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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 1/20/18

Debut LP from Halifax, Nova Scotia's crasher crusties Fragment. A full on attack of raw feedback and reverb saturated crust punk in the tradition of Gloom. This crew has been making crusty noise happen in northern Canada for years (many will be familiar with Contagium in which a couple of these guys played) and they know how to write a killer song. Unlike many bands that take this kind of wall of reverb approach to crust (say Framtid or Ferocious X) Fragment draws less on the Swedish classics in their riffs and more on the early crust scene in England. The dark energy of Deviated Instinct or Axegrinder is definitely an influence here. If you like your punk blown out and crushing this is for you. For fans of Lastly, Aspects of War, Rednecks, Kromosom, etc. Out now on Desolate Records (US) and Rawmantic Disasters (Europe). (Desolate Records #9)

S.F.N./ABRADE - split 10"
Two good things have come from Stoughton, Wisconsin: the coffee break and SFN. After mysteriously dissolving in the last few years, they still seem to pop up every now and then with a new release. Easily the most original band in the mid-2000s power violence revival, SFN have found a way to continuously push the boundaries of what they are doing and stay completely relevant. Terminal Sedation was originally recorded for their 2007 demo but this re-recorded version absolutely crushes the original. A great man once told me SFN moves like a glacier; slow, cold and powerful. I couldn't think of a better way to describe their contribution to this split. Chicago's most elusive grindcore band has finally returned with six new songs that barely crack the five minute mark. The sonic assault is over almost as quickly as it begins but not before it absolutely pummels you into dust and tries to snort you like an eight ball of grindcore cocaine. Try to imagine Discordance Axis performing a drive by on Flesh Parade deep in the concrete jungle of Chicago and you'll start to get the idea. SFN submit their first and only studio recording of 'Terminal Sedation.' A concept that has prevailed through the life of the group and arrives here, at a momentous head, surpassing any conceivable expectation. Abrade delivers their most focused and potent material to date. A sorely missed reminder that they remain a top contender for speed, precision, and ingenuity across the genre. (Malokul Records #13)

ORDER - Demo 2017 cassette tape
Order is a collective of friends and artists, largely from Southeastern Virginia. They play music that is generally loud, and informed by various takes on punk, post-punk, and hardcore through the decades. This is their first recording. We hope you enjoy it, but are undeterred if you do not. For fans of Warsaw, The Boys Next Door, Diat, etc. Limited to 100 copies on pro-dubbed, hi-bias gold cassettes with J-cards. (Anthems of The Undesirable #16 TP)

Since their 2009 debuts Chicago's Sea of Shit and New York's Radiation Blackbody have been two of the most memorable acts among the new wave of powerviolence. Alongside contemporaries like Water Torture, Column of Heaven, and Gas Chamber, both of these bands have brought new and exhilarating ideas to the genre, but are still somehow familiarly based in the tradition our elders. If you aren't immediately familiar with either act, basically you're looking at grinding prog by Japanese punk aficionados and scientific degenerates on one side, and truly misanthropic hardcore by smut-obsessed, nihilistic degenerates on the other. Like huffing glue before reading about theoretical physics. Or maybe the other way around, depending on which side you play first. Limited to 423 copies. Download code included. (Anthems of The Undesirable #15)

CASTRO - Personal 7"
CASTRO are a relatively new band, but feature many people you will recognise if you know your Norwegian punk history of the past 30 years. Featuring members of Norwegian punk legends ANGOR WAT and ISRAELVIS, and the welcome return of Katja (ex LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT) on vocals, the band released the critically acclaimed "THE RIVER NEED" album at the tail end of 2014. Now, as a taster for the upcoming new album "INFIDELITY" due out February 2018, comes the "PERSONAL" Limited edition 7" EP, featuring a different recording of one track to feature on their album, plus a cover version of "Ting" and the track "Pacific" which is only available on this release. This very limited pressing comes in random colour/mix effect vinyl, and is strictly limited to 250 copies! - whilst the artwork tips a nod of the hat to the CRASS designs of yesteryear! (Boss Tuneage Records #119)

ELECTRO HIPPIES - Deception Of The Instigator Of Tomorrow : Collected Works 1985 1987 LPx2 with CD
ELECTRO HIPPIES need no introduction to anyone familiar with UKHC in the mid to late '80s. Now, for the first time, their recordings that predate their records for Peaceville are collected together officially, including their solitary Peel Session, split LP tracks, their two studio demos and many live and rehearsal tracks previously unheard outside of the band. Released in conjunction with the band, and including liner notes by Simon, as well as lyrics, photos, posters and more, this is a must own collection for any fan of 80s UKHC. (Boss Tuneage Retro #39)

ELECTRO HIPPIES - Deception Of The Instigator Of Tomorrow: Collected Works 1985 1987 CD
ELECTRO HIPPIES need no introduction to anyone familiar with UKHC in the mid to late '80s. Now, for the first time, their recordings that predate their records for Peaceville are collected together officially, including their solitary Peel Session, split LP tracks, their two studio demos and many live and rehearsal tracks previously unheard outside of the band. Released in conjunction with the band, and including liner notes by Simon, as well as lyrics, photos, posters and more, this is a must own collection for any fan of 80s UKHC. (Boss Tuneage Retro #39 CD)

Hailing from Sunderland and featuring members of HDQ, RED ALERT and ANGELIC UPSTARTS amongst their ranks, this is the album LOUDMOUTH have been promising to deliver in the past - with "EASY TIGER" they have totally nailed it Powerful, melodic, punk rock - this is a modern, gritty take yet gives a nod to the classic punk bands of yesteryear too - this is what you get when you take the direct influence of LOUDMOUTHs hometown bands LEATHERFACE and HDQ and mix them with a love of RUTS, CLASH and DAMNED. "EASY TIGER" is one of the most complete albums you will hear all year - make sure you don't miss it! Features 11 classic new tracks plus their own tribute to late great Dickie Hammond with a cover of STOKOE'S "Mexican Stand Off" Limited Edition Random Colour Mix Vinyl with CD included of all 12 tracks. (Boss Tuneage Records #117)

Finally a full length from Japan's PARASITE! After a sold out 7" & 10" on Tadpole Records and a 7" and split 7" on Holy Terror Records the kings of G.I.S.M worship are back. This time they have 8 tracks on a full length LP. For fans of G.I.S.M, Randy Uchida Group, G.A.T.E.S and Doraid - If you like riffs, solo's and metal punk this is a must for your collection. (Boss Tuneage Records #118)

Not merely a shoehorned-noise-into-hardcore-exercise, "Voyeurism" lurches through roughly 18 minutes of industrial begrimed noise rock hammerings. Bass and drums are hemmed together solidly with drum machines, synths and other implements, intersected by a collection of purloined field recording moments blurring the lines between audience and voyeur. This transmission is total sabotage of the ostensible. Hope you were listening. Members of Column of Heaven, The Endless Blockade, and Flatline Construct. (Anthems of The Undesirable #14)

DSKNT - Phsphr Entropy cassette tape
Hermetic, polymorphic and abstract black metal exclusively glorifying and worshiping the annihilation of all existence. Mysterious Swiss entity DSKNT incarnates with a colossal debut album of total avant-black/death mindfuckery that has taken the aesthetic of bands like Aosoth, Abigor, Deathspell Omega, and Anthaeus and deformed it and disfigured it further - creating a swarming chasm of mutated black chaos worship that pulverizes the psyche and ravages the flesh. (Sentient Ruin Records #58 TP)

ABKEHR - In Asche LP
Debut album finally on vinyl after the casette version sold out in record time. Hideously and relentlessly crawling across four vast movements of pure incarnated darkness, Abkehr's "In Asche" is a towering and commanding work in the current underground black metal panorama, which has managed to harness the primordial savagery of bands like Craft and Judas Iscariot, the vast and enveloping hopelessness of bands like Weakling, Ash Borer and Mg_a, and the visionary wretchedness of brilliant black metal anomalies like Twilight and Leviathan, to create their own personal passageway into a tormented and shadow-torn world. (Sentient Ruin Records #41)

SLEEPWALKER - 5772 cassette tape
The unparalleled 2016 debut album from elusive multinational psychedelic/avantgarde black metal enigma Sleepwalker now officially re-released on cassette and finally also available on 12" vinyl. A visionary collision of sounds and of different schools of thought in extreme and experimental metal and beyond, that bursts the listener's synapses open with a mind-shattering alloy of drone, raw black metal, kraut/psychedelic rock, free-jazz, noise rock, and tribal ritualism - a truly unparalleled mind-fuck suspended between the visionary opposites of Voivod, Zeni Jeva, Oxbow, John Zorn, King Crimson, Darkthrone, and Xasthur. (Sentient Ruin Records #43 TP)

FRIENDSHIP - Hatred cassette tape
The debut full-length album following the massively successful and long sold out I&II compilation earlier this year. A skull-crushing barrage of alienating audial hostility that redefines and re-imagines the most remote and liminal realms of hardcore. Powerviolence, hardcore, grindcore and sludge/doom blended to devastating effects. LP out on Southern Lord Records! (Sentient Ruin Records #48)

COMMUNION - At The Announcement CD
One of the most cult bands in the shit-hot South American black/death scene, for nearly a decade now, COMMUNION have been cultivating a mystique and work ethic like no other. Staunchly DIY and largely rejecting the gross machinations of the European "metal" industry, COMMUNION have built up a sparse yet strangely vast body of work comprising myriad short-length releases - sometimes, true "singles" in that the release will feature only one track - that are either self-released or released through vocalist/bassist Deathmessiah's Proselytism label, which has become ground zero for the very best in nowadays South American black/death. Despite their often-short runtimes, each COMMUNION release is its own special world, ranging the rich history of South American metal, from its blackest, most sulfurous depths to its most traditional, headbanging heights. That one band can encompass a relatively expansive swath of sounds whilst remaining uniquely rigid and focused in their attack has endeared the band to legions the world over, all of whom await each COMMUNION release with bated breath and cherish it as a true artifact. (Hells Headbangers/Sinister Flame Records #5 CD)

COMMUNION - The Communion (CD)
Comes with a 12-page lyrics booklet. Whereas At the Announcement serves as the definitive debut album - that is, the culmination of all that's come before in the COMMUNION canon - then The Communion is the fever-dreaming intensification of those wild hinterlands within the band's signature sound. Totaling nine tracks in a concise yet continually exciting 33 minutes, The Communion works mostly as one massive piece, firing off one diabolic angle after another that's simply engrossing (and often overwhelming, favorably) in its devilish intensity. With the poise and patience of a true power-trio, COMMUNION build each component track with the delicate-yet-confident hand of sonic sorcerers, conjuring a clandestine mood that soon explodes into gibbering, ghastly mania. And yet, for however white-hot and forever-throttling that intensity gets, just teasing the very corners of chaos, COMMUNION reign it all in with a mastery rarely seen in black/death metal - and, daresay, a touch of class. For above all, this is HEAVY METAL, deathly dedicated to the occult and supernatural energies of the beyond. Not for nothing are the band absolutely hypnotic live, weaving their spells and entrancing throngs of diehards baying for blood on every stage COMMUNION stand. (Hells Headbangers #225 CD)

GRANDIOSE MALICE (Black Witchery) - The Eternal Infernal CD
Before his untimely passing, Childers was working on a new solo-project, and had a demo for it. He sent the demo to a few close friends for feedback, but tragically, it was never released. Within days of his death, DEMONIC CHRIST's Dana Duffey (who received the demo tracks from Steve) reached out to Joel Bagley, Steve's best friend, to discuss making sure Steve's work would not be forgotten and be given a proper release on a killer underground label done the way Joel and Dana feel Steve would have wanted it. After shopping labels, they landed on HELLS HEADBANGERS, who were eager to be a part of making sure Steve's legacy lived on. Steeped deep in the metal underground, HELLS HEADBANGERS were honored to be a part of this release, understanding its significance. Chock full of that trademark style of savage simplicity, as well as some surprising but no less extreme twists he hadn't explored in Black Witchery, GRANDIOSE MALICE's The Eternal Infernal serves to forever preserve Steve's musical freedom, his talent, and his undying love for music. He is missed by many, and undoubtedly, he is giving the horns from wherever he is as we pay homage to a legend! (Hells Headbangers #203 CD)

