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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 11/18/17

CHAOS ECHOES - The Unfathomable LP
"Transient" established Chaos Echoes as one of the most compelling and innovative groups of musicians in the scene. Listeners may recall that interspersed throughout the "Transient" album were improvisational pieces, referred to as "Interzones" (a nod to Burroughs' "Naked Lunch"), that provided connective tissue between the more heavily constructed songs on the album. "The Unfathomable" is among the most evocative and atmospheric pieces Chaos Echoes has performed. Improvised and recorded in Paris in 2015, the track was edited and mixed by former band member Fabien W. Furter. It is desolate, ritualistic, and cold-lunar in its emptiness. It is a hymn to solitude, a collision of intermittent percussion, strings, and electronics, unfolding in slow, churning motions and abandoned to the corrosive machinations of entropy. (Nuclear War Now Records #339)

After two singles on Total Punk in 2015 and 2016, Patsy return with a 7 Track Mini album on La Vida Es Un Mus. New Orleans' Patsy (featuring multiple members of Mystic Inane) are perhaps the current reigning champions of riffy, snotty punk. This is their first full-length, after a couple of EPs, and it's a pure delight for anyone who likes their rock n' roll stripped of all pretense and equipped with a constant eye-roll. "Society Ape" and "Nazis Are So Plain" are particularly finger-on-the-pulse in 2017 without being too on-the-nose; the former taunts harassers ("You can't touch me"), and the latter takes the piss out of the careful aesthetics of white supremacists by essentially calling them basic as hell. "Tommy, Bobby, Johnny" is a wicked take on the interchangeability of musical love-objects, and Candice Metrailer's vocal delivery here is especially cutting. Patsy do a lot with their essential elements; everything here is perfectly simple but not at all simplistic. (La Vida Es Un Mus #158)

MARXBROS are the (non)musical continuation of the Dutch legacy of Paul and Olav. This music picks right up where LARM and SEEIN' RED left off. For this recording (and hopefully subsequent ones) they have enlisted the expert bass playing of Chris Dodge from SPAZZ/STIKKY/TO THE POINT. The tracks range from fast to faster and are both punk and blast-laiden, but also have boot stomping parts. Seventeen tracks that bring the 80's back into 2017. On the flip side, Belgian TRAVOLTA have expertly crafted thirteen tracks of angry blasty modern hardcore inspired fast punk. Both sides are wicked fast and thirty tracks will make a bad day seem more bearable after this record makes your heart rate soar and temporarily makes you see red. (To Live A Lie Records #139)

DISFEAR - Live the Storm LP
Second in a series of Disfear back catalog vinyl reissues. Disfears 2008 masterpiece available on vinyl again. Relapse records did some pressings, later on the band licensed it themselves for some pressings for tours and now after some years it's the band and I getting it out on vinyl again. Their classic mix of intense hardcore punk with Swedish metal to create the perfect käng, in your face and relentless. The production by Kurt Ballou does the rest and with the powerful, crisp sound the 10 fierce songs with uncompromising socio-political lyrics are just an outstanding display of DISFEAR! Licensed from Relapse Records. (Havoc/Disfear Records #2)

XYLITOL - Is Toxic to Pigs??? 7"
Irrepressibly catchy Olympia-based pogo punk (featuring members of G.L.O.S.S.) with the wildest and most charismatic vocalist in contemporary DIY punk. A guide to kissing the void and navigating our continued existence in a racist capitalist hellscape. This is the soundtrack to fucking shit up, fighting back, defining yourself and seeing who joins. 500 copies on black vinyl, comes with a digital download, split release between Thrilling Living and Total Negativity. "I don't give a fuck bout you fuck pigs." (Thrilling Living Records #5)

Originally pressed as a limited tour only CD with 7 songs, it quickly sold out. Now available on vinyl for the very first time, tracks 6 & 7 cannot be found on any studio album and the collection now includes a brand new, never released Waiter song, track 8! Hailing from the sun-drenched shores of San Diego, California, The Black Heart Procession has sought to bring their unique dream of winter to life for nearly 2 decades. Over the course of 6 full-length LPs and numerous ancillary offerings, their songs have captured the essence of heartbreak, the tragedy of discord and the exultation of redemption. Through it all, a mysterious figure, known only as The Waiter, has made intermittent yet poignant appearances - his is a world of cold, sorrow and loss, which we experience through his ceaseless turning of memory and dream. (Robotic Empire Records #125)

Long-awaited American press of this modern day classic. Mat Williams has continuously proven himself the greatest punk rock songwriter of our generation. This sixteen track LP, a lo-fi, high energy homage to a century of rock 'n' roll, R&B, garage, and all things punk, is testament to this fact. Members of CONEHEADS, GUINEA KID, DAGGER, and many more. Includes new artwork and a full color, double-sided poster insert. (Hip Kids Records #23)

XXX FANZINE (1983-1988): HARDCORE & PUNK IN THE EIGHTIES heavy book by Mike Gitter
xXx Fanzine (1983-1988): Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties" isn't merely a collection of articles, reviews and photographs from one of hardcore America's best-known fanzines. It's a chronicle of punk's evolution in the '80s: a story of music and ideologies in motion. xXx's story picks up while the first wave of hardcore was in full swing. Major players including Minor Threat had already released landmark records and bands were loading up station wagons to play now infamous venues like The Channel, A7 or D.C. Space. While based in Boston, MA, xXx's main writer and editor, Mike Gitter, not only concentrated on his own city's burgeoning scene, spearheaded by bands like S.S. Decontrol and DYS, but looked to other states and countries for xXx's reportage. This 288-page book documents a time when hardcore and punk were not mutually exclusive and bands and cities had a chance to develop their own diverse and strident sounds. This creative ethos and aural zeitgeist is literally spelt out on the 19-song compilation that's included with xXx Fanzine, a limited-edition LP (available exclusively through mailorder or special sales outlets). A wide variety of current hardcore, punk and hard music luminaries including Strife, Letlive, Fu Manchu And The Riverboat Gamblers contributed their interpretations to some of the most influential songs to come from xXx's original era. Now, in addition to reproducing (and restoring) countless interviews and pages from the 'zine itself, xXx Fanzine re-interviews countless bands and musical prime-movers including Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris and members of Agnostic Front, Bad Brains and Cro-Mags to give the book a rare "then-and-now" perspective. "xXx Fanzine (1983-1988): Hardcore & Punk in The Eighties" isn't merely a look back at hardcore's salad days, but a unique look at how punk's music and message shook the mainstream itself. (Bridge Nine Press #6)

Descriptions for 11/11/17

NASTI - Big Achievements LP (with download)
It's hot as fuck in here. Big Achievements is churning mix-tempo hardcore punk with badboy breakdowns and subtly sophisticated change ups that will leave you scratching your sweat makers. If you can't skate and you can't slam then you can at least wiggle your nuggets to the ratchet beat. Get into it. Don't be shy. We love you. Shit yeah. We've been waiting for what seems like a century and the wait is well worth it. If this one doesn't make the year end lists then punk is broken. 150 copies on translucent orange and 350 copies on some other vinyl housed in a heavy duty pasteboard jacket with lyric sheet and a poster. Art by Riley Kerr. Sounds by Ian Crist. All made in the Pacific Northwest. A pure record. Eat it. (Iron Lung Records #79)

MAXIUM ROCK'N'ROLL #415 (December 2017)
Check it out, it's Maximum Rocknroll #415, the December 2017issue! We are proud to feature an interview conducted by the organizer of the Bay Area's Evaluate What You Tolerate compilation and zine with Cat Brooks, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project. She speaks at length with us about organizing alternatives to state policing. We also hear from Portland, Oregon's No! To Rape Culture collective about marginalized people collectively organizing against rape and other forms of oppression. Ex-VELVET UNDERGROUND member Willie "Loco" Alexander spills all about his 50-plus-year-long "so-called career" from his early garage rock years to his modern recordings. We also have part two of our lengthy article about the history of Alabama punk, covering Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and more! Also included is an article in tribute to the radical life of Fred "Freak" Smith of BEEFEATER. We have a ton of international punk coverage this month! There is a massive feature on Sheffield, England, including a scene report, a mini-interivew with the Kids of the Lughole label, a full-length interview with COMMUNITY, and a photo spread from the Noise Annoys festival. For those hungry more more photos, there's some fresh shots from Toronto's Not Dead Yet fest as well. Russia's STRESSHOLD give exclusive tidbits about touring and feminism in their home country, while Irish punks GRIT describe the politics and gentrification in Ireland. We also get updates about mental health from misanthropic Norwegian punks NEGATIV (who are a lot more positive than you'd expect). Plus you'll find enough columns and reviews to gossip over for the rest of the month. So what are you waiting for? (Maximum RocknRoll)

