and nationalism ( "Put down that flag!"; "Striving for a master race - my fist in your face"); organized religion ( "No god - no prophet - no profits - no leader - no masters - no book of lies"); corporate interest in the creation of the European Union ("Europe 1992 is a joke"); exploitation and abuse of animals, while promoting social activity ("You can get involved, there's a lot of social problems that you can solve"); straight edge as a personal choice ("It's my lifestyle, it remains my choice"); inclusiveness in the hardcore scene ("Join the Brotherhood! Join the Sisterhood!"); and commitment ("Dedication"). These lyrics were both confrontational and encouraging, inspiring in listeners the need to get involved and to make changes. And while 2016 marks a full twenty-five years since the release of this album, its message is still valid, especially as we take into account the current political situation both in Europe and the world. There are many reasons that this album should still be readily available!This reissue on Refuse Records will come with a gatefold and includes both an additional booklet with an English translation of an interview from the German zine 'Confrontation', which was conducted during the NATIONS ON FIRE/BORN AGAINST tour promoting the "Strike the Match" LP, as well as photos and flyers from this period. The material has been re-mastered by Smok (Studio As One). (Refuse Records #132)

NATIONS ON FIRE - Burn Again... LP
We're very excited to announce the reissue of material originally released as a double 7" by this legendary band from Belgium - this time on a 12"! Nations On Fire is one of the most important bands in the history of the European straight edge / hardcore scene. Their releases have been hard to find for years and this 12" reissue is the first of several releases we have a planned for Refuse Records. N.O.F. started in the early 90's in Kortrijk by some members of RISE ABOVE and the singer of SCRAPS from France. Their fast and aggressive hardcore mixed with a good dose of catchiness and a direct, political message had so much power that it still impresses today. Their lyrics about topics, such as racism, environmental damage, vegetarianism/veganism or politics are as relevant today as it was almost 25 years ago - if not more. Their slogan POSITIVE, POLITICAL and POWERFUL perfectly describes their music and their message. If you're interested in European HC history, this release is a must. (Refuse Records #117)

GOVERNMENT FLU - KFJC Session 7" flexi disc
Between 2014 and 2016 Government Flu did tours in the United States of both the east and west coasts. For a band coming from Poland this was a big deal. Previously, there were only Polish bands started in the 80s - DEZERTER, ABADDON and ARMIA - who had been invited to the States and these tours had happened years before, between 1998-2003. In the case of Government Flu, their tours were the first longer proper tours for any Polish HC / Punk band in this country. In addition, what made these tours special is that they occurred without the financial backing of sponsors or official associations. During their west coast tour in 2016, Government Flu was invited to a recording session on KFJC radio in Los Altos Hills, California. In this studio, operating since the end of the 1950s, live sessions have seen the recording of many artists, including a number of HC / punk bands like Government Issue, Christ On Parade, The Ex, The Faction, Spazz, Dystopia, Asshole Parade and Corrupted. The Government Flu session was both recorded and also broadcast live on the airwaves. During this session they did seven songs in less than eight minutes. This resulted in the sound engineers asking, "That's it?!" The whole session is now coming out on a limited edition of 250 copies on flexi EP. You might have a lot of records in your collection, but you do not yet have any release from a Polish HC / punk band recorded in the United States. (Refuse Records #146)

WASTE - Executioner 7"
Unapologetic straight edge - refuse to compromise! This Göteborg, Sweden based band filled the void in their local scene after the demise of bands like Anchor and Stay Hungry. Some members have been involved in bands like Lose The Life and The Hammer. Their hard, heavy, and fast hardcore sounds like a combination of classic 80's HC with the influence of bands like No Warning, Trapped Under Ice and Cruel Hand. Their lyrics are political, leftist-oriented, and see straight edge itself as a political position. (Refuse Records #136)

BETERCORE - Completely Out Of Control! LP
Punk is verzet! Punk is resistance! Punk is a resistance! This clear message, referring to the traditions of the legendary Dutch bands RONDOS, LARM and SEEIN 'RED, was the foundation for this Alkmaar-based hardcore punk band which roamed European squats, living rooms and youth centre's between 1997and 2003. Their crazy, hyper-energetic dynamic shows were a sign of a new quality in the global hardcore-punk scene after the deadly serious 90s. Their uncompromising message was skilfully blended with humor and irony. "Completely out of control" is Betercore's complete discography and contains songs from split 7"s with BOYCOT, OLHO DE GATO, POINT OF FEW, MY OWN LIES, compilation tracks and a few never released tracks. A total of 41 out of control songs just under 41 minutes! The record comes with an additional 16-page booklet documenting their DIY approach and the scene at the turn of the century. A one-time pressing limited to 505 copies. (Refuse Records #135)

APPRAISE - Leap of Faith 7"
Appraise on their new release "Leap Of Faith" continues to expand and develop the sound of their LP with the music becoming heavier and faster. In this new chapter as a band, Appraise is complimented with lyrics and personal expression focused on acceptance, sadness, fear, rage and doubt. (Refuse Records #137)

You should be familiar with this Washington DC Straight Edge Hardcore powerhouse already but if you somehow not this is your chance. Line of Sight features members of Mindset, Protester, Pure Disgust or Free just to name a few. No surprise that collective effort of this dedicated individuals created such an intense, tight and energetic hardcore. In such sad current state of the world this band is a strong posi-force we all need. This release contains remastered songs from their debut demo and songs that appeared on 7" on Youngblood Records. One-time pressing of 544 copies so don't sleep on this. (Refuse Records #144)

WALL BREAKER - Democracy Dies LP
Wall Breaker returns this fall with a 12" release on Refuse Records. "Democracy Dies" picks up where 2017's Demo left off - fast, no bullshit hardcore punk with some mosh crunch thrown in for good measure. Here's twelve pissed-off tracks recalling east coast bands from Agnostic Front to SSD to Life's Blood, as well as a healthy nod to the speed and urgency of early 00s thrashcore. The lyrics delve into current issues plaguing the western world from racism to xenophobia to violence and war, as well as depression, mental health and self-loathing. Kicking-off this release, Wall Breaker will hit Europe in October punctuated by Refuse Record's 25th Anniversary Fest in Warsaw on October 13th! Dates below! (Refuse Records #145)

REGRES - Tu I Teraz 7"
Regres is back with new material. Over the years, they have developed their own recognizable style. Their honest and sincere message has always been their strongest point. While that hasn't changed, they've now taken their message to an even deeper personal level. These six new tracks are an attempt to reconcile with yourself, and to look deep within. One of the leading and most important current HC bands in Poland, this is one of their best releases yet. Featuring Ewa Brylewska (daughter of Robert Brylewski from Kryzys, Brygada Kryzys, Armia - RIP) (Refuse Records #148)