CURSED MOON - Rite Of Darkness LP + 7"
A one-man entity hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, CURSED MOON is one of the most exciting newcomers the label has come across. Branding itself "deathwave," CURSED MOON uniquely combines classic goth-rock from the '80s with early black metal sounds, weaving a witchy atmosphere whilst being grounded firmly in the grit of evil heavy metal. It's a sound that's immediately memorable and positively addicting - and not to mention one that will appeal to a wide variety of metalheads, punks, and other assorted freaks. Comprising 10 track over 54 minutes, CURSED MOON's debut album is a non-stop collection of anthem after anthem, each one darker and more cobwebbed than the last, altogether making for one of the most unique sounds in today's extreme music landscape. Never once lingering too long on one path, Rite of Darkness is total DEATHWAVE perfection, and even includes suitably deathwaved covers of Oz, The Sisters of Mercy, and Skinny Puppy. Behold the Rite of Darkness and witness the rise of deathwave! (Hells Headbangers #201)

ASHKARA - In Silence LP
down-tuned emocrust with dual voices and violin. Their attitude reminds me a lot nineties PC punks. And their music would be the perfect soundtrack of a counterculture movie about how western civilization could collapse. (Les Nains Aussi #42)

SIN ORDEN - Raices De Resistencia LP
The long-planned and awaited Sin Orden record is finally out. Sin Orden is from Chicago. They play fantastic fast and furious Hc in the vein of Los Crudos. But it has never been a poor copy. From the beginning, they have developed their own personality and style. This collection LP gathers the songs of the early years of Sin Orden. Most of them were recorded at the beginning of the century and were previously released on various records between 2000 and 2005. The present LP comes with a full gatefold sleeve designed by a friend of the band and it is introduced by Martin Sorrondeguy (Los Crudos/Limpwrist). (Les Nains Aussi #41)

DISCO OSLO - s/t 7"
Their first LP was a killer. With this 7", D//O still delivers great punk with lots of melodies and energy. They have been often compared to Turbostaat and Leatherface. (Les Nains Aussi #40)

Plaine Crasse is french punkHC band. After almost 10 years of existence, a split with Krapnek and a bunch of demos, Plaine Crass has finally released their first full-lenght record. In 10 minutes, they deliver us 7 songs of highly political punkHC fueled by distorted fury. Think 90's european crust meets french anarchopunk! The record comes with a silk-screened sleeve. Please note that traderate is 2 tp only because the production cost was very low (3 euros/copy) and the band has decided to sell it at 5 euros only. (Les Nains Aussi #38)

HAYMARKET - Friendly Advice To The Poor LP
Oldschool hardcore punk ala Dead Kennedys for this band of veteran punks from Nantes-France. Great political lyrics. This is their 3rd album and certainly the most promising. (Les Nains Aussi #34)

MARCEL DUCHAMP - Contra Nosotros Mismos LP
Marcel Duchamp is certainly one of the most interesting south-american band. Musically speaking, they have been able to make an unique sound, fast, aggressive, orginal. It is a mix between fast hardcore a la Los Crudos and modern hardcore slightly destructured. Humanly speaking the band is strongly involved in the chilean collective Masapunk which has been making punk more than music for several years. An essential record to me... (Les Nains Aussi #28)

ALTERCADO - Radio Rebelion LP
The chilean trio is back with a album. Their music is still raw and fast but shows an increasing emo touch too. I don't talk about the white punk kind of emo, but about a feeling of urgence, desesperation and angriness, a feeling feeded by the south american way of life... I have a long and complex story with Altercado. That's why I love them. Because they're just trying living their life, far from punk cliches, with sincerity even if sometimes in a pure chaotic way. (Les Nains Aussi #21)

URBAN BLIGHT - Pig Justice 7"
Urban Blight is a one-man-anarchopunk-band. On this new 7", it delivers four tracks of intense political punk. It sounds like a mix between eighties french punk, old-school industrial music and anarchopunk. It changes from the usual fashion d-beat crust! As always, lyrics are senseful dealing with justice, womyn conditions, resurgence of fascism in post-communist russia, commodity and alienation. Punkrock is more than cliche! (Les Nains Aussi #12)

SILENCE - Mad Civilisation 10"
500 made. Their long awaited 10" is finally out. This is certainly their best release in date. Music still sounds dark and powerful emocrust. Lyrics are in the same vein, dealing with suffering, isolation, head against the wall, false promises .. This is the music for a mad civilization. (Les Nains Aussi #11)

ALTERCADO - El Ruido Y La Rabia LP
Altercado is a chilean hcpunk band. They play fast and raw southamerican punkHC with a slight emotive touch. Of course, I could use the everlasting comparison with Los Crudos. But I prefer to keep the band away from that. Actually, they're above all a trio of southamerican punks claiming their anger and hatred of the social oppressions they're under. The sleeve is a full-color gatefold one. (Les Nains Aussi #9)

URBAN BLIGHT - 1998 to 2001 CD
It's a kind of discography of this anarchopunk band including most of the songs released on tape between 1998 and 2001. Urban Blight plays a powerful and tense powerful and tense minimalist crustpunk. I really like the clever texts dealing with anarchy, wars, governement, poverty, third world. (Les Nains Aussi #3)

PRIMAL RITE - Dirge Of Escapism LP
Primal Rite is the shot in the arm the hardcore and metal scenes need. With 7"s already on Revelation Records, Grave Mistake Records, and Warthog Speak Records, plus a cassette on Pop Wig Records, the band is unleashing their debut full-length with Revelation this January. Guitars scream and solo, mixing the speed and chaos of Japanese hardcore, the crunch of Cleveland hardcore, the riffing and solos of thrash metal, and the pure, crushing power of the Floridian death-metal scene of the '90s. Vinyl version includes digital download. This is the red vinyl version. (Revelation Records #171)

(restock) DENIAL OF GOD - Death And The Beyond CD
BACK IN STOCK! 2017 CD repress identical to the first pressing. The ghoulish masters of the crypt return! Their first full-length in six years, underground legends DENIAL OF GOD emerge from the grave with "Death and the Beyond," the band's heaviest and most morbid monument to date. Containing eight cursed tracks in 62 minutes and recorded in 13 days the analog way at the legendary Berno Studio (Grotesque, Kaamos, Amon Amarth, etc) in Sweden, "Death and the Beyond" captures all the trademark darkness and ghoulish atmosphere of classic DENIAL OF GOD, now going on 20-plus years. Want the perfect combination of black, death, doom, and heavy metal? Seek "Death and the Beyond"! (Hells Headbangers Records #86 CD)

Descriptions for 1/13/18

ACxDC/GOOLAGOON - split 7"
ACxDC has been on a rampage since their revival and the release of Second Coming. For this split they produce four more straight-forward hardcore punk ditties with less blasts than in the past and more knuckledragging than you've come to expect from this heinous group of miscreants. Super memorable hooks and lyrics as only ACxDC can bundle up. For the first time on vinyl we'd like to welcome GOOLAGOON, who summon the ghost of ACxDC's early days but with a blasting punk ethos. Honestly to me, this sounds like if LACK OF INTEREST were to do a split with LIFE'S HALT, or INFEST were to do a split with E.T.A., or if NO COMMENT were to do a split with SCHOLASTIC DETH. Bonus points go to GOOLAGOON for actually doing an amazing SCHOLASTIC DETH cover to finish their side. ACxDC really give some on point new material to sink our teeth into and do a great job to usher in the newest band that is about to spread around the powerviolence world. Superb packaging includes a poster and printed inner sleeve. (To Live A Lie Records #143)

NEGATIV NULL - Kategorisch Aggressiv LP long`s the new Negativ Null full throttle assault to your ears and eyes!!! Comin in form of a one-sided 12" , packed in an inside-out sleeve, this record is the band`s next step since their 7" on Affront Vinyl and their contribution to the ďGermany will be worse" compilation on Flowerviolence Recs this year. You can tell NN definetly stepped up their game when it comes to harshness, brutality and SOUND! That being said, this record sounds perfeclty sharp and well produced while also beeing noisy and loud with a lot of feedback! Matching the title ďKategorisch aggressiv" , the 12" features 24 short stop-and-go rippers in the vein of all that is fast and furious. With a duration of a bit more than 11 minutes, you can also tell this slasher is not meant for sludge and doom lovers. Get your head into it. The cover art was once again nicly executed by Rob ďThe Bastard" Nabbe (Lifespite/Blind To Faith). His cruel cartoonistic visions of filth and fury perfectly match Negativ Nulls musical outrage and lyrical content.Members of Heaven Shall Burn / Mindflair / Bitterness Exhumed. (RSR Records #172)

HEADLESS DEATH - A Hideous Warning CD
A torrent of sour mockery and high-octane self-loathing soaks through 20 songs of ferocious grindcore on 'A Hideous Warning', the debut album from Australia's Headless Death. Following a string of deservedly ignored demos, split contributions, and an "incredibly ugly" EP, these misanthropic clowns finally pulled their fingers out of their asses and birthed a true monster of tweaked out old school grind. Swarming riffs and bone-shattering blasts are capped off with an outrageously hostile vocal assault, producing an instant tension headache that only frontal lobotomy will cure. With members of Internal Rot, Rort, Contaminated, Pathetic Human and Roskopp, it comes off more like Plutocracy covering Repulsion in a speed battle with Noisear. Hypermanic to the point of self-combustion, this thing rockets along like a bullet train trying to drive off-road in a storm of unpredictable structure and demented force. Humiliation awaits. (RSR Records #175 CD)

SMD - Born Against LP
20 years in the scene LA's owe have been the most aggressive Hardcore Thrash Druken Overlords. 10 Tracks of expert violence at it best! (Morbid Reality Records #24)

NAUSEA - Condemned To The System tape cassette
Los Angeles' Nausea, spearheaded by guitarist / vocalist Oscar Garcia, along with their sister band, Terrorizer (which also featured Garcia) helped define the Grindcore genre in the late 1980s. Now Garcia, along with long-time partner in crime Eric Castro (Majesty) have been joined by two new members: Bassist Alejandro CB (Pounder, Chemical Bitches) and guitarist Leon del Muerte (Murder Construct, ex-Exhumed, Phobia, Impaled, Intronaut) to unleash a ferocious new full-length album via Willowtip Records: "Condemned To The System". The album was recorded by Sean Vahle, (DIS, Phobia, Exhumed, Murder Construct, Intronaut) and mixed/mastered by Alejandro Corredor (Inquisition, Exhumed, Enslaved). The new album will feature a slew of new grinders like "...And We Suffer" and "Hate and Deception", alongside vintage and unreleased tracks like "Falsely Accused" and "Does God Need Help?". The band has been very active in the live arena for the past 3 years, performing at the Maryland Death Fest, Power of the Riff Fest, shows alongside Repulsion, Nails, Nasum, and most recently a European Tour that included a headlining spot at Bloodshed Fest in Holland, Hell Inside Fest, and Dresden Metal Fest in Germany. Next year the band is scheduled to play Mexico and Europe again. With their strongest line-up to date and proper label support, Nausea are ready to reclaim the legendary status that is rightfully theirs. (Morbid Reality Records #23 TP)

HAEMORRHAGE - Punk Carnage tape cassette
The brand new output from spain gore masters HAEMORRHAGE contains nine cover songs from old spanish punk bands, like IV REICH, ULTIMO GORIERNO, ESKORBUTO etc. This is also the first time who Ana is doing the backing vokills. Awesome material and one more special the third songs contains Sku from Kaos Urbano and Arias from Bajo Klero on vocals. 11 Tracks of very intense gore punk, so HAEMORRHAGE GRINDING THE PUNK! So you are ready for this????? (Morbid Reality Records #22 TP)