NAPALM RAID - Wheel of War LP
The longest output and the heaviest best material by Canada's NAPALM RAID. Originally hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the band is now spread out across the country. Balancing more influences than ever before, Rust and Machine is proud to have been working with this band since their beginning, and I am happy to say this is their strongest release, showing progression in style. Over time Napalm Raid has become the premier crust band of Canada, with multiple tours over the years taking them all over the world including Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Ending track is a revisit to their live hit "Dead Cities" which originally appeared on their debut 7" "Corruption of their little minds." Housed in sturdy reverse board jackets inside of black poly lined sleeves with insert. (Rust And Machine Records #34)

This split 7" showcases two similarly promising bands in the vanguard of the current Black Metal scene. Following the release of a superb demo on Tour De Garde six years ago, Departure Chandelier fell silent. This split release with Blood Tyrant signifies the band's return and foreshadows the upcoming full-length album soon to be released on NWN!. Blood Tyrant's "The Dark Decree" displays the band's reverence for tradition, harkening back to Black Metal of the 1990s, draping frigid and melancholic riffs in a dense fog through which cut the vampyric shrills of the vocals. The ideas conveyed by Departure Chandelier and Blood Tyrant are complementary, not redundant, and the distinct nature of each band allows for welcome stylistic differences in their respective approaches that lend to the success of this split release. (Nuclear War Now Records #356)

LIHHAMON - Doctrine LP
Hailing from the city of Leipzig, Germany, the site of one of black metal's most storied live performances, Lihhamon arose unceremoniously in 2013 and set to work in relative anonymity, crafting its bludgeoning weapon of Black Death Metal over the course of the ensuing two years before making its presence known to the masses. In solidarity with Lihhamon, and in the name of the label's continuing goal of hastening the demise of the plague of humankind, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to hereby offer the first LP version of this document of unspeakable atrocities. (Nuclear War Now Records #311)

ANATOMIA - Cranial Obsession CD
Born in 2002 from the ashes of the great but often overlooked Transgressor, Anatomia has progressively moved towards establishing its own, autonomous brand of death/doom metal with each new release. On its third opus, "Cranial Obsession," Anatomia continues along this same trajectory of development of "dismal slow death metal." Still present are the mid-tempo campaigns of malignancy that have led to the comparisons with bands like Autopsy. However, these songs also demonstrate the band's evolution into something more multi-dimensional with the inclusion of keyboard-backed, lower-tempo intros and interludes that bind the preceding and following death gallops, as in "Necrotic Incision", and outros of a similar nature, as in "Fiend." Even more strikingly, this album is characterized much more so than its predecessors by several significantly longer songs of eight to fifteen minutes each that feature extended funeral dirges and bleak soundscapes of decay. The presence of these tracks intermingled with those of a higher pace reflect an expiring human corporal vessel that alternates between the agonizing affliction of the disease that consumes it and the soothing bliss of the inescapable, terminal fate that awaits it. (Nuclear War Now Records #365 CD)

ITANSHA - Paranoia Demo 7"
This record has a track that repeats the same "part" about 368 times by my count, has no vocals, and advances on six minutes in length like some kind of fucked up D-beat dub edit that wields confusion as a hammer and tricks you into pounding your fist in the air in opposing sway to your swelling, banging head. That should be all you needed to hear but just in case... ITANSHA was a one-and-done project envisaged and carried out entirely by Daiki Kusuhara (MORPHEME, VACCUUM, HEAT, CRIME DESIRE, YADOKAI) employing all instrumentation and vocals. Seven cuts of raw, globe-trotting hardcore punk like a nice middle ground between the cacophonic mania of noisy Japanese hardcore of the '80s, and the dense, humid desperation of brawny Mexican and South American raw hardcore. Edition of 250 copies. Originally released on cassette in 2012 by Life Sucker. (Warthog Speak Records #28)

LION'S SHARE - s/t 7"
Not unlike our homies in FATIGUE, St. John's, Newfoundland's LION'S SHARE strides the pickets of Hardcore and Oi! in a lock-step, inimical porridge of chiming, martial hymns of social combat, that are as aggressive as they are catchy and melodic. Edition of 250 copies. Released earlier in 2017 on cassette by the band in a small amount. (Warthog Speak Records #29)

EXCRUCIATING TERROR - Legacy of Terror Sessions LP
This masterpiece of early L.A. Grindcore contains the first official recordings from EXCRUCIATING TERROR, the A side include the first demo "Visions of Terror". Eight tracks infernal brutal old school grindcore, recorded in February '91 in the following lineup Javier Arqueros - Bass (later in NAUSEA L.A.) Martin Alvarado - Drums (later in DESPISE YOU, STAPLED SHUT), Raul Caballero - Guitar, Jerry Flores - Guitar (later in DESPISE YOU, BLOODY PHOENIX) and vocals from Victor Garcia. The recordings from flipside are from September 1991, the band recorded 4 new tunes for the "Legacy Of Hate" EP with the same line up. Ultra-brutal grindcore with the awesome vokills from Victor Garcia. The vinyl version contains also 2 bonus songs recorded live from the early 90's. Really classic L.A. Grindcore out of '91. First time re-released on vinyl, housed in a matt inside/outside cover, with a full colored sheet with massive pictures and information's. (Power It Up Records #171)

EMILS - Demo '87 7"
Limited repress in compact white vinyl. 300 pressed copies pressed. The mid-80s there were these rumors about a new band from Hamburg. Were behind the EMILS perhaps SLIME? If you read the band name from back to front, then these rumors get natural food. And the spelling of the band lettering was very inspired by SLIME. But in the end that was nonsense, of course. There were no overlaps. The mid-80s began the first german bands to orient themselves on Ami-Hardcore. SPERMBIRDS, Skeezicks, Jingo De Lunch, H.O.A, UNWANTED YOUTH, SOS. The EMILS crossed on their demo hardcore punk and also metal. D.R.I. had just invented the crossover. The EMILS quickly became popular. Also because they had German lyrics, which were also very critical and directly and did not mince his words. They were directed for example against the Church, Neo-Nazis, nuclear power (Chernobyl was just explodes), compliance and also against the stupidity in the own scene. Early 1987 they recorded the legendary 5 track demo at the "Dissenter Studios". The limited repress comes in a different inside cover artwork, and also you will get additional sheet with information from different old show flyers. (Power It Up Records #226)

VICIOUS CIRCLE - Search For The Solution and More LPx2
The third part of the Vicious Circle Discography contains on side A the songs from the Split LP with Youth Brigade as well as the tracks from the "Search for the solution" 7" EP. Side B contains the songs from the "Circle of the Doomed "Tape recorded in 1984, the tracks from the "Hope and Wait" MLP recorded in 1987 and the 1st EP "Search for the Solution" released in 1985, plus two tracks from 1989. The second LP has live recordings from the 1985 --- Live at The Prince Of Wales, 20 raw tracks from the early Vicious Circle era. Awesome soundboard recordings remastered by Paul Lindsay. The third and last double LP includes also a 12 sided colored booklet with a lot of information's, live photos and other fine artwork stuff. (Power It Up Records #242)

Another hurricane-like compendium of all the music your parents hate! Yes, that means another new issue of "Short Fast & Loud" is coming at you full bore! Our awesome 30th issue contains an in depth interview with Italian hardcore legends Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, early noise grinders Noise and Massachusetts upstarts Hardware!! This issue also comes with a maniacal split 7" between Deathgrave (Bay Area grind violence power house) and Violation Wound (fierce, uber-pissed Bay Are hardcore punk, written and conceived by Chris Reifert of Autopsy). Plus all the reviews and column you've come to expect from our legion of high speed thrash criminals. (Short, Fast & Loud #30)