Open Wounds "Invaders" brings you that classic "non nonsense" early 80's North American hardcore punk sound. 14 catchy songs filled with energy, anger and a good dose of melody packed in a beautiful surreal SciFi artwok done by great artist Bill Hauser. This record will make you singalong whole day long, stage dive at your couch and circle pit around your kitchen chairs. If you dig classics like Minor Threat, Jerry's Kids, Government Issue, Offenders, Urban Waste, Circle Jerks, CIA, The Abused, Negative Approach, YOT, Gorilla Biscuits but also modern classics such as Career Suicide, Government Warning and Direct Control then this is yours cup of tea! (Refuse Records #149)

OPEN WOUNDS - Open Wounds LP
Open Wounds is an "in your face" hardcore punk band from Amsterdam, Holland with members of Vitamin X and Paranoid State. Heavily influenced by north American bands from the 80's like Jerry's Kids, Article Of Faith, Genetic Control, RKL, Ill Repute, Urban Waste, Youth Of Today, Adrenalin OD and newer bands such as Government Warning, Career Suicide, Cülo, Direct Control, etc. their sound is best described as classic hardcore punk. Open Wounds creates a perfect blend of pure, fast energy with catchy melodies and personal and sociopolitical lyrics. (Refuse Records #120)

TIED DOWN - s/t 7"
Nothing to prove, nothing to gain, exorcising our demons, baring our pain. UKHC veterans Tied Down hail from the North East of England and feature ex and current members of Voorhees and Break it Up. This is their debut release of 6 songs of old school hardcore that features aggression, rawness and melody all put into a musical blender and spat out into your face. FFO early NY and Boston hardcore punk with a distinct UKHC feel. Hardcore punks never die they just get angrier with age!! Co-release between Refuse Records and Sakari Empire. (Refuse Records #151)

PROTEIN - Alive 7"
In the mid-1980's, Krakow was the first city in Poland where the term "straight edge" appeared. This was thanks to bands like ID and U.O.M. In that stinking and drunken reality it was a revolutionary breakthrough in culture. And although the guys from PROTEIN were not even in the world at that time, it´s they who are now the movers and shakers of straight edge and HC in the city. They do bands, zines, run Youth2Youth Records and they book plenty of shows. They are an incredible example. While listening to this new material from these talented youths, you can hear that lessons from US and European SEHC over the past 30 years have been solidly learned. They mention that True Colors is at the forefront for them in Europe. They miss Floorpunch and we hear inspiration from Turning Point's releases. This is certainly one of the strongest debuts of PLHC recently! Mastering by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, cover by Maciek Wolanski. (Refuse Records #147)

DOMAIN - Retreat 7"
One of the brightest points of a new crop of bands affiliated with the "Deutschhardcore" tag are finally on vinyl. DOMAIN started right after the demise of SKAGGS by some active figures working hard to put Mannheim on the map as one of the main centres of HC in Germany. Following their two tapes and couple of tours, here they are with their debut 7-song 7". If you're into raw, unpolished late 80's youth crew straight edge hardcore, then you need this. Simple. FFO: "New Breed" and "X-mark the spot" comps., Wide Awake, early Turning Point. (Refuse Records #139)

WALL BREAKER is a new straight edge hardcore punk band with members from NJ and Baltimore. Formed by Jeremy Evans (Coke Bust, WarXGames), Jeff DeSantis (Bloodtype, Bleeding Edges Label), Ken Ramsey (Glory Fades) and Ben Wood (Chainsaw To The Face, Durian). Heavily influenced by bands like SSD and Life's Blood, but played with the speed of some of the early 00's era thrash bands. This is Trump era hardcore, the era of building walls. And this is your new soundtrack to breaking them down. Great sounding vinyl reissue of their debut 5-song demo. Remastered by Smok (As One). One-time pressing of 548 copies. (Refuse Records #140)

ODD MAN OUT - Odd Man Out LP
Odd Man Out started in Olympia, WA in 2008 with the intention of demonstrating that the straight edge was very much alive in their vibrant local scene. This currently Seattle based band continues to challenge audiences- straight edge and non alike, with a consistent musical output, constant energy at live shows and an extensive tour schedule. This release is their discography so far, containing songs from both their 7"s and tape as well as four new tracks exclusive to this release and three covers never officially released. A total of 18 tracks of raw aggression with to the point lyrics giving no room for interpretation. Members of Angel Du$t and Gag. (Refuse Records #143)

HEATSEEKER - Infected Society LP
Heatseeker is spitting out 12"s of phlegm right in society's face. Society's norms are getting openly offensive, so this band has an angry and offensive response to all the bullshit. Raw and stomping hardcore - the result of aggression towards living in a fucked up political reality. This is your sountrack as you bounce off the walls in solitary confinement. (Refuse Records #142)

THE FOG - The Fog 7"
THE FOG is an ugly creature of a band crawling out of the Berlin swamps, grinding down most shallow sounding punk you've recently listened to. After a promo tape on SFR-Hardcore here are eight songs of vicious, uncompromising and primitive hardcore (think Sheer Terror, SSD, SFA, The Aftermath) on 7" vinyl. If you know hardcore this is for you, otherwise move along! #deutschhardcore. (Refuse Records #141)

EAT MY FEAR - Taking Back Space 7"
"Taking back space" is the second ep of the queer feminist hardcore punk band EAT MY FEAR. It's a 6 song explosion in under 10 minutes, a loud, angry and still absolutely necessary mix of straight edge hardcore and queer punk, full of political expression. Adriessa's pissed vocals tell stories about the experience of migration, about animal exploitation, about not fitting in because of homo- and transphobia. And while Eat My Fear created a place for all their anger, their ep is also a manifesto about supporting each other, about not giving up but fighting back. Eat My Fear are fighting a fight that still needs to be fought, together with bands like G.L.O.S.S., IRON, RESPECT MY FIST or ANTI-CORPOS, whith some of them they share members with. If you're ready to take back your space, this is the perfect soundtrack to fight back! This is co-release between Emancypunx Records and Refuse Records. (Refuse Records #152)

V/A - Warsaw's Burning Volume 2 7" compilation
Release # 150 on Refuse Records is the second part of the Warsaw's Burning compilation. Ten years after the release of the first volume, which featured recordings from Warsaw's best HC bands, the time has come to summarize the current state of hardcore here with this new selection of bands from the local scene. The number and quality of bands who have emerged over the last decade (some of them even surviving past this decade) was so inspiring that we had to get to work on the next chapter. These songs consist of eight tracks unreleased anywhere else (or in one case, unreleased in this version on vinyl), from eight bands who prove how capable, active and talented the scene in the capital of Poland is today. The bands appearing on this second volume are GOVERNMENT FLU, HEATSEEKER, NEGATIVE VIBES, MORUS, BRAINEATER, CAST IN IRON, JAD and GLAMOUR. One-time pressing of 400 copies. Cover art by Maciek Wola_ski from Heatseeker. (Refuse Records #150)