MUTILATED VETERANS is the side project band formed by Dopi (Bodybag, ex-Machetazo/Dishammer) with Ramon and Makoko ( both from Looking For An Answer) playing rude Death Crust influenced by bands such as Disgust (uk), DeathStrike and Wolfpack. VASTATION (Pdx) these 2 tracks will leave you speech less! Total Bolt thrower influence. (Morbid Reality Records #20)

MAXIUM ROCK'N'ROLL #417 (February 2018)
Maximum Rocknroll's Year End Top Ten issue! Issue 417, our February 2018 issue, brings you lists upon lists of our favorite punk records of the year. What were the best records of the year? Which record labels crushed it? You'll have to pick up this issue to find out more. But that's not all-we also have great photographs from Angela Owens and Farrah Skeiky, and interviews from bands from around the globe. Featured in this issue are anarcho-femme punks CHARMPIT from London, Chicago hardcore freaks RASH, synthesizer lovers ISOTOPE SOAP from Sweden, party animals DFMK from Tijuana, and four-track fiend ERIK NERVOUS from Shipshewana, Indiana. You won't want to miss this issue.! (Maxium Rock'n'roll #417)

Useless ID was asked Red Scare to record a Swingin Utters cover for their tribute CD some years ago because we fucking love that band. We also wrote a tribute song to our Japanese promoter "Unionway," where we praise our friends from Japan and also name drop a lot of Japanese HC bands so our side of this split is all about a tribute. Topsy Turvy's is a melodic punk band from Poitiers (South West of France). On this release, they play 2 indie/melodic punk songs recorded in 2017 with Caryl Marolleau. For fans of: Mixtapes, RVIVR, No Use For A Name, etc. Artwork by Ole O' Brian. Split Label with Ratgirl Records. Limited to 300 copies. (Jerk Off Records #82)

Descriptions for 1/6/18

SPAZZ - Live at KZSU 1999 LP
There was only one Spazz! Now long-gone, this 19-song 25 minute live set recorded during 1999 on KZSU radio proves that Spazz was something that will never be again. Mastered at Mammoth Sound. (Rescued From Life Records #121)

IMPIETY - Salve the Goat: Iblis Exelsi LP
After nearly three decades of activity and dozens of releases, the influence of Singapore's Impiety is undeniable. "Salve the Goat...Iblis Exelsi" EP from 1993 represents the apex of the early Impiety sound. With this collection of recordings (2 demos and 7"), all newly mastered from the original tapes, one hears, for the first time, the band's stylistic evolution, and these recordings demonstrate the furious force of Impiety in their most intensely bestial black metal phase. (Nuclear War Now Records #363)

RIK AND THE PIGS - Blue Jean Queen 7"
Rik and his Pigs return! Three tracks recorded this past summer in Portland at the tail end of the Pigs' West coast tour finds the current six piece lineup tight and ruling as ever. "Blue Jean Queen" kicks thing off in fine fashion with a rocking, Dictators-esque stomp brimming with snarled vocals and crunchy guitar hooks. The Pigs work up a new sax-washed version of "TV Bloopers" to finish off side A, which is backed with the brooding, bass-driven "Off/On". Yet another excellent batch of tracks from your favorite gang of Olympia punks, and a fine companion piece to the upcoming LP on Total Punk. 500 copies housed in a full color textured pocket sleeve with lyric insert. (Feel It Records #15)

HAIRCUT - Shutting Down 7"
Five tracks of furious hardcore punk on the debut EP from Richmond's HAIRCUT. Originally formed in nearby Charlottesville, VA (and opening countless shows at the legendary Magnolia House), Haircut released a strong demo at the end of 2016 before landing just down I-64 in Richmond. The speed and precision displayed across "Shutting Down" is rarely captured so well on a band's first record, but the execution on these five tracks (all of which burn through in 60-90 seconds) is hard to match. Just as essential to this release are Juliana's tireless, outspoken lyrics (both in English + Spanish) and vocal delivery which echoes from a very candid perspective often missing in contemporary punk and hardcore. A standout EP devoid of any gimmickry or trend-worship. Simply pure, classic hardcore punk. Housed in a glue pocket sleeve featuring artwork from Shiva Addanki plus lyric insert. 500 made. (Feel It Records #14)

STAGES IN FAITH - Forgiving Man 7"
Stages in Faith live between the self disciplined genre expansion of mid to late 80s hardcore, and the surge of melody and reflection that evolved in the 90s, and manage to hold that small but crucial space beautifully and precariously. This is still HC but coming from a legitimate, and perhaps unintentional continuation of what bands like Leatherface, early Snuff, and the Jailcell Recipes were able to achieve in the UK as tides were turning, all while touching on stylised Americanisms not out of place on Government Issue's "Joy Ride" or American Standard's "Wonderland" LP. Powerfully sung vocals over high velocity and tuneful music that you can still slam and dive to." Stages in Faith come from London and Essex in the UK, with members also playing in hardcore bands such as Blind Authority and Splitknuckle. 'Forgiving Man' is Stages in Faith's first release. (Painkiller/Quality Control Records #41)

BIG CHEESE - Aggravated Mopery 7"
"Man, talk about deja vu all over again: I just saw Outburst last week and it was amazing to witness people go apeshit for them, some literally not born yet when I caught them last in 1989. This vibe continues upon listening to Big Cheese's debut 7" on Quality Control HQ. The record is basically a love letter to the NYHC sound during the late 1980s: I hear a Killing Time/Leeway mosh part here, an Altercation/Warzone divebomb there, of course the aforementioned greats in Outburst, and how the hell does a northern UK lad sing a la Jeff Perlin from Breakdown?! These are all good points in my book as sometimes the implementation of retro styles can be a colorless, slavish reproduction of the past with no heart at it's core. This is not the case here as the obvious affection for a particular time and place manifests itself in well executed grooves that both reflect and transcend their influences. Kudos to old friend Don Fury for a nice, crisp production and to Big Cheese for getting it right and flying the flag for an atavistic ethos that's near and dear to my heart." Freddy Alva, Wardance Records, New York and Author of Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore Big Cheese fly the flag for the New Wave of British Hardcore and hail from various parts of 'The North' of the UK. Members are also currently in bands such as Higher Power, Blind Authority and Rapture, and have previously played in Violent Reaction and Shrapnel. (Painkiller/Quality Control Records #42)

GAME - Who Will Play 7" flexi
Sour metallic riffs touching on NWOBHM and Japanese ADK/Dogma back catalogue lineage, rumbling bass lines, thundering drums and gruff vocals sung in English and Polish produce a pastiche of influences from early hardcore punk's flirtatious relationship with what would become an even more extreme music alongside it. The New Wave of British Hardcore is at its zenith, now producing a soundscape in the context of London's strong sense of diversity despite being the seat of Tory power and surrounded by a firmly pro-Brexit countryside. Game is a confluence of ideas of four different cultures forcing themselves through the same prism - noise and velocity. Such is the cut and paste nature punk that we know and love. (Painkiller/Quality Control Records #46)

Descriptions for 1/1/18

SIAL - s/t LP
Hailing from South East Asia, Singapore, SIAL's blistering abrasive, loud and primitive sounding hardcore encompasses exactly what it is to be Sial! (DAMNED in English) A swear word in Bahasa Melayu (Malay), SIAL sings in the language of Singapore's indigenous minority, and challenge a culture and language generally said to be gentle and polite. Commonly described as an idle and passive people until the colonisation of Singapore by the British, SIAL takes back a power stripped away by centuries of imperialism and lies. Their hardcore takes props from the ferocity of early DISORDER output mixed with a singer who without doubt has had COMES debut album on repeat or even DIRT's early single on CRASS. Their rhythm section works relentlessly to create a mix of mid 90's Japanese crasher crust and second wave UK punk creating one of the most powerful records we've heard in a long time. SIAL's debut record comes housed in a heavy reverse-board sleeve and includes a lyric insert and download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #159)

As was the case with these previous releases, Nuclear War Now! has again conspired with the band to release the self-titled "Perverted Ceremony" EP on twelve-inch vinyl format mastered at 45 RPM for optimal ugliness. Prefaced with an intro and featuring two longer tracks, "Graveyard Sacred Worship" and "Malformed Procreation," this recording resumes where "Sabbat of BehezaŽl" left off. Still present are the established hallmarks of Perverted Ceremony's sound, which is perhaps most uniquely identifiable in the incessantly buzzing guitars and bass, each inhabiting its own infernal register. These bleats are accompanied by the same demonic vocal incantations and ominous keyboard progressions as on previous recordings, both of which lend a ritualistic element to the music. (Nuclear War Now Records #368)

PERVERTED CEREMONY - Sabbat of Behezael CD
The highly acclaimed "Sabbat of Behezael" album and the newest self titled 12" EP are presented here for the first time on compact disc format. Perverted Ceremony has proven that the most effective music in black metal is that which emphasizes an aura of vileness and evil over the sterility that often results from modern recording and production techniques. It is in part this approach that has led to comparisons between Perverted Ceremony and some of the most respected names in black metal, with a particular resemblance to the Finnish tradition promulgated by such revered cults as Beherit and Barathrum. (Nuclear War Now Records #344)

Unreleased 1986 studio recordings by UK anarcho punks, originally recorded for a proposed split LP with Open Door for Mortarhate Records. Cyanide Scenario formed in 1985, recorded an unreleased EP for a new label being put together by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh), then added new vocalist Michelle for this recording. The band lasted into late 1986 before splitting, guitarist Al going on to form Internal Autonomy. Soulful, tribal and melancholic anarcho punk tinged with goth/4AD influences in the style of the Mob, Skeletal Family and Southern Death Cult. Soaring female vocals, flange-driven guitars and tribal drumming. Transferred from the original master tapes. First time on vinyl, 12" LP in 350gsm reverse board sleeve in poly bag with insert and download code. 300 copies made. (Inflammable Material Records #27)

WITCH VOMIT - A Scream from the Tomb Below LP
The subtly-monikered Witch Vomit from Portland, OR offer up and obscure gem of the 2016 Death Metal underground with their A Scream From The Tomb Below full length. Now released on lp via PARASITIC RECORDS. 400 copies. Full color sleeve and full color double sided insert. Ranging from blasting Deathgrind, foul Finnish obscurity and liquified cannibalistic necromancy, the riffs bubble up like slimy green rot leaking from crypt walls. Though the core membership of Witch Vomit also perform surgeries for barbaric persecutors Torture Rack, and the two bands share a propensity for blasting storms of seared flesh chunks and glistening old guts, Witch Vomit is mixing its mashed bone stew with a wider array of viscera, melting brains with ancient violence and intensity. (Parasitic Records #105)

LEFT CROSS - Chaos Ascension LP
Chaos Ascension proves that Richmond's Left Cross has no capacity for restraint. The Richmond Death Metal group returns after a sold out 7" for eight hymns to glory and conquest recklessly erode any hope of mercy, brutalizing with crushing precision and leaving the vanquished dead on the field. (Vinyl Conflict Records #15)

ASYLUM - Modern Hysteria LP
Following up a sold out 7" on the VC label, Asylum is back with an 11 song full length that highlights all the reasons you love crust. Recorded with Ricky Olson and Mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audio Siege. With a warm familiar feeling of bands like Nausea or Amebix, Modern Hysteria hits you with hardcore moments you'd expect to hear on an Anti Cimex or Crucifix album. (Vinyl Conflict Records #14)