VAULTWRAITH - Death Is Proof of Satan's Power LP/CD
Deep within the tenebrous bowels of a dark and decrepit castle was it that the black ritual was undertaken. Assembled there were four of the worst sinners this world has ever known, utterly profane and perverse: The Warlock, He of the Blasphemies... Alucarda Bellows, She of the Devil... Esteban Walpurgis, He of the Evil Rites... and Baron Blood, He of the Flesh & Blood. A blood-red full-moon hanging in the benighted sky, they began the unspeakable ceremony. Mercyful Fate and Bathory albums were offered unto a flaming pyre, as were the celluloid artifacts of Jess Franco and Paul Naschy. Once some esoteric incantations in Latin and Sumerian were uttered alongside the spilling of hot sacrificial blood did that loathsome quartet play the notes known but to the most impious and obscene. And it was then, at the foreboding stroke of midnight, that the shuddersome fiendish spectre did arise from out of the stygian void: the VAULTWRAITH! (Hells Headbangers #208)

CADAVERIC INCUBATOR - Sermons of The Devouring Dead LP
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR was formed in 2005 by Necroterror (bass/vocals) and Humiliator (guitar/vocals) with the help of various drummers who came and went during the band's first incarnation, which lasted around two years. The aim was to create old-school disgusting sounds influenced by early Carcass, Repulsion, Autopsy, early Xysma, Mortician, Blood, the early Mexican Disgorge, and such. No fun and no political garbage usually associated with the more grinding side of things - just raw, filthy brutality and total death! But after two demos - only the first one, Resurgence of Morbidity, was released - and countless live shows, the band split up in early 2007 due to personal problems between members. Seven years later, in 2014, Necroterror resurrected CADAVERIC INCUBATOR by teaming up with his old comrade Pentele, who he had known from the early '90s scene - back in the deep Finnish backwoods when Necroterror played in his first-ever death metal band, Excrement, and Pentele was drumming for Carnifex and Festerday in the same area. Original founding member Humiliator was asked to join, as well, and the new demo Unburied Abominations was recorded. After several brutal live shows and a demos compilation on Terror from Hell Records, the band finally recorded 12 tracks in early 2016 for their debut album, Sermons of the Devouring Dead. (Hells Headbangers Records #211)

SATANIC WARMASTER needs no introduction nor explanation. "Nova Ordo Ater" is a raw 'n' righteous rehearsal recorded on 4-track tape on February 28th and March 1st, 2009 in the Satanic Metal Temple. Comprising 38 minutes of stark and stripped-bare black metal, Nova Ordo Ater is an obsidian distillation of SATANIC WARMASTER's live repertoire during this time period. It is being released solely on vinyl format, for only true Satanists, devil worshippers, witches, warriors, and criminals. (Werewolf Records #45)

PROFANATICA - The Enemy of Virtue CDx2
Originally released just as PROFANATICA were about to mount their monumental comeback with Profanatitas de Domonatia, The Enemy of Virtue was a timely reminder of just how pioneering this American black metal was - and was about to continue being. Begun in 1990, PROFANATICA were arguably the first true American black metal band. Their ever-unique brand of primitive, bulldozing filth would greatly vary from the early '90s Scandinavian wave that was just about to kick off; many misunderstood it and even harbored hatred for the band, but PROFANATICA nevertheless found a fanatic cult following. Sadly, they would break up in 1992 just after completing what would be their debut album. However, that cult would grow as the decade went on and other, softer iterations of "black metal" would begin to tire with underground dwellers, setting the stage for the band to return with the vile 'n' virulent Broken Jew EP in 2002. And that's precisely where The Enemy of Virtue came in: collecting PROFANATICA's classic demos and EPs, as well as their half of the legendary split album with Colombia's Masacre, the Broken Jew EP, and most enticingly, unreleased recording sessions from 1992. (Hells Headbangers Records #20 CD)

(restock) DESPISE YOU - West Side Horizons LP (gatefold)
62 songs of hateful death core from the streets of Inglewood, California. Bleak, cruel and relentless in execution, this is a precious testament of urban decay and violence written during the mid-90's. The collection includes the unreleased split LP with MAN IS THE BASTARD, split EPs with STAPLED SHUT, SUPPRESSION and CROM, "pcp scapegoat" EP and compilation tracks, with a total of 44 minutes. (Fuck Yoga Records #23)

(restock) NOOTHGRUSH - Entropy 7"
500 made. With style reserved only for the true scholars of doom, NOOTHGRUSH offer their latest rendering- a micro/macro requiem EP. This release presents NOOTHGRUSH at their most refined; the songs are immensely paced in relation to the lyrical content, opting for acceptance of decay, and ultimately death. The restraint and respect NOOTHGRUSH treat their instruments with is magnanimously rewarded in the final outcome, adding to the seriousness and depth of their conclusion. Recorded and mixed at EARHAMMER STUDIOS and mastered by AUDIOSIEGE for maximum sonic impact. (Fuck Yoga Records #47)

Descriptions for 11/4/17

HARAM - When You Have Won, You Have Lost LP
Guttural and furious, the debut LP from New York City's HARAM delivers 10 songs of unflinchingly political hardcore punk. With a sound rooted in Coastal US hardcore from the last Cold War but with a more contemporary militaristic approach.Arabic vocals growl out over pounding martial rhythms and interlocked, frenetic melodies. This record alternates between forward march and full gallop in what has become their trademark sound. Hand silk-screened cover w/ 18x24 poster and a risographed booklet providing both Arabic and English translations of the lyrics. Released on NYC's Toxic State Records. (Toxic State Records #29)

MIDNIGHT - Sweet Death And Ecstasy LP/CDx2
By now, MIDNIGHT need no introduction. Guided by the twisted muse of mainman Athenar since 2003, this Cleveland cult have been slaying the metal/punk underground with their own, highly addictive brand of lust, filth, and sleaze, subsequently building up a sizable catalog and garnering a rabid fanbase. While there's certainly fanatics for the band's early EP work, it was MIDNIGHT's debut album, Satanic Royalty - released to international fanfare in 2011 by HELLS HEADBANGERS - that entered the band's name into the annals of "classic." Never one to rush things (nor drop an EP along the way), MIDNIGHT continued their underground dominance with No Mercy for Mayhem in 2014, further perfecting their signature sound. Now, with their massively anticipated third album, Sweet Death and Ecstasy, Athenar and co. return with their darkest and most daring effort yet. Granted, upon the first detonating chords of opener "Crushed by Demons," it would be fair to assume that Sweet Death and Ecstasy is simply classic MIDNIGHT...until the track time nearly doubles what a characteristic track of theirs would be. This is no mere bloat, though: bookended by two of the band's longest songs to date, Sweet Death and Ecstasy lays bare a more anguished 'n' aggravated MIDNIGHT, forever in thrall to the usual subjects (LUST, FILTH, SLEAZE) but speaking a slightly different, altogether-more-poisonous tongue. It both charges harder than ever - even harder than the band's early EP work, arguably - and also puts on the brakes to bang 'n' clang in a manner most foul. Indeed, MIDNIGHT truly deliver Sweet Death and Ecstasy in a swift 32 minutes, and it's absolutely addicting. What's more, the CD version will feature a bonus disc that's a 12-song live rehearsal recorded in 2015 by Commandor Vanik. There's no dawn for MIDNIGHT...ever! (Hells Headbangers Records #186)

gSp is Marissa, Tobi, and Layla. Like Y-PANTS playing FLIPPER songs, or vice-versa, gSp are a terrifying skate crew, the coolest girl gang, an invective against the horrors of talking heads and late capitalism, a brief respite from our modern condition of total boredom. Twin guitar attack and chanted gang vocals backed by one of the most important and iconic drummers in punk, period. Members of BIKINI KILL, SKINNED TEEN, MOZART, STILLSUIT, SPIDER AND THE WEBS, THE FRUMPIES, PETTY CRIME, SUNDAY DRIVERS, and far too many more to mention. 700 copies on black vinyl, recorded live to tape at High Command by Captain Tripps Ballsington in beautiful Olympia, Washington. (Thrilling Living Records #4)

ROTTEN U.K. - Waiting for The Bomb 7"
Rochester NY's Rotten U.K. has now unleashes the first single off their debut LP "That Is Not Dead...." on Hells Headbanger Records "Waiting For The Bomb". The band is influenced by the darker side of the 80's UK punk scene and while many imitators have come and gone over the years these guys are the real deal. This haunting anthem is bleak and powerful and brings to mind bands like Screaming Dead, UK Decay and The Mob. B side is an exclusive cover of "Protest And Survive by Discharge. (Loud Punk Rock Records #46)