RE-VOLTS - Leeches 7"
This Bay Area favorite has turned out three more new "instant hits" to keep the kids drooling while they figure out when to finally release that long-awaited (first) full-length. After what seemed like an endless hiatus, this formidable San Francisco, CA, steam engine just keeps chugging along - now throwing more coal on the fire; this being their third new release in the past year. It delivers, just like they do, every time. 7" includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #240)

UNBROKEN - And/Fall On Proverb 7"
Limited edition reissue of Three One G's first release by San Diego, CA, hardcore legends Unbroken. The two tracks on this single are among the most influential, popular, and well-received of all Unbroken material. The genre-defying, hardcore-metal-Morrissey hybrid powerhouse consisted of members who were part of/went on to be in bands such as Swing Kids, Some Girls, Struggle, Over My Dead Body, and Narrows. Now available again on colored vinyl. (31G Records #1)

"So We Gnaw" is the debut full-length from Bleach Everything. The first proper LP is comprised of seven exceptionally violent hardcore songs. With previous vinyl output ("Free Inside" 7", split 7" with The Infamous Gehenna, split 7" with VORS, Bleach Everything Zine Issue One) being entirely sold out and out of print, "So We Gnaw" comes just in time to reward the loyal and dedicated analog following the band has built over the years. This is the green vinyl version. (Dark Operative Records #18)

REDBAIT - Cages 7"
Redbait did not come from a music scene, but instead from the ranks of St. Louis, MO, activists and organizers. Major influences include Tragedy, The Hope Conspiracy, Dystopia, Thrice, and Nausea. Redbait stands with workers, animals, and the environment. This is the pink vinyl version, limited to 400 copies. (New Age Records #79)

WEAR YOUR WOUNDS - Rust On The Gates Of Heaven LPx2/CD/tape cassette
"Rust On The Gates Of Heaven" is the new album from Wear Your Wounds. This release marks the first time the official lineup of the band; Jacob Bannon (Converge), Mike McKenzie (The Red Chord, Stomach Earth, Unraveller, etc.), Adam McGrath (Cave In, Nomad Stones, etc.), Sean Martin (Twitching Tongues, ex-Hatebreed, ex-Kid Cudi), and Chris Maggio (ex-Trap Them, ex-Sleigh Bells, etc.) have properly written and recorded together. It also features musicians Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe, White Horse) and Gared O'Donnell (Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hawks And Doves) collaborating throughout. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #212)

Descriptions for 6/22/19

With its highly-anticipated debut recording, "Extermination Mass," Death Worship emerged in 2016 to write the next chapter in the storied legacy of the Ross Bay Cult. Whereas many bands over the years have striven to claim a position atop the mantle of bestial black metal, the incomparable lineage of Death Worship's members and the pitiless assault on the feebleness of human existence as evidenced in this first recording confirmed it as one truly worthy of such a distinction. Now, approximately two years later, Death Worship returns with its second siege, "End Times," which ominously portends the finality to which all mankind will succumb. (Nuclear War Now Records #418)

BOG BODY - Through the Burial Bog LP
After instantly selling out on cassette, this filthy four-song debut now reemerges under the banner of Stygian Black Hand, remastered and redesigned for proper vinyl release. Bog Body spews out a churning concoction of slow, down-tuned death metal, proving to be at the same time gravely unsettling and utterly captivating. Bloated with elements of black/doom metal and noise, Bog Body's music bursts with dizzying commotion yet remains masterfully stark in its execution. In their own words, Bog Body embodies, "[t]he hammer and nails of ritual death. The noose around the moon and the spade to bury the sun. Bog Body is made flesh with bass, drums and voices. Focusing on a simplistic punishment, we worship an earnest heartbeat." (Stygian Black Hand 16)

PIG'S BLOOD - A Flock Slaughtered LP
The indomitable blood commanders return to slaughter again! After giving the world a taste of their poison with their debut s/t LP, Pig's Blood spent the next year sharpening their tools of war, completing several victorious US campaigns and preparing their sophomore release. Featuring ten new tracks, "A Flock Slaughtered" demonstrates an elevated plateau of aggression, prowess, and massiven production compared to its predecessor, signaling a rising trajectory for Pig's Blood that will leave only death in its wake. (Stygian Black Hand #17)

FUNERAL STORM - Arcane Mysteries CD
FUNERAL STORM was formed in 2001 by Wampyrion Markhor Necrowolf under the name Raven Throne as a one-man-project. The name was later changed for legal reasons, and after several changes, the moniker FUNERAL STORM was chosen. Lyrical themes were set early on, and are heavily inspired by occultism, legends, myths, evil, mysteries, horror, and the Cthulhu mythos. After several lineup changes and one live show, Wampyrion decided to stop any activities concerning the band until 2012, where he released a digital split with Mortuus Sum and a six-way split on tape format with Human Serpent, Thaer Os Valael, Opus Magorum, Silent Dominion, and Varg Order a year later under his label Abyssic Black Cult Records. (Hells Headbangers Records #253 CD)

SCUMRIPPER - All Veins Blazing CD
Hailing from the filthy metal hotbed that is Finland, SCUMRIPPER formed in 2015 and promptly recorded their first demo. Simply self-titled, that first demo would later be issued by HELLS HEADBANGERS in 2017 on 7" vinyl format. Word began to build about the simple yet exquisitely salacious pleasures of Scumripper, and the stage was soon set for the band's inevitable debut album. SCUMRIPPER are just as violent and vile as they were on their demo, but they've upped the catchiness tenfold. These 11 tracks dig their claws in quickly and deeply, compelling immediate headbanging - and other libations/chemicals, to your taste - and before you know it, 20 minutes have flown by and the album's over. But that's what the "repeat" button's for, or flipping the record over after just one beer's been guzzled. Doesn't matter either way to SCUMRIPPER, because they have All Veins Blazing always! (Hells Headbangers Records #250 CD)

BLITZ - No Future For April Fools: Live At The Lyceum April 1st, 1982 LP
Blitz were among the most influential punk bands ever. It was Gary Bushell (who wrote for "Sounds" and was later dubbed the 'Godfather of Oi!') who brought the band to the attention of his friend Chris Berry, who had just set up No Future records with a bank loan and high hopes. No Future 001 (and Blitz's debut release) was a 4-track EP titled All Out Attack, a 20,000-copy bestseller that made the label's fortune, later to become the most representative of the whole UK82 movement. Its follow-up, Never Surrender, reached number 2 on the Indie charts, while their 3rd EP, Warriors, showed their slight move towards the sing-a-long style of classic Oi! Recorded live at the legendary Lyceum in London in April of 1982, just after the release of their second 7" (with a few tracks from the Skunx club in Islington recorded a few weeks later) this is the band at their absolute live peak. Crucial UK OI! recorded live, the way the genre was meant to be heard, with a beer in one hand and the other with a fist in the air. Blazing and brutal and classic UK82. (Radiation Records #86)