ASHKARA - In Silence LP
ASHKARA features ex-members of long going switzerland Crustpunk institution CWILL and play down tuned and dark, atmospheric and moody HC/Punk or modern and slowed down Crustcore with a urge to sink you into a dark abyss... The use of a violin in most songs adds alot to the moody atmosphere and is a perfect addition for this style of post-punk/post hardcore or whatever you wanna call it. (Contraszt Records #72)

Raging new Powerviolence band from Bielefeld. Features members from other quality bands like UNRU and Somerset. Weak Ties combine fast, 1980s-influenced hardcore, thrashing blast beats, female vocals and urgent lyrics on there first album. 12 Track - 16 Minutes. Think of PUNCH vs. HOLY in Charles Bronson's garage! Oh Yeah! (Contraszt Records #71)

It's been a while but finally four years after their split 7" with GeraniŁm (France) and their 'Hexis' 12", here's a new record by FINISTERRE. Their sound has developed quite a bit and moved from the mid-tempo D-Beat/Crust more towards Dark Hardcore with hints of Postpunk. It's a diverse record. Each of these eight songs stands for itself. Manuela's brutal but charasmatic vocals are deep, political and radical. Telling stories of anger and hope. Musically shaped and grown over the years, they play a unique and damn exciting blend of dark melancholy post-hardcore, heavy d-beat and dark crustpunk, incredibly direct and intense. Finisterre are not one of this faceless d-beat-cover-bands, they found their really own sound and are playing in a league with the good and important bands of this genre like Fall of Efrafa, Alpinist or Tragedy. Hardcore with a crust edge, varied and dark. It took a while, but i was definetly worth the wait. (Contraszt Records #70)

KENNY KENNY OH OH I - Will Not Negotiate LP
After two 7"s and million of shows, here's the first album of this band from Leipzig, Germany. Something between '77 punk and Riot Grrrl. Catchy as hell! (Contraszt Records #67)

DIPLOID - Is God Up There? LP
Melbourne's Diploid fuse elements of screamo, black metal, noise rock, and powerviolence to create caustic new forms of sonic violence. Their experimental approach sears the psyche with bursts of swirling blackened noise, crackling feedback, and distorted screams. Heavy stuff! (Contraszt Records #66)

GRIT - Ghost Estates Demo 7"
Dublin gritty melodic punks GRIT are gathering pace fast despite their short existence, having hooked the punk scene with their catchy 6 track demo.GRIT have seemingly came out of nowhere, with members of GRIT more known for their crust/hardcore punk bands of the past. With a sound resembling certain predecessors of early European hardcore punk with a slight oi! vibe. GRITs socially charged female fronted straight-up punk rock that hits hard standing parallel with earlier punk of the late '70s or early '80s. Sharp cutting punk riffs driven by powerful beats with plenty of melody in vocals carried on a bed of choruses which 'ouuhs' and 'aaahs' in the background. The call for 'Ghost Estates' to be pressed in wax was clear and loud. (Contraszt Records #66)

Powerful straightforward Hardcore Punk from Warsaw (Poland) with a clear radical, antifascist and feminist attidute and statement. Ex- The Fight, Bagna, Drip Of Lies of Warsaw Punks in one band. (Contraszt Records #61)

Yes - GLOOM SLEEPER are very late to the post-punk party, but they don't particularly sound like the contemporary and earlier bands of the genre. Nothing from this release sounds dated or trite. GLOOM SLEEPER's style extends from post-punk to new wave, from gothic atmosphere builders to upbeat guitar pop. The band used the recording session to create a textured sonic art that married a breath taking understanding of atmosphere (without loosing its punky edge) with a sense of emotional fury. The music soars where it should and drifts when the listener needs a break from the intensity. The layered, jangly guitar releases liquid notes, the dedicated bass player pumps out rhythms, the fairly powerful drum section bites and the somewhat gothic styled vocals mixed into the songs take everything to a higher level. These guys from Bielefeld, Germany are creating their music based on the sound made popular by British bands like THE SOUND and ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN or THE WIPERS from the other side of the pond. At the same time, the influence of today's THE ESTRANGED or TERRIBLE FEELINGS is obvious. The result is a unique sound that is somehow beyond mere words - A VOID feels entirely cohesive and unified. The inventive arrangements and intricate playing can't take the catchiness out of these 10 songs: Limited colored (semitransparent turquoise) vinyl comes with a heavy printed innersleeve and includes a digital download card. A VOID will leave you re-playing to excess! (Contraszt Records #56)

DARK MATTER - s/t 7"
From Copenhagen are DARK MATTER, who've recorded four songs of wonderful Postpunk. Or well, maybe less Post, more Punk. Catchy melodic guitars and great vocals built up a dark and cold atmosphere, that makes you shiver.You can definetly hear that they've some personal connections to ASSASSINATORS and HULSHUG... (Contraszt Records #51)

STRAFPLANET - Big Feelings 7"
What a fucking rager! More than a year after their ferocious demo, here's Strafplanets highly anticipated debut 7"! Members of Boredom, Rivers Run Dry and Catholic Guilt team up to deliver a punishing outburst of female fronted hardcore drenched with noisy feedback and oozing with rage. Fast paced and in-your-face hardcore punk that's filled with squealing guitars, vicious shrieks, down-tuned bass, and blasting drums. Think of Punch and No Statik to give you a hint. (Contraszt Records #50)

After three split records and a 7" EP, here's finally the first full length LP by GATTACA from Olomouc/Prague (Czech Republic). Once again they deliver a powerful and intense mix of Emo and Black Metal informed hardcore/Crust, played with a conviction and fire, most bands wish they had. If you don't already know them, think of Remains Of The Day, Madame Germen and Schifosi. (Contraszt Records #48)

LAMBS are probably one of the best bands coming from Cologne/Germany these days. Cool Postpunk with a touch of Deutschpunk. Some german bands like Captain Planet, Dackelblut come to mind, but they still have a very distinct sound and they mix it with catchy guitar melodies, pummeling basslines and driving drumsounds. Great misanthropic, critical and radical lyrics in german. From Leipzig/Germany, KENNY KENNY OH OH sounding like a modern, more savage Kleenex/Liliput with their simple, fast, and super catchy EP. Charming, sharp, snotty German accents, vocals are very Chrissie Hynde a la Pretenders, sung to English lyrics. Some might call this riot grrrl, but it's really just good, straight-forward punk. (Contraszt Records #45)

Debut 7" from this all-girl band from Leipzig, Germany. After plenty of shows (many of them with their friends from Berlin - LEVITATIONS) this piece of vinyl is coming out. Four tracks of raw and catchy punkrock, sounds like more crude and pissed off style of BOMBETTES or less fast WHITE LUNG comes to mind. (Contraszt Records #38)

Both bands have been around for some time now and maintain a long-lasting friendship, that finally is getting pressed on this little piece of vinyl for their upcoming tour! FINISTERRE from Cologne / Germany deliver two excellent songs, probably their most matured and outstanding output ever. Their previous one-sided 12" "Hexis" already guided the direction and Finisterre take up this path and follow it further, playing an intense and dark style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, and sludge, within their distinct own sound. Hardcore with a crust edge - dark & sometimes melodic, with great female vocals and deep political lyrics! On the other side - GERANI‹M from Strassbourg / France with one long songs full of anger and despair. Incredibly brutal! They have been playing a lot since their last years LP and should be well known to everyone into HC / Neo-Crust a la Ekkaia and Alpinist. Highly recommended! (Contraszt Records #37)

CHRCH, who are new to the label, have been hard at work crafting their particular brew of sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble continuation and glorification of those fundamental musical elements that first built and then sustained the genre and it's offshoots over the course of decades. Fister, coming off their recent reissue of "Gemini" on vinyl (Encapsulated Records), their split 7" with TEETH (Broken Limbs Recordings), and of course their last 12" "IV" that we released in 2015, provide one new soul crushing track to this new release. The band, as before, incorporates heavy influences from the black and death metal genres into a depressing sludge spewing heaviness that many have attempted, but few have mastered. The band recently completed a East/midwest tour with Un and will be touring again starting 2018. (Crown & Throne Records #17)

Descriptions for 12/23/17

SUNSHINE WARD - Nuclear Ambitions LP
Boston hardcore punk, recorded in 2017. Totalitar template with noisier but still clear and excellent production. 3/4 of Brain Killer. The last Sunshine Ward record was on Feral Ward and this one is better. During 2017, I was thinking "What do I want punk records to look and sound like in 2018?" and the answer is Nuclear Ambitions. 400 pressed, 180gr vinyl, heavy jackets. (Vinyl Rites/Bloody Master Records #4)

ERECTILE DEMENTIA - Rock N' Roll Abortion LP
Thirty nine rectum-ruining blasts from Kentucky's premier distillers of expertly crafted hard rock sodomy. A masterwork of morbid immaturity and horrendous ear slaughter. This brutal blend of blitzkrieg speed punk, massive nutsack 70's rock and neanderthal scum metal makes for the ultimate in vomit-inducing death. Bite down hard and swallow the afterbirth for Satan! Pressed on militant black wax with eye-gouging cover art by Morbid Mark. Co-released by Rescued From Life Records, Headsplit Records and Grindfather Productions. (Rescued From Life Records #122)

UNHOLY GRAVE - Live at Leeds LP
Unholy Grave recorded live in Leeds, UK in 2003! 17 trax of old school grindcore! 170 copies made with screen printed covers. (Rescued From Life Records #101)

MUTANT VIDEO - Vanity Of Life LP (with download)
MV's outsider punk thug basement is dead and crawling with a drugged out Chrome kinship steady bashing out a soundtrack to some Derek Jarman super-8s. Nothing but psycho fuzzed out chill grease on your Reeboks fist grinding grit worship 'music' here. A posthumous release for people who like early industrial music made by punks like Missing Foundation, Factrix and Minimal Man. 300 copies on 140g black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with a digital download card included. A one time pressing. (Iron Lung Records #98)

HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE - Mental Hoop LP (with download)
Mental Hoop is a precise answer, an almost rigid foray into one's internal daily battles, a state of mind you just start dealing with, a circular piece of metal you learn to circumnavigate. Let us go out on a limb by saying no other band in Europe operates the way His Electro Blue Voice does: no one is allowed in on their internal process, it's airtight, sealed and meticulously crafted by their ringleader Francesco Mariani and his new found sidekick Andrea Cantaluppi. Every comma, every screech is there for a reason. Mental Hoop took three years to complete, a change in pace from the band's past frenetic discography: gone is the organic earthy carefree approach of Ruthless Sperm now replaced by mind games, obsession, celestial psych and extra terror. No worries though, HEBV is as savage as ever, bringing it's A-game and its usual brand of punishing dark-punk, Italo Hardcore, kraut beats, metallic noise and industrial. From post-Stooges in Ministry-land fever (Earthworm, Ice Skull) to Killing Joke's industrial grind (Scum Rat) what ties together HEBV's trash is their cyber synth washes of gutter noise and horror stories taken out of the AmpRep catalogue circa 2026 (Crystal Mind, Onieut). Witness their full on assault, through mind-warping loops, death cries and venom hatred. Get stuck. His Electro Blue Voice's Mental Hoop is released by and Iron Lung (US) and Maple Death (EU) and follows their previous stream of releases on great labels like Sacred Bones, Sub Pop, Avant!, S-S Records, Holidays and Bat Shit Records. Artwork by Francesco Mariani and layout/photography by Giulia Mazza. (Iron Lung Records #102)

RASHOMON - Demo 7"
Rashomon are perhaps the most exciting new band to emerge from the latest wave of DC hardcore. Out of all the "NWODCHC" tagged groups, I felt like most have lacked any kind of endearing sound and have felt like projects to exercise a take on a particular sub-sub genre. That feeling aside, Rash_mon have been turning heads with this excellent four song demo, and for good reason. The group incorporates a few older DCHC heads (guys from Aghast, Sick Fix, etc. - though hardly any of that sound is present) with younger folks from Kombat and Misled Youth, fronted by the energetic Kohei Urakami. The sound here isn't precisely Japanese, nor by the numbers hardcore, also incorporating some metallic guitar licks that don't overpower the beat. A truly exciting demo one of the best new bands currently operating out of DC. (Society Bleeds Records #4)