CINDERBLOCK - The Executioner 7"
Boston's Cinderblock are back with the follow up to their smoking debut LP released last year on Brain Solvent Propaganda, The Executioner E.P. 4 Tracks of hard hitting Oi influenced punk that picks up right where they left off. Easily a top E.P. for 2017. Ex and current members of Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, The Epidemic And Ambush. (Loud Punk Rock Records #45)

CHEPANG - Dadhelo: A Tale Of Wildfire LP
The first full length assault from Nepal's "immigrindcore" battalion. Driven by breakneck dual drum blasting and the blazing fervor of their message delivered from the turmoil of their homeland. A twisted cacophony of riff carnage and the desperate howling frenzy of multiple singers. Impassioned Ghurka grindcore commandos igniting a cleansing fire. (Nerve Altar Records #32)

GETS WORSE - Struggle LP
Leeds Sludgy PowerViolence! GETS WORSE! One of the most discussed names on the contemporary map of powerviolence/grind-core scene started back in 2011. Having put out a stunning debut 10" and a split 7" with almighty Orange County FISSURE, We are bringing a 4 part 12" LP of slow, sludgy passages turning out of a clear sky into a hellish mosh. Terrific! Songs lasting around one minute. "White Horse" includes also "Not Even Phased" track originally by Spazz, "Yellow Belly" tunes were bonused by a gang vox by Gets Worse & Horsebastard (Trippy, Pete & Reese), "The Blues" bonused by saxophone parts and Elvis's definitely taking care of business! The last part "Blacked Out" bonused by 4th band member Paul on bass-guitar and vox. A cover designed and layout by Tomisthebastard. For fans of Weekend Nachos or The Afternoon Gentlemen. (Dead Heroes Records #58)

DERBE LEBOWSKI - s/t LP (one sided)
Once again time to tear down some walls! Three years after the first attack, here comes powerhouse #2: Nine gun hits from DERBE LEBOWSKI out of Berlin City! In almost 15 minutes somewhere between Hardcore, Powerviolence and Fastcore an ugly three headed punkbastard is born in Moloch. In the circle of the family out of aunts and uncles of HENRY FONDA, HATEHUG and FEMME KRAWALL, it should be clear that the celebration of the day of liberation is more important than a dusky birthday party. Stop And Go Hardcore for people with low attention threshold and pulsating throat line. Hölli ( is once again responsible for the outstanding artwork on thick Inside-Out cardboard. (Dead Heroes Records #64)

DIRTY & HIS FISTS - s/t 7"
Los Angeles punks DIRTY & HIS FISTS deliver a knockout four song EP on their vinyl debut, following a standout demo cassette. For the uninitiated, DIRTY & HIS FISTS have quickly become one of the best American punk bands alive, and one of the few to match powerful writing and performance with some of the best studio production out there. The Fists easily eclipse their demo with this new EP, incorporating a crunchy layer of synth, pounding rhythm section (featuring new drummer Sam Bosson), and ace production from guitarist/vocalist Mike Kriebel, who you may recognize as producer of recent Beat Sessions for Uranium Club, Urochromes, and P22. An undeniably great and memorable American punk record. Packaged in a reverse board pocket sleeve with an 7"x11" lyric insert and digital download. (Feel It Records #13)

BACKTRACK - Bad To My World LP
Backtrack returns with "Bad To My World," their first album since 2014's "Lost In Life." Along with longtime producer Nick Jett (Terror), they entered the Wild Arctic studio to lay down 10 brand-new songs with Dean Baltulonis (Madball, No Warning). Backtrack continues in the classic NYHC tradition of bands like Madball, Killing Time and Outburst while still remaining fresh and injecting their own unique flavor into the timeless sound. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #250)

ACEPHALIX - Decreation tape cassette
San Francisco's most malevolent and perverted death-crust horde returns with their most gloriously wretched, involved, and primitive slab of aural barbarism to date. Suspended between the buzz-sawing destruction of old school death dealers like Nihilist, Dismember, and Demigod, and the reckless ferality of heavy punk bands like Discharge and Wolfpack, "Decreation" is the pinnacle of Acephalix's ongoing quest for total and unadulterated primitivism and ruin. (Sentient Ruin Records #52)

CALQUES - Civilizing tape cassette
Calques have taken the lacerating approach to raw black metal of bands like Ildjarn and Bone Awl, and made it collide against the abrasive and nerve-wrecking raw punk of bands like Raw Nerve and Cult Ritual, and the noisy pedal and knob abuse of deviants like Gnaw Their Tongues and Sutekh Hexen, finally choking out everything in a mangled and sanguine strangulation of completely collapsing and self-harming noise rock deviancy. (Sentient Ruin Records #42)

Vile, antagonist and visionary blackened hardcore from Japan. Maximum auditive torture. New from Southern Lord Records. (Southern Lord #246)

(restock) EVIL - Rites of Evil LP
Nuclear War Now! expands its ever-growing roster and reach with its release of "Rites of Evil," the debut full-length from Evil, a four-piece black/speed metal band from Tokyo, Japan. Including venerable bands such as Bathory, Hellhammer and Slayer in its list of prominent influences that in all span at least three continents and various subsets of first-wave black metal and satanic speed metal, the ones that shine through the most are early Sodom, Sarcofago, and fellow compatriots Sabbat and a certain, notorious Japanese punk metal band. (Nuclear War Now Records #346)

Descriptions for 10/28/17

RAKTA - Oculto Pelos Seres 7" with download
Howling winds over the barren sands sting your eyes just enough to make you question wether or not you did actually see what you think you saw. A shrouded figure casting shadows on memories of the future? A malformed Chris Marker statue sandblasted to obscurity? A beautifully melted humanity? Oculto Pelos Seres is all of those and more. By now RAKTA's signature brand of punk fueled, goth tinged, seemingly structureless yet extremely taut soundscapes should be familiar to you and if it isn't then this is a great place to start. Housed in a textured glue pocket sleeve with a vellum lyric sheet and stickers bag. Art by Chihiro Yoshikawa. Sounds by Bernardo Pacheco. Mastered by Daniel Husayn. (Iron Lung Records #80)

ACRYLICS - Structure 7"
The newest offering from Santa Rosa's finest art bangers. They've added so much to their already incredible sound with this single and it will act as just a taste of what's to come on the LP in 2018. "Structure" is a bit more on the pogo side complimented nicely with sharp echo stabs and a ruinous atmosphere. "Gluttony" brings us back to that toss-and-turn-in-a-dark-alley kind of crunchy freak junk that the teens mangle themselves to. Our favorite blend of ugly and appealing. A limited release for unlimited punks. (Iron Lung Records #107)

GOATPENIS - Anesthetic Vapor LP
Through its output over the past twenty-five years, Goatpenis has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most venerable black war metal bands in existence. Anesthetic Vapor, their sixth. (Nuclear War Now Records #354)

WVRM - Can You Hear The Wind Howl 7"
Greenville South Carolina's WVRM are back with their most insane, menacing, an absolutely frightening vinyl production to date. To really bring this album to life, it was recorded by the illustrious Kurt Ballou of Converge fame at GodCity Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. In six songs, WVRM puts forward their most unnerving and almost uncomfortable grindcore blast masterpiece. (To Live A Lie Records #138)

SADIST - Shadow of the Swastika LP
Horryfying and violent noisy d-beat hardcore punk act from Boston with members of G.A.S.H., Video Filth, Aspects of War, Human Bodies. To me its kind of mixture between anarchist/anti-war ideology of Crass, live violent actions of singer Ghost in the vein of GISM, industrial/harsh noise parts by Bombings and all these injected into good overfuzzed d-beat punk! This stuff is intense and forceful with buzzing riffs, thumping percussion and ferocious vocal howls. The LP is including their demo and their following 7" which was remastered by Jack Control. Enjoy it! incl OBI strip. (RSR Records #199)