JUDGE DREAD - Bedtime Stories LP
Taking his stage name from a classic Prince Buster song, Judge Dread (born Alexander Minto Hughes) was one of the most popular UK reggae artists of all-time. Known for his salacious humor and over the top live shows Dread was a favorite among UK rude boys. The year 1975 was a big one for Judge Dread, he released several highly charting singles, including his over-the-top rendition of Serge Gainsbourg's sultry classic "Je T'Aime" and the naughty holiday classic "Christmas in Dreadland." The album Bedtime Stories, originally released late in 1975 reached the Top 30 of the UK charts. Featuring those singles and a host of other Dread classics, the album showcases Judge Dread's unique brand of braggadocio mixed with self-deprecating humor. Another UK reggae classic from Judge Dread reissued by Radiation. (Radiation Records #105)

DESTRUCTORS - Exercise The Demons Of Youth LP
The Destructors were a classic UK82-era group originating from Peterborough, north of London and not exactly a hot-bed of punk activity. Rising out of the ashes of the short-lived first wave punk group The Blanks, who released one single in 1979, The Destructors latched onto the second wave sound and never looked back. Featuring liner notes by none other than the legendary Genesis P-Orridge, who wrote "In vinyl we have the ectoplasm of youth. The final psychic rally. A present testament set in present time. Breath in a dead soul. Hanging by a thread. Convinced and betrayed at zero point lies history.' Another killer piece of rare UK '80s punk reissued by the fine folks at Radiation. (Radiation Records #106)

180gr LP. Limited edition vinyl reissue of the debut album by the Anti-Nowhere League, originally issued on WXYZ Records in 1982! Despite the obnoxious band's reputation and the legal persecution that the group sufered due to its obscene lyrics, the album remained number one for many weeks in the independent charts and it became an instant UK Punk Rock Classic! (Radiation Records/Daily Records #16)

MOTORHEAD - Iron Fist And The Hordes From Hell LP
Motörhead's first live album, recorded in early 1978 at The Roundhouse, less than a year after the release of their groundbreaking, self-titled debut. This is vintage, 'take-no-prisoners' Motörhead, and the band (playing a mix of originals and a few speedfreak versions of early R&B, country and British blues songs) is a fast and furious machine. Punk rock step aside...this is Motörhead! (Radiation Records/Lilth Records #304)

Although James Chance's Contortions had already appeared on Brian Eno's legendary No New York compilation in 1978, Buy was the group's first full-length LP. An angular and brilliant mix of free jazz and post-punk funk, this seminal 1979 album is the quintessential No Wave release and the spark for much of what has come out of the Downtown New York music scene over the past thirty years. (Radiation Records/Klimt Records #345)

VIBRATORS - Baby Baby/Into The Future... 7" picture disc
Released for record store day 2019. First come, first served! A classic 1977 punk single, reissued as a limited edition picture disc 7"! (Radiation Records RSD #7)

X-PULSION - You Are Nothing But Schmucks LP
X-Pulsion was the direct successor of the defunct Belgian punkband Chainsaw. This group's only recorded 7-inch was a split with Streets, released in 1978 on Romantik Records, and reissued on No Good Records in 2015. This LP contains some recently recovered demo and rehearsal recordings. (Radiation Records/Belgian Waffles #5)

Spanish repress for the legendary singles collection of the Paralisis Permamente, 80's goth rock mayhem with a punk edge who influenced a plethora of new generation death rock bands from the recent years. Features all time hits like "Autosuficiencia", "Quero Ser Santa", along with 8 more unissable tunes. Repress on tres cipreses with original insert. (Radiation Records/Paralisis Permanente #1)

LP debut of the new canadian Punk/Oi! band called Défonce! Nine tracks sung in french comes with his first release, with sound that remind a lot of '80s french bands, also include in his debut a Warrior Kids cover "Adolescent" (Classic!). If you like french bands as Kronstadt, Traitre or first years of Warrior Kids, take a Défonce copy! 9 tracks! (Radiation Records/Common People #26)

PARIS VIOLENCE - Impossible n'est pas Francais: Demos & Rarities 1995 LP
After 22 years of existence, the very first recordings of Paris Violence remain badly known, in spite of punctual, partial and limited reissues. "Impossible n'est pas Français" redraws the history of this period which dips back us in the middle of the 90s. With 19 tracks, taken from the debut demo tape "L'Esprit Français" and from other confidential tapes released the same year (1995). We discover an unexpected Paris Violence, mixing a Oi!/Rock Punk sound with other influences (New-Wave, post-Punk and even Electro. A precious testimony on the genesis of this atypical group of the French scene, accompanied with illustration of the period, mostly unpublished. Welcome in this journey which goes back in time... 19 tracks! (Radiation Records/Common People Records #18)

FUNBOY FIVE AND MILKSHAKE MELON - Landmarks, Ruins And Memories LP
Finally collected on vinyl all tracks by these cult late 70's English post-punk bands. A must-have for all KBD punk fans! All tracks have been remastered to give you best audio quality plus a deluxe package with printed inner sleeve with notes and anecdotes about the bands and the songs. Limited to 300 copies. (Radiation Records/Ave Phoenix Records #1)

ONE WAY SYSTEM - All Systems Go LP
1983 classic from one of the most iconic second-wave british punk bands. Features their all-time hit "Jerusalem." 180 gram with printed inner. Limited to 500 only, on the PHR label from Czech Republic. Hard to find! (Radiation Records/PHR Records #229)

THE OUTCASTS - Self Conscious Over You LP
Belfast's own original punk rockers Outcasts' debut album from 1979 finally reissued. Remastered, on 180 gram vinyl, comes with printed inner sleeve. U.K. punk collectors can't miss this one. Mandatory! (Radiation Records/PHR Records #237)

JOY DIVISION - Live At University Of London Union, February The 8th 1980 LP
The University of London Union show took place on February 8, 1980, just a few months before Ian Curtis's death. The 12 song set list was mostly based on songs that would end up on Closer (the band's second and final studio album) but also on classic singles such as "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Digital". The band was in fine form with Curtis leading the charge into their own gloomy, psychotic, atmospheres. A quintessential live album and a real treat for any Joy Division fan. (Radiation Records/DBQP #18)

JOY DIVISION - This Is The Room: Live In London 1979 LP
Joy Division legendary show at the Electric Ballroom, on a break from their tour with buzzcocks, supported by A Certain ratio. Classic early JD here in a high quality long-lost recording. Great! (Radiation Records/Lively Youth Records #533)

CONFLICT - Standard Issue '82 To '87 LP
Originally released in 1989, "Standard Issue 82/87" presents British anarcho punks Conflict at their most fierce and confrontational with a complete overview of the band's classic early stages. Their extremely pissed off yet melodic trademark sound is here in all its angry splendor. Three full 7"s are included, plus tracks from another 7", 3 lp's and a re-recording of their eponymous anthem. 13 blasts total of raging, original and strongly political Uk hardcore, the ideal soundtrack to a world falling again into a pit of nationalism and fascist stupidity. Now more than ever, Conflict's powerful protest noise needs to be listened, and loud! Only 500 copies. (Radiation Records/Beat Generation #72)