ACID WITCH - Evil Sound Screamers CD
"Evil Sounds Screamers" is Acid Witch's massively anticipated third album. Although their catalog is relatively sparse, ACID WITCH should need no introduction. It's been seven long years since the release of their classic second album, Stoned. That album, released to overwhelming international acclaim by HELLS HEADBANGERS, saw ACID WITCH take the bewitching formula of their Witchtanic Hallucinations debut to greater, more entrancing lengths, swirling about a heady (and headfucking) brew of gutted doom-death riffage and spooky synth embellishments. And most of all, Stoned was as catchy as it was crushing. The attitude and charisma of founders Slasher Dave and Shagrat simply could not be denied: Stoned was simply something special. (Hells Heabangers Records #227 CD)

PROFANATICA - The Enemy Of Virtue LPx2 with book
Comes in a 16-page hardcover bound book (much like ARCHGOAT's The Aeon Of The Angelslaying Darkness) with gold foil print and UV spot gloss. On the 11th anniversary of its original release, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a long-overdue reissue of PROFANATICA's The Enemy of Virtue as a deluxe double LP and double CD. This new edition of the already-staggering The Enemy of Virtue adds PROFANATICA's songs from the Trampling the Holy Faith four-way split album in 2008 - regarded by many as some of the band's best songs ever. Originally released just as PROFANATICA were about to mount their monumental comeback with Profanatitas de Domonatia, The Enemy of Virtue was a timely reminder of just how pioneering this American black metal was - and was about to continue being. Begun in 1990, PROFANATICA were arguably the first true American black metal band. Their ever-unique brand of primitive, bulldozing filth would greatly vary from the early '90s Scandinavian wave that was just about to kick off; many misunderstood it and even harbored hatred for the band, but PROFANATICA nevertheless found a fanatic cult following. Sadly, they would break up in 1992 just after completing what would be their debut album. However, that cult would grow as the decade went on and other, softer iterations of "black metal" would begin to tire with underground dwellers, setting the stage for the band to return with the vile 'n' virulent Broken Jew EP in 2002. And that's precisely where The Enemy of Virtue came in: collecting PROFANATICA's classic demos and EPs, as well as their half of the legendary split album with Colombia's Masacre, the Broken Jew EP, and most enticingly, unreleased recording sessions from 1992. (Hells Heabangers Double LP Records #4)

All copies pressed on gray vinyl with silkscreened band photo on side B. As longtime fans of the band, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a special vinyl pressing of ARMOURED ANGEL's Mysterium EP. Formed in 1982 and disbanding in 2001, ARMOURED ANGEL were Australia's very first extreme metal band - and for many years, one of its only ones. Originally released in 1994 on CD, Mysterium was, strangely enough, released on a major label at the time. Despite the potential for a watered-down sound, Mysterium sees ARMOURED ANGEL staying true to their principles and further finessing their trademark style: patient, pulsing, and largely mid-tempo death metal rife with nuance and molten power to spare. Contemporaries could be likened to Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, and Gorefest, but there's always been a certain clarity of expression to ARMOURED ANGEL that favorably compares to later Amebix, and they mine this melancholic melodicism to the max on Mysterium. And although they would only release one album - and quite belatedly, at that - it was always the short-length format where ARMOURED ANGEL excelled most. The six-song Mysterium stands as a testament to this fact, and more so the endearing legacy of one of heavy metal's true cult favorites. Behold Mysterium for the first time ever on vinyl! (Hells Headbangers Mini LP Records #45)

SATANIC WARMASTER - We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel CD
Comes in a DVD case. WEREWOLF RECORDS, in conspiracy with HELLS HEADBANGERS, is proud to present a special compilation from the infamous SATANIC WARMASTER: We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel. Parenthetically titled A Compendium of Past Crimes, We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel compiles the prolific Finnish black metal legends' tracks from myriad split releases, and shall be presented on jewel-case CD, A5 digipak, and double-LP vinyl formats. By now, SATANIC WARMASTER need no introduction. For nearly 20 years now, mainman Werwolf has come to shape and define Finnish black metal in the new millennium. Although each of his five full-lengths mark a distinct moment in time - and each time, simultaneously solidifying the paradigm of pure underground black metal, both in Finland and abroad - it is SATANIC WARMASTER's seemingly countless split releases that have kept up the spiritual warfare so crucial to his undying, unyielding aesthetic. As such, the burning times of the early-to-mid 2000s are well and truly represented on We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel, encompassing a near-exhaustive totality of 16 tracks across 76 grim 'n' miserable minutes. From trance-inducing fury to anthemic death-march to nostalgic melancholy for a lost age, We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel is an endlessly compelling time-capsule, crucial for both diehards of the band as well as those who prize black metal purity. (Hells Headbangers/Werewolf Records #44 CD)

First time on CD! 500 copies pressed as a digipak CD exclusively for distribution through High Roller Records in Germany. The remaining pressing is a traditional jewel case CD. Highly sought after by collectors, not only is Black Death a crucial piece in the rich history of Cleveland heavy metal, its original 1984 release marks the first full-length by an all-African-American heavy metal band. More than that, with the band's origins dating back to 1977, BLACK DEATH are largely known to be the first African-American metal band. But most of all, BLACK DEATH's lone album is a fucking classic of raw 'n' wild HEAVY fucking METAL with a thirst for the epic and dramatic. BLACK DEATH's original lineup consisted of Siki Spacek on lead vocals and lead guitar, Phillip Bullard on drums and percussion, bassist Daryl Harris, and guitarist Gregg Hicks. "This was the original, classic lineup of the band," says Spacek. "I met these guys waaaaaay back in 1977 while I was in the 11th grade, on the exact same day that I was expelled from school. At this point in time, I had already decided that music was the direction that I wanted to take my life in, and heavy metal was the perfect way to accomplish this goal. (Hells Headbangers Records #209 CD)

HAMMR - Unholy Destruction CD
Comes with a 6-page booklet featuring lyrics, artwork and photo. HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present HAMMR's highly anticipated debut album, Unholy Destruction, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. HAMMR was formed in Cleveland, Ohio by J. Hammer in 2013. As a strictly solo endeavor, HAMMR recorded a full digital-only demos album, which caught the attention of several labels. From there, the band went on to release the Hammr EP in 2015, first digitally and then on cassette tape through Hota Rex, the latter of which quickly sold out. Other plans for releases were delayed due to label managers going to jail as well as the usual financial delays, which led J. Hammer to start releasing demo singles directly to the metal people. It was during this time that he met the folks behind HELLS HEADBANGERS and also DEMONA founder Tanza Speed, who both took a lot of interest in HAMMR. Once he received the offer, J. Hammer decided to hold off on recordings for other labels, and use some of his demos and new material for the imminent debut album, Unholy Destruction. (Hells Headbangers Records #213 CD)

DRUID LORD - Grotesque Offerings CD
Comes with an 8-page lyrics booklet. The band's first record for their new label home, Grotesque Offerings is both a consolidation and intensification of DRUID LORD's ever-considerable strengths. Eerie and utterly crushing doom/DEATH metal, DRUID LORD soak their molten creations in obscure, horror-inspired lyrics from beyond the grave. Across the 50 mysterious minutes comprising Grotesque Offerings, they evoke the haunts of old from where shadows conjure spells of gloom. DRUID LORD are grounded in the darkest and most underground death metal, of course, but take considerable influence from old horror films, particularly the atmosphere cloaking the classic movies of Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Dario Argento, and John Carpenter. It's a deceptively simple formula, but one that's done with masterful subtlety and a graven sense of purpose: simply, they LIVE IT, breathing deeply the true, timeless essence of supernatural horror. And that stark simplicity - the leads that linger like fog, the gutted low-end, the stunning sense of dread-inducing melody - is absolutely bewitching within these Grotesque Offerings. DRUID LORD released their debut album, Hymns for the Wicked, in 2010. Second guitarist Ben Ross joined the band right after its release; his sick riffing added to the DRUID LORD style. Since then, the band has put out countless split CDs and 7" EPs, which have gained them worldwide attention. The band went through some various changes over the course of 2015, but with current drummer Elden Santos, DRUID LORD have found the perfect fit to complement their brand of crushing music. (Hells Headbangers Records #202 CD)

DECEASED - The Blueprints For Madness CD
Lost Apparition edition of the classic DECEASED 2nd album. Includes bonus rough mix tracks from the recording sessions. (Hells Headbangers Records/Lost Apparations #57 CD)

DECEASED - As The Weird Travel On CD
After five years of tragedies, disappointments and delays, cult underground heroes Deceased finally follow-up 2000's 'Supernatural Addiction' with the massive 'As The Weird Travel On'! With an even wider variety of tempos, melodies and influences infecting their rabid death, Deceased's fifth full-length studio effort turns out to be worth every minute of that very long wait. SICK THRASH FOREVER!!!!!!! (Hells Headbangers Records/Lost Apparations #42 CD)

DECEASED - Surreal Overdose CD
There are so many great melodies and harmonies on this album, it's almost ridiculous. You add catchy riffs, great vocals and fantastic structuring and that's a formula for brilliance. Each song here tends to stand out on it's own, with some songs being more straightforward death/thrash, while others encompass some progressive elements. King Fowley return to the drum kit for this recording, handling both drums and vocals. The band will welcome in longtime live member Shane Fuegel on guitar, while Mike Smith continues on studio guitar alongside longtime bassist Les Snyder. (Hells Headbangers Records/Lost Apparations #30 CD)

Descriptions for 12/16/17

ELDER - Dead Roots Stirring LPx2/CD (with download)
The album has new sonic life - freshly remastered for both formats by Carl Saff in June 2017. With "Dead Roots Stirring," their second full length album, Elder returned from a three year silence with five songs charting new epic territory. Tremendous musical and songwriting growth take this album into a great new territorry. Equal parts hypnotic rhythm, uncompromising heaviness, and soaring melody, Elder navigated between moods and sounds effortlessly. Heaviness is not sacrificed by any means, the power of the riff is undiminished, it is further elevated by the sonic space inbetween giving us time to let them sink in completely. Continuously moving both backward towards their roots in heavy rock while also moving forward into more progressive and psychedelic territory, this is a huge and influential step forward. "Some bands just know how to hit the sweet spot. Elder's second full-length Dead Roots Stirring, originally released in 2011, was an hour of fuzzed-out goodness, a plethora of uplifting psychedelic riffery that remains for many fans the band's defining album. The strength of some bands lies in their ability to churn out record after record, never stepping outside of their comfort zones. For others,such as Boston's Elder, it is a constant evolution that trademarks their sound. Beginning as a stoner/ doom band adept at equipping the styles of others, Dead Roots Stirring showed the young band emerging with their own unique take on heavy music. The album's five long cuts unfold organically, never lacking in depth or ambition, guitarist Nick DiSalvo's infectious riffs are equal parts uplifting melody and crushing fuzz that remind the listener more of majestic landscapes than bong sessions, while Jack Donovan (bass) and Matt Couto (drums) form a solid core of rhythm, never losing a beat. Elder began touring both the United States and Europe, winning a reputation for themselves as an incredibly tight and powerful live band. Their second record continues to be a fan favorite and no live set is complete without the opening track Gemini', a headbanger of a song complete with thick grooves, flashy solo runs and a momentous ending, in short, everything great about Elder's music: a journey within each song full of valleys and peaks." (Armageddon Shop Records #11)