MANIACS - So Far... So Loud LP
The Maniacs were one of 1977's original first flush Punk Rock bands in London signing to United Artist Records and releasing the single Chelsea '77 b/w Ain't No Legend recorded at Pathway studios and produced by early Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman. The Maniacs played all the renowned Punk Rock venues in London, contributing two tracks to the Live at the Vortex album and appearing live at the Mont de Marsan Punk Rock Festival with the Clash the Damned and the Police in'77. The band were to crash and burn in true Punk Rock style at the beginning of 1978. Band members Rod Latter went on to join the Adverts. Robert Crash went on to working in songwriting & production with the Eurythmics and Robert Plant. Alan Lee Shaw went on to form the Physicals and worked with Brian James, Paul Cook, Glen Matlock, Kirsty MacColl, Dee Dee Ramone and finally ending up as a member of the Damned. So Far So Loud is a 40th anniversary compilation of the most of the songs recorded in the brief history of the band including the UA single Chelsea '77 b/w Ain't No Legend, the Live at the Vortex tracks plus studio and rehearsal demos. The album also comes with a fine collector's collage of photos and memorabilia on both sides of the inner sleeve from the era. (Overground Records #158)

THE CRAVATS - Dustpin of Sound LP/CD
Press releases are rubbish! The band who wrote the music don't write them, so some oik who didn't write the music is wheeled in and then, with a Thesaurus propped open on their lap, they attempt to describe sounds with words. As I said, rubbish! So I asked co-founder and frontman of The Cravats, The Shend, to describe 'Dustbin of Sound', their first new LP in 37 years. "As always, it's unique" he said enigmatically. The Thesaurus gave me, 'distinctive', 'individual', 'idiosyncratic', 'different', 'eccentric' and 'unusual' for unique (flipping writing itself this). The Cravats have indeed always been all of those things, but 'unique' sums it up just fine. Okay, you may prefer to be dragged along the motorway under a rusty Land Rover than have to listen to that sax-riddled, bass-laden Dadaist weirdness again but you can't deny they're unique. And with 13 brand new slabs of peculiarity from these particularly peculiar people (even oscillator overlord, Simeon Coxe of Silver Apples pops up for a few seconds on 'Motorcycle Man'), DoS is still the Cravats that John Peel loved (4 sessions) back in 1978, but with an extra 35 years of life on Earth soaked into their bones. If Shakespeare, Max Ernst and Beefheart had a radio show, this LP would probably be on heavy rotation. (Overground Records #157)

CONVERGE - The Dusk In Us LP
Five years since their last release, Converge returns with "The Dusk In Us": a brutal but beautiful album that shows the band's artistic evolution while still capturing their classic sound. The ninth full-length from the Boston, MA-based heavy-music innovators - vocalist Jacob Bannon, guitarist Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton and drummer Ben Koller - "The Dusk In Us": proves to be both dark and hopeful, abrasive and melodic, devastating and powerfully cathartic. While "The Dusk In Us" finds Converge defying boundaries and pushing into new sonic terrain, it's also a natural progression for a band that's long thrived on making music that both challenges and connects. LP includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #200)

A project over five years in the making, Bridge Nine brings you the debut of hardcore powerhouse American War Machine. Comprised of members of Slapshot, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood and Intent To Injure, American War Machine brings you three unrelenting tracks of pure, no-frills hardcore punk. 7" includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #247)

FIREBURN - Don't Stop The Youth LP
"Don't Stop The Youth" is the debut 12"ep from Southern California's own Fireburn. Featuring Israel Joseph I (formerly of Bad Brains), Nick Townsend (currently/formerly of Deadbeat, Knife Fight), Todd Jones (currently/formerly of Nails, Terror) and Todd Youth (currently/formerly of Bloodclot, Warzone, Danzig, Murphy's Law), this 12"ep displays five songs of punk-influenced hardcore recorded at NGR Studio in North Hollywood. This record features cover art by artist Tim Lehi and additional design by Jon Contino. 12"ep includes digital download. This is the green vinyl version. (Closed Casket Records #52)

Descriptions for 10/21/17

DEMONOMANCY - Burnt Vitriol A Relics Compendium LP
Prior to the release of its 2013 debut album, "Throne of Demonic Proselytism," Demonomancy recorded and released two demos, "Bearers of Black Arts" and "The Premonition," as well as its intervening "Rites of Barbaric Demons" MLP. These two demos are now compiled and hereby offered on twelve-inch vinyl format by Nuclear War Now! under the title of "Burnt Vitriol - A Relics Compendium." The first six tracks on this compilation were restored from the original "Bearers..." reels by the band itself, thus ensuring a substantial improvement in sound quality while still maintaining the intended low-fi, primeval spirit of the demo. "Burnt Vitriol - A Relics Compendium" thus once again presents the death-infused black metal of Demonomancy's formative years and serves to make it more readily accessible to audiences both old and new. (Nuclear War Now #347)

BLACK WITCHERY - Desecration of the Holy Kingdom LP
After years of being out of print, the long-overdue repress of their infamous first and arguably best album is now available. Black Witchery represented a return to the strength and ferocity of form that was being forgotten in underground metal of the early 2000s, and with "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom," Black Witchery ushered in a new era of Satanic Black Metal. Over 16 years after its release, the import and power of Black Witchery's debut LP has not subsided at all. For fans of Blasphemy, Conqueror, Revenge, and Sarcofago take note. (Nuclear War Now #8)

EXPANDER - Endless Computer LP
Hailing from Austin, Texas, Expander plays a style of thrash metal that also draws notable influence from the hardcore punk domain, Expander has carved its own niche in the metal world due in part to its exploration of atypical themes such as advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and mechanization. (Nuclear War Now #352)

Chile's storied history within the greater context of the South American black/death metal underground is extended with "Wrath of Darkness", a joint LP from two of the country's most respected current bands, Wrathprayer and Force of Darkness. With the whole of this work greater than the mere sum of its parts, Wrathprayer and Force of Darkness effectively redefine the notion of the split release and instead revive the more noble ideal of true collaboration, in service of darkness and wrath. (Nuclear War Now #335)

UNREST is comprised of 12 songs that collectively push the sonic boundaries of the band outwards in numerous directions while still maintaining a strong foothold on our melodic punk-hardcore roots. The production on the record is a massive leap forward compared to previous releases and it is widely apparent that we took our time trying to get this release right after you give it a listen. UNREST clocks in at 24 minutes and 37 seconds listening time and is packed with everything you'd expect from a follow up to Discontent... hard hitting, no-nonsense, lean punk/hardcore songs that take you on a roller coaster ride of tempos, emotions, and lyrical themes. It's political. It's personal. It's both introspective and a commentary on the surroundings we're submerged into on a daily basis. Overall, it's a collective document for how we view the world we're living in, our designated place in it, and, despite how grim and dismal the outlook may be at this moment, UNREST is a declaration of how we can all work together to make this life better in the present moment and to leave a better world for those yet to come after we're gone. (State of Mind Records #62)

Long Island, NY's CARCOSA features current members of INCENDIARY. CARCOSA plays dark metallic hardcore. They can be seen playing with TRAP THEM, IRON REAGAN, GATECREEPER, ROTTEN SOUND, and CROWBAR to name a few. Mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, Nails, Beastmilk, Yob). Art work done by Chad Lawson (Backtrack, No Warning, Terror, Expire). (State of Mind Records #59)

OAK - Your Mess As Much As Mine LP
Two years after their highly acclaimed self-titled debut album, Oak returns with "Your Mess As Much As Mine," a five-song 12" EP. Since their debut album, Oak have developed musically toward a heavier sound, drawing on influences such as Converge and Botch, while at the same time making room for more nuance and dynamics. The result is a powerful and cohesive mix of genres, developed into a chaotic storm of heavy post-hardcore. Limited edition of 400 copies. (State of Mind Records #56)

ELDER ABUSE (featuring ex-members of Daggermouth) is a band that plays fast catchy punk rock with roots firmly planted in skate punk, hardcore, and pop punk. Not to be taken seriously, the band offers a touch of humor, nostalgia and, a fun i in a 90s style that will make you want to spin the record over and over again. LP includes digital download and is available on 3 different limited colors. For fans of: A WILHELM SCREAM, LAGWAGON, SAMIAM, LEATHERFACE. (State of Mind Records #55)