U.K. SUBS - Endangered Species LP
Originally released in 1982, the U.K. Subs fourth studio album is considered by many of the band's fans their finest moments, and there's many reasons why it could very well be> the record's powerful sound (courtesy of the production of the Subs own Nicky Garratt) made justice to a band on top of their game recording some of the best songs of their career. With 'Endangered Species' the legendary Uk Punk otfit proved their songwriting skills were extremely sharpened and ready to cut from classic punk numbers like "Endangered Species", "Living Dead", "Lie Down And Die" or "I Robot" to slower stompers like "Countdown" or "Down On The Farm" (infamously covered by Guns'n'Roses in their "The Spaghetti Incident" album), the record is strong proof of what the Subs are capable of, there's even space for a bit of post punk in great tracks like "Sensitive Boys"! No self-respected Punk should let this one pass, up The Subs! Only 500 copies. (Radiation Records/Beat Generation #71)

VIOLATORS (USA) - N.Y. Rippers 7"
Four track EP, that includes their ultra rare 'Feel Lucky Punk?!/KBD' classic 'NY Ripper'/'My Country' 7" plus two killer unreleased studio tracks! Formed in 1978, The Violators were a New Jersey band that was quite popular in NYC clubs such Max Kansas City and CBGB. They opened for many bands such Siouxsie and the Banshees, Stimulators, Johnny Thunders, Dead Boys and more. The band recorded just one single in late 1979 at Fox Studios in Rutherford NJ. Right now, over 40 years later, you have the last chance to grab this amazing milestone of the punk era! Limited to 500 copies. (Radiation Records/Rave Up Records #7)

KNOTS - Action 7"
Back in the 1970s, Max's Kansas City introduced many fine bands. Some of the best never got famous. Fuse, aka Knots, was one of the finest. On Manhattan's downtown club circuit, Knots shared bills with now-legendary outfits like the Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Planets, The Fast, The Cramps and VON LMO, as well as headlining their own shows at Max's. Through the years, only three of their recordings survived: 'Action', 'Heartbreaker', and 'Glad To Be Alive', the latter released here for the first time! Limited to 500 copies. (Radiation Records/Rave Up Records #8)

Descriptions for 6/17/19

IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO - Civilta Idiota 7"
The idiots are back with a follow up to last years powerhouse LP! Due to some wonderful visa issues the band are currently scattered around the world, but don't worry, the vibe of a midwest American hardcore band lost on the way to the infamous Virus squat in Milan (and we're talking pre-internet age of course, plus their A-Z isn't doing them many favours) is still strong. Four new tracks and a one time pressing. (Static Shock Records #68)

Static Shock is pleased to bring the fully formed debut 12" from Sydney's NEGATIVE GEARS to the world, following a domestic pressing by Disinfect Records (Low Life, Oily Boys). Seven tracks of tightly wound post punk from a group of individuals that give you the feeling that they're looking at the glass not so much half empty, but long since spilt and with no replacement on the horizon. The type of anguish that makes you either want to scratch your head at the state of the world, or take a full on somersault onto a razor blade, being held up by an anonymous hand from your home country, much like the mateyboy on the front cover. If you've had time for bands such as DIAT, INSTITUTE and MARBLED EYE, you should be taking 16 minutes out of your life for NEGATIVE GEARS too. (Static Shock Records #69)

GAZM - Heavy Vibe Music LP
Tethered between two worlds: the real, and unreal; heaven and earth; hardcore and punk. Montreal's GAZM is the celestial link sent to meld and destroy. With vibes heavier than lead, their debut LP weighs down on all who hear it and forces listeners to slam or face their demise. Fourteen tracks that take you from the grimy city streets, straight to the hell that lies beneath. GAZM will be enforcing their cruel reign of terror upon the US this summer and the LP is only the meager beginning to the damages that will incur. Limited 100 limited slime green for band and mailorder packed in a full color glue pocket sleeve with artwork by GAZM's own, Sebbe. (11 PM Records #2)

THUNDERCLAP - Inebriocean LP
Melding elements of metal and classic rock into a thick layer of swampy southern groove and doom, THUNDERCLAP's output a far cry from its members other/former acts. The trio's members, Todd Rockhill, Ale Gasso, and Danny Welsh, have collectively played with Discount, Army Of Ponch, The Draft, Unitas, J.Page, House On Fire, Black Cougar Shock Unit, and many others through the years. Influenced by metal bands like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath mixed with the down-tuned riffage of sludgy bands like Floor and Cavity, Inebriocean is a potent collection of rifftastic doom metal. Vocalists Todd Rockhill and Ale Gasso provide vocals that feel refreshingly different, which cuts through the monotony that plagues the stoner/doom scene and underscores the uplifting melodies found throughout songs like "47" . The music contained on the album gives hints at the outfit's punk rock origins but departs into deeper territory with flashes of Minus the Bear-style prog rock with weights tied to its ankles, southern rock, Black Sabbath-influenced doom while dealing up vocal hooks and catharsis-inducing riffs. Also sounds a little like The Melvins live scoring Roadhouse. (Financial Ruin Records #14)

FRIENDSHIP - Undercurrent LP
"Undercurrent" showcases Friendship's hybrid of ultra-heavy doom/sludge/powerviolence as audible torture. With a more technical and precise attack, and a brighter and sharper tone than the preceding "Hatred" LP, all tracking, mixing, and mastering duties for "Undercurrent" were handled in Tokyo throughout 2018. The resulting album strikes hard with ten relentless tracks delivered in just over 22 minutes. New from Southern Lord Records. (Southern Lord Records #271)

Descriptions for 6/8/19

SACRILEGE - Ambulance Station Squat, London, 1985 + The First & Second Demos LP
Fully authorized DEMOS & LIVE assault from legends of UK punk/metal SACRILEGE licensed by founding members Damian Thompson and Lynda 'Tam' Simpson. Contains the first two '84 and '85 Sacrilege demos alongside a remarkable unreleased live set from the eminent Ambulance Station Squat on Old Kent Road in London, 1985. All material featured was taken from source tapes and meticulously restored to modern brilliance by dominant Swedish kĺngpunk master Mattias "Kenko" Kennhed of Dischange, Meanwhile and No Security notoriety at the Communichaos Clay Station Studio in Sweden. Sacrilege is soon to be featured in a 7pg. "Hall of Fame" article by US based Decibel Magazine, and rightfully fucking so!! Ripping new reaper artwork knotted and stippled by the highly skilled illustrator Sean Fitzgerald, in seamless Sacrilege style. (Unrest Records #68)

Driller Killer's third album originally released on vinyl as a hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies by Osmose in 1997 and out-of-print now for over a decade, it's about fucking time FTW is back on wax!! Thirty-two minutes pave way to sixteen down tuned skull-cracking tracks of Sweden's finest unadulterated riff-laden metal punk. Iron clad production with a clear, balanced, burly mix of titanic guitars and pummelling drums welded together by the deep and aggressive voice of Cliff Lundberg. FTW is the third release in a series of 8 DK albums coming out on Unrest Records, and the musical equivalent of a twenty-ton tank looking to mow you down in your tracks!! (Unrest Records #52)