ELDER - Elder LPx2/CD (with download)
The album has new sonic life - freshly remastered for both formats by Carl Saff in June 2017. Elder's self-titled debut album from 2007 was an impressive offering of psychedelia-tinged stoner rock and doom that set the tone for the band's later progressive developments. This delux reissue features an extra LP of songs from the band's first ever recordings, never before seen on vinyl. In 2006, three longtime friends and members of the small music scene anchored in the port city of New Bedford, Massachusetts got together with the mission of making music that was heavier and more brutal than anything happening around. The first version of Elder was an interesting beast, combining sludgy riffs, primitive black etalvocals and Genghis Khan-themed lyrics. After toiling in these murky waters for a year, band members Nick DiSalvo (guitar), Jack Donovan (bass) and Matt Couto (drums) shed their extreme metal origins and emerged with their first proper album, Elder, an album that would already establish the band as some of the best riff-dealers this side of Birmingham. As more recent works have demonstrated, Elder is no stranger to blending and bending genres to their will, Elder proves that the three teenagers were already dab bling with this idea in their incipient years. Imagine the massive riffs from bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard or Fu Manchu reconstructed to build epic psychedelic soundscapes and you're on the right track. Growling, delay-soaked vocals and spacey keyboards add further touches of uniqueness to Elder's brand of stoner doom. To celebrate the record's 10 year anniversary, this reissue comes with a second LP containing the band's first ever recordings from their early days. Originally released as a limited split MCD with friends Queen Elephantine in 2006, these songs have never before been given a proper release, a welcome addition for any hardcore fan. (Armageddon Shop Records #12)

MATINEE: All Ages On The Bowery photo book by Drew Carolan
Matinee: All Ages On The Bowery was created during the early 1980's when New York City was embroiled in debt and crime, and as the middle class continued to evaporate, the city confronted one of the most trying periods in its history. Paradoxically, its underground music scene was teeming with vitality like never before. Still staggering from the violent outset and eventual deterioration of punk rock, hundreds of disenfranchised kids living in the city and outlying boroughs began forming their own groups to rail against the everyday trials and prejudices of urban existence. As a result, New York City became a hub for a flourishing hardcore scene; a cultural phenomena that used punk rock as a platform for a politically charged, inherently regional catharsis. Between 1983 and 1985, local photographer Drew Carolan began photographing the patrons of the now infamous hardcore matinees that were going on at the seminal underground music club, CBGB. During the week, Carolan was working as an assistant to legendary portrait photographer Richard Avedon, and on weekends he set up a makeshift studio across the street from CBGB and intercepted kids on their way to the all-ages afternoon shows. The result is a collection of photographs capturing the beauty, vulnerability, and the unbridled energy of youth during the height of the Reagan years. The Bowery at that time was a true melting pot of downtrodden adults, underage hardcore punk kids, and people living on the fringes of society. Now, more that thirty years later, all of that has disappeared and a copacetic, prosperous, and gentrified element has taken its place. While the hardcore punk scene still thrives today, these photographs capture a time and place in history that no longer exists. (Radio Raheem Books #1)

Night People play driving, synth-touched punk rock and feature current and ex members of Pura Mania, Fashionism, Spectres and Haggatha. Using the same desperation found in bands like The Wipers and the melodic energy of bands like Masshysteri and the Observers, they began writing music in Vancouver, BC in 2016 and self recorded a demo in June of 2017. The lyrics are heavily influenced by childhood religious indoctrination and iconography and how they relate to love, death and the modern world. (Deranged Records #309)

HELTA SKELTA - Nightclubbin 7"
There's a weird one-off episode of Only Fools And Horses set in Florida, and a running side-joke is that Americans can't tell the difference between a cockney and aussie accent, constantly confusing the two. It always comes to mind when I think of Helta Skelta. Given that Jon's accent floats somewhere between them like a trans-hemispheric version of the "mid-atlantic" twang, and that the tune itself plays out like a mix of Eddie Current and Blur's "Parklife", filled with Sleaford Mods (millennial John Cooper Clarke)- esque stream of consciousness wordplay and compounded colloquialisms from both sides of the equation, the comparison grows only more apt. Stylistically, the band has been leaning towards a sparser, more minimal post-punk vibe for a while, and this single is the clearest expression yet of this trajectory. One play is not enough, expect to be returning the needle repeatedly. (Deranged Records #307)

TARANTULA - Weird Tales Of Radiation And Hate 7"
Second EP from Chicago's Tarantula. The band features former members of Culo with the additional layer of the always popular bass player. Musically, Tarantula is just as catchy as Culo, a little less mid tempo, with a more obvious classic punk influence. Great jacket art from DrugFace as per usual. Mastered by Geza X. Killer 7". (Deranged Records #308)

HEAT - End 7"
Six primitive marching orders from San Diego's HEAT culling lean inspiration from the well of early 80's Boston dirge and late 80's NYHC beat down hardcore, with upfront drum beats busting forward to propel charging guitars that bouyance tough, throaty vocals. Curt and to the point, with quick turns and drops in short quick bursts. The brute edges cut with stark simplicity recall Encincatas CROSSED OUT's sparse meditation on IMPACT UNIT/ NEGATIVE FX style hardcore, though the burly vocals bark and bite between the curt toughness of DEATHREAT and a more frightening spouts of vocal spillage. Recalls many influences, copies none as HEAT slows to mosh, sets to stun, energetic rumbling that throttles in a broadly more expansive recording than hardcore originators, but shines in a stronger yet similarly manifest presentation. (Deranged Records #305)

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Forbidden Techniques LP
They say that it takes ten thousand hours to master anything. Using that logic, Boise's HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH has then practiced a bit over two hours a day for their twelve years as a band to hit this mark right before going into the studio to record Forbiddden Techniques because the Boise boys have put together an absolute masterpiece. Twenty four songs in twenty four minutes will decimate your mind and memory for twenty four hours after listening. HOD has been perfecting their song and taken nods from NEOS, LARM, ELECTRO-HIPPIES, and all things fast and has taken twelve days in the studio formulating a fastcore mental maze of weaving/looping riffs and runs that will leave you breathless and satisfied. This is the best recording, best effort, and best material of the ever-evolving purveyors of playing faster than fast. (To Live A Lie Records #137)

UPROAR - And The Lord Said "Let There Be!" LP
The Uproar's "...And the Lord Said" LPs first time EVER re-issued. This is their 1983 debut LP, re-mastered by Tom Lyle (Government Issue). Excellent LP! For fans of; GBH, Exploited, Discharge, UK '82. Uproar will be doing an Australian tour in March of next year and a U.S. tour in the summer. (Dr. Strange Records #141)

NORTHLESS - Last Bastion Of Cowardice LPx2
500 Copies. Full color gatefold covers, full color 12" x 12" with 12 page booklet, and download card. Now 10 years into its career, Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Northless has continually captured hopelessness in its blackened, noisy sludge. Their 2011 album "Clandestine Abuse," 2013's "World Keeps Sinking" and the 2016 EP "Cold Migration" gave fans intense, personal and heavy music. Their new album, "Last Bastion of Cowardice," delves headlong into a much darker place, telling the story of a person who discovers the futility of violence. (Halo Of Flies Records #106)

THE APOSTLES - The Acts Of The Apostles In The Theatre Of Fear LP
Original stock copies of this 1988 anarcho punk release done on the Acid Stings label (Astronauts, Hellbastard). While this LP didn't come out until 1988, the vast majority of the songs were written during the earlier period of the band between 1980-1983. The remaining songs were written in 1985 and 1986. Due to this fact, the band considered this album to be their third proper album chronologically despite the fact that it was released after their fifth LP. With that said, the music is as high a quality and lyrically vicious as the best Apostles material. The Apostles truly were not afraid to take on any topics, and that's firmly on display here with a song entitled "Fucking Queer" from a period long before homosexuality and gay rights became an accepted progressive cause. This is the type of thing Andy Martin and the Apostles were known for, and this release is a quality anarcho punk album that still sounds great today. (Social Napalm/Acid Stings Records #2)

You get to know a person or a set of persons, or you get to thinking you know them pretty alright. So they tell you you're doing their next record, 'cause they get to thinkin' they know you pretty alright as well, and even if you do say "No!", it's even money you're bluffing. You'll find the money. And you love the band, the people in it, sight unseen, this thing's gonna be good. The other stuff you did for 'em, the one with the zine and the weaponry that'll get you put on a watchlist, the 7" you almost flew to Canada and went full-Wick over 'cause they missed deadline after deadline and, eventually, the whole tour, those were good. By this time time, you figure you know American Hate well enough to figure "Our Love Is Real" for a pisstake. A smarmy southern jab at the sage-and-incensification of hardcore. Then comes the day all the pieces come together, the full fuckin' package we so frequently skip out on, and it is a pisstake, just not exactly the one you were expecting. They're taking the neo-hippies to task for not being full-throated in their daily affirmations and another me for forgetting how un-alone, how un-distant we all are. We were talking progression and this is it: taking the groundwork laid out by 30 years of HC and running with it, not away from it. Stretching it to it's outer limits, rubber-banding back, doing it all over again. This is an angry record, smart and unafraid to make some squirm, but just as likely to welcome the rest of us with open arms. Their love is real, here's all the proof you need. This LP is one helluva a follow-up to their Dead Squeeze EP, injecting an interesting and decidedly drugged-out, high fuzz, riff-heavy take on the the trail started by bands like Flipper and No Trend to the midwest, weirdo hardcore shenanigans a la Mecht Mensch they've displayed in the past. (Not Normal Records #56)

BAUS - Will Be Right Back tape cassette
In the words of the Almighty Biscuit, this is some "funky, scary shit". Infinitely danceable but equally off-kilter west coast Punk. Good music for a world stuck in a rutt. (Not Normal Records #49.7 TP)

CHERRY DEATH - Saccharine LPx2
Another landmark first for us here at NNHQ, and bet your bottom, True Believers, we're proud to bring this heaping, hefty, double serving of southern fried goodness to you. Oklahoma's Cherry Death is a hard one to pin down. As musicians, their roots lie in hardcore punk, with members doing time in OKC heavyweights such as American Hate and the FUFS, but as a group they're possessed by a different sorts of ghosts. They jangle like the Byrds and their Paisley Underground progeny, while maintaining a working-class, twang and flannel vibe. Saccharine is bright music for dark times. This all-around monster of a record comes housed in a full-color gatefold jacket designed by the imitable Pearl Olson, with hand stamped center labels. (Not Normal Records #54)

ESPEJOS - s/t tape cassette
Debut cassette outing from this new Chicago group, featuring members of the almighty Sin Orden. Moody, danceable punk that brings to mind Burning Kitchens and Masshysteri. (Not Normal Records #49.5 TP)

QUAILBONES - s/t tape cassette
10 tracks of stoned out, garage-y ruminations from this Murray, KY outfit that pulls from as much from the contemporary Hozac contingent as it does from 70s rock legends ELO. Recorded way back in 2014 and intended for an LP, Not Normal Tapes has rescued it from assured obscurity and released it on a nice little tapie for all you Walkman-heads out there. (Not Normal Records #49 TP)

After far too long a time, RazorXFade's stellar S/T LP is available again. For a short period, the 'Fades were the greatest band in Chicago and were certainly the world's finest in terms of Straight Edge. Musically and ethically they sounded off like a Craig Ahead driven Negative Approach. While other current SxE bands have contented themselves with worrying about the scene and endless T-Shirt designs, RazorXFade blurred the lines between hardcore and punk, combining sincere and uncompromising progressive politics with a seemingly conflicting shame and disgust for humanity. (Not Normal Records #X)

RED DELICIOUS - Bad Apple tape cassette
For the first time in a while, ya boy's back on bass on the Red Delicious CS. Described as everything from "UK pogo beat" to "disciplined in Portuguese" (whatever the great high hell that means), show promoters have clamored for the chance to misinterpret the D since we started some months ago. With respect to the former, we do get a little bouncy thanks to Anna's primal genius behind the kit, but between Hayley's knack for writing degenerate riffs thick & filthy with Clevo muck and Sarah, gruff and mean with the best of them, finding interesting ways to play off the music that lesser front-person would balk at, Red D really just boils down to some nasty ass punk, pulling the best elements from acts as disparate as the Pagans, Dead Boys, Eskorbuto, and Olho Seco and boiling 'em down to a nasty ass package. (Not Normal Records #57 TP)