OLD GHOSTS - Blue Print 7" flexi
5 releases in 5 years time, Old Ghosts is still at it. With an evolving line up, every release has been reflective of those changes while maintaining a hardcore punk sound. Fresh off their self titled 7", Blue Print is the first in a series of flexis that they have been working on. A three song release that is fast, melodic and anthemic. This will never be pressed again and is limited to 250 copies on red vinyl. This includes a digital download coupon. Featuring x members of DEAD HEARTS for fans of PAINT IT BLACK / MODERN LIFE IS WAR / RUINER / VERSE. (State of Mind Records #53)

After an impressive discography of EPs and splits, Great Reversals unleashes their debut LP. Spanning 11 songs in total, "Mere Mortals" channels '90s heavyweights like Trial, Integrity and Harvest while infusing occasional moments of post-rock flair. Lyrically, the record is a reflection on the often desperate and heartbreaking state of the human condition, as seen through the lenses of friends, family and acquaintances. Recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson and mastered by Brad Boatright, the weight of the record's subject matter is surpassed only by its crushing production, resulting in a jarring and colossal listen. Features guest vocals by Greg Bennick from Trial. (State of Mind Records #49)

The Chinchees are a power pop trio from Minneapolis and their debut album is addictive-like, stupidly addictive. Eleven lo-fi jams laced with simple but thoroughly catchy hooks in the vein of the Marked Men, Tenement, Future Virgins, and Frozen Teens. This is the band's debut. It was originally self-released by the band, but they sold through the first pressing and Dirt Cult jumped at the opportunity to repress it. You need this in your life. (Dirt Cult Records #106)

THE EULOGY - Last Days 7"
"Last Days" is the latest offering from Southern California's The Eulogy. Comprised of scene veteran Matt Henderson (Madball, Agnostic Front) along with former members of Mouthpiece, Eye For An Eye, Straight Faced and more, The Eulogy churns out five new, visceral hardcore anthems recorded by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios for their Bridge Nine debut. For fans of Madball, Agnostic Front and Mouthpiece. 7" includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #248)

Descriptions for 10/14/17

EEL - Night Parade Of 100 Demons LP
Polish Hell, Pittsburgh's EEL have once again crawled out of a dimly lit basement a few blocks from Gooski's to offer up their most forceful effort yet. "NIGHT PARADE OF 100 DEMONS" is the culmination of a band spending half of a decade perfecting their particular interpretation of the microcosm that is punk. The end result is eleven tracks of violent and destructive commotion that seems to mirror the world that surrounds us. Once again, these freaks of nature achieve their prime objective - bombarding the listener with a relentless barrage of their rust belt style noise drenched hardcore punk. This is an aural assault that will not be soon forgotten. Each record features stunning black and white cover art by the legendary Japanese hardcore artist Kazuhiro Imai accompanied by a stellar piece on the reverse by Luke Kislak. (Beach Impediment #29)

DEPRAVED - s/t 7"
Cut from the same cloth as their classic powerviolence forefathers, DEPRAVED break into the LA scene with a perfectly dialed-in modern hardcore sound with ten absolutely crushing tracks. Picking up where albums like No Man's Slave and Trapped Inside left off, the band carves out their freshman EP with bouncing bass lines and blasting start-and-stops. With INFEST and NO COMMENT are their Neanderthalic grandfathers, DEPRAVED contrinues their strong tradition as their knuckledragging progeny. (To Live A Lie Records #144)

GOATPENIS - Anesthetic Vapor CD
Through its output over the past twenty-five years, Goatpenis has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most venerable black war metal bands in existence. Anesthetic Vapor, their sixth album, is a celebration of the self-induced extinction of humankind. Fans of Blasphemy, Abominator, Bolt Thrower, and Sarcofago take note. (Nuclear War Now Records #354 CD)

REVENGE - Scum.Collapse.Eradication CD (digipak)
Their new CD, "Scum.Collapse.Eradication" continues in this vein, with further development in the way the songs are presented augmenting the extremity of the violent chaotic architecture that Revenge created with their previous output. All unnecessary elements have been stripped and discarded leaving only the most effective weapons in the Revenge arsenal. (Nuclear War Now #200)

ANTI SEX - Un Mejor Futuro LP
ANTI-SEX's new LP is raw and blown-out in the distinct Mexico DF punk style that people should be well acquainted with by this point. ANTI-SEX, however, have a passionate style all their own. Imagine the feel of the music of ELECTRIC DEADS put through the dark/raw context of TO_IBABE and put it through a filter a la SS-20 (SECTA SUICIDA SIGLO 20) and you would have a close approximation to ANTI-SEX's sound, akin to the sum of but completely distinct from all the aforementioned bands. (Thrilling Living Records #6)

(restock) LIMP WRIST - Facades LP
It has been nine years since the last Limp Wrist release. Limp Wrist brings you 11 new trax of complete punk faggotry, not for the weak at heart and never will be. Comes with 40 page booklet containing lyrics, photos, and submissions from invited artists. EEEWWW Don't Touch It! (Lengua Armada/Limp Wrist #85)

Descriptions for 10/7/17

LEBENDEN TOTEN - Mind Parasites LP
Another LP (seven tracks) from the legendary Lebenden Toten. (Blackwater/Leben Toten Records #10)

FACELESS BURIAL - Grotesque Miscreation LP (with download)
Coming from the underlands of scorched minds and poisonous everything, FACELESS BURIAL have arrived to ruin you with 34 minutes of blast-surging, malformed death metal mayhem. Hyper-menacing. Grinding. Dirty. Death. Members of Agents Of Abhorrence, White Walls and Internal Rot if you're keeping score. 666 copies on shrouded mystery colored vinyl housed in a heavy duty reverse board jacket adorned with art by Xavier Irvine. Recorded by Finn Keane, Xavier Irvine. Mastered by Mikey Young. (Iron Lung Records #105)

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #414 (November 2017)
Are y'all ready for Maximum Rocknroll #414? Our November 2017 issue will teach you a thing or two all about the History of Alabama Punk! This issue features the first of a two part series all about the DIY scene throughout Alabama, with this part focusing on Birmingham. But our focus on Alabama is not entirely retrospective; BAD EXAMPLE will catch everybody up to speed on current happenings in Birmingham. We also hear from Bay Area heartthrobs MIDNITE SNAXXX, who run through their tour of Alabama and a slew of other snacky tidbits We also catch up with not one, not two, but three bands as they begin their tours throughout the United States. São Paulo's CANKRO talk about being an intercontinental band; Chicago's C.H.E.W. finally reveal the meaning behind their name; and the nomadic Period Bomb unleashes a treatise about the contemporary DIY scene. For international coverage, Sweden's BRING THE DRONES discuss their supergroup status, Budapest's PADKADOSRA dissect just what it means to be a Hungarian band, and New Zealand's UNSANITARY NAPKIN find ways to resist Trump from the other side of the world. We also hear from the friends of Victoria Scalisi from DAMAD who tell us about her kindness and strength in the wake of her passing. And somehow after all of that, we still managed to fit all of the columns and reviews that you've come to expect from Maximum Rocknroll! You don't want to miss this jam-packed issue. (Maximum Rock'n'roll #414)

ACTIVE MINDS - The Age of Mass Distraction LP
Sometimes I reflect on the bands I think are "the best ever", the bands with tons of hits over sizable discographies. Gauze, Forward, Leatherface, Marked Men, to name a few. And one characteristic they all share is that, even if some records are clearly better than others, every record has at least a few songs that register as "one of their best songs". Sure, we all know Mush is the best Leatherface album, but don't fool yourself into believing Dog Disco doesn't pull its own weight, with smashers like "Hoodlum", "Diddly Squat", and "Heart Is Home" that can go toe-to-toe with any competing track from Mush. Active Minds is one of "the best ever", for me. They have a ton of hits over a sizable discography, and this 6th LP is no different. Tracks like "Complete and Utter Indifference", "Wouldn't It Be Better to Just Ignore These Fools?", and "How Much Did Your Face Cost?" rank as some of the best in their deep catalog. They are, like their above peers, a band with awe-inspiring consistency. In 6 LPs over 30 years, Active Minds has refined their style to a fine-tuned, tightly-balanced mixture of many of the things we love about punk here at SPHC. Two guys with an intensely deep knowledge of punk music (can't have record collections that large without picking up a thing or two) that bring melody and catchy under the same umbrella as thrash and speed, knowing when to write memorable sing-a-longs and when to write short/fast/loud ragers, strip it all down to the bare sonic minimums, and use it to channel some of the most thoughtful and blunt political lyrics this side of Crass. Perfect. It's a great honor to play a role in this newest chapter in Active Minds. Look out for them in Brazil this fall and USA this winter, details to come. (SPHC Records #87)