DOOMBRINGER - Walpurgis Fires LP
For over a decade, Poland's Doombringer has consistently produced a hybrid strain of extreme sound: the stalwart machinery of death metal adorned in the opaque cloth of black metal. With only two demos and a few EP tracks foreshadowing its debut album, the band's sparse discography is a testament to the meticulous curation of its body of work. Walpurgis Fires is a monumental work, the culmination of everything the band has done up to this point and an ominous vision of the darkness the band will continue to summon forth. (Nuclear War Now #432)

AIMA - Tragos LP
Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce its newfound alliance with (Aima) in releasing the band's debut album, "" ("Tragos"). With "Tragos," Aima has clearly established itself as a worthy present-day torchbearer in the tradition of the most blasphemous of dark arts from Greece. (Nuclear War Now #428)

ASID - Pathetic Flesh LP
"On their first vinyl effort, ASID's almost monomaniacal devotion to gutting hardcore of its accretions of style and refinement and revelling in its basest instincts of power and fury is on rude display. Pounding forward with a jackhammer beat, ASID burn through tough riffs birthed choking in a dirty glut of muggy fuzz that conjures up the sickened tone of something like Disclose's Nightmare or Reality 12". Pathetic Flesh is an intense explosion of a record, chucking up the rudimentary stomp of Fever, the brawny pogo of Bootlicker, the panic-stricken downhill rush of the title track. This record is a total hardcore statement, with stunning art from the singer Tin, whose tortured yell struggles painfully against the storm of the noise, breaking through with ugly anguish." (La Vida Es Un Mus #191)

ENZYME - Howling Mind LP
After two 7"s on Crust War and Hardcore Victim and a Tour flexi in Japan on Vox Populi Records, Australian noise-punx Enzyme release their debut 10 track debut album. The band made up of ex members of PISSCHRIST, KROMOSOM and UNKNOWN TO GOD worship at the altar of Perdition era DISORDER, CHAOS UK and CONFUSE. The bass drives the sound, the drums hectic with a lot of rolling tom tom work whilst the guitar has an immense tone of buzzing distortion and flanged psychedelics which sits somewhere between GLOOM and LES RAZILLES DENUDES. Pummeling, assertive one-two hardcore with a visceral-physical without stupidity, clever but unpretentious venomous vocals. Recorded by Jason Fuller at Goatsound and mastered by Shige at Noise Room Howling Mind comes with sleeve and 16 page booked designed by Zach Malakonas. (La Vida Es Un Mus #184)

VICE DEVICE - Living Textures LP
Portland, OR trio, Vice Device, have honed a distinct blend of live electronic rhythm, layers of synth that range from lush to searing with bass that gnashes at the edges, primal and shattered. Dual vocalists explore moods that are eerily charged as well as hauntingly somber, akin to both Depeche Mode and Bikini Kill. After a handful of well received singles, split EP's and compilation appearances, the group delivers on their long awaited first LP, "Living Textures". The album features 8 tracks that evoke the spirit of both early 80's Berlin and NYC underground music. Inspired by the electronic punk aggression of X-Mal Deutschland and Suicide, the minimal synth austerity of Xeno & Oaklander and a healthy dose of art damaged underground noise harkening to Malaria! and early Sonic Youth, "Living Textures" is both refreshing and familiar. (Black Water Records #75)

Debut of rampaging hardcore punk. After 2 demo tapes, a 7", and tours on both coasts with Extended Hell and Forward the band is ready put out their first full length release. 14 tracks of in-your-face burly punk with nods to Scandinavian bands like Svart Framtid and So Much Hate. (Desolate Records #17)

CHROME SKULLS - The Metal Skull 7"
The new Chrome Skulls 7" "The Metal Skull" comes stomping, prodding, and ripping out of the fog underneath the Asbury Park boardwalk with driving, pit slapping freak punk madness that conjures up all eras of NJ punk and hardcore, as well as touches from international scenes while somehow being undeniably New Jersey. (Vanilla Box Records #1)

REGURGITATION - Tales Of Necrophilia CD + DVD
REGURGITATION hailed from the United States, from the ever-fertile Cleveland metal scene, and formed in 1994. They would record a demo and split before releasing their one and only album, Tales of Necrophilia, on the cult Ablated Records. Released in 1999 during death metal's quiet renaissance that would bloom in the decade to follow, REGURGITATION's lone full-length is bursting at the seams with all the gory grind, beatdown riffs, and truly unforgettable art that maniacs old and new will worship: both truly a reflection of its era, and a treasured relic ripe for rediscovering 20 years later. Guitarist Brian Baxter would go on to play in EMBALMER, while the rest of the members would reconvene in Necrotic Disgorgement. Now, longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS are delivering Tales of Necrophilia as a digibook CD with bonus DVD including four live shows from the late '90s/early 2000s.. (Hells Headbangers Records #262 CD)

EVIL ANGEL - Unholy Evil Metal CD
Formed during the dark days of 1998 in Lahti, Finland, EVIL ANGEL finally burst upon the international metal underground in 2002 with the Dark Forces of Hell demo. For the next number of years, the band would continue to perfect its outbreak-of-evil style of blackthrashing metal across more demos, splits, and the aptly titled Metal Onslaught EP. That last-named record was crucial in pointing the direction forward for EVIL ANGEL: each new recording brought them down into deeper depths of primitivism whilst underlining their connection to the unyielding strength of true METAL. The culmination of this devolution/refinement came in the form of EVIL ANGEL's even-more-aptly titled debut album, Unholy Fight for Metal. Here, the quintet stoked the ancient hellfires of early South American darkness, recalling the bestial rush/crush of early Sarcofago, Vulcano, and Sepultura while simultaneously upping the pure metal catchiness of their attack. The album became something of a mini-classic in the underground upon its release in 2007. The band followed it up a year later with a split 7" with SPAWN OF SATAN via HELLS HEADBANGERS, and then quietly went on hiatus. Some bands break up or go on hiatus, only to return as hollowed shells of what they once were. In the case of EVIL ANGEL, being buried by time and dust only made them more resolute: Unholy Evil Metal lives again, more virile and vicious than ever! (Hells Headbangers Records #261 CD)