TIGRESS - s/t 7"
Dig it: the harbingers of Chicago hardstyle are here. Tigress, the soundtrack to a night spent up to no good, of bottles breaking windows, of a cop taking a brick to the teeth. A whirlwind of camo and jerseys, this is the antidote to a billion flaccid bands touting brotherhood, the antithesis of self-indulgent essays by aged-out, boutique hardcore curators. Dig it: Are you caught in the mosh? Or is the mosh caught in you? Five track EP with art by Gob Costello. (Not Normal Records #53 TP)

V/A - Bughouse 1 Mixtape tape cassette
Not a lot to it, true believers. 37 tracks of pure punk rock 'n' roll from the likes of American Hate, Baghead, BB On Mars, Boots, the Bug, Bugg, Christi, Chuckleheads, CHUD, Coltranes, Common Ignorance, The Floor Above, Fogg, Lech, Leech, the Melodonts, Mystic Inane, Negative Scanner, No Babies, Orden Mundial, Otherized, Primetime, Slugbugs, Tenement, Youth Sucks, and the World. (Not Normal Records #50 TP)

Long anticipated vinyl debut of Memphis blackened grind troglodytes, Hellthrasher. The band is composed of members of Memphis death metal band Incineration and the original guitarist for the legendary His Hero Is Gone (from the Dead of Night 7" and 15 Counts of Arson LP) as well as some longtime musician friends who have toiled in the metal and hardcore scene, unsung til now. Pummeling brutality with fantasy horror imagery, sword and sorcery meets PCP. Fine artwork by Carl Auge (responsible for the art and bass on the HHIG first 7" and LP, as well). Mastered at Lucky Lacquers. First pressing limited to 300. (Blak Skul Records #7)

FATAL FIGURES - I Am Monster LP "You Are Monster" is the second LP from Buffalo's Fatal Figures, the triumphant follow-up to 2012's also-sick-and-totally-worth-your-while "Caterwaul" on Big Neck Records. Traci and Aaron, of the prolific and hard-touring Blowtops, share guitar and singing responsibilities while Buffalo hardcore scene veteran John bangs on the drums.This isn't the Blowtops' blown-out garage punk, nor is it upstate NY HC, but a more precise, hook laden, noise-rock attack. Also check out the recently-released Beasteater LP on Big Neck, a collaboration between Aaron and Traci's efforts and those of Tom "Bantam Rooster/Dirtbombs/Seger Liberation Army/Choke Chains" Potter & Nick "the Dirtys" Dirty. Recorded by Odie from the Baseball Furies, Mastered at Lucky Lacquers. Artwork by Rob "is neat" Fletcher of Musk. 300 made. (Blak Skul Records #6)

AGATHOCLES - If This Is Gore, What's Meat Then? LP
Nuclear War Now! is proud to release "If This Is Gore, What's Meat Then?," a compilation of Agathocles's first two proper studio demos from 1988, as well its tracks from the 1990 split LP with Drudge. These recordings provide the most direct window into the birth of "mincecore," a term coined and adopted by the band to describe its raw and minimalistic form of grindcore. Comprised of thirty-one tracks, each under two minutes in duration, this collection embodies all that made grindcore one of the most extreme forms of music during the period of its inception. This compilation serves both as the perfect introduction to one of grindcore's most influential bands and as a reminder to its widespread, pre-existing fanbase of how it all began three decades ago. (Nuclear War Now Records #369)

ABHORER - Oblation II: Abyssic Demonolatries LP
Along with Impiety, Abhorer was responsible for drawing attention to the underground scene in Singapore, a country that, to many, seemed an unlikely breeding ground for bestial black metal. By the early 1990s, Abhorer and Impiety had refined their respective approaches, and a scene coalesced around the two bands. The recording that set into motion this series of events was Abhorer's "Rumpus of the Undead" demo, released in 1989. This reissue marks the first time since the 1991 LP split with Necrophile that this demo has been officially released. Even more compelling, however, is the inclusion of a demo recording, made in 1991, that was shelved at the time and has never previously been released. Both the unreleased 1991 demo and "Rumpus of the Undead" demo have been newly mastered from the original tapes for this release. (Nuclear War Now Records #371)

OBERON - Techen Metal LP
Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce the vinyl LP release of Oberon's "(Techen Metal/Liquid Metal)," a fourteen-song collection of demo and rehearsal tracks recorded between 1991 and 1993. Oberon was a short-lived trio from the slums of Sofia City, Bulgaria, whose style of black metal was in part influenced by their European ancestors in bands like Venom and Sodom. In an effort to remain consistent with the spirit and aesthetics of the band, the cover art on this reissue is the very same goat/demon visage pencil-drawing that adorned the original cassette demo, which perfectly reflects the evil austerity of the music itself. As a result, this reissue highlights and once again makes available an artifact of Eastern European metal history that must not be forgotten. (Nuclear War Now Records #378)

BAXAXAXA - Hellfire LP
In 1992, Baxaxaxa released their only demo, called "Hellfire." Baxaxaxa emerged as a side project of three other bands from the Bavarian region of Germany-Cabal, Fulgor, and Ungod-and is simultaneously both a synthesis of and a departure from those bands' styles. 25 years later, few traces of the band's history remain. Consisting of just four songs, the "Hellfire" demo constitutes the entire discography for the band. Baxaxaxa's sound clearly bears the influence of seminal bands like Bathory and Masters Hammer, but also that of emerging contemporaries like Rotting Christ and The Gathering. Although Baxaxaxa only recorded this single demo, looking back, one observes not only the superb nature of the songwriting, but also how significant and ahead of its time it was. For that reason, this recording, too seldom given the attention it deserves, needs to be revisited and reconsidered. To that end, NWN! is honored to present this definitive edition, released for the first time as a proper 45 RPM 12" EP. (Nuclear War Now Records #372)

"Wrath of Darkness" is aptly considered a whole work, given the close-knit alliance between the two black metal bands. Each individual element - including the music itself, art direction, and overall thematic concept - was deliberately developed in a collaborative effort involving both entities with the singular goal of producing the most cohesive release possible. With the whole of this work greater than the mere sum of its parts, Wrathprayer and Force of Darkness effectively redefine the notion of the split release and instead revive the more noble ideal of true collaboration, in service of darkness and wrath. (Nuclear War Now Records #335)

ANATOMIA - Cranial Obsession LPx2
Born in 2002 from the ashes of the great but often overlooked Transgressor, Anatomia has progressively moved towards establishing its own, autonomous brand of death/doom metal with each new release. On its third opus, "Cranial Obsession," Anatomia continues along this same trajectory of development of "dismal slow death metal." Still present are the mid-tempo campaigns of malignancy that have led to the comparisons with bands like Autopsy. However, these songs also demonstrate the band's evolution into something more multi-dimensional with the inclusion of keyboard-backed, lower-tempo intros and interludes that bind the preceding and following death gallops, as in "Necrotic Incision", and outros of a similar nature, as in "Fiend." Even more strikingly, this album is characterized much more so than its predecessors by several significantly longer songs of eight to fifteen minutes each that feature extended funeral dirges and bleak soundscapes of decay. The presence of these tracks intermingled with those of a higher pace reflect an expiring human corporal vessel that alternates between the agonizing affliction of the disease that consumes it and the soothing bliss of the inescapable, terminal fate that awaits it. (Nuclear War Now Records #365)

After several years in the making, it is Nuclear War Now's honor to finally present this split album from Bunkur and Mordor, two of the most extreme and unorthodox bands in the doom metal subgenre. This release was first conceptualized in 2009, when Bunkur approached Mordor with the proposal that the two bands collaborate and each contribute a single track in the form of a reinterpreted version of a song originally written and performed by Carnivore and Venom respectively. The combination of these two tracks yields a product that pays homage to our metal heritage and at the same time reaffirms the status of two of the current day's most innovative and experimental doom bands. (Nuclear War Now Records #308)

(restock) INQUISITION - Anxious Death/Forever Under LPx2
Prior to Inquisition's emergence as one of the most prolific black metal bands of today, the band's roots first took hold in Colombian soil in 1988 under the temporary moniker of Guillotine and later changed its name to Inquisition in 1989. Writing and performing in the same thrash metal style but under this new designation, Inquisition released two separate recordings before beginning the metamorphosis in its sound that would lead to its current black metal incarnation. NWN! once again proudly presents these recordings in one double-LP package, thus leading us once again down the beginning of the long path upon which the Cult still treads. (Nuclear War Now Records #42)

(restock) ITANSHA - Paranoia Demo 7"
This record has a track that repeats the same "part" about 368 times by my count, has no vocals, and advances on six minutes in length like some kind of fucked up D-beat dub edit that wields confusion as a hammer and tricks you into pounding your fist in the air in opposing sway to your swelling, banging head. That should be all you needed to hear but just in case... ITANSHA was a one-and-done project envisaged and carried out entirely by Daiki Kusuhara (MORPHEME, VACCUUM, HEAT, CRIME DESIRE, YADOKAI) employing all instrumentation and vocals. Seven cuts of raw, globe-trotting hardcore punk like a nice middle ground between the cacophonic mania of noisy Japanese hardcore of the '80s, and the dense, humid desperation of brawny Mexican and South American raw hardcore. Edition of 250 copies. Originally released on cassette in 2012 by Life Sucker. (Warthog Speak Records #28)

(restock) LION'S SHARE - s/t 7"
Not unlike our homies in FATIGUE, St. John's, Newfoundland's LION'S SHARE strides the pickets of Hardcore and Oi! in a lock-step, inimical porridge of chiming, martial hymns of social combat, that are as aggressive as they are catchy and melodic. Edition of 250 copies. Released earlier in 2017 on cassette by the band in a small amount. (Warthog Speak Records #29)

Descriptions for 12/9/17

MAXIUM ROCK'N'ROLL #416 (January 2018)
Another new year, another exciting issue of Maximum Rocknroll! MRR #416, our January 2018 issue, begins with a sad note as we say goodbye to DIY icon Fred Cole of DEAD MOON, the RATS, PIERCED ARROWS and more. But this issue isn't all doom and gloom! We have comic artist Liz Prince who gushes all about her love of pop punk and her hopes of converting kids to punks. We also have a double blast of Scandinavian punk: ABORTTI 13 from Finland divulge their dreams of becoming legends, and DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD! have quite a bit to say about violence (or lack thereof) in their native Sweden. Cleveland's PERVERTS AGAIN reveal their love for pop culture by discussing just how much they love "I Love College" by Asher Roth. Von Beat, the ex-drummer of the RALPHS, reminisces on the early Texas punk/new wave scene, including time spent with labelmate Bobby Soxx. Three different bands from around the globe - Australia's BENT, Germany's KENNY KENNY OH OH, and Oakland's COMPOSITE - all spill about their complex feelings surrounding being femme and playing punk. OXIDANT from North Carolina wax poetic on powerviolence, anxiety, and social power, while Japan's ZAY talks about defying expectations as a punk supergroup. Need more? Good! You can have all of these interviews plus all of the columnists and reviews that you love to hate to love. Maximum Rocknroll won't read itself - pick it up and read it! (Maxium Rock'n'roll #415)