SLENDER - Walled Garden 7"
Debut 6 Track EP from NYC's Slender after two Demos in 2014 and 2015. Slender is the runt of the litter yet seem to be having more fun than anyone making music for themselves. The EP starts with Suddenly I See which sounds like The Snipers on Crass Records mixed with Warsaw - all tense, basic and rigid. Anxiety follows and has that home recorded Swell Maps feel. There She Goes barely gets to end with a a 4 Track recorded quality and.a Fuck Off records type of experimentation. On the B-Side - there is no let up in the weirdness stakes. It Exists To Make The World Feel Nice has a crazed theremin through the whole song whilst Magic is driven by a Peter Hook style bass line and a sinister vocal. Last track Not Afraid completes the EP with a woozy guitar, theremin and recording quality that just adds to this 2017 outsider music. In twenty years time people will discover this record and still think it's out there. Limited to 300 copies. (La Vida Es Un Mus #146)

PERMISSION - Contagious Life LP
Storming debut by London's Permission. An LP full of cut corners, but not the kind that diminish impact or relinquish effort to what could of been, bur more the kind of oblique angles and low sharp ceilings that cause the head that does not bang to bang, lesion, swell, and never clot. Forged in the tattered die-cut of the contemporary edges of hardcore but thoroughly punched clear out of the factory, thanks to the now legendary edge of guitar player Ralph Simmond's stereo detuning, alongside tight turns and sharp time changes. Big moves pin this LP far beyond expectation and straight onto a great punk hit. Move or be shoved. Absorb or be locked out. Somewhere between a hi-fi Rudimentary Peni and if Saccharine Trust was a rugby team. Contagious Life comes housed in a heavy weight reverse board sleeve designed by Ralph Simmonds and has a lyric insert and download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #151)

ORDEN MUNDIAL - Porque Las Drogas Son Veneno 7"
"Porque Las Drogas Son Veneno" is a limited 7" released on time for ORDEN MUNDIAL USA/Colombia Tour including some of the songs that will be in their next LP. Their EP recorded analog in Berlin with Tobias Lilli displays the chaos and sonic venom that this Mallorca outfit have us accustomed to. Four existentialist tracks of distorted hardcore tracks joined together which bring to mind the most out of control parts of UNITED MUTATIONS or VOID with the in unapologetic attitude of WRETCHED or SHOTGUN SOLUTION. Look in the mirror, what you see is what you hate. Limited to 300 copies with artwork by Bernat Mundial. (La Vida Es Un Mus #154)

ANXIETY - Wild Life 7"
4 Track EP Wild Life was recorded in the aftermath of Anxiety's debut self-titled release and is sharper but messier, more dystopian, bloodier and more viscous. Here Anxiety draw more on an industrialised take on Crass Records back cat and falling-apart HC, continuing the abstract moroseness that defined their debut. Recorded again with How To Make Sushi, Wild Life is drowned in distortion and short delay, cut out alive from a drain in the poorest, dirtiest bathrooms of short term tenancy Glasgow. Driven by all-consuming bass riffs, the guitars are obliterated by distortion, the vocals off the hook, one-take, warts and burps. The snare a morse code reminding you you've nowhere to go. How come the songs are so short? The songs are about animals, about never having anything, about being too wrong all the time. Because you're not worth it. Wild Life comes housed in a wraparound sleeve designed between Sebastian Rivera and Kay Logan. Comes with lyric insert and download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #140)

HVAC - Mentality demo cassette tape
Hailing from NYC HVAC's debut tape brings 7 tracks of uber pissed off hardcore punk that sonically equals a collision of AGNOSTIC FRONT Victim In Pain era and NOG WATT Fear with the NIXE stomping over the result. Bratty HXC PUNK which takes no hostages. Pro-copied European version of the tape originally released by the band over in the USA. Recorded by Dave Rata (the Mexican Phil Spector) and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios the tape comes in a three panel Yellow and Cyan printed sleeve. (La Vida Es Un Mus #149 TP)

HDQ - Sinking LPx2 (with CD included)
The latest release on the Boss Tuneage Retro Series is the first expanded vinyl release by the UK Hardcore Punk legends that are H.D.Q. Hailing from Sunderland, the Q were one of the most important bands in the late 80s scene, and in many ways paved the way for the likes of SNUFF And LEATHERFACE after them (in fact, three members of HDQ ended up in LEATHERFACE!) As many of you know, the band was centred around the guitar genius of the late great Dickie Hammond, and coming up to two years since his passing we have been working with existing band members to embellish on the CD reissues we did and make these the absolute best tributes we can to the great man! We start off with their classic second full album, "SINKING" released originally in 1989. This is to my mind in the top 10 of best albums released by a UK punk band ever, and is the sound of the band firing on all cylinders! Here the 14 track album is accompanied by a second vinyl album containing a further 13 tracks from sessions, demos and comps of which 11 have never been released on vinyl format before. There is also a CD enclosed featuring all 27 tracks, plus a 24" x 12" booklet insert. (Boss Tuneage Retro Records #37)

PRAY U PREY - Figure The 8 LP
First full length of this Cheltenham, England based band made out of scene veterans known from PROPHECY OF DOOM, ALEHAMMER, and SUICIDE WATCH amongst others. The album originally released by SelfMadeGod on CD brings forth brutal concoction of pulverising and punishing grindcore, crust punk and death metal. Now available in co-operation with the band via Boss Tuneage on vinyl, the vinyl also includes five remixed songs taken from "Black Light Of Time" demo EP released by the band themselves. For fans of early NAPALM DEATH, CELTIC FROST, SLAYER... (Boss Tuneage Records #116)

JADED EYES - Hatespeak 7"
JADED EYES are back, tempting us with two more amazing slabs of melodic gritty punk - this is the band you always wanted to be in, fusing the sounds of US hardcore punk with its UK melodic counterpart - part DAG NASTY, part GOVERNMENT ISSUE, part RUTS, part DAMNED, part HDQ, but completely JADED EYES! (Boss Tuneage Records #115)

DEALING WITH DAMAGE - Don't Give In To Fear 7"
DEALING WITH DAMAGE features members who have served their time in many other familar bands, including K-LINE, SINK, DONE LYING DOWN, GRAND CENTRAL, STUPIDS, BAD DRESS SENSE amongst many others - and following on from a self released digital EP last year, here comes their first vinyl release! "Don't Give In To Fear" features 4 blazing tracks that will grab your attention and not let it go - DWD are one of the best new bands in the UK right now, so don't miss out on this! (Boss Tuneage Records #114)

NATTERERS - Toxic Care 7"
NATTERERS long anticipated debut vinyl release follows on from their demo last year (which we subsequently released as a flexidisc) "TOXIC CARE" is a 6 track EP that shows just why NATTERERS are one of the best new bands in the UK right now - for fans of NIGHT BIRDS, ADOLESCENTS, DAN, DKs, etc. (Boss Tuneage Records #113)

Debut 7" release from Catholic Girls titled "Distant". Five songs showcase what this young and talented band has to offer. While some might find it easy to pigeonhole the band as just one particular style or sound, the band moves effortlessly between fast driving parts and heavy riff-fueled jams to create something both already traveled, and yet wholly unique. (Crown & Throne LTD #1)

The melding of two separate entities into one unstoppable force. Of Feather and Bone provide two songs that could be used as the soundtrack to the killing of your enemy. Short and fast but still with depth and structure to shake anyone to their very core. If OFAB is the murder, Reproacher is the cleanup and disposal of the body. Two long angular, noise filled harsh songs for removal of the body and any evidence that might still exist. Not for the faint at heart. (Crown & Throne LTD #2)

TERRITORY - Blowback 7"
A teaser of what's to come from Tucson, AZ's Territory with this 3 song 7" entitled "Blowback". The follow-up to their widely praised LP "Sic Semper Tyrannis", "Blowback" is a declaration of war from this coherent unit mixing 1990's hardcore, 1980's thrash and elements of death metal into explosive results. (Crown & Throne LTD #3)