CEMETERY LUST - Rotting In Piss LP
For nearly a decade now, CEMETERY LUST have been perfecting their crazed craft, first with a handful of demos, and then two full-lengths for HELLS HEADBANGERS, 2012's Screams of the Violated (which the label widely released in 2015) and 2014's Orgies of Abomination. Across those two albums, these Portland sleaze-bangers put forth a form of thrash yet was fun yet filthy, and feral at every turn, spitting forth lyrical depravity amidst a sonic backdrop of '80s German proto-black, San Francisco speed metal, and even South American proto-death. No big changes on LP#3, Rotting in Piss, nor should there be: this is vile and violent METAL, above all, which pisses on all party-thrash pretenders. If anything, CEMETERY LUST sound even more manic here, with witching solos divebombing right and left across the album's fierce 'n' full 33 minutes. Plus, they've found a production style that possesses a disarming amount of clarity while simultaneously making every dirty nook and cranny sound that much more depraved. If you didn't know any better, you'd mistake Rotting in Piss for some lost deathrash classic from 1989! With a slew of touring lined up for the summer and no limit to the depraved depths to which they'd sink, CEMETERY LUST devilishly invite you to keep Rotting in Piss! (Hells Headbangers #245)

DECEASED - Ghostly White LPx2
Ghostly White is DECEASED's first album since then, and it's massively anticipated to say the very least. And as expected, this is the sound of DECEASED at their finest and most fiery: truly EPIC, narrative songwriting led, as always, by the incomparable creepshow lyricism of founding vocalist King Fowley. Totaling eight songs in a twisting 'n' turning 55 minutes, Ghostly White takes the listener on a breathless yet dynamic ride through the darkest corners of the band's trademark Death Metal From The Grave, with the dual-axe majesty of longtime guitarist Mike Smith and Shane Fuegal (who's been his foil since 2006) taking these songs into almost anthem status. In fact, the urgency and passion with which DECEASED play here is startling to behold; most bands even a fraction of their age rarely exhibit this much intensity nor finesse. Of course, throughout, this is simply what they do, because Ghostly White is simply and 100% DECEASED. (Hells Headbangers #258)

BAT - Axestasy tape cassette
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a brand-new mini-album from BAT, titled "Axestasy". Simply put, there's no stopping BAT! This hard-charging, hard-touring American speed metal cult have been slaying any stage they step on since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, "Wings of Chains," in 2016. Naturally, that's no surprise given the power-trio's pedigree: both vocalist/bassist Ryan Waste and guitarist Nick Poulos hail from Municipal Waste and Volture while drummer Felix Griffin played on D.R.I.'s first four, classic albums. Nevertheless, BAT have become a thundering force in their own right, and the brand-new Axestasy mini-album proves it further. Taking all the same sterling qualities of Wings of Chains and the pushing 'em into the red, Axestasy is the sound of a well-oiled machine charging forward with boundless confidence and style for miles; their onstage charisma is conveyed to its fullest here. Comprising a re-recorded version of "Ritual Fool," four dynamic new tracks, and an ominous interlude, Axestasy is 14 wild minutes of prime BAT. Bow down before BAT and receive total Axestasy! (Hells Headbanger's Records #50 TP)

EMBALMER - Embalmed Alive CD
By now, EMBALMER should need no introduction. Spawned in the golden year of 1990, they would spend the next number of years releasing cult demo after cult demo, spreading their pestilence across the burgeoning death metal underground of the early '90s. Come 1995, however, EMBALMER would release the classic "There Was Blood Everywhere" EP on Relapse and would forever etch their name into legendry. The ensuing years would see EMBALMBER break up and then re-form and more recordings, with ever-shifting lineups, all before their glorious comeback in 2016 with Emanations from the Crypt, courtesy of longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS. Massively critically acclaimed, Emanations from the Crypt displayed a ravenous 'n' revitalized EMBALMER, prepared to make up for lost time with a filth and fury that simply couldn't be denied. EMBALMER has always been known as a ferocious live band, delivering devastating performances to stages for nearly 30 years. During that time, a lot of great musicians have contributed to EMBALMER's legacy of sickness & brutality, with drummer Roy Stewart remaining as the band's founding patriarch. In the 1990s, many live bootlegs were recorded and traded over the years, which today have been replaced with YouTube clips. Although EMBALMER love the rawness of these recordings, the band decided to enter Brainchild Studios in 2017 to record a high-quality live release for all the fans, old and new. Contained here on "Embalmed Alive" are 15 tracks spanning EMBALMER's entire career. This recording is meant to be a representation of a typical headlining setlist. Also included are studio-quality versions of two songs from 1992 ("Taxidermist" and "Projectile Vomit") that never got a proper official release. All tracks on Embalmed Alive were recorded live all the way through, with no studio magic, triggers, or edits. (Hells Headbangers Records #199 CD)

DEIPHAGO - I, The Devil LP
DEIPHAGO are arguably the most violent band on the planet, as well as one of the most envelope-pushing. Over the course of four albums - 2006's Satanik Eon, 2009's Filipino Antichrist, 2012's Satan Alpha Omega, and 2015's Into the Eye of Satan, the latter three all released by HELLS HEADBANGERS - and with a history spanning 30 years, this power-trio have challenged the norms of black metal, death metal, even extreme metal in general, resulting in a catalog that's unchallenged and untouchable. Quite simply, DEIPHAGO are without peer, and I, The Devilunderlines this fact with no uncertainty. (Hells Headbanger's Records #254)

DECOHERENCE - s/t 7" (limited edition)
Soul-ravaging and mind-altering black metal from the UK conceived by an unknown entity. A trance-inducing chasm of synapse-destroying aural terror. As it creates, so it destroys. As Decoherence weaves its sonic spires, the soul and mind are meticulously consumed and annihilated with it. (Sentient Ruin Records #86)

SUTEKH HEXEN/SLEEPWALKER - s/t 7" (limited edition)
Sentient Ruin unites two of its most iconic bands for a sanity-defying 7" split brought to you as an audio-visual display of uncompromising artistic mastery by two of the extreme/experimental underground's most visionary and transformative entities. Short in playing time, but unlimited in its evocative scope, the release quickly unshackles itself of its physical boundaries with an ambitious and imaginative merger of sound and visuals which exponentially augments its evocative force. Within, the two bands both delve into their own respective iconic sounds with unseen vehemence: Sutekh Hexen eviscerating shadows with their staple swarm of disembodied ritualistic power-black ambient mayhem, and Sleepwalker conjuring their signature oneiric and surreal arabesque of psychedelic black metal delirium. At the same time however, the two bands have made deliberate synergic convergences, unifying their souls to bend them to each other's respective vision, envisioning the project and each other's craft as a whole and deliberately creating contact points in their respective compositions to augment the audio-visual experience to a higher level, transcending physical boundaries, and at times, even their individual selves... (Sentient Ruin Records #81)

Now a world-renowned phenomenon in the extreme/experimental underground, Sleepwalker return with another catastrophic mindfuck of shapeshifting and disorienting psychedelic black meal mastery that will shatter your synapses. ("Yus") represents a crossing of worlds between the old and the new, the passing of power and skill from ancestor to youth and their successes and failures, the portal between distinct cultures, the obsolete alphabets and their new acquired meanings and the evolution of language and it's proxy disciplines like music. While in Buddhism, the zen concept of signifies "nothingness", "not having" and the "absence of something", it's obsolete variant Yus or modern "_" in Cyrillic, implies "to be near" or to be "in possession of". In Traditional Chinese, the symbol denotes "shaman" or "sorcerer", while in Eastern Mari "_" connotes the idea of the "new". This sometimes contradictory cross-cultural phenomenon of dying language and obsolete literary systems taking on new meaning and symbolism was the inspiration for this short EP. Can a creation live on-if even in other forms- like offspring, or will it simply perish with time? (Sentient Ruin Records #80)