THE ASTRONAUTS - It's All Done By Mirrors LP
The Astronauts second album It's All Done By Mirrors was originally released by All the Madmen in 1983 and finally gets reissued on vinyl for the first time. Original copies are now really sought after and on a lot of people's wants lists due to both its scarcity and its status among outsider art, free music and weirdly enough peace punk fans. It's All Done by Mirrors is a stunning collection of explosive pop songs and traditional folk ballads and considered to be the pinnacle of the Astronauts recorded output. It's easy to hear and see why. Musically it's tighter and more focused than on the debut album Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs and lyrically it's on another level. From Mark Astronaut's lyrical pen comes a woman dreaming of the Dorset coast whilst writing to her former lover (Seagull Mania); or the man on the street and his wife living out the final day before nuclear destruction (Typically English Day). Mark Astronaut really should been seen in the same light as Ray Davies from the Kinks with his observations of a time long gone. Three of the tracks feature legendary sax player Lol Coxhill. As with all Astronauts releases - totally under rated yet totally essential. (La Vida Es Un Mus #145)

Obediencia from Madrid release their debut album after two 7" singles on Solo Para Punks. Their Breakout LP is filled with melancholic damp, anthemic choruses, and powerful vocal melody all hanging amongst fast moving, machinistic drums, and buzzsaw guitar work. This brings to mind some Spanish punk of the golden era like demo era Ultimo Resorte, only having replaced the nods to rock n roll via the Pistols with a few guitar lessons from Greg Sage (Wipers). Enough guitar interplay to listen to on a cold rainy day, and enough power-chords to convince yourself you're listening to Madrid's answer to the Avengers. Standout track is the closer, "Sotano," which sees one of the few breaks in pace to bookend the uncompromising energy that came before it but overall all songs are fast paced, under three minutes with hooks galore. Fans of X, Pink Champagne, Penetration or The Observers will fall in love with this album on first listen. Erosion comes housed in a heavy weight reverse board sleeve depicting images of a Spain many things have been left behind but that it is just a bit too real still for those looking closely. Lyric insert and download code enclosed. (La Vida Es Un Mus #152)

PSICO GALERA - Senza Via Di Fuga 7"
The seemingly lone supernova of extreme hardcore punk in early and mid 80s Italy feels like a distant, but crystal clear memory. Italy seemed to have found itself entering an explosive world of new musical freedom and continued countercultural activism all the way from poetry to paisan, with renewed license to be inept and irrational as a matter of purpose and intent, now with all expectations of beauty out the window. PSICO GALERA are no Italian-by-numbers band, though. Instead they have found a parallel signal in the equally repressive and ordered culture of Japan and their musical blasts of eccentric ugly bliss. Channeling the attempts that bands like BITOUSHA and early KURO made at aping Motorhead into their own vain image, PSICO GALERA add a twist, using the frenetic speed of the Italian language almost as an instrument, not entirely unlike the unintentionally Italian futurist tempos of WRETCHED. Here alongside hair-sprayed guitar solos, atonal polenta stains, and the rhythmic impatience of bobbing wrists shaking two pinched hands at you scornfully, PSICO GALERA present "Senza Via Di Fuga," their debut EP. (La Vida Es Un Mus #156)

SUBDUED - Torment & Torture demo cassette
Storming debut by satanist, leatherist, body build-ist, Rat-ist, Subdued. Described aptly by a casual passerby as "North Shields War Metal" this London band brings us six tracks of powerful hardcore punk indebted to Amebix and the cold mud and unforgiving wind of the empty British landscape. Slyly tuneful guitar leads in the indentured service of plodding metallic riffing accompanied by dismembered bass, pummelling drums and a hateful full throated roar. All these aspects bringing to mind some imagined thin line walked by Icons of Filth inching toward early Venom. Noise contributions by Canadian upstart Liam McCarthy (Jockstrap, Mud,...), and original artwork by drummer Nicky Rat and vocalist Jack Sabbat. Pro-dubbed tape with 8 panel fold out sleeve and download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #163)

THOU/BARGHEST - split 10"
Both bands hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, THOU and BARGHEST team up for a split 10" of blackened doom. THOU offer up "The Mystery of Contradictions", a song so slow and heavy you can envision what it must be like to hear a glacier calf or an atom explode. The song makes its vinyl debut here, as an edited version was released digitally through Adult Swim Singles. Stylistically it's not far off from other heavy favorites like THE BODY or EYEHATEGOD, with post punk leanings a la MOGWAI. On the flip side, BARGHEST present "Application of Malthusian Principle", a black metal tinged funeral-doom paean. BARGHEST'S track is definitely the more unsettling of the two songs on this 10" and could easily score a Dungeons & Dragons session. Tonally it's somewhat reminiscent of RUDIMENTARY PENI and BARGHEST would be an obvious fit on either CREPESCULO NEGRO or FALLEN EMPIRE's rosters. (Elder Magick Records #1)

BARGHEST - Born of Tooth and Talon 7"
BARGHEST take their filthy brand of doomy black metal and expose it to the elements. Unsettling field recordings set the dreadful tone as the title track blazes forth in its howling virulent glory. Side two features "Sterile Initiates", a more traditional black metal offering. BARGHEST hail from Baton Rouge, LA and would fit right in with Black Twilight Circle bands such as ACUALLI or VOLAHN. (Elder Magick Records #2)

LACING - Bummer LP
The mind-bending, bone-shaking debut album "Bummer" from Chattanooga, TN quartet LACING starts in the realm of shoegaze, taking influences from such legendary bands as MY BLOODY VALENTINE and SLOWDIVE. However, it quickly defies preconceived notions about what a shoegaze band should sound like by moving in bold, diverse directions. Going into sludge rock, noise rock, ambient and even pop territories. "Bummer" is a meticulously crafted debut masterpiece, with every squeal of feedback, every dive-bomb guitar attack and every devastating drum beat assembled with both fury and care. (Elder Magick Records #3)

RED DONS - Genocide/Letters 7"
Red Dons return with their 10th vinyl release and their first new music since the 2015 LP, "The Dead Hand of Tradition". Now in their 11th year as a band, Red Dons have established a formula of dark, driving punk rock with catchy melodic hooks and the songs on this 7" deliver on that tradition. The 7" will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies. (Man In Decline Records #25)

Amazing Florida band we've admired for quite some time. This new LP has bassist Christopher Nadeau, guitarist James Bess and drummer Susan Dickson-Nadeau careening their way through bouncy, angry tracks like album opener "Currency" and the demonically woozy crunch of "Desperate Adults." Fans of Unwound, Shellac, Red Monkey or Polvo would find this on heavy listening rotation. (IFB Records #115)

Mrtex is an project that consists of Chris Story (ex-Makara, Jenny Piccolo, Yaphet Kotto, The Anasazi and Anal Knievel) on...everything instrumental and myself (ex-The World That Summer) on vocals. This split 12" is a mixture of songs recorded by Chris over the last three years that are assembled into a much more ambient and atmospheric mix when compared to the groups other releases. KELUT is, for lack of a more succinct synopsis, the next step for the majority of members from Yusuke. Gone are the pretty, noodly and more Saetia sounding sections, as the band goes apeshit here with five tracks of mind-numbing and ear-splitting screamy, dark hardcore. (IFB Records #112)

GATECREEPER - Sweltering Madness 7"
"Sweltering Madness" and "Mastery Of Power" are two pummeling, new songs from Relapse recording artist Gatecreeper, recorded in the blistering Arizona summer heat by Homewrecker Studios. This release is mixed by Kurt Ballou of GodCity Studio and features the artwork of Visions Beyond Darkness. For fans of Bolt Thrower, Obituary, and Nails. 7" includes digital download. (Closed Casket Records #55)

VEIN - Self Destruct 7" (colored vinyl)
The debut release from Massachusetts' own Vein was originally released as a split EP in the winter of 2017. This record is just under five minutes of metallic hardcore with a grind influence. For fans of Converge, As The Sun Sets, Daughters, and Code Orange. 7" includes digital download. (Closed Casket Records #53)

Originally released in 2011, this 2xLP compiles The Old Firm Casuals' early singles and EPs (with the exception of their debut EP). These 24 tracks are far and away the best display of out-of-the-gate talent and momentum shown in the punk and oi scene in a long time. This is one album that deserves to remain available for new fans and diehards alike. LP includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #188)

The world of hardcore is renowned for the preservation of its own history. The history has been well-documented in records that have all been reissued, websites devoted to its preservation, an oral history that has been passed down through generations of show-goers, and now, through books that explore even the most minute and obscure details of underground hardcore culture. This book documents an incredibly important aspect of hardcore's culture that has, until now, not been documented in any print format: hardcore band t-shirts through the diligent collecting and cataloging of hardcore enthusiast Orhun Oner. The 200 pages of "Life.Love.Shirts.: A Collection Of Hardcore Clothing" features the colorful t-shirts that were bought and sold in the sweaty clubs of the '80s and '90s, many of which are extremely rare and fetch astronomical sums on the collector's market. Many of the shirt photos are accompanied by stories from the bands, labels, and those who had a hand in the production and distribution, a glimpse of the rich tradition of hardcore band t-shirt production that continues on to this day. (Revelation Books #5)

V/A - The First Nine Years 7"x5 box set (colored vinyl)
"The First Nine Years" chronicles the modest beginning of the Bridge Nine record label. Spread over five 7" records, these 29 bands become the soundtrack to the 128 page companion book packed with many never-before-seen photos, telling the story of how the label got its start, how relationships forged in high school lead to its earliest releases, and how each band was connected to the next by a single degree of separation as Bridge Nine's reach expanded from a few local bands to having one of the most actively touring rosters in the underground, building awareness for the label worldwide. "The First Nine Years" details the many opportunities and obstacles that the label faced during its earliest era, while building a foundation to support the over 100 artists who have called Bridge Nine home, and the over 250 releases that they've recorded for the label in the years since. 7" Box Set includes digital download. Limited edition of 500 copies on yellow vinyl, exclusive to Rev. Features Burn, Candy Hearts, Carry On, Ceremony, Champion, Cops & Robbers, Crime In Stereo, Cross Me, Crown Of Thornz, Cruel Hand, Dave Hause, Dead Ending, Dead Swans, Death Before Dishonor, Death Threat, Defeater, DYS, Energy, Expire, F-Minus, For The Worse, Foundation, Gallows, and Give Up The Ghost. (Bridge Nine Records #50)

XXX - LPx2 compilation (Scene Support version with EDGE: PERSPECTIVES ON DRUG FREE CULTURE DVD)
The Scene Support version comes with spine wrap, insert and a bonus copy of the Edge: Perspectives on Drug Free Culture. For better or worse, some ideas are poisonous. Featuring: Monster X, Portraits of Past, Policy of 3, Groundwork, Pogrom, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth, Endeavor, None Left Standing, Trees Without Leaves, Prozac Memory, Via, Well Away, and Frail. The XXX compilation comes with a 24 page booklet, a full sized poster, and stickers. (Ebullition #24)

SAWPIT - 7" (Scene Support version)
Scene Support version has new limited cover. Limited to 30 copies. Sawpit was a melodic '90s hardcore band out of Japan. (Ebullition #35.5)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (Scene Support Version)
This special Scene Support version comes with a random bonus Ebullition LP compilation (either the Illiterate, Amnesia, or HeartattaCk compilation). Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. On yellow and black 50/50 colored vinyl. (Ebullition #46)

BLASTING CONCEPT - Sloth Rocket LP (Scene Support 2016 version)
Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

SPITBOY - Rasana 7" (Scene Support 2016 version)
While renovating Ebullition last year we found several hundred Spitboy 7" vinyl that we didn't know we had. These are part of the original pressing from the mid 1990s. We had to make new covers for them, but the vinyl itself is 20 years old! Spitboy was an amazing band from the San Francisco, CA area that consisted of four women. They played powerful political hardcore that was of course influenced by the fact that they were all women living in a male dominated world. "Rasana" was the first release featuring Dominique on bass. There are three tracks on this 7". Scene Support version comes with limited cover. (Ebullition Records #22)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP with CD (Scene Support 2016 version)
Scene Support version is hand numbered and includes a silk screened plastic dust sleeve, and a Scene Support spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West were members of other great bands such as Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)

(restock) ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

(repress) ORCHID - Gatefold LP (red vinyl pressing)
The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)