HOLLOW TONGUE - Time Death 7"
Complete and total annihilation. A nihilistic view on mankind and the desire for wanton destruction for all life. Albuquerque, NM's Hollow Tongue unleash their latest EP entitled "Time/Death". 5 tracks of absolute intense rage dripping with loathing for the world and people around them. Never for the faint of heart or for the cogs in the machine that refuse to view the outside world as nothing but bland putrid waste. (Crown & Throne LTD #4)

The doom/sludge scene in the United Kingdom has had a spot in our hearts since this label was founded. Just a casual glance in our webstore and you'll see a variety of releases from a handful of bands that we admire and support. To be able to finally support one of them with a release is a blessing to us, to say the least. Comprised of members of other illustrious doom/sludge bands from the United Kingdom (namely Moloch, Bismuth and Ommadon), Monoliths presents their debut recording, a two song slab of granite that would crush not only your body but your very soul. Songs that sound as if molasses was run through SUNN amplifiers. (Crown & Throne LTD #11)

REPROACHER - Nature's Bastard LP
It snows in Wyoming in May. While the rest of the country enjoys the birth of spring and the start of warmer weather Wyoming sits under the gloom of cold and snow. It makes perfect sense that Reproacher creates gloom and despair with "Nature's Bastard", their newest full length. The darkness breed angular noise and ferocious d-beat hardcore mixed with hoarse screams of annihilation. From the first proper track "Celestial Blackout" the band shreds through with their d-beat meets noise rock brand of musical annihilation. "Poisonous Miasmas" continues this style while "Garrote" starts with distorted bass and almost industrial drum patterns before the band brings it back to their trademark downbeat dissonant nihilistic rage. The title track "Nature's Bastard" definitely opens the band up to something different yet still wholly their own. (Crown & Throne LTD #12)

Palace of Worms is a one-man black/death metal band formed in 2007 by Balan, who performs all instruments. Continuing down the dark path that he has previously ventured with releases "The Forgotten", splits with Botanist and Mastery (all on The Flenser) and last year's "The Ladder" (Broken Limbs Recordings), which ended up on a variety of "best of year-end" lists, these three songs continue to showcase Balan's black metal symphonies, with touches of death, doom, and ambient metal to create a wholly unique beast. Ecferus hails from Indiana and is the brainchild of Alp, who again performs all instruments. After tape releases "Shadow Projection" (Foreign Sounds) and "The Tourniquet Hemisphere" (Black Horizons), we proudly present his first foray on the vinyl medium. Three songs that again continue down the path of unique inspirations and lyrical subject matter. Ending up on Invisible Oranges "Top 10 One-Man Black Metal Bands of the 21st Century" at #9, which noted his ability to experiment with his sound to create a truly special and particular brand of black metal that none can match or replicate. (Crown & Throne LTD #13)

HIVE - Parasitic Twin LP
Hive began as the brainchild of Mike Paradise and Morgan Carpenter in early 2014, with a vision to combine the caustic, legendary Minneapolis sound of 90's crust with influences from Pacific Northwestern dark hardcore and Swedish d-beat. The band began performing live by the end of the year. By mid-2015, Hive recorded their first self-titled, six-song release, which was originally available digitally and on limited-edition cassette and later self-released on a limited-edition 12" vinyl EP. Hive was also involved in two compilations: a Twin Cities featurette released digitally by Razorcake Magazine and Cvlt Nation's tribute to the Dead Kennedy's classic album "Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables." Hive's new LP, "Parasitic Twin," which embraces the natural progression of their gravitas sound while building atmosphere around the private black cloud of d-beat. (Crown & Throne LTD #14)

Four songs of painful sludge, pummeling doom, and destructive waves of noises greet the listener to the world of Body Void and their debut album "Ruins". The Bay area trio, coming from a land that heavy, dark, and noisy music is birthed, was formed in 2014 after after a series of demos, has graced the world with their unique styling of depressive noise and massive riffs to a dedicated listener. The band plays a similar style of sludge/doom like their fellow labelmates in Keeper and Primitive Man, or bands like Thou and Khanate. With lyrical themes as "death, gender identity, depression, suicide ideation, dreams, and, of course, space," the band's music weights down on you like a cinderblock tied to your feet, as you sink below the depths to a certain death. (Crown & Throne LTD #15)

This exciting new band burst onto the scene in the fall of 2016 and are quickly gaining steam, making fans wherever and whenever they play. Not quite oi or streetpunk and not quite hardcore; somewhere in the middle, drawing on lots of different influences. This band is straight-up in-your-face, physically and lyrically completely intimidating, yet lyrically on-point and hooky enough to scare you into singing and screaming along. 7" includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #178)

The Templars is a band that needs little introduction. This new album, their first in more than 10 years, shows them at the top of their game and still tough as nails. This album is sure to be hailed by the longtime faithful and fresh-cuts alike. (Pirates Press Records #179)

(repressed) GRIEF - Dismal LP
Pure filth fueled by mysanthropy and inner segregation has been immortalized on GRIEF's "dismal", a record recognized as a benchmark in extreme music. HEAVY riffs and damaged, painful shrieks spew thoughts of alienation and self-hatred; primitive drums and bass complement the despodent ambience. Truely a genre-defining release, available for the first time since it's original release in 1992. Featuring the original artwork, remastered specially for vinyl by Jack Control at ENORMOUS DOOR MASTERING and pressed on 45 rpm 12" for maximum results. (Fuck Yoga Records #51)

(repressed) GRIEF- Depression LP
Slow, utterly depressing and mysanthropic doom - the record that started it all. 4 songs twisting the style of SABBATH and VITUS further down the spiral of physical and mental decay- a testament of the human downfall. Remastered for vinyl by Jack Control at ENORMOUS DOOR MASTERING and pressed on 45 rpm LP for maximum results. (Fuck Yoga Records #53)

(repressed) NOOTHGRUSH - s/t LP
Crusty torturous doom, truly refined in its execution. Unlike the later releases that defined the sludge genre, this album is leaning more towards the psychedelic side with clean, depressing vocals in symbiosis with noise and moog synths - existing on the territory between WINTER and HAWKWIND. NOOTHGRUSH have recorded these songs shortly after the band was conceived in 1994 and were released only on a handful of cassettes. None of them appear on any other release except a rearranged version of one song. The cover artwork is envisioned and materialized as kind courtesy of Jason Barnett. (Fuck Yoga Records #34)

XXX - LPx2 compilation (Scene Support version with EDGE: PERSPECTIVES ON DRUG FREE CULTURE DVD)
The Scene Support version comes with spine wrap, insert and a bonus copy of the Edge: Perspectives on Drug Free Culture. For better or worse, some ideas are poisonous. Featuring: Monster X, Portraits of Past, Policy of 3, Groundwork, Pogrom, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth, Endeavor, None Left Standing, Trees Without Leaves, Prozac Memory, Via, Well Away, and Frail. The XXX compilation comes with a 24 page booklet, a full sized poster, and stickers. (Ebullition #24)

SAWPIT - 7" (Scene Support version)
Scene Support version has new limited cover. Limited to 30 copies. Sawpit was a melodic '90s hardcore band out of Japan. (Ebullition #35.5)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (Scene Support Version)
This special Scene Support version comes with a random bonus Ebullition LP compilation (either the Illiterate, Amnesia, or HeartattaCk compilation). Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. On yellow and black 50/50 colored vinyl. (Ebullition #46)

BLASTING CONCEPT - Sloth Rocket LP (Scene Support 2016 version)
Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

SPITBOY - Rasana 7" (Scene Support 2016 version)
While renovating Ebullition last year we found several hundred Spitboy 7" vinyl that we didn't know we had. These are part of the original pressing from the mid 1990s. We had to make new covers for them, but the vinyl itself is 20 years old! Spitboy was an amazing band from the San Francisco, CA area that consisted of four women. They played powerful political hardcore that was of course influenced by the fact that they were all women living in a male dominated world. "Rasana" was the first release featuring Dominique on bass. There are three tracks on this 7". Scene Support version comes with limited cover. (Ebullition Records #22)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP with CD (Scene Support 2016 version)
Scene Support version is hand numbered and includes a silk screened plastic dust sleeve, and a Scene Support spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West were members of other great bands such as Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)

(restock) ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

(repress) ORCHID - Gatefold LP (red vinyl pressing)
The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)