On this haunting sophomore offering Dutch black metal specter Verwoed peels back even more layers from its hideous amalgamation of atmospheric black metal bedlam, to expose incredibly dense and much more psychedelic and hallucinogenic cosmic textures than ever before, while remaining yielding in its nihilistic and violent tactics. At times twisted and disorienting, at times meditative and defiant, "De Val" is a sprawling demonstration of superb abstract black metal intransigence which confirms Verwoed as one of European black metal's most daring and visionary acts. (Sentient Ruin Records #82)

SUSPIRAL - Chasm LP/tape cassette
Featuring members coming from Spanish extreme underground bastions like Black Earth, Sheidim and beyond, Galician black/death metal entity Suspiral return with their mind-altering sophomore LP - coercing crushing black and death metal into repetitive, trance-inducing song structures designed to consume and annihilate the psyche. Drawing influence from extra-corporal states of consciousness and fringe extreme metal horrors like Beherit, Necrovore, and Sadistik Exekution on one end, and from kraut/psycheelic experimentalists like Ash Ra Tempel and Faust on the other, Suspiral have manipulated the darkest and most twisted strains of black/death metal to create a psychedelic aberration of unseen magnificence. A true embodiment of chaos an entropy distilled into sonic form to obliterate the mind and torment the flesh. (Sentient Ruin Records #78)

HOLD ME DOWN - s/t cassette tape
Worshipping directly at the dystopian altar of bands like Skinny Puppy, early Ministry, and Godlfesh, Virginia's Hold Me Down debut with an EP of mezmerising industrial metal chaos and post-modern sonic deconstructionism set to annihilate the mind and torment the flesh with no solution of continuity. Within these seven cold and baneful cuts of mechanical aural pandemonium the listener will be drawn into a lifeless and colorless world of ruin and destruction where machines and deviant technology have replaced flesh and sanity and reduced man to a pale and fading memory, annihilated by its own delusions and exterminated by its own creations and mind. Subtle touches of harsh noise, power electronics, and black metal amalgamated in the mix round out a debut of absolutely mind-defiling cruelty. (Sentient Ruin Records #95 TP)

SUTEKH HEXEN - s/t cassette tape x 2
We're truly honored to welcome the comeback of US Black Ambient veterans Sutekh Hexen. Both defiant and meditative, their latest self-titled full-length and first proper studio album furthers the project's inquiry into opposition, endurance, and paradox. Both hypnotic and cruel, these ten highly charged tracks transgress yet again any previously imposed boundaries while upholding their raw ethos at its root, and at times defying the listener's expectations altogether. Though tempestuous as ever, with this work, Sutekh Hexen reaches across thresholds and thrusts longtime listeners into redefined spaces: haunted disorientation, surreal agony, the distress of buried forces surfacing, a revelation of black tongues. Each track is a rite of clandestine horror through a distillation of power-ambient, industrial, and black metal deconstructionism. This is a new era of Sutekh Hexen, and it is a sharpening of their blade, a merciless lucidity. (Sentient Ruin Records #76 TP)

DEPRESSOR - Hell Storms Over Earth LP
The ultimate and final compendium of long lost and unreleased songs from San Francisco's legendary industrial/death metal/crust cult Depressor, remastered, re-packaged and elevated to the status of audio/visual shrine in honor of one of the heaviest and most elusive and visionary underground American punk/metal bands of our times. "Hell Storms Over Earth" is the final statement in what was Depressor's glorious late 90's/early 00's "crust era", when the band abandoned the polished and well-produced Godflesh-worshiping drum machine-based industrial metal sound of its early and mid 90's beginnings (as seen in the iconic "Filth" and "Grace" demo releases) and opted to home-record everything thereafter on a four track recorder and steer their sound toward a more death metal/crust hybridized sound influenced by bands like Amebix, Celtic Frost, GISM, Voivod, Discharge and Napalm Death. This move pushed the band's sound over the edge into a void of despair and yielded a blown out low end dirty sound of utmost rawness and hatred. These are not only long lost or downright never before heard tracks from a legendary Bay Area cult band then at the forefront of change and renovation, but a priceless document of their times, a snapshot of an era long gone and forgotten, and a window opened into a time of turmoil and struggle which yielded some of the most dark, visionary and thought-provoking punk/metal hybridizations of our times. (Sentient Ruin Records #73)

GAMEFACE - I Owe You One/Two Gunslingers 7"
These are the first recordings since Gameface's reunion album in 2014, "Now Is What Matters Now." They came as a surprise to to the band who hadn't intended to write or record any new material, but inspiration struck on the heels of their Japan tour earlier this year and they went directly into the studio as soon as they were back in California. The Southern California-based outfit, now featuring Jeff Caudill along with Todd D. Trout (guitar), Guy Julian (bass), and Steve Sanderson (drums), originally formed in the summer of 1990 and has since released six full-length albums, each carrying the band's dynamic, distinctive sound that has gone on to influence countless bands over the years. (Revelation Records #179)

YOUTH OF TODAY - One Night Stand/Anarchy In Vienna 7"
From the iconic and unpredictable Youth Of Today, we've got a fun 7" that was initially released for Record Store Day 2019. "One Night Stand" was the ONLY cover song ever recorded by Youth Of Today in studio. The track was selected by vocalist Ray Cappo and recorded during their last 7" session ("Disengage," "Envy," and "Modern Love Story" were the other tracks from that session that were released as their self-titled 7"). "One Night Stand," written by Paul Anka and Wes Farrell, was originally recorded by The Partridge Family and appeared in their show and on record in the early 1970s. This version is Youth Of Today's take with Ray's signature growl and has only been released on the now out-of-print "Revelation 100: A Fifteen Year Retrospective Of Rare Recordings" compilation, but now it will appear on a Youth Of Today release for the first time. The B-side is another cover from their first tour of Europe in 1989 (with artwork inspired by the Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen" 7"). This is the black vinyl version. (Revelation Records #180)

ORCHID - Chaos is Me LP 20th anniversary silver foil edition (Scene Support version)
In 1999 Ebullition released the Orchid - Chaos is Me LP. At the time Orchid was a fairly new and unheard of band. It was the 45th release on Ebullition, but over time it became the most popular band and record that Ebullition ever had the privilege of releasing. In honor of this, in 2019 Ebullition has decided to releases a special limited edition 20th anniversary version of this monumental LP. Colored vinyl and a special foil printed cover with all of the grey elements from the original cover replaced with the silver foil. Scene Support version is on brown vinyl and comes with limited poster insert and alternative lyric sheet. (Ebullition Records #45)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)